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  1. Very curious indeed, also interesting to see Dr David Kelly mentioned there. The allegation is that the 'broker' Bredenkamp stole the nuclear weapons and sold 'at least one' to North Korea. I'm willing to bet that the other two never ended up in Iraq to be 'found' by the UN weapons inspectors looking for Saddam's WMDs. What are the odds that they ended up in Israel? After all, Israel supposedly 'doesn't have any' so nobody would dare bother to look or even ask. Yes, that is correct. Cameron was no longer an MP, and only members of the Houses can take up ministerial positions, therefore the only way that Cameron could become Foreign Secretary was to give him a peerage and a seat in the Lords. I can't answer the question of "why Cameron" but I can guarantee you that these puppets are all placed in position for a purpose, and with a role to play.
  2. That's a UN website, so it's going to 'favour' pushing the climate change narrative. 'Climate change' does not cause volcanic eruptions. I am of the belief that volcanic activity and earthquakes are very much influenced by solar activity. If anything, it is the opposite way around - massive volcano eruptions can cause climate change. When huge amounts of dust and ash get thrown into the atmosphere, the particulates act in the same way as clouds, blocking sunlight from reaching the surface.
  3. What thing on October 7th? Going back to my original post, yes it's not beyond the realms of possibility that I was given 'duff information', well in fact clearly I was. It would appear that any general election is likely to happen in October next year, so only a year out. But the way things are panning out at the moment, with Labour now in complete disarray and their voter base divided over the whole Gaza 'crisis', it wouldn't surprise me if the Conservatives sought to 'take advantage' of the situation.
  4. And to think Labour thought they had the next General Election in the bag... Labour frontbenchers quit to back Gaza ceasefire motion https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-67432393 Also appears that Jess Phillips has resigned from her position too. I suppose in her defence she does have a large Muslim voter base in Yardley, so it can be argued that she is at least representing her constituents. But it would appear that the Labour party is doomed; fractured and divided, the 'top' of the party is pro-Israel Zionists, while its core voter base is now pro-Palestine Muslims.
  5. Suella Braverman 'sacked' from her role and replaced in the cabinet by... David Cameron! David Cameron vows to support Rishi Sunak after surprise cabinet comeback from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-67407974 "Accepted a peerage" is probably how these Zionists work. Our country will be free once we can rid ourselves of its politicians who put their loyalty to the Israeli people ahead of the British people.
  6. "I'd have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids!"
  7. Exactly, that's what I've been saying all along, it's all "divide and conquer", but it's not just about 'Palestine' but the Zionist 'agenda' as a whole. These Zionists also control the 'opposition', which is why you get the likes of Britain First and Tommy Robinson's mob now worked up about Remembrance Day marches, or turning up at these Free Palestine protests waving their St George and Union flags. There is a load of divisive shit-stirring going on, even politically. Labour were on course to win next year's General Election, but suddenly it seemed like they were going to lose a lot of their core Muslim voter base, due to Starmer being another Zionist puppet. The media reaction to Braverman's comments is designed to get people 'thinking' that Labour is the solution, because 'Tories bad'. But that itself is another huge distraction from the fact that the Labour party is close to imploding from within, due to the conflict between the pro-Palestine core Muslim voter base, and the pro-Israel Zionist party 'top-brass'. There will of course be a number of Remembrance Day parades taking place in many towns and cities across the UK on Sunday, and most will pass peacefully and respectfully, as they do every year. But it can be guaranteed that any such event in London will end up making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Don't fall into their trap!
  8. From "Brazil" to Birmingham... a Common Purpose 'wet dream'... Commissioner's warning to Brummies- 'brace for three hard years and fewer local services' (my emphasis in bold) from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/commissioners-warning-brummies-brace-three-28063021 So it would seem the 'solution' to getting to grips with the city's financial mess is to have a reduced workforce and budget, while at the same time employ more managers and admin staff to 'manage' the changes needed! "Too many chiefs, not enough indians" is an old phrase that springs to mind, if I've got it correct of course! Birmingham residents are faced with the prospect of a large council tax bill next year, and a reduction in council services. It could be argued that the council should be reducing the amount of middle-management managers and executives it employs on huge salaries, rather than bringing more in. This is what Common Purpose have done with the NHS though. The NHS would have plenty of money to employ and pay 'actual' medical staff - you know, like the doctors, nurses, surgeons etc who actually treat and deal with the 'sick' people - if it hadn't metastasised into a huge "Brazil"-like bureaucratic behemoth, where there are far more non-medical staff than medical staff, with layer upon layer of administration and management, yet the whole system is so woefully inefficient and disjointed. The NHS cries every year that it needs 'more money' but when the Government bend over and provide more funding, where does this extra money actually go? Into creating more bogus middleman administration and management positions. More layers of bureaucracy. No wonder the waiting lists keep on growing and growing. Going back to Birmingham City Council, the irony is that it spent a small fortune on (badly) implementing a sophisticated database system provided by Oracle, which should have streamlined and made more efficient a number of business processes and administration tasks. But instead they are now having to employ more admin and managers? It is the NHS mess all over again.
