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  1. Mystery surrounds death of "fit and healthy" Kidderminster mum who died while on phone to GP From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/mystery-surrounds-death-kidderminster-mum-24781846 Now, I don't want to come across as being too 'judgemental', but from the photos she looks a little 'overweight' to me. Also: It would be interesting to learn the reason for her anxiety and panic attacks, which ended up with her being prescribed this medication. But it doesn't seem that much of a 'mystery' to me, if a perfectly healthy woman starts taking some new medication and then ends up dying just two weeks later. The article has a load more hand-wringing and wriggling out of blame. The last bit I'll quote is this: Basically, they found 'no evidence' and won't admit that this drug ended up killing her, trying to nudge towards this all new "sudden adult death syndrome". And as for the GP, she may well have 'followed guidelines' but did she make any attempt to get to the root cause of the issue before prescribing this drug? Its a very tragic story, but sadly no-one will be held accountable for this, it will just remain a 'mystery'...
  2. Going back to the OP, I wouldn't rule out the possibility that there is some truth to this, but even so, this has been going on for years already, what with 77th Brigade etc, so it's nothing new really. For years, people have been encouraged to join up to social media networks and other 'big tech' platforms, in order to corral people away from the multitude of individual websites and discussion forums/bulletin boards/chat rooms that people could freely converse and share ideas on. On platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, it is easy to 'monitor' and control/influence discussions, and just as easy to shut down any 'unwanted' discussions, by banning and suspending accounts and deleting groups/boards and their content. And of course, we have seen how search engines can manipulate results in order to 'direct' the curious towards 'approved' websites, and away from those unable to be controlled by the authorities. There are still some 'bastions' out there, such as this very site, but it is difficult for any newcomers to find their way here, as this forum doesn't appear to be indexed by ANY search engine. This is the kind of site though that will be 'known about' by the authorities, and we have seen attempts by 'agents' before to infiltrate here, with mostly little success. Because we're already aware of their playbook, and it is documented here: Even so, people need to be mindful that there are sites like Newspunch and RealRawNews as well as many others, that are notorious for either making-up or 'over-egging' certain news stories, in the hope they will be circulated amongst the 'alternative' communities, and all this does is discredit us all, especially those who do genuine research and uncover actual truths. So in this respect, we also need to be mindful of what we share as well. Yes, the mainstream media is full of misinformation and disinformation, but equally it is just as easy for 'bad actors' to infiltrate the 'alternative circles' and plant misinfo/disinfo, with the aim of making us all look totally ridiculous.
  3. I can't work out if this story is based on 'fake news' or if some people are just 'denying reality'. UK city named most dangerous in Europe - with another in second place From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/uk-city-named-most-dangerous-24809054 I must admit I've never heard of this "Expatriate Consultancy" and I haven't looked into them further, so I don't know how they've gathered this data, or whose interests they represent. So there's every possibility that this 'study' could be working with 'skewed data' to give a result that is desired by this organisation. But still, there's a typical "well they would say that" response here: I doubt many senior police officers would turn round and say "well yeah the area is a crime-ridden shithole" (how refreshing would that actually be?) Knowing how infested the police is with Common Purpose, it also doesn't surprise me that a senior officer gives such a carefully crafted response, denying the actual reality in favour of idealistic scripted NLP talk. Oh, but there's more... He forgot to mention 'diversity' on this occasion it seems, that presumably is one of the 'attributes' that makes Bradford a 'fantastic city'. And is being 'rated outstanding' by HM Inspectorate anything to be proud of? Of course the sycophants enjoy their backslapping, and the 'secret handshake' brigade no doubt play a part, as well as Common Purpose. I think that's more an opinion rather than fact, to be honest. Maybe someone from Bradford could clarify this?
  4. And once again, remember when the NHS was supposed to be about treating and caring for the sick and injured? From another thread here: Now remember this, in a few months time, when the NHS is in 'crisis', and is begging for 'more money' to keep it going...
  5. Congratulations! Your kids have passed their social engineering exams with flying colours and are now ready for the 'real world'! What better way to reward their success by buying them a gift card for their favourite corporate brands? If you're really lucky, maybe your kids will go on to work for one of these corporate giants, where they can be exploited at minimum wage? If your kid didn't do so well, then never mind, there's always the possibility of a shelf-stacking job at Iceland on the cards...
