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  1. Yes, if the MPs aren't 'in session' then it all seems like a pretty 'pointless' protest. But yes, the media are still there to 'report' on this. Yes, questions should be asked of how this was allowed to happen, but you won't get the mainstream media asking such questions. If it were up to me, I'd have left the protestors where they were, and 'banned' the media. These clowns demand a "citizen's assembly" to discuss the 'climate crisis', yet there they are within the House Of Commons. For it's faults, it is already a 'citizens assembly' (of sorts) where representatives of the people gather to discuss and determine government policy, and the government are already doing much of what these idiot XR protestors are demanding. And where's the 'discussion' if opposing/dissenting voices are not allowed?
  2. This headline itself sums up everything that is wrong with our society and this world right now... Furious fan paid £700 for two Harry Styles tickets - and now says she will struggle with rent The fuming Harry Styles fan said she’ll now struggle with grocery shopping and covering rent due to the extreme cost for two tickets on Ticketmaster From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/whats-on/music-nightlife-news/harry-styles-ticketmaster-gig-coventry-24904382 Even at £155 each, that's a lot of money to pay to see some jumped up pop star singing for a couple of hours. If you can afford that kind of money, you ain't experiencing any 'cost of living crisis'. In her defence, with regards to their policy on 'dynamic pricing', Ticketmaster are just as greedy and opportunistic as the touts who used to buy large numbers of tickets and sell them on for exaggerated profits on eBay and the like.
  3. As much as I'd like the idea, sadly these petitions set up on 38degrees, Change.org etc, don't actually achieve anything, their main purpose is to make virtue-signallers "feel good" (like they feel like they are 'doing something' by signing some online petition and then sharing on social media with their friends), and I suspect they are also some kind of data-harvesting / intelligence gathering operation. I read a couple of local news stories recently, about some independent fish-and-chip shops being forced to go out of business due to "rising energy costs". I do notice that this all doesn't seem to be affecting many of these 'cheaper' independent chicken takeaways and kebab shops you see everywhere (and still more opening up). Also of interest is that this doesn't seem to be affecting the likes of McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Subway, Costa, Greggs, Starbucks et al. Amazing isn't it how all that will be left standing are the 'big corporate' brands, and that is the ultimate intention. Of course, when it comes to pubs, how are Wetherspoons doing? No doubt theirs will be the only pubs left as well.
  4. You don't need to buy a new kettle, just put less water in it. Maybe I could give Martin Lewis a run for his money with amazing energy-saving tips like that. How dare you post a link to a product on Amazon! Cheap Chinese-made tat that will need replacing after less than a year... Having said that, I bought a cheap Argos own-brand kettle a few years ago now, it was about £12, it is still going strong even today. It has a 1.7 litre capacity, but as I live by myself, I only fill it with just enough water to make myself a coffee or cup of tea, takes no time and little energy to get to the boil.
  5. Perhaps the Blacks and Hispanics are more likely to 'default' on their mortgage repayments though? That's the whole idea though, and it doesn't matter about race/ethnicity really, its all about encouraging people to take on even more debt in order to push them into insolvency.
  6. But its all part of the pantomime - we here know that it doesn't matter which party is in 'power', nothing will change, the agenda will continue as planned, because it is not the government that controls the destiny of this country. People will vote Labour at the next election because they think they will get change, but the only change will be the puppets presented to the media. And yes, it ends up becoming a 'blame game' just like it has for decades.