  9. There's been a huge fuss made over this story, and in all honesty I would say that she's right. But of course the mainstream establishment media don't like it when people step out of line and start speaking the truth. Anyone who remembers how the police acted at some anti-lockdown protests, in comparison to their treatment of the rent-a-mob Just Stop Oil and Xtinction Rebellion (just to name a couple of examples) will know that Braverman is right.
  10. It's almost like this is all being orchestrated to whip up the maximum amount of hatred and division!
  11. So I guess that makes our Government 'extremists' then by that very definition? Because for decades both Labour and Conservatives have been doing their very best to undermine this country, its institutions, and its 'values'. I see the word "values" bandied about so much by big 'woke' corporations that its become another one of these meaningless 'buzz words' (see also 'vibrant' and 'diverse') It's all just a smokescreen for what they really want to achieve - a giant 'hive mind' where everyone thinks the same, and anyone who dares say otherwise is a 'heretic'.
  12. They're not specifically mentioning it, but I'm sure that they 'want you to believe' that this is due to 'climate change'. Dramatic footage shows overflowing canal flooding nearby street in Wolverhampton from: https://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-hubs/wolverhampton/2023/11/03/dramatic-footage-shows-overflowing-canal-flooding-nearby-street-in-wolverhampton/ Canal systems in the UK are actually very cleverly designed and it is extremely rare for one to overflow like this, even after very heavy rain (which incidentally we didn't really have here in the West Midlands). As has been pointed out in the comments on that article, the likely cause of this is a faulty or damaged lock further upstream, or a blocked culvert which would normally allow excess water to flow down to a lower level.
  13. It's also a consequence of 'paving everything over'. Removing lawns and grassed areas and replacing them with paving or tarmac just means that there is less surface for water to drain through naturally and more surface water runs off into drainage channels that can't cope. Then of course if councils aren't going around and clearing drain covers that are blocked by leaf fall, it's not hard to work out what happens next! Same amount of rainfall every year yet flooding gets worse.
  14. Yesterday morning here in Birmingham, it was quite calm and pleasant. Wasn't until the afternoon that the temperature dropped noticeably and the wind picked up, then we had a bit of rain. Then it calmed down again by the late evening. Looked at a copy of The Metro on the bus this morning with its headline "THE WRATH OF CIARAN". No doubt some parts of the country were worse affected, but not here in the West Midlands.
  15. Selling a product, or a message. At work the other day we had a visit from some representatives from TikTok who were trying to get us to sign up and sell on TikTok Shop. It was quite eye-opening and I really got an understanding of the purpose of TikTok now. Sellers are encouraged to 'reach out' to TikTok users, in particular those 'content creators' who will produce videos that advertise your products for sale, then those 'creators' earn a share of your sales. Logically the more followers a content creator has, then the better chance of your product selling in volume. The same thing already happens on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I've also seen ads and 'sponsored posts' encouraging businesses to advertise on Reddit and Pinterest. As I said already, all these big social media networks have now morphed into advertising platforms.
  16. I am still of the belief that COVID-19 was just the flu rebranded, and the PCR/LFT tests were meaningless. However, I still do not 'buy' this alternative narrative of a 'biological weapon being released from a Wuhan lab', as I think this is also some kind of a deflection. I don't doubt that there are labs all across the world working on such types of biological weapons for nefarious purposes. What I found wholly remarkable was just how fast this 'new coronavirus' spread around the world, and I think the whole idea of 'Chinese people going back home after celebrating New Year' was just a convenient smokescreen. COVID spread as fast as the Chinese factories were churning out these PCR and LFT test kits. It was also convenient that lockdowns and mask-wearing mandates were introduced shortly after the Chinese factories started churning out millions of those useless disposable surgical masks.
  17. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc are just advertising platforms. I was told today that Youtube are now displaying warnings to people who use adblockers saying they 'violate their terms of service'. But yes, it's not just advertising from big corporations, there is also advertising of 'agendas', social engineering and propaganda from governments, as well as the 'paid influencers', and I've said before how that term 'influencer' always gives me a cold chill. The 'big' social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have always been 'free' for its users, on the proviso that your engagement and interactions are used to 'deliver personalised and tailored advertising'. Of course, if you don't want your activity to be used to target ads, or don't want to see ads at all, then they are moving towards a 'paid subscription' model. Facebook issues £104-a-year message to anybody who has an account in Europe from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/facebook-issues-104-year-message-28012310 They're basically admitting that their platform is all about 'personalised advertising'.
