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  1. Seriously? Yet there are people who will pay £8.30 for this tripe?
  2. Thats the typical 'modus operandi' - the media just moves on to the 'next thing' to keep people distracted. I doubt it will ever become public knowledge or revealed in the media, the cause of death will probably be given as 'drowning' and the rest will remain a mystery.
  3. I find it incredibly suspect that someone has managed to write and publish a whole book about this, while the police investigation into her death is (presumably) still ongoing. I've no idea who this 'Mark J Donald' is, but I doubt very much that this book contains the whole 'untold truth behind her death' and is just more exploitation of the 'current thing' to get guillible people to part with their hard-earned money, especially during a so-called 'cost of living crisis'.
  4. I will have to go up to Birmingham city centre one weekend and take some photos of what I mean...
  5. Add to that the hundreds of other missing people across the UK, and then wonder why NONE of those got as much attention as this ONE missing woman.
  6. Well there you go, clearly it was a waste of public money to pay this "specialist diving team" to go looking in the river then.
  7. OK so the body has been confirmed to be that of Nicola Bulley. But don't expect this story to go away any time soon. Because there are still the questions of: 1) What happened? (was it an accident or was she murdered?) 2) Who did it? (if it was a murder) 3) Why? (again if it was murder)
  8. Because animals are dirty and unclean, and nothing to do with the shit you force-feed your kids? Zoo visitors urged to wash hands to avoid illness From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-64697087 I'm sure I've heard this "wash your hands" narrative before...
  9. If a 'specialist diving team' did not find any body in the water, and none of the 'TikTok sleuths' who turned up to do their own 'investigating' over the last three weeks did not see any body floating in the river, then it is probably fair to assume that the body was dumped, probably in the early hours of this morning. If that is true then that is just sheer incompetence. Basic GCSE level Geography. When I was a teenager in the Scouts, when camping near a river that you use to collect water for drinking, the first thing we were taught was that if you needed to go pee, do so 'downstream' from where you are pitched.
  10. The funny thing has always been that while they're afraid to sit next to someone else, they'll happily stand in the narrowest part of the bus where other people have to squeeze past them in order to get on or off!
  11. YES, of course it is problematic. What bothers me the most is those that 'defend' it are those that come out with lame excuses such as "but they bring us wonderful food recipes"
  12. I asked ChatGPT if the earth was flat. I then asked if it could prove that the earth was flat. I then asked the 'controversial' question "do Jews control the world?" I then reframed the question as "do Sabbatean-Frankists control the world?" So there you go, pretty much no point in trying to discuss conspiracy theories with it!
  13. "not treating the death as suspicious" Body of man, 19, recovered from water at Willenhall Memorial Park from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/body-man-19-recovered-water-26276689 Not suspicious, but needs an investigation? The police were also pretty quick to know who this person was and to contact their family.
  14. Attention-seeking troll, or the real deal? Family of Madeleine McCann ask for DNA test after woman shows 'evidence' she is her From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/family-madeleine-mccann-ask-dna-26276574 Well if she does turn out to be Madeleine, it would open up numerous cans of worms, as well as make 'conspiracy theorists' such as Richard D Hall etc look a bit 'silly'. Sadly, I suspect that she is just a social media attention-seeker, and the fact that her Instagram profile created just a few days ago already has hundreds of thousands of followers should be all you need to know. Perhaps the UK police 'try and ignore her' because they know she can't possibly be Maddie?
  15. Just seen this on the Birmingham Mail, and that was exactly my first thought! from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/uk-news/body-found-nicola-bulley-search-26277346 After three weeks, suddenly the police decide to close off all the roads leading to the village, then a body is found in the river. BUT the police are unable to say if is Nicola or not? The death is 'unexplained'? Procedures to identify the body are 'underway', but the Bulley family have only been 'informed of developments'? Still something odd about this...
  16. I was outside in my garden here in south Birmingham yesterday in just a t-shirt, very pleasant 16C in the sunshine. Apart from a bit of light drizzle overnight, not really had much in the way of rain for about three weeks now, been a pretty dry February so far. This is of course despite the local media telling us that we should have been blanketed in snow by now, according to the 'predictions' made by dubious weather agencies. There's some bullshit about another "beast from the east", but from observations the clouds are moving from the west.
