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  1. You might well be right, but it does make you wonder what other GPs get up to in their spare time and how many are being ideologically programmed.
  2. It's been a strange weekend. Out in my garden, in the sunshine, it is lovely and warm. I've been doing some gardening, no jumper or jacket, just a t-shirt, and it's lovely in the sunshine. When the breeze picks up, or the cloud obscures the sun, it does feel really cool. It was like this around the same time last year when I was on holiday in Wales, I managed to get sunburnt when it was 13C.
  3. If doctors spent more time looking after their patients, rather than 'worrying' about an imagined 'climate emergency', then the NHS wouldn't be in the state it is in. Just Stop Oil doctor's fitness to practise 'impaired' from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c1vw4k9qn29o Here's a hint: your patients might trust you more if you were able to let them make appointments to see them for whatever medical condition they may have, rather than you being 'unavailable' due to attending some meaningless protest.
  4. Herein is the root of the problem. ALL social media networks, whether that is Facebook, Twitter/X, Reddit, Pinterest etc etc are nothing more than advertising platforms, and that is how they make their money. YOUR posts and content on those platforms are just "the bits in between the adverts". You will never have any 'freedom of speech' on any platform that relies on advertising revenue, not while the advertisers are the big corporate giants pushing and promoting the whole 'woke agenda'.
  5. A rare opportunity to comment freely on a weather-related 'news' article... oh wait...
  6. You're not allowed to 'notice' things like that, "nothing to see here, move along!" I'm always reminded of what happened in Europe a few years ago when there was all that business in Syria, the then-German chancellor Angela Merkel declared that we should 'let them all in', and we were expected to 'welcome' all these refugees from Syria into Europe. But what actually happened was that we started welcoming in loads of economic migrants from Africa. The 'flood' of refugees into Europe wasn't coming from the Middle East, it was coming in boats across the Mediterranean Sea from north Africa. It was a massive con. They also then tried the same trick after "Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine", where we were expected to welcome and take in refugees from Ukraine. While this did happen, and Ukrainians were welcomed into Europe and the UK, I'll never forget some of the images that came from Ireland, where blatantly 'black Africans' were being presented as 'Ukrainian refugees'. Talk about "cloak and dagger"! So yes, I'm not surprised that something similar is happening in the USA, and I have seen and read reports about how surprisingly a lot of the 'illegals' coming from South and Central America into the USA are actually Indian or Chinese. So what gives, and what is actually happening? No-one really knows, but there is definitely something under-hand going on behind the scenes for sure.
  7. I've been of the opinion for some time now that 'our planet' (or "mother nature" or whatever you want to call it) has its own mechanisms in place to control and regulate the climate, and its all done naturally in cycles. Climate 'changes' as a result of this natural 'balancing act'. For example, as the planet warms, the seas become warmer and thus evaporate more water to form clouds, which leads to more rainfall and increased cloud cover lessens the warming from the sun. As surface temperatures reduce, so do the ocean temperatures, which mean they evaporate less water, and that leads to fewer clouds and rain. What has happened here in the UAE is a dangerous example of what can go wrong when 'humans' start interfering and try to manipulate or engineer the weather to suit our own whims or ulterior purposes. Nature and our climate are a finely tuned and balanced mechanism. Think of "action and reaction". Leave things as they are, and the fluctuations naturally balance themselves out. Interfering and messing with the mechanism will just result in things "going wrong", and then the mechanism just fails and collapses. I believe that interfering with the climate - geoengineering or whatever they call it - will just ultimately lead to a catastrophic disaster, if the natural cycles of our climate become disturbed and it cannot naturally correct itself.
  8. Yes, it all does smack of "problem, reaction, solution", and using the rise of shoplifting (because of "cost of living crisis", and nothing to do with the police can't be bothered because they're too busy 'tackling hate crime') to slyly introduce the next phase of their agenda to control us all.