  7. DON'T DO IT no matter how much of a 'good idea' you think this is! Searches for 'apply for a loan' explode by nearly 300% as worries mount over soaring energy bills More worried families considering taking out a loan to help them pay extortionate energy bills From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/searches-apply-loan-explode-nearly-24897176 Stop and think about this for a minute: you're worried about paying your energy bills so you think the solution is to take out a loan so you can pay them? For starters, people are only worried about their energy bills because the 'media' has frightened them into worrying about them, by bandying around huge figures like £3000 or £5000. Secondly, if you're struggling to make ends meet as it is, how on earth does 'borrowing' money in the form of a loan help? Any loan taken out has to be paid back with interest, so you always end up paying back more than you initially 'borrowed'. Also don't forget with interest rate rises, your 'affordable monthly repayments' could quite easily become 'unaffordable' as interest rates rise. It's almost like they want people to increase their debt burden even further. And whats this about "uncertainty about what help will be coming from the Government"? The media have been making a big play about this in the last few days, demanding that it is the Government that needs to 'do something' to help people, by providing more handouts. I disaagree, handouts are not the answer, as that just makes people further indebted and beholden to the State, and of course this is just priming people to get used to and welcoming of the idea of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) which would of course be intrisincally linked to a Chinese-style social credit system.
  8. Like with opinion polls, I think bookies are part of the social engineering, "consensus building". Maybe they know that Truss will become Prime Minister. Offering longer odds on Sunak might be a way to goad some people into placing 'cheeky bets' that the bookies can just pocket without paying out on. On the other hand, perhaps it is not all that 'certain'. Someone could end up a big winner if they were to take a punt on Sunak.
  9. I've known for sometime that 'democracy' in this country is 'fake', and we only have elections to give the people some 'pretence' that we live in a fair and democratic society. As far as I am aware, Conservative party members are still sending in their ballot papers to vote on who of Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak should be the next party leader, who will of course then become the UK Prime Minister. The deadline for postal ballots to be received is September 2nd, with the votes being counted and results announced on Monday 5th September. However I came across the following 'open letter' article on the Birmingham Mail website (I wouldn't be surprised if the same article appears on other local Reach Plc news websites) and I wonder if someone has played their hand far too soon, or maybe they're just giving the game away and hoping no-one notices? I notice these things of course! Dear Liz Truss... Your country needs you to act now on cost of living crisis Birmingham Live calls on the new Prime Minister to act immediately to help families with rocketing energy bills Read more at: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/dear-liz-truss-your-country-24885723 Come on, why publish an open letter to Liz Truss when she hasn't even been announced as the next Prime Minister yet? Notice the keywords "widely expected" at play here. On what evidence? And you'll always notice how the media seem to report on things that are 'set to be announced' before they even happen. So lets get this straight, Tory party members haven't even finished posting in their ballot papers, and no votes have been counted yet, but the media "widely expects" Liz Truss will be the Prime Minister next week, and are already sending their open letters demanding what she must do. No, I'll put it another way, the "media" know who the next Prime Minister is, because its all a charade, and everything is pre-determined. On this occasion, I think the media have played their hand far too soon, yet sadly not enough people will notice or realise this. Of course, there is always the possibility that Sunak might actually win, and in that case then the media end up with egg on their face. But I don't think that is likely. The media is more powerful than our own government.
  10. Yes, I remember the whole BSE / 'mad cow disease' nonsense from a while back. I seem to recall reading various articles though from a while back, that claimed this actually benefitted the 'British Beef' industry. Something along the lines that while exports of British beef were 'prohibited' - or other countries were reluctant to import our beef 'for fear of' spreading this 'disease' - the net result was that British beef was reserved for consumption in Britain, so was very affordable, as we didn't need to import beef from elsewhere, not that much anyway.
  11. Tory leadership: Liz Truss cancels BBC interview with Nick Robinson From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-62715983 The truth is: NOBODY CARES What is the point of all this theatre and pantomime? All these 'interviews' and 'debates' for the masses to watch, yet it is only the members of the Conservative party that get to vote on this. Sunak and Truss will both make their 'promises' to the public, but it is not the public that they are 'appealing' to for votes. It is the 160,000+ Conservative party members who will be casting their ballot. And we all know that it makes no difference whom the Conservative membership votes for, whoever they choose is just the next in line of the puppets, that will just continue to follow the agenda and support the "current thing". Why this whole process has to have gone on for so long, is just another part of the charade. When I was a member of UKIP, there was an electronic online polling system which made voting in party elections easy and straightforward, while members who chose to send in postal votes were given a two week window, after all it doesn't take that long to mark a vote on a ballot paper and post it back to party HQ. Even so, as an 'ordinary party member', how do you know for certain that your vote doesn't count because the election is rigged from the start? Next month, we get a new Prime Minister. But not one that we the public voted for, and probably neither did the Tory party members. The agenda continues, and the promises evaporate.
