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  1. Just seen on bbc news,snow in madrid. interviewed a local who says it must be climate change. no its winter snow,average temp in madrid in winter about 6 degrees. why do they keep pushing climate change when its just seasonal weather
  2. If it is so bad why is the construction industry still at work? The most unhygienic workplaces. People travelling all over, but you have to stay home?? 3.5 million people still mixing. None of this makes any sense. None of the news makes any sense anymore. Relentless bad news on top of bad news. People are more interested in where a celebrity is going on holiday, than what is happening to there own freedoms.
  3. Weird things have happened to me to. When lying down and meditating, there was a starnge fluttering sound, in both ears. Only when i got so far into meditation. I thought maybe it was imagination, but when i did again it got stronger, and to the point i snapped out of it as I was a bit scared. I stopped meditation for a while and when i done it again it came back, exact same. It gets to a point that i stop, but want to know what happens if i keep meditating after the sounds and fluttering noises. Anyway i have no clue. Another weird thing that happened was i didnt know my real dad, but one time was housesitting a relatives dog, and seen the local newspaper lying there. Hadnt read one for years, Opened it up jokingly at, obituarys. There it was real dads obituary. A bit freaky was like what the hell
  4. Time for me to reply. This new discovery of minks, corona variant 10 past two o clock. Amazing how they find out so quickly, source locate, identify. Yet none of there methods to contain the virus are working, or dont work or are misreported. Humans as a whole dont learn, Eons ago it was the gods not happy, and people followed because they knew no better. Its always good to question things, how do we learn if we keep obeying. Scary times ahead when people just follow suit, question it. Global warming sorry climate change, rising sea levels, ozone hole, coronavirus, all have one thing in common. Always out of reach, out of sight.. But they tell you its there, Fear thats all i see. How the fuck do you measure this? See this, feel this. Or do you just sit back and go with the flow. I feel a lost decade coming up with more and more restrictions, just because someone ate a bat.
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