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  1. On 10/1/2022 at 6:59 AM, Mikhail Liebestein said:

    Whilst free speech is a very good thing, I can't quite work out why this image was used....more terror inducement?


    It probably the door number reflecting the camera flash, but I bet it was chosen and not cropped out for a reason


    Sorry but you're seeing things you want to see. That's an out-of-focus ceiling lamp. Not a nuke explosion.

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  2. 1 hour ago, CarpeDiem said:


    From that article:


    In Devon, poultry farmer James Coleman, who runs Creedy Carver farm, has had to cull 20,000 ducks.

    He has not had a case of avian flu but took the decision as a preventative measure to protect his chicken and duck processing plant on the same site - which processes birds for other farmers.


    20 thousand ducks, needlessly slaughtered, all in the name of 'preventative measure'. 🦆😭


    Imagine if we'd taken the same approach with the 'Covid pandemic'?


    "Despite no reported cases of Covid-19 in the town of Wellington, Shropshire, the entire population was euthanised as a preventative measure."



    "Every day you go and look at them and if a duck sneezes in a slightly different fashion, you're instantly thinking 'hang on a minute - is something wrong?'"


    Do ducks even sneeze? 🤔



    In a statement, DEFRA told Sky News: "The UK is currently experiencing the largest-ever outbreak of avian influenza. To date, 3.1 million birds have unfortunately been culled. This represents a small proportion of overall poultry production, around one billion birds a year.

    "DEFRA's objective in tackling any outbreak of avian influenza is to eradicate the disease as quickly as possible from the UK poultry and captive-bird population and regain UK World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) disease-free status."

    Yet round by me, the woodpigeons and magpies are positively thriving, or does avian flu only affect poultry and waterfowl?

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  3. On 9/28/2022 at 7:25 AM, alexa said:

    This one hell of an hike, 'You will own nothing and be happy'.:classic_angry:


    HSBC and Santander have suspended new mortgage deals amid fears that homeowners could be forced into selling their homes or take up a second job to combat 'catastrophic' rises in their monthly repayments.


    Nationwide, meanwhile, became the first big name lender to hike its fixed-rate deals yesterday, with the bank's two-year rate rising to 5.59 per cent - more than double the 2.54 per cent it was offering three months ago. Lenders are taking drastic steps after analysts warned the base rate could surge to six per cent next spring. Such a move would increase repayments for the average household by up to £800 per month, or £9,600 annually, by the middle of next year. In the subsequent scramble, around 365 mortgage deals are understood to have been axed already. as Mr Kwarteng urgently tries to reassure Tory MPs and City chiefs. It comes as Huw Pill, the Bank of England's chief economist, reaffirmed remarks made by Governor Andrew Bailey that it is ready to take action to prevent soaring inflation and warned a 'significant' response will be needed. His comments came as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) slammed Kwasi Kwarteng's mini-Budget announcement, warning that 'large and untargeted fiscal packages' would lead to

    Crocodile tears from the banks.


    Of course, privately they'd love it if homeowners began to 'default' on their mortgage repayments, because think of all the lovely properties they could 'repossess'.


    One bank already made its plans clear on how it intended to become a 'private landlord', and no doubt others have similar ideas:



    On the other hand, banks/lenders will be a bit nervous because they need property prices to keep steadily increasing in order to support their mortgage 'ponzi' scheme.


    The danger for them is that if homeowners start to sell their properties - in order to downsize, or rent - because the mortgage repayments are becoming unaffordable, this is what will lead to house prices decreasing, with buyers desperate to sell, and thus the 'property market bubble' bursts.


    How this affects the rental market remains to be seen, but no doubt there are investors already lined up, waiting and willing to snap up properties as they become available, either to rent straight back out, or to convert into HMOs or self-contained flats.

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  4. On 9/28/2022 at 6:39 PM, numnuts said:

    'Why is the US dollar so strong, and what does it mean?' 


