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  1. Sounds like an insurance job to me. Or something being covered up. Wonder how many "essential pieces of PPE" they still had sitting around?
  2. I saw something about this a while back, and if it is correct then it does throw up some interesting speculation. "Big Oil" is keen to let everyone know that 'fossil fuels' are a resource that is limited, and if this resource is 'running out' then it is going to become 'more expensive'. It's also interesting that in the "race to net zero", Governments around the world are no longer permitting exploration of 'new' oil and gas reserves. That would sound about right, if gas and oil was actually a natural 'self-replacing' resource that was in readily plentiful supply. The 'lifeblood of the planet', so to speak. Think of it this way, what is the most bountiful and plentiful resource that is available on the surface of this planet? Yes, that's right, water. Water was long ago turned into a "marketable commodity", that could be put into bottles and 'branded'. Then they told us that water was only "safe to drink" if they 'treated' it with loads of chemicals. We're all being encouraged to "use less plastic" yet there are more plastic products than ever before. Plastic carrier bags used to be 'free' for shoppers, because they are so cheap to produce. Big corporate giants worked out that they could make more profit from consumers by tricking them into believing they 'needed' to pay more for a bag to, you know, carry away the goods/produce that they had just bought. Just in the last couple of years, I have seen the charge for plastic carrier bags increase from zero to 5p, then 10p, then 50p now £1 in some cases! And some of the big corporate fuckers are charging you good money for paper bags now! Yes, I do think there is a massive piss-take going on.
  3. It's interesting how Reach Plc publications are nothing more than endless regurgitators of whatever press releases the Met Office put out. It actually amuses me that headlines often mention the Met Office 'issuing a warning/verdict' or 'breaking their silence' or even 'announcing exact dates'. Yeh yeh I know it's just click-bait crap, but with the frequency of these stories being churned out by the desperate Reach bloggers, it seems that the Met Office don't actually stay silent for very long! The other thing that amuses me is that while Reach journos desperately copy and paste Met Office blogs into their churn of articles, it is important to remember that the BBC dropped the Met Office as their source of weather information a while ago, due to concerns about the reliability of their forecasting. The Met Office is just the 'weather propaganda' arm of the UK government now, with their incessant fear-mongering and 'warnings' regardless of whether the weather is good or bad. How long before a nice calm and pleasant day has to come with a 'warning' of some kind? "Moving into Tuesday this week, there is a severe risk of hazy sunshine and a gentle breeze, and a warning that there might be no rain" If the general propaganda arm of the government distrusts the Met Office, then why should we trust them? And why are so many other media outlets so beholden to them?
  4. Yes, you're completely right, there is always an element of 'unconscious bias' present. I remember now working for a company and we were recruiting for a new driver for our local garage deliveries. While I wasn't involved in the interview process myself, I did briefly meet the three candidates, as they turned up at our shop and handed their CVs to me, and I did then get to see them when they turned up for their interviews. Two blokes, one of which didn't have much of a chance as he barely spoke English, and a fairly attractive woman. She ended up getting the job, with my gaffer admitting to me "with those tits, the garages will be ordering from us just so she will be turning up to deliver". Yes, a very sexist attitude, but at the time my boss' reasoning was sort of correct. Unfortunately it did end up backfiring badly, while garages started ordering more from us just so the 'lads' could have a 'flirt' with our driver, she had to be sacked when she was found to be stealing from us, for a garage manager she was having an affair with. As the old saying goes, "you shouldn't always judge a book by it's cover".
  5. How about us "people in Europe" stick up two fingers and say "fuck you" - we're not prepared to fight these wars you keep starting. It's quite ironic, there would probably be a lot more peace if it wasn't for these organisations such as NATO or the UN.
  6. Ah, so it's all becoming obvious now... Channel migrants given right to work in UK from: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2024/01/19/channel-migrants-given-right-to-work/ The article is paywalled, so I can't see the rest of it, but it comes as no surprise really. You can be sure that as well as 'care, construction and agriculture', the list of sectors will include "all the other shitty jobs" that the native British people don't want to do, not for a fairly decent salary anyway. Now we understand why all the Tory rhetoric of "stopping the boats" was just that, empty rhetoric, and why our Government was simply not interested in doing so, and why the 'Rwanda scheme' was doomed to failure. Here you are, your new slave-labour class, being imported into our country to fill all the low-skilled, low wage jobs that were previously filled by desperate EU immigrants.
