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  1. Great one to share with you all... Original: I do like it when some other band can take a song and then sort of 'make it their own'... COVER:
  2. Hmm, you're responding to peter's post which was aimed at someone else... So now I'm enquiring as to what you're trying to achieve with suddenly reappearing in this topic. What are your thoughts on this subject?
  3. Kraft Heinz says people must get used to higher food prices From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58847275 Alternatively, as I read this, "us big corporations will work in lockstep to improve our profit margins". The "race to the bottom" is almost over, as manufacturers and retailers stop trying to undercut each other through heavy discounting and 'price matching' between large supermarket chains. Now, it will be all about 'levelling up' prices in order to boost profits.
  4. The problem is that the 'flat earth believers' don't want to listen. If the Earth is flat and not moving, and the stars are 'fixed' in the firmament, which rotates above us, then surely the night sky would appear to look the same every day of the year? But it doesn't. I've casually observed the night sky with my own eyes for most of my lifetime, and the patterns of stars do change, depending on the time of year. I have also travelled in my lifetime, and while I've only ever travelled as far south as the Canary Islands, I've seen the night sky is much different to what I see when I get back home. For those without the patience to stay up all night, all year, to watch the night sky, there is now an online version of the popular Stellarium software, which runs in your browser. https://stellarium-web.org/ As it reproduces pretty much what I can see with my own eyes, I'm happy to accept that it's modelling is accurate.
  5. You'll notice that these queues of shoppers are only ever outside 'big name' supermarkets. It's just behavioural manipulation through social engineering via the media. Peoples' perceptions are being altered by what they see on the TV, in newspapers and on social media. Create a perception of 'shortages', and people will believe it, and the first reaction is to rush to the local Tesco, Sainsburys or Morrisons etc, and fill up a trolley with more than they would usually buy. I've been out and about shopping this weekend, in Solihull town centre yesterday I did not observe any queues to enter shops, or shoppers walking around with huge bags of shopping. It just looked like a 'normal' Saturday afternoon, how things used to be 'before Covid'. My local independent supermarkets and convenience stores appear to be well stocked. But then again, these are mainly family owned and run, so don't really employ any staff. The problem with the 'big retailers' is that they do have to employ staff. If they have staff shortages, due to 'pingdemic' or sickness, it is possible they may not have enough staff to go around replensihing the shelves, as the priority would be to have staff on the checkouts. If the shelves can't be replenished fast enough, then of course some shelves will 'look empty'. Its exactly what happened with 'toilet rolls' last year. Think about it, those big 12 or 24 packs of toilet roll take up a lot of shelf space. If there's normally only 12 packs on display, then it only needs 12 shoppers to empty that shelf. Then if a couple of staff haven't turned up to work that day, it will take longer for someone to get more from 'out the back'. Someone takes a photo of the empty shelf, and shares it on social media - "OMG Tesco out of loo roll!!" - and it then spirals from there. Meanwhile, there are probably two or three pallets of toilet rolls 'out the back'. Staff member finally gets round to wheeling this onto the shopfloor, and thats when people start fighting each other. I never had any problem buying toilet rolls last year, my local shops always had them in stock. And its the same thing with the recent 'fuel crisis' - it was repeatedly stated that there was no actual shortage of petrol or diesel, yet people somehow gained this 'perception' that they needed to drive to any filling station and fill their tank up to the brim, regardless of the cost or how long they had to queue. I don't believe there are any real 'shortages', but the media are manipulating the general public into going on 'spending sprees' at their local 'big name' supermarkets, thus giving them a nice little profit boost. Any 'actual shortages' will be created by the public 'panic-buying' more than they actually need.
  6. until

    You might want to read through the event details a bit more carefully
  7. Is there an English language version of this?
  8. until