  18. Well here we go, 'opinion polls used as propaganda to social engineer'. When you think about it, 'fuel duty' is already 'pay-as-you-drive', in that the more fuel you use - ie you do a lot of miles in your car - the more tax you pay in fuel duty. Now on the other hand, vehicle excise duty, or "car/road tax" (whatever you call it) is currently a fixed amount per year depending on your vehicle. The only people I can imagine who would really be in favour of scrapping the current fixed VED and replacing it with a 'pay-as-you-drive' model would be, er, people who don't use their cars a lot. If this were to go ahead, those smug electric car owners who think they're saving money by not having to buy petrol or diesel, and thus aren't paying fuel duty, are going to end up seeing their car use become more expensive, especially if they use it a lot. So the next question will be, how would this be measured, ie how would it be worked out how much tax you have to pay based on how many miles you've driven? Well the answer must be pretty obvious - you'd have to stick some kind of 'meter' on everyone's vehicles! Oh yeah, some kind of 'smart' tracking device, that will no doubt track all your vehicle movements as well as log how many miles you've driven. It's pretty obvious which path people are being shepherded towards - the more you drive, the more it will cost you! And here's some food for thought, ALL vehicles that use UK roads are subject to vehicle excise duty, including delivery vans/trucks, taxis, coaches and buses! For each vehicle they operate, these companies know they have one fixed cost per year. Unless these types of vehicle get some special dispensation in the form of lower per-mile tax rates, suddenly operating costs are going to increase which means... everything goes up in price again! Or maybe the 'pay-as-you-drive' tax plan is only intended for... private car owners!
  19. Doesn't look like it! Depends on where you are in the UK... it stayed dry all day today here in Birmingham despite the Weather Channel forecasting "rain possible after 1pm" this morning, then as the day progressed it changed to 'after 4pm', then 'after 7pm', now at the time of writing it says 'after 00:30'. I should have taken the opportunity to collect up the remainder of the leaves in my garden, but chose to have a nice stroll through The Dingles (Shire Country Park) in the afternoon sunshine instead! Looks like it will be a bit wet and windy again the remainder of this week - as Guns N' Roses sung in 1991 "it's hard to hold a candle in the cold November rain"
  20. What do you mean? There is already a section on the DavidIcke.com homepage: And the 'View All' link takes you to: https://davidicke.com/category/videos/
  21. "Self-inflicted gunshot wound" - how convenient. And the police just happened to come across his body, in woods eight miles away?
  22. Yeah, I saw this story the other day on the Birmingham Mail website, and yeah same thing, most comments taking the piss out the guy's hair. Couple who hadn't paid for gas in 18 years shocked to receive £11k bill https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/couple-who-hadnt-paid-gas-27978084 I think "crisis actors" is a bit of a strong term to use, but it would seem that they may well be actors of some kind who have posed for a series of photos at some point. They both appeared in the following story that did the rounds last month: Royal Mail threatens to boycott this Staffordshire home - because of cat Ernie from: https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/news/stoke-on-trent-news/royal-mail-threatens-boycott-staffordshire-8772109 I note with interest that the co-writer of the Stoke Sentinel article is Kate Pounds, who also co-wrote the above BBC News article - does it really take two people to write this nonsense? Also it is not hard to notice that this couple are wearing exactly the same clothes, and posing in the same place. What I also find interesting is that the photos are credited to 'SWNS' - "South-West News Service". I've never heard of this organisation, and from the name I would have assumed they were based in the south-west of England (Devon, Somerset, Cornwall etc), therefore what interest would they have in a couple from Staffordshire? Then to satisfy my own curiosity as I sit and type all this out, I looked them up and found this: https://swns.com/ I will look further into this, but looks like some kind of agency that 'churns out' news articles for other publications to use. No wonder there is so much shite being peddled around Reach news sites!
  23. Problem, reaction, solution. A suspect has been named by police, but is apparently still 'at large'. Police earlier named Robert Card, 40, as a person of interest, saying he is "armed and dangerous" State Governor Janet Mills warns the public not to approach the suspect Lewiston, a city of about 38,000, is on lockdown - businesses have been told to close and people to stay at home Officers have widened the "shelter in place" order to include nearby Bowdoin, Auburn and Lisbon STAY SAFE, stay at home (sound familiar?) Someone 'armed and dangerous' and not yet apprehended, means everyone is expected to be 'afraid'. They want you fearful and afraid. Brave dog walkers! Anyway, Biden soon made things clear: To be honest, I'm not sure why any 'normal' person would 'need' an assault rifle, however it is the broader gun control measures they are really pushing for. Once a significant proportion of the US population is sufficiently 'disarmed', that's when the real totalitarianism will start to kick in. However as regards to people being killed or injured by gun violence, I do have to point out that in the UK, where I am, while we do have some very strict gun controls already in place, and guns are not as freely available to buy as they are in the US, while we have very few 'mass shootings', we do still have people being killed or injured nearly every day as a result of gun violence. Gun control measures aren't any solution, as hardened criminals and drug-dealers will always find a way and have access to guns.
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