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  1. Interesting common law from a Barrister. https://thesecretbarrister.com/2020/11/28/can-magna-carta-and-common-law-give-you-immunity-from-covid-regulations/?fbclid=IwAR3wZckP0irpY-wQTUTyezi2kZ-iqlKUKi-GO3UmUjiPyKKdlb0AL0hYbyo
  2. If he said there was no virus he would be character assassinated and banned from all media platforms.
  3. The amount of people being arrested by the police while proclaiming Common law is an indication of the seriousness they give to common law.
  4. On the old forum I mentioned I was thinking of buying a house and it was a good choice. At time I was in a council flat and noisy neighbours and now I'm living in a rural area better place to live more peaceful and alternative is living wherever the council or some landlord has vacancy.
  5. We may well live in a matrix that has thousands of parallel simulations.
  6. You tube is on just watched vid
  7. Maybe next step will be universal basic income and Chinese social credit system.
  8. Sounds good but many of us do not have resources to buy land and build underground bunkers that will be attacked by the elite eventually. Makes more sense to fight back as a community if that is all possible now.
  9. Problem is rent usually alot more expensive than a mortgage.
  10. This guy from Dublin has been very active the last few years basically helping restructure communities. All over Europe and UK and further afield. He maybe a very genuine .I first seen him on a red talk few years ago. https://www.nurturedevelopment.org/who-we-are/cormac-russell/
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