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  1. Kids, amazing how quick they grow up these days! He does look more like 26 to be honest. When I was in my last year of secondary school, I don't remember anyone sporting beards like that, apart maybe from some of the Sikh lads, us white lads maybe had a bit of 'bumfluff' to contend with! Fair play to him though, I did read the other day that ITV are now keen to jump on the 'popularity bandwagon' by reviving the old TV game show 'Bullseye' - clearly somebody somewhere also has a surplus job-lot of speedboats and tea-makers to get rid of.
  2. Yawn, that is clearly NOT the same David Icke. I lose count of the number of times that link has been posted on this forum.
  3. The 'cure' for anxiety is to identify what it is that makes you anxious, and then deal with it. Sorry but drugs and other 'remedies' only deal with the 'symptoms' of anxiety, and in some cases can lead to further complications, but they never deal with the underlying cause. Answer the question "what makes you anxious?" and that is your starting point. Once you have identified the cause of your anxiety, then you have two options to deal with it. 1) Stop doing or avoid whatever it is that causes your anxiety 2) Conquer your fear by facing up to it, tackle whatever it is that you're afraid of, then once you're no longer afraid then you won't be anxious Anxiety is a psychological issue, a reaction to any type of fear. In my opinion, it is not something that can be 'cured' or treated using drugs or medication. Of course, if you were to see a doctor or GP about this condition then naturally that will be the first thing they prescribe, and then they've got you for life. Therapy might help, but rather than pay a lot of money to sit and talk with a 'shrink', perhaps talk with family or friends instead? I read a lot about how so many young people these days have 'anxiety issues', and I'm not surprised by this, because it seems that our education systems, as well as their own parental guidance, are not adequately preparing them for dealing with the 'real world' once they leave school/college/university. It's all psychological. Good mental health and wellbeing leads to good physical health and wellbeing. If you are fearful and afraid of everything, then you are more easily psychologically manipulated. When I was much younger, I was very shy, quiet and reserved. It still surprises me now how confident and outspoken I have become in the last ten years or so.
  4. Yes, there's definitely a feeling that civilised society is crumbling around us. Young kids deliberately setting fire to buses or throwing bricks through the windows. Kids stabbing each other over petty 'postcode squabbles'. It's not just kids though. We have grown adults doing this too. Many people feel like they 'need' to live in a soap opera reality, so they do things to cause 'drama'. People driving around like maniacs with no thought or regard to other motorists, or even cyclists and pedestrians. Of course, pedestrians don't do themselves any favours by doing silly things like walking out into busy traffic without looking. Talentless social media narcissists are lauded as 'influencers' or even 'celebrities'. People are more generally becoming dumber. They can't be bothered to read or even do a little bit of simple research (ie, 'use Google search'), they just ask silly questions and demand immediate answers. And when things go wrong, it's always "somebody else's fault", never theirs. And everything has become 'inverted'. Criminals are now treated as 'victims', while the actual victims of crime are made to believe that what happened was somehow their fault. ("Your car wouldn't have been stolen if you'd bought a steering wheel lock" etc) Unfortunately it would take an enormous effort to try and somehow reverse this decline.
  5. Anyone else think the media are milking this story to just provoke some 'classic' English vs Welsh tensions? Brummies backed after 'vomit-inducing accent' note https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-67958960 There's been absolutely no context given as to why this 'note' was even left in the first place. but it has been worthy enough to justify a lengthy police investigation into it being considered a 'hate crime'. The note itself looks a bit suspicious to me, being so well written out. I just find it strange that Welsh people would be so hostile towards English people, while at the same time their own government is actively trying to replace the native Welsh population with 'refugees' and 'immigrants' from other countries. In our defence, at least us 'yam yams' from the West Midlands move to Wales or take holidays there and contribute something towards the Welsh economy. Which is more than can be said for the ever-growing number of foreign freeloaders that the Welsh government are accepting into the country. At what point will the native Welsh people realise that the English are not their enemy?
  6. The Saudis have been waging war on the Yemenis for a few years now, all under the guise of "taking on the Houthi rebels", and of course bombing the shit out of them using weapons supplied by, yes you guessed it, the UK government. Our governments are controlled by big companies that make huge profits out of selling weapons of war.
  7. It is more evidence that he is just another fantasist. Does anyone seriously really think someone involved in 'top secret' government programmes is really allowed to 'whistle-blow' completely unchallenged and still be alive? I'm fairly open-minded on most things, but I'm convinced this is just CIA bullshit, deflecting and distracting people, and making the genuine 'alternative researchers' look silly for believing this. Would probably make a great movie, if done properly.
