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  1. Who needs nuclear weapons when you have harp
  2. Problem is independents are never the answer because they hardly ever get a voice without a party backing them up.
  3. Well Tony Blair is advisor to Keir Starmer with weekly meetings. Some suspect Blair is actually running the labour party. Tony Blair is also favourite to take over from Klause schwab World economic forum.
  4. Problem is mass formation has much of the population under political psychosis. Many are die hard tribalists. Labour could erect concentration camps and tye same tribal mentality would call everyone who disagreed with concentration camps as fascists.
  5. https://archive.org/details/RickClay-2012ZionistOlympics
  6. https://archive.org/details/rik-clay/mode/1up
  7. https://rikclaysblog.blogspot.com/?m=1
  8. Can you just sell the image or do you have to put them on to stickers, cups,t-shirt etc. Not to sure how this works. Thanks.
  9. I do not believe only one group of elites control everything. If that was the case it would be game over along time ago. The problem is there are many bloodlines and many of these have broken and splintered off . Each group trying to be the master group. At the moment it's like a game of thrones being played out in real life.
  10. Been around for many year's and attended many protests and demonstrations and achieved F*** . ALL. The way forward has to be local grassroot groups coming together uniting, supporting their local communities. Instead of trying to change the country or protesting against what you don't want and going round and round in circles. Be like what the Amish do form your own grassroot groups and change society from the inside out. Becoming a army of keyboard awakening ones keeps us trapped in our own bubbles and our own echo Chambers. This is very much easier said than done . This is probably why the Christian Church has been under so much attack and what's left in place with especially church of England is advertising events like drag queen storytime for children. This would never happen at a mosque.
  11. https://www.bitchute.com/video/eYbMN80b93po/
  12. Then runs back to his nice villa in Spain
  13. Nick Cotton went to the Tommy Robinson demo on 2 Tier policing and was bundled away for mentioning the zionist control. https://youtu.be/kSoCxnzJfGg?si=JCVxTSW7hLp68JsZ
  14. If there really was only one group running the whole show it would of been game over along time ago. There's many world elite groups fighting to become supreme number 1
  15. https://www.bitchute.com/video/0KnnYVFPc7L5/
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