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  1. 39 minutes ago, SuperstarNeilC said:

    All this week the the moon has been conspicuous by its absence at night.


    But it reveals itself during daylight hours.


    Back in the day, the moon came out at night.


    Nowadays, there is some sort of INVERSION.


    Where are you trying to go with this? I'm pushing nearly 50 years old, and I've seen the moon during the day since I was a child.


    This is NOT some new phenomenon. (Despite what Youtube or Bitchute videos you have been watching)


    During its orbit around the Earth, at some points of the month, the Moon will be positioned between the Earth and the Sun so it becomes visible during the daytime.


    The only time you WON'T see the moon during the daytime is if it is cloudy, and the same at night time.





  2. 20 hours ago, SuperstarNeilC said:

    I’ve just ventured outside. - It’s a clear night, with lots of stars visible.


    But, there is *NO* moon *anywhere* in the sky.


    Because its below the horizon. See the above diagram for why this happens.


    Same reason why the moon never 'rises' or sets in the same place.

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  3. I'm currently away on holiday and reading "The Answer" by David Icke. I just came across the following in Chapter Eight "Why demonise the gas of life?" which I will quote here as it is quite telling, especially as David does not really cover this subject at all. (For context he has just been explaining about how vegans are being used to push the 'Cult agenda' as part of the climate change narrative.)


    "I find the same perceptual arrogance at the extreme end (not everyone) of those who contend that the Earth is flat. If people want to believe that then good luck to them I say. Unfortunately the same respect often doesn't come the other way. If you don't accept what they claim you are subject to attacks and dubbed an agent of the elite - even those who have spent their lives exposing the elite and who do more to that end in a month than 'flat Earth' extreme obssesives will do in a lifetime. The Earth is 'flat' in a sense at the level of its wavefield construct or 'interference pattern'. Its holographic decoded projection called the 'physical' Earth is quite something different. Those who see this differently have every right to do so and I won't call them agents of the elite just because they believe something that I don't. Why do so many people insist that what they believe must be accepted by everybody? This book is my view and my research. I don't insist for a second that people have to believe it if it doesn't make sense to them."


    (Page 280 of the physical book if anyone doubts this)






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  4. 1 hour ago, Macnamara said:


    so his first move was to step over the line into the conservative camp and say 'i'm with you guys'


    Then his next move was to say 'i'm declaring war on jews'


    Doesn't that then make the whole thing into a jews v's conservatives thing in the public consciousness?


    All those that consider themselves 'liberal' will then, by default, associate jews with goodness and conservatives with nazism


    Exactly, more divide and conquer.


    The thing as I see it is that that 'public conciousness' only exists on Twitter.


    This is why I stay firmly clear of that toxic platform.



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  5. To be honest I don't really care about what goes on over at Twitter.


    I've commented before about Musk seemingly being promoted as the 'good guy', in an attempt to encourage all those who either abandoned/were kicked off Twitter and joined other similar platforms such as Parler, Gab, Gettr, TruthSocial etc etc to 'come back' thus forcing those alternative platforms out of existence. After all if Twitter is 'open to all' again, what would be the point of them? None, because it's all about 'one platform'.


    "One platform to rule them all" - it becomes much easier to 'control the flow of information' if everyone is in one place.


    Elon Musk is an Establishment Elite, you don't get to become one of the world's richest men if you're not "part of the club". And Kanye West is a tool of the Establishment.



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  6. 1 minute ago, Macnamara said:


    the entire psychiatry industry pretty much relies on ignoring unresolved emotional pressure and i wouldn't be surprised if that extends beyond the mind to wider areas of medicine too because mental health and physical health are intertwinned


    Exactly, think about how much psychological trauma people have been subjected to for the last couple of years just from watching the news, its no surprise then that so many people 'made themselves ill'.


    It is my belief that good mental health = good physical health. It's all in the mind! 😉

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  7. 15 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    i've been hearing mention of it cropping up more but haven't really looked into it.


    It sort of aligns with your belief about 'unresolved emotional pressure', in fact its pretty much the same thing.


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  8. No, the sun is not pulsating - in those videos he shows, in the first two that looks like the camera self-adjusting light levels as you can see brightness levels changing in other parts of the video. And the third one is as he says himself, caused by movement of the trees obscuring the sun.

  9. I keep seeing this on the Birmingham Mail homepage, and will likely be on other Reach-controlled 'news' sites.




    Two highly dubious claims there, "save cash" - how come these 'plant-based' burgers are more expensive than actual 'meat-based' ones?


    image.png.d14055bbee7bd4ed26d8878ee2e96918.png    image.png.c1c51782e5fecfb4223573dff2c61626.png


    In theory, without the associated costs of rearing livestock, this plant-based rubbish should be much cheaper, but it isn't, so that tells me this is all part of a massive scam.