  6. Whole thread on this here: I personally think its a load of horseshit.
  7. I was thinking about this just the other day, however I don't think weather manipulation will be involved, it seems to happen quite 'naturally' as part of a cycle. I had noticed that leaves had started falling from trees as if autumn was starting early, and that made me wonder if perhaps this was the first sign of an impending 'cold harsh winter'. Now of course, this morning I saw the following article on the BBC News website, which 'explains' this as being due to the heatwave and the drought, which seems plausible enough: UK drought: Why do the trees think it's autumn already? From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-62582186 OK fair enough. More curiously, seemingly unrelated, I saw the following this morning on the Birmingham Mail website: Rewind to 1990 with archive photos of Birmingham & the West Midlands https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/nostalgia/rewind-1990-archive-photos-birmingham-24651837 A typical 'slow news day' story, where some old archive photos are gathered up. But what tweaked my curiosity was the following paragraph: I can't find any other specific examples, but I have read some other 'nostalgia' articles on Birmingham Mail, and I have picked up on some 'hidden messaging' before, for example there was one much earlier this year 'reminicsing' about the 1976 heatwave. The climate and weather works in cycles, and its all linked to the cycles of the sun's solar activity. I've been expecting a particularly cold winter for the last couple of years, however I think this one could finally be it. Think back to December 2010 for what we might expect.
  8. I've also warned or expressed concerns before about GLP (GodLike Productions) - it's an unstructured and unmoderated forum where it seems anyone can just 'dump' any old garbage for others to lap up and share elsewhere. There may be some genuine 'truths' being posted there, but they soon get lost amongst the questionable stuff.
  9. Search engines today are nothing of the sort. They used to just be an 'index of the internet', you could search for anything and as long as your search terms matched, any web page would be listed. Now its all driven by money. I get bombarded with spam emails every day from people offering 'SEO services' and offering to get our website at work into the "top ten" Google search results. It is near impossible to do this organically now, as search results are dominated by who can pay the most for certain 'keywords', ie 'pay-per-click'. And of course it is only big corporate businesses who have the kind of financial firepower required in order to 'outbid' everyone else and get their pages ranked higher than everybody else. If you're shopping for products, its always the same Amazon and eBay listings that appear at the top, then other big companies such as Argos, Wayfair etc. And if you're searching for news topics, its always the same mainstream media outlets that come up. No wonder the likes of Reach Plc spam exactly the same news stories across all their platforms, its a universal way of ensuring the 'official narrative' of any given topic is followed. And of course it is well known that the likes of Google can easily 'black-hole' certain websites from appearing in search results at all. Something curious I have always found though is that of all the many articles I have written on my own website, there is only one that gathers a large number of views on a consistent basis, it is also by far the 'most viewed' page on my site. Try doing a search for the term "turkish barbers" on DuckDuckGo, Google and Bing. You'll notice that my website appears in page 1 of results on DDG and Bing, but not on Google. In fact remarkably, on Bing, the link to my website is contained in the very first search result!
  10. It was a compliment, sorry if it came across any other way. I was comparing what you said to what was posted in the opening post.
  11. I used to think that too, until I started looking at the cost of buying myself a bicycle - it was probably last year when the thought entered my mind about getting a bike, and then I started looking around. You can probably pick up a cheap bike from some places if you know where to look, but some of the prices I saw online for what looked to me like 'basic functional' bicycles seemed quite astonishing. I used to wonder why I saw so many social media posts about people having their bikes 'nicked', and then I wasn't so surprised. But again as with cars, if it starts to become expensive to buy and maintain a brand new bicycle that you can call your own, this is where 'cycle hire' schemes come to the fore. It started in London with what they called the "Boris Bikes", and now we have the same thing here in the West Midlands: https://www.wmcyclehire.co.uk/ As with anything nowadays, "there's an app for that!"
  12. Thank you, you are a shining example of how 'modern' computer science graduates actually know very little, other than what they are programmed to think.
  13. That's basically it, cyclists are being geared up (excuse the pun) to become the next 'cash cows'. Certainly here in Birmingham where I live, over the last few years and in particular in the run up to the recent Commonwealth Games, there has been a lot of "messaging" regarding cycling, of note during the 'pandemic' it was being actively encouraged as a preference to travelling on public transport. And of course there have been millions of pounds spent on building new 'cycle highways' - often at the expense of narrowing roads and/or pavements in the process. Yet when I go travelling around, I hardly see any cyclists using these cycle routes. But yes, these cyclists can of course have free use of our roads, they don't pay vehicle tax, they don't need insurance, and their vehicles don't use any fuel. So it was only going to be a matter of time before someone in government came up with a way to 'tax' the cyclists, by requiring a 'licence'.
  14. "Remote Assistance" is what its always been called. It's a tool that allows others to connect remotely to your computer, similar to Remote Desktop, but you have to send an invitation or grant access, others can't just log in of their own free will. You do of course have to be careful about to whom you grant access, but in Ethel's case, if you have instigated contact with Microsoft support directly, then there should be an element of 'trustworthiness' already established. Of course, if you get some random phonecall out of the blue from someone claiming you have 'broadband issues' or 'viruses' and offering to 'help', then just put the phone down and NEVER grant them access.
  15. It's more 'perception deception'. By continuing to manage the general public's perception that "British people are lazy", it becomes a justification for the continued import of foreign workers on low wages.
