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  1. This is a very interesting story, and probably deserves a thread of its own for further discussion. Not wanting to downplay or belittle the experience, but if this only happened in a 'virtual environment', and the 'victim' was not actually physically harmed, then the big question is "has a crime actually taken place"? Or certainly, is this something that the "real life" police should be investigating? Should the onus be on the operators/providers of these virtual environments? The other question of course is where does this ultimately lead? We already have the police 'investigating tweets' and other social media posts, will this also be extended to encounters in multiplayer online games?
  2. As I said earlier in this thread, I am pretty sure there are plenty of good honest people who choose to work for these food delivery companies. And yes, I think it pretty much does depend on where you live - I guess here in Birmingham you are probably more likely to get some driver who can barely speak English and just wants to give you your food so they can race off and collect the next order. I never said I saw them as 'a threat' though, quite the opposite in fact, it appals me that these people are being exploited and abused, being used as 'subcontractors' to do a job that probably doesn't pay that well to start with. What concerns me is that there is a new 'under-class' of modern slavery that is going on under peoples' noses, and they don't even realise it is happening.
  3. Controversy brews as HMRC imposes stringent rules on digital platforms and independent sellers from: https://www.b14news.co.uk/controversy-brews-as-hmrc-imposes-stringent-rules-on-digital-platforms-and-independent-sellers/ I think in a nutshell that's what this boils down to: Government is owed millions in taxes from 'big companies' doing their best to avoid paying by exploiting loopholes. So rather than go after these big companies directly, they introduce these new rules and regulations, which then indirectly 'capture' good honest individuals just trying to make a bit of extra money on the side. But then again, there probably are a lot of people who do buying and selling on these sites, and turning over some decent revenue, who probably should be paying some tax on their 'undeclared income'. Based on my own personal experience of using eBay in a professional capacity, I already think they are making things difficult for smaller business sellers, and I think that eBay would prefer it if many 'amateur' sellers would go away.
  4. It's all a massive con. When inflation is high, things go up in price. As inflation reduces, things continue to go up in price, but at a slightly lower rate. Notice how stuff rarely comes back down in price to any acceptable level. In most cases, I do feel that a lot of the 'big corporates' and 'big brands' just use the situation to ramp up their prices just so they can make more profits. Someone mentioned about 'assets increasing in value' but I don't think that's strictly true. My parents bought their house in the 1970s for around £12000, which was a lot of money at the time. If they sold that house now, they could expect to get around £300k. That sounds like a massive profit, but in reality it isn't, because if they wanted to then buy a similar property, then they'd be paying around £300k. The asset may have increased in value, but is not worth much more now in comparison.
  5. As pointed out earlier in this thread, Deliveroo make it clear that it is permissible to 'rent out' your rider account for others to use, but it is up to that account holder to ensure that anyone using that account is 'legal' and 'above board', ie passed any necessary criminal checks etc. I suspected that other delivery operators might have the same or similar policies in place, and your post pretty much confirms that. Deliveroo et al are essentially passing on the 'burden of responsibility' onto the rider account holder. Despite any protestations to the contrary, the basic message is "we don't care as long as someone delivers the damn food order on time". Yes, I definitely feel like there is an 'organised scam' aspect to this, and it is disappearing under many peoples' radar it seems. Because the vast majority of people who order takeaways from these apps don't care who delivers their order, they just want to stuff their faces with crap because they can't be bothered to prepare a basic meal for themselves, or even get up off their sofa to walk to a local takeaway.
  6. I remember seeing a story over Christmas about how a plane-load of Indians flying from Dubai (UAE) to Nicaragua was forced to land in Paris, where the passengers were held on suspicion of being 'trafficked'. There was a later brief 'follow-up' story that stated the 310 (I think it was) Indians were eventually flown back to Mumbai in India. I was only reading the BBC News via the red button service on my parents TV, and that doesn't show news articles in full. My mum did tell me that she saw something "on MSN" () which said these Indians were travelling to Nicaragua so they could then try and get into the USA. If that is true, then what the hell is going on, and why is nobody questioning this? 310 Indians would have already paid to travel to Dubai, and then all flew together on the same flight to Nicaragua, so they could then join the convoy of illegal immigrants heading north to the USA so they could try and claim asylum? If that is not organised people-smuggling, then I don't know what is. Unless it was just a "massive coincidence" that 310 Indian nationals were all simultaneously travelling from the Middle East to Central America, somebody must have paid for and organised this flight. What really disappoints me now is how so many people will just take these news stories at 'face value' and just accept what they're told without asking any further questions. As I said earlier in this thread, too many people are more concerned with 'historical slavery' while completely oblivious to the 'modern slavery' which is ongoing and seemingly getting worse.
  7. I know I haven't been around on here much over the last week or so because I've been busy enjoying Christmas and doing other things, so I don't blame anyone for finding this hard to believe. A few days ago, I was watching the daily Suspicious0bservers show on YouTube, where Ben told us about a big coronal hole on the Sun which was due to face Earth and send an intensified solar wind blast 'within the next few days'. I actually said to myself at the time, "I bet that means we'll have a big earthquake or volcanic eruption on New Years Day". Sadly, I never got the opportunity to publish this thought anywhere on the internet for posterity, so you're all just going to have to take my word for it! Now it is true that generally my predictions don't come true, so you can imagine my surprise when I got up this morning and checked on the BBC News: Moment quake hits Japan coastal town from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-asia-67856117 There is of course more on this story here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-67855990
  8. Happy New Year to all fellow forum members!


