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  1. @Zusies as you've clearly copied and pasted this from elsewhere, please provide the source link
  2. Richard D Hall did a series called "The Forensic Historians" on his RichPlanet show: https://www.richplanet.net/richp_guest_menu.php?person=13 Some very interesting stuff in there, though its been a couple of years since I watched them.
  3. Before I moved house a few years ago now, I used to have the pleasure of having Jess Phillips as my MP. As much as I can't stand the woman, I would never in any lifetime dream of actually causing her any physical harm by going to one of her surgeries and stabbing her. From my own experience, dealing with your local MP is usually an utter waste of your time, as they're only interested in what you have to say if they agree with you. Something still feels 'off' with this story, like what was this Somali fella actually hoping to achieve by meeting with his local MP, and then stabbing him to death? What's different with this story, compared to other 'acts of terrorism', is that this Somali fella is still actually alive, normally these perpetrators are shot dead by police, which makes it much easier for them to concoct some narrative that suits a particular agenda. Of course, as we saw with Tommy Mair and Jo Cox, the perpetrator could still easily be 'fitted up'. Then of course we have the usual quotes about how "we will not be cowed by terrorists", closely followed by calls for MPs to 'suspend' their constituency surgeries, as well as Jo Cox's MP sister revealing she has been asked to step down by her partner. If that's not "cowing to terrorists" then I don't know what it is. I really don't know what the endgame is here, maybe some MPs will 'stand down' from their posts "out of fear for their lives" which will trigger a series of by-elections, rather than a full blown General Election, in order to undermine the Government. Maybe some MPs will indeed 'cower to terrorism' and refuse to meet their constituents face-to-face, which will then fuel the question of "what do we elect these people for then?"
  4. It's quite possible. Maybe this testing lab was 'exceeding its quota' of negative results. Or 'not enough positives'. Either way, people will continue to keep taking these 'tests', in which case this pandemic will just go on forever. The hope is that maybe a few more people will start to question all this, maybe those who tested 'positive' yet had no symptoms might start to question if they can get negative results wrong, maybe postive results can be wrong too. Or perhaps this is the start of the 'general rolling back' of mass testing, in order to 'quietly' bring the pandemic to a close.
  5. I can't do anything like that, I'm not an admin. Topics about such subject could go in the following area: https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/forum/59-ancient-and-forbidden-knowledge-false-history/ There is already a topic there on Free Energy, which people are able to add to:
  6. Covid test lab in Wolverhampton suspended over wrong results From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-54923641 Notice how there's equally no mention of the 'possibility' of people receiving 'false positive' results too. Umm, perhaps because the PCR is not designed for 'testing'? Nice work if you can get it. Snouts in the trough, and all that.
  7. Yes I would agree, there is a 'narrative' either building up (or already in place) which will be revealed over the forthcoming days.
  8. HugoTalks uses the word 'Perspective', but I think this is more about 'Perception'...
  9. Considering the fact that I can't drive and have never owned a car of my own, I've worked in the automotive aftermarket trade for over 20 years now. As well as the obvious fuel cost savings, there are other cost savings to be made for owners of electric vehicles, most notably in that in the absence of a 'traditional engine', there is no regular servicing involved (ie changing of engine oil, filters, spark plugs, clutch components etc). Granted there are still some mechanical components that will need checking and replacing, such as braking or steering components. But we can also see that over time, the role of the 'mechanical engineer' is going to be vastly diminished, and the 'art' of overhauling and rebuilding complete engine assemblies is going to be lost. The days of 'home DIY motoring enthusiasts' servicing, tweaking and repairing their own vehicles started to come to an end some time ago, once most modern car engines became mostly computer controlled, and most mechanical diagnosis is now done with electronic tools plugged into the ECU to read 'fault codes'. (And then replace various components until the fault code 'goes away') Give it another ten years or so, the more people that switch to electric cars, the quicker the end will come to the 'back street garages', and after enough time, there won't be anyone left who can service and repair any petrol or diesel engined vehicle.
  10. Its an interesting point. I was pondering over this earlier, and I came up with a 'reverse psychology' theory. Yes, this will be dismissed by the media using the tried-and-tested 'mental health issues' formula, with a bit of 'islamism' thrown into the mix, I see. Of course, the mainstream media won't make this about race or immigration though, they never would. However, what it does do is 'empower' those who would make this into an issue. The 'actual far-right', and the likes of Britain First, I'm sure Tommy Robinson will remerge at some point. All to start stirring up their divisive narrative. I fully expect some groups to start up some rally or protest, which will be infiltrated and controlled in a way that paints the participating protestors as 'far right' and 'dangerous', and ends up with conflicts with the police, thus justifying more draconian police powers to prevent such protests, as well as calls to crackdown on 'hate speech' on the internet. Be careful which path you end up going down, there's an awful lot of behavioural messaging and propaganda being pushed through the media of late, and equally there are numerous 'controlled opposition groups' ready to take advantage of any 'potential unrest'.