  8. I maintain my opinion to this day that charities who sell products through shops are nothing more than massive tax-dodging scams. "Stock" that they sell is 'donated', ie it has zero cost, it has not been purchased from any supplier. "Staff" that are employed to work in these stores do so on a 'voluntary' basis, therefore if they are not earning any salary, they are not paying/contributing any PAYE/income tax/National Insurance. Charity shops also enjoy reduced rents and business rates, and charities can also benefit from other reduced operating costs, such as discounted energy bills, broadband and other services. Is it any wonder that while so many other independent businesses are struggling to make a living on our High Streets, and thus ending up having to close down or go out of business, that charity shops are thriving? It may all seem to be 'for a good cause', and shoppers do enjoy getting some 'bargains' at their local charity shops. But what many people don't realise is that while these charity shops appear to be quite profitable on the surface, the money raised is NOT going to the causes they support, but just ends up in big hedge-funds. Small amounts get 'dribbled' to the actual charities in question, but very little ends up back in the Treasury coffers in 'tax'.
  9. Sorry but this all reads like sci-fi fantasy bullshit to me. There is nobody coming to save us, we have to save ourselves.
  10. It's only become a 'mainstream news story' because it featured in an ITV drama. I've seen 'tidbits' about this in the local news in recent years. I admit I haven't watched the TV show, or looked deeper into what this 'scandal' entailed, so don't fully know what's been going on or what is alleged. I don't doubt that there are a number of people who have become unwittingly caught up in this, but it wouldn't surprise me if there are some 'big players' out there who have been actively defrauding the Post Office and Royal Mail for years, who are now about to be 'let off the hook', thanks to this.
  11. That BBC feed also includes a photo someone sent in showing flooding on New Road in Worcester... from 1886. The point is that these rivers are flooding more often in recent years because of lack of dredging and maintenance (plus more surface water running into them as everything gets paved over), but the media are trying to make out this is a 'new phenomenon' that they can blame on 'climate change'.
  12. Many years ago, I played in some 'massively multiplayer online role-playing games' (MMORPGs) I was 'killed' so many times, yet I never felt the need to get the 'real-life' police involved. I once played 'Train Simulator', and in a fit of boredom, caused a train travelling at high-speed to derail and plunge off a cliff into the sea. I never faced any criminal proceedings for this. Because outside the boundaries of the game I was playing, it 'never happened'. Video-games and other 'virtual environments' are meant to be a form of 'escapism' - they have their own gameplay rules which players should follow, but at the end of the day, no participant is being physically harmed, and nothing is being physically damaged. If you don't like what happens to you in a 'virtual world', then stop participating in it. There's a dangerous precedent being set here, where a 'virtual' world crosses over into the legality of the 'real world'.
  13. To be honest, I can't be bothered to watch this. What "biblical Christmas story" did he tie to 'climate change'?
  14. BBC journalists can freely say these things unchallenged. Why do we seem to see so much flooding these days? from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-england-67863282?ns_mchannel=social&ns_source=twitter&ns_campaign=bbc_live&ns_linkname=659549fab255e96a9e4bbe5f%26Why do we seem to see so much flooding these days%3F%262024-01-04T07%3A38%3A13.030Z&ns_fee=0&pinned_post_locator=urn:asset:494b61ee-f029-4ee4-bfc2-4adc8c1656db&pinned_post_asset_id=659549fab255e96a9e4bbe5f&pinned_post_type=share Well of course, nothing to do with the fact that the Environment Agency hasn't done much dredging of rivers in the last couple of decades. More rainwater, less river volume to carry the water, it doesn't need a genius to work out what happens next! The same 'environment correspondent' adds the following: Would dredging rivers make any difference? from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-england-67863282?ns_mchannel=social&ns_source=twitter&ns_campaign=bbc_live&ns_linkname=6596ed49f825603c1a381a3b%26Would dredging rivers make any difference%3F%262024-01-05T09%3A10%3A34.157Z&ns_fee=0&pinned_post_locator=urn:asset:59154069-d85e-4b72-adc6-70cfa0d77d46&pinned_post_asset_id=6596ed49f825603c1a381a3b&pinned_post_type=share It's almost like he's 'justifying' the lack of dredging that is done nowadays, as if there is 'no point' to it. Another factor that's never taken into consideration, maybe it seems that more people are being affected by flooding rivers because in the last couple of decades more homes have been built on what were traditionally 'floodplains'? That BBC 'live feed' is full of homeowners complaining about having to spend money on 'flood-proofing' their homes. What did they expect? The developers clearly don't take these things into consideration, and it remains a mystery to those people who buy homes located next to major rivers.
  15. Others may have already noticed that the new 'click-bait' headline trick for reporting weather involves suggestions of "xxx miles of" something or other. I first noticed this before Christmas, when there was a breathtaking amount of weather stories, with the usual 'warnings' and the Met Office either 'breaking their silence' or 'issuing verdicts' on 384 mile wall of snow or something along those lines. Apart from a 'light dusting' towards the beginning of December, Birmingham and the West Midlands has not seen any significant amount of snow. It's mostly been pissing it down with rain instead. (That "384 mile wall of snow" fell as rain because it was too warm) Now of course it is true that some parts of the UK have had some snow this winter, notably areas in Scotland and northern England. And no doubt that some areas will see snow and ice next week. But not Birmingham!
  16. This is a very interesting story, and probably deserves a thread of its own for further discussion. Not wanting to downplay or belittle the experience, but if this only happened in a 'virtual environment', and the 'victim' was not actually physically harmed, then the big question is "has a crime actually taken place"? Or certainly, is this something that the "real life" police should be investigating? Should the onus be on the operators/providers of these virtual environments? The other question of course is where does this ultimately lead? We already have the police 'investigating tweets' and other social media posts, will this also be extended to encounters in multiplayer online games?