    The US dollar is only 'strong' because the pound has been weakened, by hedge-fund investors and speculators 'betting against' it.


    While the media focuses on the 'negative' aspect that it means imports paid for in US dollars end up costing more - "everythings going up in price!" - they are mostly overlooking the fact that this means exports to the USA or other countries buying in dollar value become much more attractive.


    As a result of this at work, since the other week, our sales to US customers have increased, and by tweaking our prices, our US business has become a little more profitable for us. So some good has come out of this!

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  5. On 9/30/2022 at 10:12 AM, numnuts said:

    Love or hate, or anything in between, the police in general. Love or hate, or anything in between, the police in Cheshire. Love or hate, or anything in between, the guy who got arrested. At the end of the day, I am left feeling extremely bewildered, as to why so many police vehicles were in attendance. 😕 


    It's all a question of 'priorities'.


    Most people find that when it comes to burglaries or car thefts for example, often it is the case that police are unable to attend or investigate due to 'lack of resources'.


    But as I posted in the 'Minor News Items' thread recently, when a property in Sparkbrook, Birmingham, was believed to be harbouring a large amount of "illicit tobacco", there were visibly seven or eight police vehicles in attendance at the scene.


    Fake cigarettes ("illicit tobacco") = lost government tax revenue. Now, that is a 'crime' that the police take very seriously.


    Nasty words on Twitter or "hate speech" is also taken very seriously by the police.


    "Actual crimes" against the person, ie burglaries, car thefts, muggings, stabbings etc, well that's just all an 'inconvenience' really for the police. In the case of stabbings and shootings, the police may make some cursory appearances in order to "be seen to be doing something" but in reality those officers can't wait to get back to their desks and look for 'mean tweets'.


    The BBC's "Monkey Dust" animated series from nearly twenty years ago now sums up the modern police force perfectly in this clip:


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  6. Thanks for this, I became interested in this subject after watching some RichPlanet videos featuring Wilson & Blackett, the "forensic historians".


    Richard D Hall did put out a new show the other week, which I hope to sit down and watch this evening.


    Wilson & Blackett's research also links in the 'myth' of King Arthur and Camelot.


    I have also read similar to what you have posted elsewhere, as well as at the Stolen History forum, some good threads there.


    I believe it was the case that the Phoenicians / 'lost tribes of Israel' / Kumry/Cimmeroi (possibly all the same people) were the first inhabitants of the British Isles, arriving in Cornwall and Wales before spreading out and settling across the country. Not sure about Scotland and the Scots though.


    I think that for many English people, if they trace their families back far enough, they may find they're actually Welsh.


    The funny thing is that many years ago, before I started down this 'conspiracy theory' path, while I had visited parts of Wales before in the past, I was on a journey with a colleague to go and retrieve some IT equipment of ours from a hosting company in South Wales, and when we arrived there, we stopped to have a walk around this little village, and I remarked to my colleague how I felt like I was 'home' whenever I was in Wales. And I had the same feeling a couple of years ago when I holidayed near Aberystwyth, this feeling of 'belonging', almost like an affinity.


    I do sometimes get these urges to go and travel into Wales; the lockdowns put a stop to that, and the timing of these recent rail strikes hasn't helped either!


    What I'm curious to learn about is where the name 'Wales' actually comes from, as it seems like more obfuscation and blurring/rewriting of history.

  7. On 9/22/2022 at 5:35 PM, sickofallthebollocks said:


    Thanks, this just reminded me of that time when walking home pissed from the pub when I was younger, I 'found' a keep left bollard that had been knocked over and dumped on a grass verge, and I took it home with me and put it in my bedroom. I took the shade off a desktop lamp that I had and put it inside, and just like that I had a 'novelty' lamp in my room!  😆


    I kept it for a week until the novelty wore off, then in the quiet of the night I put it back on the grass verge...