  9. Don't get mad, get even. Shop elsewhere instead of Morrisons. Boycott the 'big supermarkets' by all means. If you don't have a local farm shop, then shop at local independent supermarkets instead.
  10. I was on Facebook earlier and I saw a post from Midlands Storm Chasers... apparently a complaint has been made to the Press Complaints Commission against The Mirror, regarding use of these 'scary maps'. Apparently these maps are showing data for wind speeds, NOT temperatures. So it's been confirmed that these maps being used to illustrate weather articles are utterly misleading.
  11. There's a t-shirt for that! https://shop.newsthump.com/product/british-summer-time-t-shirt/
  12. £10,000 deposit to stand as a candidate? I baulked at the cost of £5000 to stand for West Midlands Mayor this year, plus I don't know enough people to get the required number of nominations. It's all very... elitist isn't it? Anyway, beyond that, my personal opinion is that Piers Corbyn is a fraud, and I wonder how much money he has extracted from his 'supporters'. (see 'Brian Rose' from last time around) It is disappointing that he is standing on a single issue, and is basically trying to replicate George Galloway's success in Rochdale by pandering to the 'pro-Palestine' Muslim vote.
  13. To the best of my knowledge, I have never seen any satisfactory explanation about how these test kits work and how exactly they detect the presence of a specific virus. Let alone any supposed 'variant' of such virus either! The test kits were all part of the fraud, in my opinion, alongside the notion of 'asymptomatic transmission'. Many people who were never actually ill, "believed" they were, and were then scared to death to 'pass it on' to someone else, just because one of these test kits returned a 'positive' result.
  14. The mainstream media’s ‘subtle’ promotion of OnlyFans


    1. Screamingeagle


      OF is promoted in many places and i would not call it subtle (probably because i am familiar with the branches of those sports)

  15. If this is a heatwave, then I'm John Kettley. Certainly doesn't "feel" like 18C here at home. Although pleasant enough to stand outside in my garden in a t-shirt, I can still feel a chill in the air. Definitely not "sizzling"! I'm going to predict that as soon as some 24-27C warmth comes along, that's when we'll start getting the "extreme heat" warnings!
  16. Oh dear, I fear this 'heatwave' rhetoric is just going to get worse as the year progresses... from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/cost-of-living/uk-weather-maps-sizzle-red-28976483 You can clearly see what they're up to here. Last year saw an absence of 'extreme heat' in the UK, and it's looking unlikely that we'll see any more record high temps this year as well. So in order to fear-monger and push the 'climate change' narrative, they have to lower the bar or threshold for what constitutes 'high temperature'. And the meaning itself of 'heatwave' is being utterly undermined. Last time I saw weather charts like this, was when we experienced 30-40C temps. If they're now resorting to this colour scheme for 19-21C, who knows what hyperbole will be churned out when it does actually get 'a bit hot'. It apparently reached 18C here in Birmingham today, but you'd never have thought this, although it was fairly pleasant at times when the clouds broke. It was hardly "sizzling".
  17. Thanks for that, I watched that same video of David Kurten talking to Mark Windows last night - after I had posted a comment in the 'April 8th' eclipse thread. I've seen the name Mark Windows pop up a couple of times in this forum, but again he's not someone I regularly follow, so don't know much about him to be honest. But I did tend to agree with a lot of what he was saying to David Kurten. I'm also reminded of what I read about in two of Andrew Johnson's books on 9/11, "Finding The Truth" and "Holding The Truth", where he went into some detail on how factions emerged within the 'truther community', arguing against each other on "how it was done", and how far some people went to dismiss and ridicule any other 'alternative theories' like those proposed by Dr Judy Wood. (Now I'm not saying I believe she was correct, but it was curious to read about how other 'prominent figures' treated her and others that backed her findings) While I don't want to start naming names and pointing fingers, I do believe there are a number of gatekeepers out there, and I am wary of people in the 'alternative media' who push and promote what could well be 'distractions', in order to divert peoples' attentions away from whatever the true nature of 'the conspiracy' is.