  11. There was far more choice of electric cars and trucks back at the start of the 20th century, have a look at this thread from the Stolen History forum: https://stolenhistory.net/threads/ditch-tesla-buy-babcock-runabout-1-244-miles-on-one-battery-in-1909.21/ Then for some reason, electric vehicles all but disappeared...
  12. My local bus garage has a number of electric buses, they have electric charging points that utilise a storage battery connected to solar panels on the roof of the depot. Granted, there is also mains electric connected as backup for when its cloudy, but one of these buses can be fully charged in around 4 hours, and their batteries are much bigger than those in a typical electric car. You don't necessarily have to live in a 'hot climate', but you obviously get the most benefit from solar power when it is less cloudy.
  13. Well its a pretty big IF, as the 'senior Conservative MP' is not named in that video. I don't think Sir David Amess could be considered 'senior', as up until today I'd never heard of him.
  14. I did note with interest in the BBC article about this I read earlier, how they subtly dropped in the 'Brexit' reference.
  15. I thought it was 2040, when there would be no more petrol/diesel vehicles being produced, but it wouldn't surprise me if this had been brought forward. Of course, by 2030, with the ever rising cost of fuel, most people probably won't be able to afford to run a car by then. But that's the aim I believe, I noted during the recent UK 'fuel crisis' there was a lot of pushing of electric vehicles. (And now we're back to 'driver shortages' in the news, I notice a propaganda push towards autonomous self-driving vehicles) I've never owned a car, so am not in any real position to advise on this. Whichever way you go - electric or hybrid - the price of petrol/diesel and electricity is just going to keep rising, making car ownership unaffordable for many people. Living in sunny Spain I don't know what kind of budget you have, but you may want to look at getting some solar panels and one of those home battery systems, like I saw in a recent RichPlanet video. At least then you could get a fully electric car and charge it with 'free energy'
  16. Now you're just trolling again, of course that wouldn't happen...
  17. Who is the suspect? A 25-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder after officers arrived at the scene and a knife was recovered, Essex Police said. He is currently in custody and police said they were not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident. From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58922522 So, they got 'their man' pretty quickly. I wonder what 'backstory' they've got prepared for this one...
  18. All you have to do is take a step back and look at the bigger picture. As David Icke himself says, once you understand what the goal is, it is easier to 'join the dots' and see what is going on. There won't actually be any real 'shortage' of food, but all it takes is the 'perception' of such a shortage to make the public more accepting of any impending price increases they face, just because the 'big corporations' have squeezed out much of the competition so they can now increase their prices to maintain their profit margins. Also the 'perception of shortages' will lead consumers to rush out and buy produce, and pay little attention to the price they are actually paying... "I GOTTA have my southern-fried chicken nuggets!!" etc etc
  19. Shrug your shoulders. Admit defeat. You're wasting your time trying to reason with people who don't want to be reasoned with. Step away from this thread, and find other topics where people want to discuss stuff. That's my advice.
  20. Price of chicken set to rise, UK's largest supplier warns From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58895250 Basically over the last few years there has been a "race to the bottom" in terms of retail pricing, with companies undercutting each other to win business. Which has been great for consumers. What we're seeing here now is the end of this 'race to the bottom', and the end of 'cheap stuff'. Much of the 'cheap chicken' that has been sold in the UK for years has been imported from elsewhere, mainly Europe. These stories always manage to throw in "Brexit" and "labour shortages" into the same sentence, and it's not hard to work out why this is. It's a form of 'perception manipulation', designed to sway people into thinking that all these 'shortages' would somehow magically go away once the 'solution' of rejoining the EU is presented or offered to the people of the UK. It probably should have gone up, but in the 'race to the bottom', companies found ways to make cost savings so they could offer their produce at cheaper prices in order to compete with bigger companies. As for not having enough people on farms or driving HGVs, perhaps if these companies hadn't relied for so long on 'cheap import' staff from the EU, or if our own Government hadn't employed some much needed 'forward thinking' to start retraining or encouraging some of the unemployed in the UK to relocate to areas requiring farm workers, this may not have become so much of an issue. What this article is basically saying is that "we need to import more low-skilled workers so we can pay them a pittance".
  21. I was thinking about this the other day, and I remembered it was maybe a couple of years ago now that various news outlets were warning about a possible eruption from the Teide volcano on nearby Tenerife. I can't find the original articles now, because any search for 'Tenerife volcano warning' throws up hundreds of results related to the recent La Palma eruption. Actually, I just found one now, yes dated 2018: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/1915593/tenerifes-mount-teide-volcano-threat-gives-chilling-reminder-of-nearby-la-palmas-cumbre-vieja-which-could-cause-mega-tsunami-when-it-next-erupts/ So, we've now had the La Palma eruption, but not yet had any 'mega-tsunami'. Have we got off lightly?
  22. Thanks for the reminder, I had almost forgotten all about that film! And yes, that car was a bit of a step up from a Morris Minor... (yes Michael Crawford was the star of 'Condorman'!)
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