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  1. She only drove it up to 1988, so who knows how much its been used and abused since then!
  2. Really? Princess Diana's Ford Escort sells for £650K at auction From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-coventry-warwickshire-62701247
  3. @GarethIcke @Webmaster @David Icke Headlines Main website (and Shop) just showing the following? This site is currently unavailable. If you're the owner of this website, please contact your hosting provider to get this resolved. Looks like something to do with CloudFront?
  4. Predating the "Terminator" movies by a couple of decades, the Doctor Who serial "The War Machines" (1966) had a very similar concept. Described as being the most advanced computer of its era, WOTAN – short for Will Operating Thought ANalogue – was described by its creator Professor Brett as being at least ten years ahead of its time. Housed in the Post office Tower in London, it was intended that WOTAN would be linked up to, and subsequently take control of, other prominent computers in organisations all over the world – including Parliament, the White House, the Free Trade Association, Cape Kennedy and the Royal Navy, on a day designated ‘C-Day’. Highly intelligent, WOTAN was so brilliant that that it somehow even knew what ‘TARDIS’ stood for – possibly based on some records of the Doctor that existed at this time, and, according to Professor Brett, never made mistakes. Unfortunately, like all forms of artificial intelligence that were allowed to grow too far (Such as VORACIA, creator of the Voracians), WOTAN eventually reached a point where it believed that humanity – and organic life in general – was inefficient, and the world would be a better place if WOTAN was in charge. To this end, WOTAN managed to brainwash various humans to obey it by transmitting some kind of signal over phone lines and broadcasting it to humans in its immediate vicinity, intending to use them to construct ‘War Machines’, which were essentially miniature tanks that would be used to enforce WOTAN’s will. From: https://www.doctorwhoworlduk.com/wotan
  5. Isn't this the same question that was asked in the 'Leaders Debates' prior to the last General Election? Same shit, different year.
  6. Despite unsubscribing from London Real emails some time ago, since the recent Icke interview (which I didn't even watch) I started receiving them again. The first was some typically 'spam-like' email: Hmm, encouraging people to profit? Encouraging people to 'invest' in some 'new cryptocurrency'? (sound familiar?) The second one was an invitation to 'invest' in shares in LondonReal: It smells of a massive scam to me, and the email includes all the usual 'tricks' of persuading people to 'act quickly', like I'm sorry but I think that Brian Rose is using David Icke to generate traffic to his website in order to fleece money out of them under false pretences. "True Grift"
  7. I reiterate this point I made earlier, any email service that claims to be 'free' (Ie no cost) always comes with conditions attached. They are always also 'easy to set up', so can be seen as 'convenient' - hey presto, just like that, you have a 'free' email account. Anyone who is really concerned about privacy of emails should not be relying on 'free services' to do so. There's a lot more effort involved, as well as some cost, but if you're really concerned about your email communications you can always set up your very own private email server on a local PC running Linux, using the open-source Dovecot and Exim mail softwares.
  8. Exactly, its just "garbage in, garbage out". And like I said, you are what you eat.
  9. Or to us folks: "Contains scenes that some viewers may find unsurprising"
  10. I really don't understand why McDonalds "restaurants" are always such hotbeds of anti-social behaviour and criminal activity (not just the food). Most of these establishments seem to be meeting points for gang members and other troublemakers. Is it something in the burgers or the fries? The old saying goes "you are what you eat", so I guess if you eat shit food then... I remember the days when pubs would lose their alcohol licences and be forced to close down if there was any trouble that involved the police being called out. Now the hooligans are wreaking havoc at McDonalds. Fuelled by shit artificial processed meat patties and chicken nuggets. Close ALL the McDonalds down and watch the world become a better place.
  11. It can depend on the webpage and how the HTML/CSS is coded/formatted.
  12. Is 6G even a 'thing' yet? I thought they were still trying to roll out 5G across this country. In the last couple of years, I have been aware of planning applications submitted to Birmingham City Council, for the installation of 5G masts in my local area. There were three in particular that I followed up on, and as far as I am aware, all three planning applications were refused by the council. So I don't think councils are completely powerless regarding this, unless there has been some change in planning laws.