  7. Worth just adding here that Labour's mayoral candidate won't blame councils in this region because the majority of them are Labour controlled. But it doesn't really matter which party controls a council, their paid civil service staff are riddled with Common Purpose change-agents, either actively pushing their Agenda 2030 goals, or 'dipping their hands in the till' by siphoning off public money into the pockets of their fellow CP graduates.
  8. Councils 'not to blame' for financial woes from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cz79e337xrxo Nice dodge there, typical of a Labour politician to just simply 'blame' the current Conservative government. Birmingham city council effectively declared itself 'bankrupt' last year, while Coventry, Sandwell and Dudley councils are also admitting they are struggling to fill shortfalls in their budgets, and are close to finding themselves in the same position. As pointed out in the quote above, councils receive funding from the government but are "ultimately responsible for their own finances". So why are councils in financial trouble? The main reason is that they like to waste money. Instead of prioritising the 'core' services they need to provide - things like road repairs, refuse collections etc - those services are the first to be cut-back, so that money can be spent on pointless vanity projects, or those things being demanded by the UN Agenda 2030 goals. For example, Birmingham spent millions of pounds creating new cycle lanes (that hardly anyone uses), while there are hundreds of miles of other roads crumbling away. So Mr Parker I disagree with you here, councils are in financial trouble because they have no sense of fiscal responsibility, and simply don't understand the concept of "living within your means". And it should not be up to the taxpayer to pay the price for feckless spending policies by increasing council tax.
  9. The garden sort of faces south-east. It gets a lot more sun during the day, since my landlord had the conifers removed last year!
  10. Something I observed yesterday, is that it is definitely colder than the weather forecasters are saying it is. This is going to sound a bit bizarre but it starts early last month, just before we had the first lot of 'freezing weather'. I bought some stuff for my bird bath, which is safe for birds and animals, and supposedly stops it freezing over down to minus 6C. I wrote a bit of a bad review as my bird bath froze solid when it was supposedly -1C outside, according to the Weather Channel. Anyway, same thing happened again yesterday, my bird bath was freezing even with this stuff added to it in the correct measurement, though according to weather forecasts it was 3C here in Birmingham yesterday afternoon. So I took a little digital clock I have, which has a thermometer inside, and left it outside for a while. I went to check on it at 5pm, and was amazed to see it showing -4.5C on the display. I checked on the Weather Channel website, and it was saying that Birmingham was 1C. Now of course, I know full well that Birmingham is a large city, and temperatures will vary depending on where you are. It supposedly got as 'warm' as 4C today, yet when I got home this evening after work, my lawn was still 'crispy' to walk on, and the birdbath was still frozen solid. This got me thinking about whether the forecasters are inflating the temps to hide how cold it actually is, which would mean then that during the warmer months, the temps will appear to be 'hotter' than it actually is. Or maybe its the other way around, I don't know. Either way, I do believe that the last few days have been colder here than the weather websites have been saying it was.
  11. It might of course simply be the case that there was 'nothing to see here', and that the mainstream media had focused so much on this story just to whip up such 'amateur sleuths' and 'content creators', who at the end of the day were just capitalising on the YouTube 'industry' which allows them to make money from videos that others watch. I don't know really, and I don't claim to have all the answers, but I do note that people regularly still post in the Nicola Bulley thread, yet nothing 'concrete' ever emerges, just more supposition and theories, with little evidence to back them up. One thing I will give RDH credit for, is that he doesn't seek 'clicks' for advertising, and doesn't put out endless streams of 'update' tidbits. When he finds a story worth investigating, he thoroughly investigates it and compiles and presents the evidence he finds. One thing he cannot be accused of is 'churning'.
  12. I didn't mean you personally of course. It is not beyond the realms of probability that there could be man-made tech that can manipulate the weather systems. But it is more likely - in my opinion - that there are natural weather cycles influenced by solar activity - that happen every so number of years - that certain people would very much love to attribute to man-made climate change, just so they can push and further their agendas. In fact, I believe it is far more dangerous to be artificially manipulating the weather, after all, nature 'finds a way' to balance things out naturally. Ebb and flow. Cool and warm. Tip that balance, and who knows what catastrophic consequences you might incur.
