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  1. Do you live in Barrow or southlakes? Great opportunity. Email us or pm me on here. Opportunity to be involved in a grassroot movement. Own centre at Roosegate community centre LA13 ODR. Barrow community kitchen helps up to 300 people weekly. Urgently seeking directors to come on board or volunteers . Alternatively do you have a group you would like to merge with BCK? This is all about uniting people and offering a safety net to anyone struggling. Email [email protected] Or pm on here . Or pop down to our centre sat/Sunday/Wed's 1pm-2.30pm. https://www.thebestof.co.uk/local/barrow-and-furness/business-guide/feature/barrow-community-kitchen/
  2. Eating liver 2 or 3 times a week and eggs add in fruit/veg every day will cover many deficiencies.
  3. Looks almost sinister
  4. Makes you realise why he never spoke out to defend the survivors.
  5. Close up looks like an angel about to strangle a child looks sinister. Be interesting to know more on the artist's background.
  6. Justin walker gave many good talks and very informative regarding Bradbury pound and bank for international resettlements.
  7. https://www.alfiebradley.com/
  8. Artist Alfie Bradley and his touring of his sculpture knife angel. Looks almost sinister but is supposed to be used to combat knife crime some how. Anyone else have more informed info on this? https://www.nwemail.co.uk/news/19816331.knife-angel-sculpture-continues-cumbria-tour/
  9. Latest updates The police are almost allowing this to happen. Would a race war be positive for the global elite? Allow them to take away more freedoms impose more restrictions. Instead of people fighting against the global elite they fight against Islam. Many Muslims are now joining the freedom demos. How would the global elite initiate divide and conquer?
  10. Tommy Robinson rape of Britain 29th January in Telford. Yes the rape gangs are real but how far do these rape gangs go ? Do they actually lead to the white power elite? It's a movie that does expose so much but is Telford the best way to hold it? Could this be used to start a race war? To help with the great reset? Lots of questions
  11. He died many year's ago was discussed on forum can't remember the details but can remember his video about his dirty cooker lol
  12. Jason Blaha was dark eternal exposed long time ago https://truth-zone.net/forum/the-lounge/66838-dark-eternal-aka-jason-blaha.html
  13. Who can remember dark eternal from the old forum. He had people going that he really was part of the illuminate.
  14. Isn't Roger Waters very pro MRNA vaccine and wants everyone to have them or has he changed his mind now? What's his latest stance
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