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  1. So many people think AI is on its way to curing multiple diseases and disabilities. Big pharma has been hiding these cures for years in the name of profit. For example, a German doctor won the Nobel peace prize in the 1930s for curing cancer through diet therapy. I think this anti-christ could claim to heal the sick, but it will be a trick because big pharma and our governments are the ones making us sick in the first place.
  2. We live in a world where materialism means everything. We are so competitive to have all the latest designer bullshit or we will be evicted from our social circles. This isn't what human life is supposed to be like. All people want to talk about is how much money they spend on stuff so they can feel superior to you. I miss having real conversations about what's going on in the world. Just because someone has a large bank balance doesn't mean they are truthful. Society thinks money-truth, poor-lies. We are all judging each other based on our bank accounts which is another illusion conjured up by the elites. We are all bugs to be squashed. We need to stop arguing about petty things like who has the best designer kitchen on Facebook. They are after all of us.
  3. I'm embarrassed to admit that i almost had an abortion. I cancelled it on the very day. I have a theory that feminists secretly hate themselves for what they have done to themselves and their unborn children. What stopped me? Was it the voice of God? Was it the voices of my ancestors? Was it my own intuition that i knew what i was doing was morally wrong and i would never forgive myself? Children are a blessing, not a curse. It's amazing how much communist brainwashing lives amongst us in our own families.
  4. It sickens me what has been done with the maiden, mother, crone tradition. That was the true meaning of feminism. Women all passing knowledge down to each other with love and not hate. Then there is the Christian teaching that we are all brothers and sisters. I'm in 3 different minds with the afterlife. Is there a loving God? Are we all being tricked and the only people who can save us is ourselves? The last one is the most terrifying. Are we in a prison planet and we are destined to keep coming back here to this hellhole? I don't know the truth
  5. So many Kabbalah tricks you wouldn't know what to believe. They have distorted everything to make everyone confused about their own history. Is their anything left on this earth they haven't poisoned? The only thing left that isn't poisoned is our own minds. I suppose technology is what they are using to steal it from us. They have stolen everything else. Where have all the true geniuses like Tesla went? All murdered i suppose
  6. Nah, look to the Kremlin and the Israeli connection. The communists are still in charge today. The Nazis and the communists were on the same side. WW2 was a mass satanic ritual to purge the earth of the enemy. I don't know the total death count but it was much higher than the 6 million the elite would have you believe. Communism has caused alot more than 100 million deaths over the last century. We are witnessing the latest communist act with all the bioterror injections.
  7. I recognize Stalin and Churchill. Who is the 3rd mass murdering bastard at the table?
  8. I've been researching the Kremlin, the red army, Bolsheviks, Putin etc. and i can only say this. Every.....single.......time
  9. You really have to laugh at Hollywood at this point. They are coming right out and telling us 'WE WORSHIP THE ' and half the world's thinking 'NO SHIT' tell us something we don't know. They gave it away years ago at one of their arse-kissing shows where the presenter greeted us all with "Good evening godless sodomites" and everyone laughed. They were laughing at us and what they have been doing to each other and our children for years.
  10. @EnigmaticWorldi just read some old history that states the Anglo-Saxons, Celts and Germans are the true Israelites from the Bible, is this true? I read the Bible was changed round about 1900 and we are all reading the schoffield edition that puts Jews at the centre of the Bible. If it wasn't for the Schofield edition Americans wouldn't be supportive of all those wars in the middle East and they wouldn't be supportive of Israel.
  11. I used to follow Trump, Ben Shapiro, Russell Brand, Tommy Robinson etc. It's all so obvious now that they are communists. They never have a bad word to say about Israel. Sure, they all point to the illegal immigration problem, but they won't tell you the reason these immigrants are invading the west in the first place. These people are all gatekeepers of the NWO. Usefull idiots who will be disposed of when they have served their purpose.
  12. Brainless communist footsoldiers. They put that uniform on and turn into a bunch of Marxist bullies. Do they ever think about the future they will be leaving behind for their children? They have a false sense of security in believing that they are the law and the law is always right. I used to respect the police but for the past few years all I see is a bunch of angry chimps. They are drunk with power. They are contributing to the destruction of their own homeland. Is Ireland going the same way as Sweden where mothers are dyeing their blonde and red haired children's hair black so Muslim men will have less sexual attraction to them? The police are monsters who should rot in hell!
  13. I've been watching noahide law videos. I watched a video where Jesus called out the Pharisees for being hypocrites. I found it difficult to disagree with anything he had to say about these evil men. These twisted man-made laws are not for the benefits of humanity. These laws were made all those years ago to benefit the power-elite. Jesus stood up for truth in a world of lies and he was murdered for it. These rabbi's of today are wolves in sheep's clothing. They are still holding a grudge for being exposed thousands of years ago for being murderers, thieves and liars. The Bar Mitzvah right of passage. I can guess what that means without even having to look it up. They hate anyone who knows about their sick games and their twisted way of life.
  14. Leonidas had strength, courage, honour and truth. He stood for justice and refused to bow down to a man who wanted to turn his people into slaves. No wonder he had loyal followers. He saw these men as his brothers. He died so that Sparta could live. The temptation in that pleasure palace with the hunchback looked like a total aidsfest
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