  17. As I said earlier in this thread, I am pretty sure there are plenty of good honest people who choose to work for these food delivery companies. And yes, I think it pretty much does depend on where you live - I guess here in Birmingham you are probably more likely to get some driver who can barely speak English and just wants to give you your food so they can race off and collect the next order. I never said I saw them as 'a threat' though, quite the opposite in fact, it appals me that these people are being exploited and abused, being used as 'subcontractors' to do a job that probably doesn't pay that well to start with. What concerns me is that there is a new 'under-class' of modern slavery that is going on under peoples' noses, and they don't even realise it is happening.
  18. Controversy brews as HMRC imposes stringent rules on digital platforms and independent sellers from: https://www.b14news.co.uk/controversy-brews-as-hmrc-imposes-stringent-rules-on-digital-platforms-and-independent-sellers/ I think in a nutshell that's what this boils down to: Government is owed millions in taxes from 'big companies' doing their best to avoid paying by exploiting loopholes. So rather than go after these big companies directly, they introduce these new rules and regulations, which then indirectly 'capture' good honest individuals just trying to make a bit of extra money on the side. But then again, there probably are a lot of people who do buying and selling on these sites, and turning over some decent revenue, who probably should be paying some tax on their 'undeclared income'. Based on my own personal experience of using eBay in a professional capacity, I already think they are making things difficult for smaller business sellers, and I think that eBay would prefer it if many 'amateur' sellers would go away.
  19. It's all a massive con. When inflation is high, things go up in price. As inflation reduces, things continue to go up in price, but at a slightly lower rate. Notice how stuff rarely comes back down in price to any acceptable level. In most cases, I do feel that a lot of the 'big corporates' and 'big brands' just use the situation to ramp up their prices just so they can make more profits. Someone mentioned about 'assets increasing in value' but I don't think that's strictly true. My parents bought their house in the 1970s for around £12000, which was a lot of money at the time. If they sold that house now, they could expect to get around £300k. That sounds like a massive profit, but in reality it isn't, because if they wanted to then buy a similar property, then they'd be paying around £300k. The asset may have increased in value, but is not worth much more now in comparison.
  20. As pointed out earlier in this thread, Deliveroo make it clear that it is permissible to 'rent out' your rider account for others to use, but it is up to that account holder to ensure that anyone using that account is 'legal' and 'above board', ie passed any necessary criminal checks etc. I suspected that other delivery operators might have the same or similar policies in place, and your post pretty much confirms that. Deliveroo et al are essentially passing on the 'burden of responsibility' onto the rider account holder. Despite any protestations to the contrary, the basic message is "we don't care as long as someone delivers the damn food order on time". Yes, I definitely feel like there is an 'organised scam' aspect to this, and it is disappearing under many peoples' radar it seems. Because the vast majority of people who order takeaways from these apps don't care who delivers their order, they just want to stuff their faces with crap because they can't be bothered to prepare a basic meal for themselves, or even get up off their sofa to walk to a local takeaway.
  21. I remember seeing a story over Christmas about how a plane-load of Indians flying from Dubai (UAE) to Nicaragua was forced to land in Paris, where the passengers were held on suspicion of being 'trafficked'. There was a later brief 'follow-up' story that stated the 310 (I think it was) Indians were eventually flown back to Mumbai in India. I was only reading the BBC News via the red button service on my parents TV, and that doesn't show news articles in full. My mum did tell me that she saw something "on MSN" () which said these Indians were travelling to Nicaragua so they could then try and get into the USA. If that is true, then what the hell is going on, and why is nobody questioning this? 310 Indians would have already paid to travel to Dubai, and then all flew together on the same flight to Nicaragua, so they could then join the convoy of illegal immigrants heading north to the USA so they could try and claim asylum? If that is not organised people-smuggling, then I don't know what is. Unless it was just a "massive coincidence" that 310 Indian nationals were all simultaneously travelling from the Middle East to Central America, somebody must have paid for and organised this flight. What really disappoints me now is how so many people will just take these news stories at 'face value' and just accept what they're told without asking any further questions. As I said earlier in this thread, too many people are more concerned with 'historical slavery' while completely oblivious to the 'modern slavery' which is ongoing and seemingly getting worse.
  22. I know I haven't been around on here much over the last week or so because I've been busy enjoying Christmas and doing other things, so I don't blame anyone for finding this hard to believe. A few days ago, I was watching the daily Suspicious0bservers show on YouTube, where Ben told us about a big coronal hole on the Sun which was due to face Earth and send an intensified solar wind blast 'within the next few days'. I actually said to myself at the time, "I bet that means we'll have a big earthquake or volcanic eruption on New Years Day". Sadly, I never got the opportunity to publish this thought anywhere on the internet for posterity, so you're all just going to have to take my word for it! Now it is true that generally my predictions don't come true, so you can imagine my surprise when I got up this morning and checked on the BBC News: Moment quake hits Japan coastal town from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-asia-67856117 There is of course more on this story here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-67855990
  23. Happy New Year to all fellow forum members!