    I know we're all conditioned to believe it will be 2024 tomorrow, but in all honesty, does anyone really know? The way that history has been rewritten over the years, and calendars have been changed and altered, who really knows what year it is?

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      Anti Facts Sir

      Tomorrow's just another day...


      Yes, it's Madness alright!

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      I'm retired, it's all the same to me! 😋


      Anyway, hope you all have a good year and keep on fighting the fight.




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      Happy New Year Grumpy

  9. Although he doesn't specifically mention 'Common Purpose' or technocracy, I watched a very interesting video from David Kurten (Heritage Party) last night. Town Boards - Unelected Change Agents Taking Power in 55 UK Towns Link to the Government document he mentions and refers to: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/long-term-plan-for-towns-guidance-for-local-authorities-and-town-boards/long-term-plan-for-towns-guidance-for-local-authorities-and-town-boards It does all sound to me like these are the first tentative steps towards 'breaking up' of borough, district and county councils, which are of course all democratically elected. These new 'town boards' will see some chairman 'appointed' to the role, and then they will invite other members to sit on said board. Money and funding then starts flowing from the Government's Department for Levelling Up, which no doubt will start being siphoned off and leeched for the benefit of the board members and/or their cronies. If this all sounds familiar, it is because it reads right from the Common Purpose playbook, on how to misappropriate public funds as well as driving other hidden agendas. Of the towns listed in that document, I note with interest that there are four listed under the West Midlands (Bilston, Darlaston, Dudley and Smethwick) which already fall under the remit of the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) as well as the local borough councils of Sandwell, Dudley and Wolverhampton. The WMCA is itself in receipt of huge sums of money from the DLUHC, and with the exception of the democratically-elected Mayor (who becomes the chairman of the WMCA board), is an unelected quango of 'appointed' members. The only thing being 'levelled up' here are the bank accounts of anyone lucky enough to become involved in this funding free-for-all.
  10. So almost simultaneously, according to the BBC News... UK had a 'white Christmas', because there was a bit of snow in the Scottish Highlands and Aberdeenshire on Christmas Day. The UK also had the 'warmest Christmas Eve on record' because it reached 14C somewhere. Meanwhile in Beijing, China, they're experiencing their 'coldest winter ever'. Test cricket in Australia is being disrupted by 'heavy rain'. Must be climate change, nothing to do with the movement of the jet stream.
  11. For the last couple of weeks, we've been bombarded with numerous MSM articles with their 'warnings', and the Met Office 'breaking their silence' and 'issuing verdicts' every five minutes about some "xxx miles of snow/rain" that is due to hit the UK, according to some very dubious forecasting by the likes of WXcharts. To be frankly honest, I only really care about what the weather is going to be like in my area, as that is what affects me the most. It's looking like it is going to be a relatively 'mild' Christmas here in Birmingham and the West Midlands, with the occasional downpour of rain. There might be other areas of the country where there might be snow and sub-zero temperatures, but thankfully not here where I am.
  12. No, I haven't seen that film, though I have seen adverts plastered over bus stops. I did notice that Aquaman is played by actor Jason Momoa, who played a key role in the Stargate: Atlantis TV series from several years ago, if that is of any relevance.
  13. Yes, I saw the same email. While not very widely well-known, both Wilson and Blackett have presented some very good research that questions the 'official narrative' of the history and timeline that we have been presented over the years. Those videos are well worth a watch.
  14. For several years now, I have read about 'organised crime gangs' here in Birmingham, and most of the perpetrators (those that were caught anyway) seemed to be Albanian. Albania was never part of the EU, but there seem to be loads of them in the UK, even before Brexit. And even more so since then. For some reason these Albanian criminals never get deported, in fact hardly any foreign nationals caught committing criminal offences ever do. It's no wonder our prisons are full.
  15. What do these people expect? It's not like you've travelled to the UK on holiday to stay in a swanky 5-star hotel, with gourmet dining and luxury rooms. Sometimes it is hard to empathise or feel sympathy for these people, and it's never nice to hear about someone dying needlessly. It's interesting that his sister lives in Italy, but this guy chose to try and 'seek asylum' in the UK.