  13. There's a thread here for the whole Nicola Bulley thing if people want to explore and discuss this further: I don't blame RDH for not actively getting involved with this story, I do still think there is something suspicious going on, however I have reached a point myself where a number of people have just taken the opportunity to just start unloading a load of speculation, some of it unfounded, and it is the kind of baseless speculation and distraction that just makes genuine 'conspiracy theorists' look silly and unhinged. And then in a kind of reverse 'turn-about', this just then undermines all of the good work that people like RDH have done over the years, now that it seems anyone can become an 'amateur sleuth' posting videos on YouTube.
  14. Eh? Penkridge woman's voice changes to Geordie accent overnight from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-stoke-staffordshire-67994919 This poor woman is just 26? I don't mean to come across as judgemental, but she doesn't look it, I'd say from the amount of plastic surgery she would appear to have had, she does look like the kind of person who does have some self-esteem or mental issues. Don't dismiss it, this kind of stuff does have impacts subliminally.
  15. Most of the time now, it's not "what you know" but "who you know". France used to be a 'republic' - "rei publica" - but is just another fake democracy where cronies and 'chosen ones' get 'appointed' into positions of power. "It's a big club, and you ain't in it"
  16. They tried that one already, the "homes for Ukrainians" scheme was a 'softener', and it was followed by calls for people to let other immigrants into their homes, which didn't really take off. Maybe they'll try it again though? Or maybe there are enough private landlords (individual and companies) already that are snapping up properties on the cheap as soon as they come onto the market so they can rent them out to local authorities so they can house such immigrants and get money from our government?
  17. This is why these kinds of projects cost so much now and take so long to deliver. Before shovels are even put in the ground, hundreds of thousands of pounds have to be spent on 'consultancy', 'research' and 'preparing reports'. And that's on top of paying architects to actually design anything. Before the project even gets underway, you have a whole army of managers, executives and other such bureaucrats drawing a fine salary, just so they can 'oversee' and 'micro-manage' the project. One day, I'd like to get the opportunity to peruse over one project's accounts, just to understand what was actually spent on materials and labour, compared to administration and 'marketing' costs. That's when you'll realise where your money is going. Most of it is just being siphoned off. Is it any wonder why so many councils now are finding themselves 'cash-strapped'?
  18. Following my above comment: But not in Birmingham or the Black Country it seems! (For the benefit of non-UK readers, the Black Country is the area west of Birmingham that includes Dudley, Wolverhampton, Walsall and West Bromwich)
  19. It's the Jet Stream. It undulates in a wave around the northern hemisphere, where it 'dips down' it pulls more colder air down from the Arctic, where it dips up, then it pulls more warmer air from the equator. It is affected by solar activity, which there is a lot of recently, and that causes the jet stream to undulate more. That's what gives us 'extreme weather'. The solar cycle lasts around 11 years, which we're currently in around the middle of. In another few years, solar activity will have dropped and the jet stream will be more 'stable'. That's your 'climate change' right there. As for the UK, well it's a bit cold right now, and some more northern parts are experiencing some snow disruption. But here in the West Midlands, it looks like it will stay dry for the next few days so no snow here!
  20. It's funny you say this. I'm at a point now where I'm quite happy to be slightly inebriated by myself at home, but I really don't like being amongst other 'drunk people' out in public.
  21. Britain is failing because we no longer value selecting "the best people for the job", instead our big companies and corporations feel they need to satisfy 'diversity quotas' by recruiting people who are not qualified or experienced enough, but muh, "the message" and all that. The post office scandal is a different issue I believe, in that the failings were down to a flawed accounting/ERP system rather than any individual failings. When "being really good at your job" is valued less than your gender, skin colour or sexual orientation, it's no surprise that this country is in the mess that it is in.
  22. As others have already said, I think we have to be careful about what we 'predict'. While we should be 'mindful' of what is going on, ultimately we all manifest reality by ourselves. As the old saying goes, "be careful what you wish for".
  23. Yes, there was a time when I used to "drink to get pissed" and I'm sure many people did the same. Out of some sort of societal obligation, that one must consume vast amounts of alcohol, in order to be 'having a good time'. However I take a different viewpoint now, I do still drink alcoholic beverages at home by myself. But I find now that the intention is not to get 'blind drunk', at most I might expect to get 'mildly sozzled', depending on the day of the week. Sometimes, once I've had a couple, that's when I find myself in my best form for writing, coming up with new thoughts and ideas. The saying as it goes is "alcohol loosens the tongue" which maybe true. But maybe, in small doses, it also 'lubricates the mind'. My earliest encounters with 'conspiracy theories' came about through discussions in my old local pub with some older folks, and a fair few beers were consumed between us at the time.
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