    I know we're all conditioned to believe it will be 2024 tomorrow, but in all honesty, does anyone really know? The way that history has been rewritten over the years, and calendars have been changed and altered, who really knows what year it is?

    1. Anti Facts Sir

      Anti Facts Sir

      Tomorrow's just another day...


      Yes, it's Madness alright!

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      I'm retired, it's all the same to me! 😋


      Anyway, hope you all have a good year and keep on fighting the fight.




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      Happy New Year Grumpy

  24. Although he doesn't specifically mention 'Common Purpose' or technocracy, I watched a very interesting video from David Kurten (Heritage Party) last night. Town Boards - Unelected Change Agents Taking Power in 55 UK Towns Link to the Government document he mentions and refers to: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/long-term-plan-for-towns-guidance-for-local-authorities-and-town-boards/long-term-plan-for-towns-guidance-for-local-authorities-and-town-boards It does all sound to me like these are the first tentative steps towards 'breaking up' of borough, district and county councils, which are of course all democratically elected. These new 'town boards' will see some chairman 'appointed' to the role, and then they will invite other members to sit on said board. Money and funding then starts flowing from the Government's Department for Levelling Up, which no doubt will start being siphoned off and leeched for the benefit of the board members and/or their cronies. If this all sounds familiar, it is because it reads right from the Common Purpose playbook, on how to misappropriate public funds as well as driving other hidden agendas. Of the towns listed in that document, I note with interest that there are four listed under the West Midlands (Bilston, Darlaston, Dudley and Smethwick) which already fall under the remit of the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) as well as the local borough councils of Sandwell, Dudley and Wolverhampton. The WMCA is itself in receipt of huge sums of money from the DLUHC, and with the exception of the democratically-elected Mayor (who becomes the chairman of the WMCA board), is an unelected quango of 'appointed' members. The only thing being 'levelled up' here are the bank accounts of anyone lucky enough to become involved in this funding free-for-all.
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