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  8. 1 minute ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


    Because there's no need for such personal details to be constantly flung out in the open. It doesn't offend me - I'm a woman and have lived it. Nor am I prudish. I just think ot's distasteful and unnecessary to force anyone who encounters such an article to have to contemplate the gory details. Why is an explanation for the change required, and of they felt it was, why not just say navy's a more practical colour.

    i'm just curious as to for how long the West Brom Ladies kit has had white shorts and why this has only become a problem at this time.


    I'm also curious to see if the mens kit gets changed to navy shorts too. Because after all, apparently its not just women who get periods.



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  9. I never thought I'd see the day when this was a 'headline':


    West Brom women change shorts colour to navy because of period concerns

    West Brom women in a team huddle


    West Bromwich Albion women will wear navy shorts with their home kit because of concerns about having to wear white while on their periods.

    They will wear navy for the rest of the 2022-23 season and beyond following discussions with their players.

    Wearing white can be a cause of anxiety for athletes on their period with worries about leaking on top of any potential physical symptoms.

    The issue was also raised by England's Beth Mead during Euro 2022.

    "It's great that the club are supporting our change to navy shorts," captain Hannah George said.

    "Representing the club professionally and looking smart in the kit is really important to us.

    "This change will help us to focus on our performance without added concerns or anxiety."

    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/63080111



  10. 20 hours ago, TyrantCrusher said:

    Just show me a photo of a globe earth. You made the claim, you provide the evidence.

    I don't waste my time looking for things that ain't there.


    Well show us all a photo of this flat earth then.


    Checkmate Stock Photo - Download Image Now - iStock


    This is where the stalemate comes in. Flat Earthers 'demand' photos of a globe Earth as 'proof', yet cannot provide any photos of a flat earth themselves.


    Seriously, you're all wasting your time with this topic.

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  11. On 9/27/2022 at 4:51 PM, TyrantCrusher said:


    On 9/27/2022 at 4:54 PM, TyrantCrusher said:

    The Holy Bible is inspired scripture.


    John 14:6
    “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”


    It never fails to amuse me how those pushing the Flat Earth stuff are the same that keep quoting from the King James Bible.


    According to some Flat Earthers, NASA and those 'pushing globe Earth' are all apparently a bunch of Freemasons lying to us all, while simultaneously overlooking that the KJV Bible was edited and rewritten by... freemasons. In order to suit and 'please' the monarch of the time, who was King James.


    10 hours ago, alexa said:

    Today’s flat-Earth believers are not, though, the first to doubt what seems unquestionable. The notion of a flat Earth initially resurfaced in the 1800s as a backlash to scientific progress, especially among those who wished to return to biblical literalism. Perhaps the most famous proponent was the British writer Samuel Rowbotham (1816–1884). He proposed the Earth is a flat immovable disc, centred at the North Pole, with Antarctica replaced by an ice wall at the disc’s outer boundary.





    My emphasis in bold, and that is what this is all about for some people.


    Science and progress over the years have allowed people to move from out of the shadows of ignorance, and abandoning religious dogmas in favour of intelligent critical thinking, means that the 'classical religions' are having far less influence over fewer people.


    It would seem that we are rapidly heading backwards into the 'dark ages' again, if some people get ther way.

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  12. 5 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    yeah but how many of those bandwagons are seeded here by bad actors?


    77th brigade operatives can run multiple username accounts and can create a false sense of traction behind any topic they want. They can make up whatever they like and make it into a bandwagon.


    Not just here either. "Free speech platforms" such as BitChute and BrandNewTube are host to many videos that contain what I would label as 'questionable content'.


    Though I don't use it myself, there are numerous groups on Telegram, that share various pieces of information, as well as videos hosted on the afore-mentioned platforms.


    It doesn't take much for 'bad actors' to create misinfo/disinfo, seed it into the various Telegram groups and other social media platforms, then all of a sudden you'll have a 'new member' pop up here on this forum, and then start a new topic to 'share' such content (even if there is already an existing thread on the same subject) here.


    The mainstream media is full of misinfo/disinfo, but we should be mindful of how easy it is equally for misinfo/disinfo to be 'seeded' into the 'alternative media'.