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  10. On 10/6/2022 at 6:46 PM, Macnamara said:

    I also have a belief that a build up of unresolved internal emotional pressure can cause cancer


    Have you ever heard of or looked into German New Medicine?




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  11. 11 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

    liverpool gets the eurovision.

    bbc headline

    Eurovision in Liverpool will come at a significant cost

    what cost is that?


    Financial cost. Huge sums of money have to be spent in order to host this event, with contributions coming from the national broadcaster (BBC) as well as the city council that agrees to stage this.


    Think of the episode of Father Ted, where the Irish broadcaster deliberately attempts to nominate a 'terrible act' so they have no chance of winning and thus don't have to fund this spectacle.


    Writer Graham Linehan knew the score, even back then.

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  12. On 10/1/2022 at 5:19 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

    Richard D Hall did put out a new show the other week, which I hope to sit down and watch this evening.


    Wilson & Blackett's research also links in the 'myth' of King Arthur and Camelot.


    I have also read similar to what you have posted elsewhere, as well as at the Stolen History forum, some good threads there.


    Having watched that show, its a definite worthwhile watch:




    More of Richard's videos on this subject can be found here:




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  13. 26 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    More ppl go to A&E now because their local GP is either closed or refuses to see them for 3 weeks.


    Plus more ppl (often from overseas, but not exclusively with this generation) don't have the self know-how to deal with everyday health and emergency issues.


    That is true, but more people also end up in A&E because they are careless and stupid.

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  14. On 7/13/2022 at 1:54 AM, numnuts said:

    This A And E crisis has been going on for a year or so already, so no excuses, but it doesn't get much coverage and there is no end in sight.


    The truth is that the "A&E Crisis" happens every year and has done for years, long before Covid was even a 'thing'.


    Every year, it becomes the same mantra, "the NHS needs more money".


    People get angry and start protesting, then the Government eventually caves and agrees to provide 'more funding' to the NHS.


    What the people don't realise is that the more money that gets pumped into the NHS, the more can be leeched away by parasitical 'middle management' and chief executives, or siphoned off via 'procurement contracts' in to the hands of private companies making huge profits from supplying goods and services to the NHS at above market prices.


    How much of this extra funding actually reaches the frontline workers who desperately need it? Very little. Instead, there are new levels of bureaucracy and administration added, not forgetting the nicely paid 'diversity managers' etc.


    It's all a Common Purpose wet dream and yes it is Common Purpose and their graduates who pretty much run the NHS now, a massive misappropriation of public funding.

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  15. 21 hours ago, legion said:

    this is the worst aspect - all colemans videos gone - all that time and effort - gone - some great videos amongst the many


    On a postive note though, at least all the transcripts of those videos are available on Dr Coleman's website, so the information is not 'totally lost', it just means that people have to 'read' content rather than 'view' it.


    21 hours ago, legion said:

    Buttman being true to his name -  Butt-Man
    heres hoping its not a growing trend


    I'm still curious as to how Mohammed Butt progressed from being a property developer to a 'champion of free speech' who developed a whole new ("Brand New"?) video hsting platform.



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  16. On 10/4/2022 at 7:16 PM, Mitochondrial Eve said:

    Richard D Hall has uploaded the video below to his YT channel today warning of the dangers of a Central Bank Digital Currency (smart money) and how removing the anonymity of cash transactions could lead into an all pervasive social control system.




    8 hours ago, HAARPING_On said:


    This is one of THE most important videos I've seen in recent years... EVERYONE should see this!


    I watched this last night, I think its a great short summary of what is to come if people allow this to happen.


    Personally, over the last couple of years, I have found it advantageous and 'convenient' to make most of my purchases using my debit card rather than with cash.


    I am not against using cash though, and I respect those who do wish to continue using cash wherever they can, or have no choice but to do so.


    It is my belief that we can still have 'both' - where people should be able to have the 'choice' to pay for goods and services either using physical cash, or by using 'cash' from their debit cards.


    I would certainly not be in favour of replacing 'both' with a centralised digital currency, that could be tracked, monitored or programmed.


    As per Richard D Hall's request, in the event that this video is 'taken down' by Youtube, as well as at the RichPlanet TV website, I have uploaded it to my own website and can be found here:



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  17. 2 hours ago, CarpeDiem said:

    I just wonder if this will be the opportunity for banks to try to look good and help those struggling so 'offer' a rescue deal to home owners at risk of loosing their home due to the hike in interest rates?


