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  1. Waste of time the royal family are protected and you would see gold coins raining from the sky before a member of royalty would be arrested and charged.
  2. Afghans etc had a common unity we are very disunited unfortunately.
  3. Network meet ups but then what next??
  4. Yes abandon smart phones and things start to enter chaos. But who's willing to give up smart phones.
  5. This will keep us going round in circles till we find out the most healthy nutritional foods. Ray peat advocates eating sugar and avoid polyunsaturates fats. My mate had heart problems inherited and Ray peat was the only thing that corrected his heart problems. But is sugar good for everyone? Don't know. What diets foods have really made a difference in your life????
  6. The problem is we mostly don't know what's going on and don't know the way forward except march and shout slogans. If we physically fight back with weapons the army will just come in and crush us so that's pointless. Maybe silent protests outside certain MPs houses ? Public talks meetings etc and discuss way forward. Charging into court houses using legal terms to threaten the judges will not be taken seriously just gives them excuse to change laws. They are in power we are not they can change laws we cannot. Before we start the journey we need to know intelligently how we are going to get there or else we just become very informed sheep on way to our slaughter. What's way forward????
  7. https://www.simonparkes.org/
  8. Be interesting if its the white hats but is it also a smokescreen for something else about to go down. Australia is on the way to almost fascism.
  9. Facebook Whistle blower last night
  10. Was just watching video about that interesting
  11. Looks like its down world wide maybe adding more spyware inside to monitor whats going up
  12. Is this normal to affect different countries at same time? Maybe cleaning out all the anti lockdowns posts etc
  13. I can get on the facebook ap but will not refresh or reload and says offline. Got friend in Philippines and they said facebook gone down few hours ago.
  14. Facebook down well it's crap and was going to delete my account with all the nosey ness Just thought polygon due soon.
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