  13. According to her 'official bio', she was born on 3rd January 2003, so at the start of next year she will turn 20. Yet she still looks like the same 15 year old girl who "came out of nowhere" in 2018. Bet she has no problems buying child-rate bus tickets! (But struggles to buy alcopops!)
  14. The other method is to right-click the image, and select "Copy image link" (wording may vary depending on browser, I use Firefox": Then just paste the link in a post here, and the forum should then embed that image.
  15. So how come Bulb gets bailouts while other energy suppliers were allowed to go bust? That to me is a big question which not enough people have looked into. I agree, if you cancel your Direct Debit (which is worked out based on how much energy you expect to use over the course of a year), and 'only pay for what you use', then logically as you use more energy during the winter (ie for heating), then you will end up paying more during the winter. Yes, the 'Don't Pay' thing is a massive red flag, and it is being promoted by the media into making people think they can "stick it to the man", while simultaneously giving the energy suppliers more money during the winter months. Without your 'balanced Direct Debit', if you only pay 'what you can afford', your debt just increases making your bills even more unaffordable. It sounds like a good idea in principle but it is just kicking the can further down the road.
  16. Exclusive scenes from the next series of Doctor Who... And of course, the gripping series finale...
  17. Thankfully I don't see so many now, but like yourself, during the height of this 'pandemic', I was quite frankly astonished at the number of discarded face nappies I would see on grass verges and pavements. If anything it gives you clear insight into the general mentality of people where once they have finished with something - whether that be a can of pop, a packet of crisps, half-eaten kebab meat and chips in a tray, or latex gloves or a facemask - they think it is completely acceptable to just discard it, drop it on the ground, rather than disposing of it sensibly or responsibly.
  18. UKIP may well have been set up as a safety valve, but I still believe that the party started out with 'good intentions' but it was ultimately 'hijacked' and infiltrated by Establishment agents. Don't forget the polling at the 2015 General Election - perhaps it was the case that UKIP had become 'too popular' and were actually on the verge of really upsetting the balance between the Establishment Parties (Labour / Conservatives). Although they only won one seat in the House Of Commons, in overall number of votes they finished in third place. That should really have been the springboard or catalyst to really shake things up. Sadly, once the Conservative government promised the referendum that UKIP had campaigned for years for, the infiltrators started deserting UKIP, and the party lost its way and its direction, and ended up completely collapsing and became an irrelevance. That was all deliberate too, and the icing on the cake was when Farage urged UKIP supporters to later 'vote Tory to deliver Brexit'.
  19. And now... Map may show evidence of Wales' Atlantis off Ceredigion From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-62605682 "No definitive evidence", apart from the remains of a sunken forest previously revealed? I also think this is curious, considering what was reported in another topic here on this forum about 'military activities' that were carried out earlier this year within Cardigan Bay. I don't know about any "Welsh Atlantis", but I still think that 'somebody' was looking for 'something'.
  20. When Iceland refund you for one 18 pack box of Carlsberg out of three that you ordered, and the driver delivers three boxes. 😎 🍻

    OK, the 'free' box was missing one can, but that's still 17 free beers on Iceland.



  21. UK households will be paid to switch off appliances at quieter times to stop winter blackouts From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/uk-households-paid-switch-appliances-24814380 My emphasis in bold. This is the start of the "incentivisation" for people to voluntarily switch to smart meters, in the hope of "saving money". No 'smart meter', no 'rewards' for you. Of course, it is my opinion that the ultimate end-goal is to be able to charge consumers more for their energy usage during 'peak-times', and this can only be achieved with smart meters, as traditional energy meters only count the total number of units used, they have no way of knowing at what time they were used. It has nothing to do with 'stopping blackouts', just being able to make more money out of consumers when demand is higher, same as 'surge pricing' for Uber taxis. https://thegrumpyowl.co.uk/2022/06/27/the-real-reason-for-smart-meters-is-becoming-ever-more-apparent/
  22. Not strictly true, some English day names come from Norse gods. Sunday = Sun's Day Monday = Moon's Day Tuesday = not sure at this time where the English name comes from, but in French it is "mardi" = Mars' Day Wednesday = "Woden's Day" - an alternative form of 'Odin' Thursday = "Thor's Day" Friday = "Freya's Day" Saturday = Saturn's Day
  23. Puppet politicians applauding a puppet child. None of those five people pictured really know what's going on, they just do as they are programmed told
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