    Its a possibility, but then again, I wouldn't expect these banker parasites to do anyone any 'favours'.


    2 hours ago, CarpeDiem said:

    I realise they would get the whole house if people defaulted, but I think the numbers are going to be so great they cannot risk an uprising on this.

    We were already seeing banks buying up houses before all this, so why wouldn't they use this opportunity to offer a 'rescue package' to the owner at risk of defaulting......but the owner would have to hand over say a 50% share in the property to the bank? That's just a loose example. They will probably think of something much more sneaky but equally as devious. Again it is what we see time and time again. In this case the banks cause the problem then offer their solution that only benefits them.


    If we think about the WEF mantra "you will own nothing and you'll be happy" and the expectation that people will merely 'rent' their possessions (rather than own them outright), then it stands to reason that 'someone' must own stuff in order to rent it back out to others.


    I'm reminded of a few years ago now, where something that became briefly 'popular' were these companies that appeared out of nowhere and offered to 'buy your house for cash', with the proviso being that you continued to live in it, but paid 'rent' to this company instead of your mortgage.


    I'm also reminded of seeing some vinyl advert splashed on a car which I walked past every day on my way to work for months, though I think the vehicle has been moved on now.



    That website to me looks 'half-finished' even now, with loads of 'ipsum lorem' dummy text that hasn't been replaced, so wouldn't fill me with confidence.


    But clearly there is some enterprise out there that is desperately keen to 'acquire' property.


    So it stands to reason that maybe the banks would also like to get in on this act, as I speculated in my article on my own website, perhaps instead of merely selling off repossessed properties, where owners have defaulted on their mortgage payments, they may consider it 'more prudent' to acquire that property and then rent it back to the mortgage payer - as long as the tenant is able to keep up with the rent payments then its really no risk to the bank.


    And as the bank gains the property as an 'asset', they can even afford to 'rent it back' at a rate potentially lower than the mortgage payment would be. Earnings through 'interest' are speculative, based on money being generated out of nothing in the form of credit, while rent payments would be more tangible. And thus more 'guaranteed'.

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  18. On 10/3/2022 at 8:12 PM, sickofallthebollocks said:

    Whre have these 'emanent' scientists been all along?  Or is this just anothe rload of bs that won't make any difference, as the cabalistic owned msm won't ever report it:



    These will be the scientists conveniently ignored when the other "97%" of them all agreed that the "science was settled" a few years back.



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  19. On 10/4/2022 at 4:45 PM, Tinfoil Hat said:

    I'm thinking the worst Tom could be suspected of is having been fooled. Could be wrong though, naturally, on both assumptions. It seems a pointless thing to get yourself arrested for.


    I think its possible that Captain Tom himself was completely innocent, and he did what he did because he believed it  was the "right thing to do".


    Unfortunately I think his name and reputation may have been sullied by the actions of his family looking to financially benefit from his noble actions.


    I wrote about this here earlier this year:

    The “Charitable Foundation” scam – how to siphon off public money into private hands

    From: https://thegrumpyowl.co.uk/2022/02/20/the-charitable-foundation-scam-how-to-siphon-off-public-money-into-private-hands/



    I do not intend this article to be any kind of slur against Captain Sir Tom Moore himself, I do not believe he was any ‘willing accomplice’ in all of this, and I think he may have originally set out to do what he did all in good faith. May he rest in peace, and shame on his family for exploiting him and his memory for personal financial gain, if that truly turns out to be the case here.


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  20. 1 hour ago, legion said:

    BNT is still fucked...

    Sonia Poulton is the only channel operating AFAIK.

    No search function on the homepage.



    It has been my opinion for some time that I think the whole reason for BrandNewTube coming into existence was to provide a platform for both Sonia Poulton and Shaun Attwood, as these two featured quite prominently when I first came across it.


    Other people being able to sign up and post videos was a 'bonus', and of course a lot of publicity was gained when Dr Vernon Coleman stopped posting videos on Youtube and joined BrandNewTube.


    "BrandNewTube" was also a strange choice of name, because lets face it, nothing is ever "brand new" for that long, and the name itself soon became outdated.


    I don't know what hosting infrastructure they were using, but in all honesty it smacks of sheer incompetence if they can allow their website to get 'hacked', and not be able to fully restore it using backups.


    Going back to my first point, one might also find it 'strange' that since BNT has been 'restored', only Sonia Poulton's videos have remained.


    Perhaps they should consider rebranding BNT as "PouTube"? 😅

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