    It doesn't take much for any good decent alternative research to be undermined and discredited by incredulous junk; we need to keep our wits about us, be more discerning about what we read/watch and share with others - question EVERYTHING!

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  13. 2 hours ago, Fifth element said:

    UN military personnel and vehicles were in the UK today September 24th 2022.

    They were expecting something..

    Soldiers marching through London now? (godlikeproductions.com)



    Oh, GodLikeProductions, probably fake then. 🤪


    2 hours ago, Campion said:


    Another reference for this story, tho I don't know the reliability of USA news yet. However, it may help to have another source. 



    What is that site? Looks like another 'fake news' clickbait site to me. 🙄



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  14. 9 hours ago, David Icke Headlines said:

    The End of Big Pharma – The End of Fear: German New Medicine. The late creator Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer was demonised by the Cult to confirm that he was right


    Why has this topic here been 'unpinned'? @lake


  15. 18 hours ago, Campion said:

    But if we're talking about nuclear war then I guess yes during the 70s & 80s it did feel like a real possibility, that's why I went on some CND marches and the like. I had some eye-opening experiences then which were an education.   Maybe there was an element of a deliberately manufactured fear mongering among the public in those days to distract us from (or add to) our domestic woes. 


    I think the key word there is "feel" - yes, when I was younger there was a 'feeling' that a future nuclear war was possible.


    Now I'm older and a bit wiser, I can see now that us ordinary public have been subjected to 'fearmongering' for all of our lives.


    The media recently have been ramping up the 'nuclear war' narrative in regards to Russia/Ukraine, but I don't believe it will come to that.


    But people are being sucked in again into this fearmongering propaganda.

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  16. 2 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    i guess peoples response would be dependent on the nature of the problem


    lets say for example today an alert had gone out on everyones smart phones telling them all that they must drop what they were doing and assemble at certain locations


    would you go or would you think 'nah i'm not going to do that'


    I went out for a walk this afternoon and left my smart phone at home, so I wouldn't have got any alert anyway. 😉


    But many people will now just blindly obey any instructions that their smart phone gives them. Luckily not everyone has one, so this kind of system wouldn't really work on everybody, but undoubtedly you'd have those urging others without phones to 'obey the instructions'.


    It reminds me of the NHS Track And Trace - sorry, "Test And Trace" - app that was supposed to 'keep everyone safe' by letting you know if you'd come into contact with anyone who had 'tested positive for Covid'. Granted a lot of people did install it, but then again many others - including myself - chose not to, so the whole thing was really just a waste of time. But what it did do was lay a new foundation level of control over people, namely in that those people using this app who got 'the ping' would obey the instructions given to them, ie stay at home, get a test, etc.


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  17. 27 minutes ago, TheConsultant said:

    Am I missing something here, I found a thread mentioning this Hampstead case and hardly any replies exist at all and not a single person says anything eluding to it being bonafide fact, it was just put up as a documentary and subsequently disappeared off youtube, or at least that link is dead. Why on earth does it even remotely mention DI forum? bizzarre or as said previously am I missing something here?



    I presume the DM article is referring to the 'old' David Icke forum, rather than this current iteration.

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  18. 4 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

    the tacit message of the story is clear: conspiracy theories are misinformation and cause people to do bad things therefore the plebs must not be allowed to say anything that is not sanctioned by the state


    Yes, in a similar vein we had this here yesterday:

    Protests lead to social media misinformation warning


    West Midlands Police have asked people to be mindful of misinformation and rumour on social media after two protests took place.

    About 50 people gathered near a Hindu temple in Coventry on Thursday. Earlier, 150 people met in Smethwick which resulted in minor disorder.

    The reasons surrounding the protests are complex, police said, but added it was working with community leaders.

    Unsubstantiated claims on social media can have a serious impact, it warned.

    A spokesman said there had been several instances of fake news and unsubstantiated claims being spread on social media and messaging services.

    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-63012155

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