    It is being held wherever you have internet access, as it is a live stream event hosted on Ickonic.com
  9. Well the main thing is to know if there are any independents standing in your area, as its not always the case that there are. Prior to any election, it is always worth looking at the Elections pages on your local council website, as they will always provide a 'Statement Of Persons Nominated' or something along those lines, which will detail all the candidates that will stand at that election, be it Local or Parliamentary. There is also a 'deposit' that has to be paid that is non-refundable if any candidate gets less than 5% of votes, independents have to pay this out their own pocket.
  10. The more people abstain from voting, the fewer votes it takes to keep this status quo in power. It literally becomes the 'tyranny of the minority', but looking at voter turnout records in recent years, this is clearly already happening. You always have a 'hardcore' minority of voters who will just trot out to their local polling stations on election day and put a cross on the ballot paper next to the Tory or Labour candidate "because that is what they've always done" or because that is what their parents always did, or because that's what they've been told to do. Most people have realised that voting for a major party achieves nothing now, nothing changes after all regardless of whether Labour or Conservatives are in 'power'. But the mistake being made is not bothering to vote at all. THAT is in my mind at least a 'wasted vote'. If some other party can 'tap into' the potential of these 'did not vote'-ers, things could potentially change. But it is a big ask, because the media help to fuel this perception that a vote for any other party (other than Labour or Conservative) is a 'wasted vote'. And it all ultimately boils down to 'perception'. I think you misunderstand 'independent'. Any 'independent' candidate is one that stands for election in your local constituency/ward that is NOT affiliated to any political party. These people usually stand on the grounds of some local issue or campaign, but are usually far more genuine than those who represent major parties and make vague promises that they have no intention of following through on, because once they become an MP, they end up just following the 'party line'. There is also nothing wrong with 'voting out of principle'. I regularly trot to the polling station and vote for someone who doesn't represent any Establishment party. Is my vote wasted? Possibly yes, but in my own mind, I have exercised what little democratic right that I have, by NOT voting for 'more of the same'. I don't buy this whole 'tactical voting' shenanigens that the media plays, because its all part of the perception manipulation that keeps the Establishment parties in power.
  11. OK, I have done that now, now I figured out how to do it! Only I can't change my own vote now
  12. I apologise to any newcomers to this subject who have had to wade through the last several pages of this thread. I don't think there really is any point in continuing with this discussion to be honest. Its just the same few posters going back and forth. @zArk has decreed that the earth is indeed flat, and that everybody else is wrong. End of discussion. @alexa is trying her best but as of yet has been unsuccessful at recruiting anyone else into the 'flat earth cult' @oddsnsods is also trying his best, but you're wasting your time trying to convince these people that they are wrong, you're never going to break that spell. And @peter doesn't seem to have paid any attention to my warnings to keep things civil, and continues to insult and use fruity language, because he has allowed his frustration to get the better of him. Again, you're wasting your time, you're never going to get through to the blinkered. The irony is that I set up this topic, due to some incessant whining from @Jikwan who has now seemingly disappeared, or made little contribution to this topic. Genuine 'trolls' have been removed from this forum, but still it seems we're left with a whole lotta trolling when it comes to this subject. So again, I ask "what is the point of this thread?" Is it just so certain people can deliberately argue and cause disruption? Do certain people see this as a 'game' with the ultimate intention of 'closing the thread'?
  13. With the exception of a good local independent, I wouldn't vote for any party on that list. I would certainly vote for some smaller party if they stood a candidate in my area, and I agreed with most of their policies. So I'm curious as to the purpose of this poll, and why you didn't at least add an option for 'some other party' (which could encompass the likes of UKIP, Heritage Party, For Britain, Renew, Reclaim, Communist Party of Great Britain, Monster Raving Loony Party, and whatever the Brexit Party calls itself now)
  14. Its not a very representative poll really. I doubt very much if many regular forum members here would vote for any 'establishment' political party. There are of course other smaller parties that are more deserving of your vote.
  15. I'm guessing the site owner has disabled 'direct access' to that file, probably as part of 'anti-leeching' settings.
  16. OK, so what is this 'source' then, where is it, and what is its purpose?
  17. until

    The London Real interviews benefitted one man alone: Brian Rose. They raised his own profile, as well as that of his media outlet, and of course gave him a huge subscriber base in order to plug and sell his 'training programmes'. It allowed him to (unsuccessfully) run for Mayor of London as well as gain monetary donations for his 'Digital Freedom' platform.
  18. There are still hours and hours of Flat Earth videos on YouTube so that is not true. I've seen this 'playing the victim' tactic used before. Flat Earth is a massive psy-op. That is your opinion of course.
  19. I'll leave you boys to your flashy sportscars or whatever takes your fancy, but seriously, these new electric buses are worth just shy of half a million pounds each, I overheard a conversation once between an angry bus inspector and a roadworks contract worker who had just closed off a major road which confirmed that fact. They are very nice vehicles to travel on too, I will add.
  20. Have a search of this forum for 'Deagal', its been covered a few times already.
  21. Considering it is apparently the most deprived area of Birmingham, I find it remarkable how often I see Lamborghinis and Ferraris razzing around the back streets of Sparkbrook where I work. The truth is they're being driven by 'bad boys' who hire them out for the day just so they can impress their 'bros' and 'fam', or are owned by drug dealers who aren't concerned about making themselves stand out because the police just leave them to it. I'm of an age where I can remember Ladas being a laughing stock. And believe it or not, so were Skodas.
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