  16. That's exactly it, I remember years ago when it first happened reading about people in Poland who were highly skilled doctors or other professionals, who had left their country and came to Britain and ended up working 'menial' jobs here where they (comparatively) earned more than they would have done in their highly skilled high pressure jobs back home. And then of course they just send this money back home to their families, who end up comparatively wealthy there as a result.
  17. Oddly enough, thinking about this a little more, maybe the lyrics to "With A Little Help From My Friends" have a deeper meaning? What would you think if I sang out of tune Would you stand up and walk out on me? Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song And I'll try not to sing out of key Oh I get by with a little help from my friends Mm I get high with a little help from my friends Mm gonna try with a little help from my friends The singer is 'introduced' as Billy Shears, and the next song is sung by Ringo Starr. Ringo was never the most 'gifted' singer to be honest. He gets by "with a little help from his friends" = the remaining Beatles? Very curious indeed!
  18. Yes, I have a decent hosting account which I use personally for some other projects and my own personal use, not counting the cost of registering domain names, it works out to about £6 a month, though I paid upfront for three years service, so probably less than that. I use that same account for my own GrumpyOwl website, and I can set up as many email accounts as I want under that domain name, or any others that I own. I'm not beholden to any Gmail / Hotmail / Yahoo etc terms and conditions, and there is only really a very tiny risk that the hosting provider could terminate my hosting account, as I don't really draw a lot of attraction to my sites.
  19. I know this is a fact because as I've stated before, I work in ecommerce and this was communicated to us by Royal Mail as well as other delivery companies.
  20. For starters, understand the difference between 'client' and 'service'. Unless things have changed in recent years since I last used it, Mozilla's Thunderbird is an email 'client' program, much in the same way as you would use Microsoft Outlook or Windows Mail on your PC. To use such client programs, you still need an email 'account'. This can of course be an account you create with any service provider, be it Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook.com, Yahoo, Protonmail etc. Many of these email service providers offer users 'free' accounts, which for many people is 'great', but there are hidden caveats - ie if you use the website to view your emails you're often 'delivered' advertising in between your emails, also the question of 'how secure are your emails' if they can be monitored or 'spied-upon' by these services. Anything that is advertised as "free" usually comes at some other hidden cost. If you truly want something that is 'personal' and for your own use only, my advice would be to buy yourself a domain name and sign up for some personal webhosting account. You don't need to spend a fortune, many webhosts will offer 'basic' packages from as little as a couple of quid a month. And most webhosts will include anti-spam software such as SpamAssasin. It may not be completely 'private' but you have your own domain name and your own email address, and you are fully in control and not beholden to anyone else's T&Cs.
  21. I would agree with that sentiment. Much of what Hugo used to put out was stuff that had been shared here in this forum, the kind of stuff that gets frantically shared amongst the various Telegram groups which has been posted on the likes of Bitchute, and expecially during the Covid pandemic I did question here before how much disinfo/misinfo was being 'seeded' within these groups in the hope that they would be shared amongst the various 'conspiracy circles', and in effect 'muddy the waters'. Hugo came across to me as someone who regularly received emails about "the latest bombshell" and would then make a video about it. I agree with what you say about Richard D Hall, he is not as 'prolific' as the likes of Hugo Talks, his videos are quite detailed and well researched and yes, he has put his hands up recently and removed a video where the findings were brought into question. I am also of the same opinion, that he has seized an opportunity to make money, but then again, he does often post videos that don't appear on Youtube (the ones he says are 'too spicy'), and I haven't yet looked into how people can make money from posting videos on Odysee etc. He's keen for people to subscribe to his website, though again I'm not sure how he would make money from this, as he doesn't appear to be running any adverts there, and he only uses the same Jetpack plugin for Wordpress that I use on my own website (and I'm not making thousands of pounds a day out of that, though that was never my intention!) I do still have the feeling that someone else is writing most of his material, and Hugo is just another 'frontman'. When I first came across and started watching the Hugo Talks videos on Youtube, the one thing that did tweak my curiosity was that in the 'About' section on his Youtube channel, his location was specified as Ireland. Yet to me, his voice and accent was clearly from London/Essex. Now I know its not uncommon for people from the UK to move to Ireland, but I did think that a bit odd.
  22. Yes, I've seen recommendations that the UK government needs to build more reservoirs as there hasn't been any built for a number of years. There are already pipelines across the UK to transfer water where needed. As I see it, the current network of reservoirs and supply pipelines all 'bank' on the UK receiving its usual annual amount of rainfall during the winter months (when it tends to rain a lot). However the water infrastructure in this country is built and designed for a time when population levels were lower. The more homes you keep building, and the more people you keep 'inviting' into the country, the 'demand' for clean fresh water supplies increases in certain areas of the country. It's not exactly rocket science. But it does beg the question of why this wasn't thought about or taken into consideration years ago?
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