  18. I don't know this Jeff Berwick and I don't follow them, and I don't want to pick out any other individuals here. (And I'm also not having a pop directly at yourself either) But has been my opinion and belief for some time that there are a number of people within the 'alternative media', "truthers" or whatever you want to call them, who are guilty of peddling and disseminating false information, and sadly this is done mostly for the purpose of getting money out of people. As much as we mock the "sheeple" who believe in all the lies and mistruths peddled by the mainstream media, it also appears to me that there is also another 'sheeple' that will lap up and eagerly share any kind of 'truth' being put out in the 'alternative media', even if it is just another type of made-up bullshit. At the end of the day, there was a solar eclipse yesterday, and that was it. I do still believe there is a 'grand conspiracy' at play, but if your plan is to control everybody, then you have to control both sides of any argument, debate or narrative. A lot of people probably "felt a bit foolish" yesterday, but also a lot of people ended up "looking foolish" as well. Maybe that's the overall aim. People making their first steps into looking at 'conspiracies', might feel 'put off', because what they believed was the 'truth' turned out not to be. All I will say is to use your own judgement and discernment, or in other words, think for yourself. There are good people doing great work to research and uncover what is really going on, but that soon gets undermined by charlatans and other 'bad actors' muddying the waters, planting disinformation and otherwise 'distracting' people from the real conspiracy that is going on. That is my opinion, and I don't expect everyone to agree with me.
  19. "Considerable stress" lol, these workshy elites don't know the meaning of 'intense anxiety'... Kate Middleton and Prince William 'anxious' about becoming King and Queen from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/uk-news/kate-middleton-prince-william-anxious-28953604 Gossip and hearsay from a supposed "Royal expert". But is this the media in action 'preparing' the public for what is going to happen next?
  20. Thanks Eve, just to add to your nicely put synopsis, I would also then question the validity of such 'high profile names' you mention, if they are knowingly spreading this kind of false information. Sean Adl-Tabatabai has been peddling 'fake news' for some years through his various websites, he just provides a platform and a constant flow of junk news, but then needs others to share and spread this, which it sadly seems so many are ready to do so. Sadly it has been my belief for some time that there is just as much 'fake news' and misinformation being circulated amongst the 'alternative' media, as there is in the mainstream media.
  21. I really can't keep up with this... I'm looking forward to this blast of snow while I'm sunning myself in my garden!
  22. I can confirm that it didn't snow in Birmingham today. It did actually get really nice for a bit in the early afternoon, we may have actually topped out at 17C in the sunshine. Definitely wasn't "baking", especially when the clouds came back and the wind picked up!
  23. They really can't make up their minds, I thought it was supposed to be 'baking' this weekend? from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/parts-uk-set-snow-tomorrow-28940052 Oh I see, so the "area of England worst-hit" will be the... er, Highlands and Grampians of Scotland. Which could see "a little bit" of snow! I wonder if the Press Complaints Commission would take action against this blatant 'fake news'?
  24. Personally, I wouldn't have a problem with this proposal. Royal Mail wants to cut days for second-class post from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-68721814 Most of the 'mail' that gets pushed through my letterbox by Royal Mail, ends up straight in my paper recycling bin, as it's usually unaddressed junk mail. A lot of mail I receive is addressed to persons unknown, who don't even live at my address, so they end up back in the postbox 'returned to sender'. A monumental waste of time and money. Sure, I do look forward to receiving birthday and Christmas cards once a year, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if those posted second-class were only delivered three times a week. Most of my 'critical' or important communications are delivered by email. I agree that the parcel business is more popular and probably more profitable for Royal Mail, but I think they could be far more efficient if they better combined the services together. For example at work, through the course of a single day, we'll have up to 4 different delivery staff turning up. One or two will bring letters, while the other two will bring parcels. There was one day when I was working at home a while back, when I had someone delivering a Tracked 24 parcel at the same time someone else was shoving Farm Foods leaflets through my letterbox!
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