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  1. Just started to look into Ray Peats research into nutrition. I've known someone who was seriously ill with heart problems and they tried keto, slow carb ,vegan,vegetarian, and many other diets yet it was following the advice from Ray Peat that actually started to reverse many of the ailments. Has anybody else researched followed advice from Ray Peat and what are the results long term? http://raypeat.com/articles/
  2. Stand up to racism another socialist workers party front group.
  3. Sebastian supposedly time travelling from 3036. Interestjng watched the vid but can find no info.
  4. Anyone else heard of this ? Anyone else with anymore information on this? Deleting tge god gene?
  5. The Stanley Johnson clause helps mega rich to avoid covid-19 restrictions. While the rest of us are essentially banned from leaving the country .The privileged can leave the country at will. https://www.itv.com/news/2021-03-23/how-a-loophole-nicknamed-the-stanley-johnson-clause-allows-overseas-travel-despite-the-covid-ban
  6. Part 2 a year later This sort of ties in with covid-19 now.
  7. A talk in 2009 very interesting if we look back what this whistle blowers was saying in 2009.
  8. Best one that works for me is creatine
  9. She probably never had it
  10. Would be too much of a gamble imagine if the queen would of had bad reaction and died ,the whole plan would of gone.
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