  16. Yes, of course I understand fully how this 'scam' works. Yes, the 'money' is conjured out of thin air, 'borrowed' by governments. Yes, ultimately it is 'taxpayers' money, because we are the ones who have to pay this all back through increased levels of taxation further down the line. Yes, all this money that is 'spent' through borrowing has to be paid back with 'interest'. But there is simply not enough money in the world to ever pay back this 'debt' in full. And there never will.
  17. Of course they see these crossings continuing, and the 'solution' is to 'award' yet more taxpayers money to private companies so they can 'manage' this. Millions of pounds already 'given' to the French government to put a stop to this. Millions of pounds given to the Rwandan 'government' (who's REALLY been in receipt of this money?). And now more millions of pounds to be given to anyone ready to bid on a contract tender. It's almost like someone is intent on bleeding this country dry, and driving us towards bankruptcy.
  18. We have these things popping up in Birmingham city centre. It's always the same thing - every new tower block or development that is 'announced' is made up of 'luxury apartments', with some kind of gym and 'retail offering' on the ground floor. The 15-minute 'smart' city is taking shape. Every couple of blocks you have some Spar, Costcutter or Nisa convenience store, as well as the Tesco Express, Sainsburys and Morrisons equivalents. Add in the usual blend of cafes and takeaways such as Costa, Starbucks, Subway etc, and of course why does every block need a gym? The idea being that everything you need is either in your block, or a short walk away. No need to own a car! Get a bus, tram or escooter around the city centre if you want/need to shop at the 'big brand' or designer stores, or just order online from Amazon and get everything else you need delivered to your door. There's no way I'd ever trade in my nice quiet suburban life, to move into one of these overpriced micro-apartments just for the 'convenience' of living in the city centre. If anything, my desire is to leave this suburb and have a nice quiet life out in a rural village by the coast.
  19. That is a good thing to consider. Yes, it is probably true that we are 'overdue' for some kind of event that occurs every 6000 years, but still no-one knows for certain exactly when this will happen. It could happen next week, it could happen in 50-100 years. But something else I take into consideration: just how accurate is our own current timeline? I read elsewhere before how our calendars and timelines have been altered to 'suit' certain narratives and agendas in the past. I remember reading one suggestion that about a 1000 years have been added on to our timeline, thus its only actually 1023 rather than 2023. And of course there are numerous questions about the validity and accuracy of certain 'dating' processes, namely are some artefacts as old as they claim them to be? There are some definite 'doom-mongers' out there, and some that are making money for themselves out of this. Those who are willing to 'prep', well that's your choice, and I respect your determination to try and survive whatever happens. Some people have claimed to predict there will be another 'global cataclysm' between 2040 and 2050. If that's the case, then I'll be knocking on 70 by then. I won't be looking to survive at that point, hopefully whatever happens wipes me out cleanly without any pain or suffering. But I will have been sure to have enjoyed my life as best as I can up until that point.
  20. I'm far more concerned about the levels of "illegal immigration" to be honest. UK migration curbs see salary threshold hiked to £38,700 for foreign workers from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-67612106 At least (most of) these people come here to work and make a meaningful contribution to our economy. Yvette Cooper is right, but as of yet I haven't seen any such 'plan' from Labour on how they would tackle this when they come into power. (it's kind of inevitable really) The shortage of staff is a failure of our government going back years, in failing to encourage young people to train for such future roles. Instead of embarking on silly and useless university degrees. Anyway, what us ordinary people would like to know is what are the Government planning to do about the unacceptable levels of illegal immigration?
  21. Every year, for a few weeks at a time, my local Reach rag the Birmingham Mail puts out a number of 'horror stories' about popular Pontins holiday camps. Yes, one easily gets the impression there is either some vendetta against Pontins, or there really is a concerted effort to put people off from staying there.
  22. I have no idea what you're on about. Have a look through these:
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