  17. She makes some points about TikTok which I agree with, there's a certain amount of 'peer pressure' when it comes to 'creating content' that will garner the most clicks and likes, and maybe some of the speculation isn't helping, or is deliberately intended to 'steer' people away from what may have actually happened. This is a particularly telling comment though: The social-engineering is strong with this one! And then going back to 'peer-pressure': "wants to take part" = attention seeker. Probably gets more views of these clips than those of her dancing with her kids. Anyway, the point/aim of all this is revealed towards the end:
  18. It's quite laughable really. "You can trust us because we say so. Everybody else is lying." The "relevant sources" are usually just from other mainstream 'narrative enforcers'. And if the public try to 'fact check for themselves', of course Google and Wikipedia will also present the same 'relevant sources', while hiding any 'contrary' opinion. If there is one thing I have learned in the last few years it is that most things are 'inverted' (ie "diversity" is all about imposing a 'singularity', or 'hive mind', where everyone thinks/acts the same), but in some cases, like where the BBC has positions like "disinformation editor" or "specialist disinformation reporter", the truth is plainly obvious and staring you in the face. Yes, there is a lot of 'disinformation' and 'misinformation' out there, but the mainstream media narrative enforcers are just as guilty. I'm intelligent enough to use my own discernment and critical thinking ability in order to think for myself, thank you very much.
  19. She's served her purpose, and now it is time to stand aside, and make people 'think' there will be a 'change', when in fact nothing will change and they'll end up with something/someone far worse. Maybe she fancies having a crack at becoming an MP, and perhaps sees herself becoming deputy Prime Minister in a possible coalition deal with Labour. She's done enough damage as First Minister at the Scottish Parliament, who knows what havoc she could cause at Westminster!
  20. She liked to take lots of photos of herself, it seems. As well as photos of her with her dog, while walking along the river. Like there is something that is being 'reinforced'. Not seen many pictures of her with her husband and children.
  21. I would agree with what Anti says when it comes to town centre High Streets, Blur once sang in their song "Bank Holiday" (from the 1994 album Parklife) that "all the high streets look the same", and it is pretty true. Round me in Birmingham, I can go to Northfield, Acocks Green, Kings Heath, Shirley, Selly Oak etc, and its all takeaways, barber shops, charity shops and convenience stores. Where I live, there isn't a 'high street' as much, but there are a couple of places where you have a small run of shops, all local independent businesses, and generally I can get most of what I need (groceries and household goods) from them. Plus as a bonus, working in online retail means I can get some other stuff through work. I'm happy to travel further afield to go and pick up stuff that I can't get locally, but as I don't drive, any large or heavy stuff I have to resort to buying online for home delivery. But I don't buy from Amazon (apart from Kindle books) and if I do buy online, I buy direct from sellers' own websites, rather than through eBay.
  22. People: "nah, 15 minute cities is just a silly conspiracy theory"
  23. I'm pretty sure at some point that Richard D Hall's name is going to get dragged through the dirt again, and if that's the case then I don't blame him for keeping a 'low profile' on this case so far. "How dare these people NOT accept the media narrative at face value and how dare they go around asking questions and doing their own investigations" On the other hand, all these 'amateur' Youtubers/Tiktokers could well be making things worse deliberately via their actions.
  24. If this is still all over 'local' news sites that aren't in Lancashire, then its definitely a distracting psy-op. As well as the mainstream media, there now seems to be hours and hours of videos from Youtubers and Tiktokers all offering analysis and commentary on this story - don't take your eye off the ball and let yourselves get distracted by all this, even the 'alternative' is just as bad as the mainstream. Start looking at the news stories that AREN'T getting that much attention (if you can find any). "Energy flows where attention goes" and all that.
  25. "Pause" and "paused" seem to be the latest 'buzzwords' in vogue, usually in relation to suspending or postponing things, or even abandoning them altogether...


    I first noticed this when 'big brands' started announcing about 'pausing operations in Russia/Ukraine', but it is becoming more commonplace now.

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      soft language....if they call it quiting that might trigger some critical thinking 

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