  12. Quick question(s). Does anyone here personally know of: 1) anyone who has caught monkeypox? 2) anyone who has died from monkeypox? 3) anyone who is actually fussed about monkeypox? Because I'm thinking that this whole thing is just a 'fabrication' that only exists in the media.
  13. There is a park down the road from me which has a very large Canada Goose population. I have seen 'warning signs' about 'avian flu' that have been put up months ago now, but I have to admit that I have never seen myself, or read comments from others on a local wildlife group I am a member of, anyone actually going around and 'testing' all these birds. On the occasions I have been to the park myself, from my own observations our local geese, ducks and swans seem to be doing very well, and I have yet to see any evidence of a 'deadly strain' of bird flu affecting them. Its the same level of bullshit that we saw with 'Covid' - "millions of cases detected" yet the number of deaths never added up.
  14. And people tricked themselves into 'believing' they had this 'deadly virus' based on the list of symptoms, which are much the same as many other minor ailments. Everyone who is 'mildly unwell' with something now assumes they have 'the Covid'.
  15. Presumably whether they 'had the virus' was determined by the outcome of one of those bogus test kits, so 50% is about the same as if you just flipped a coin. The actual figure was probably 100%.
  16. Quelle surprise! NHS study finds half with Covid symptoms didn't have virus From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/nhs-study-finds-half-covid-24878814 You can probably extrapolate those figures out amongst the general population. You "believed" you had Covid, when you didn't. That's what incessant propaganda does to people. So, looks like we were right all along!
  17. I was once out with a group of mates celebrating a friend's "stag-do", and we were doing the "Delph Run" - some road in the Brierley Hill area of Dudley which was famous at the time for having a number of pubs along this particular stretch of road. So we're out having a good laugh on a stag night, and in one pub we got to, we encountered a group of girls out on a 'hen night', doing the same as us but in the opposite direction. For some inexplicable reason, these girls were told that it was my 'stag night' (not my mate's!), and they ended up forcibly removing me from my clothes to the tune of some Tom Jones song. It was all a jolly good laugh to them, and to my friends, though I didn't see the funny side until long afterwards, once I was able to retrieve my clothing from outside the pub. That's what you would call "taking one for the team".
  18. I'm not too sure about that to be honest. For a 'visitor' from the UK, it was comparatively 'cheap' there for many things, such as food and drink, and as a smoker I got a 'bargain' sleeve of 200 Rothmans cigarettes from a local shop for just £18.50. (this was in 2017) To actually live there, the problem is the limited number of properties available, and so these can be quite expensive to buy, and many have caveats attached, like having been a resident for a certain number of years already. When I was there in 2017, there was a large amount of development work taking place, with huge blocks of apartments being built, so it has probably changed a lot now. I'd certainly recommend it as a place to go and visit, you'd only need a full weekend to see all there is to see, being such a small place.
  19. Just for you, download from here: https://thegrumpyowl.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/IMAG0504.jpg https://thegrumpyowl.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/IMAG0494.jpg
  20. Actually, now I think about this a bit more, I have a couple of 'funnier' memories to share. First one, when I was much younger, I used to hang around with a group of kids, mainly my younger brother's friends, but also including some younger kids we knew. from the local area. Of our 'gang' I was obviously the oldest. We used to spend a lot of time playing football over a local recreational ground, and as I wasn't the most 'gifted' footballer, I used to get stuck in goal. I did like it though, and while I was no Peter Shilton, I did alright most of the time. Being an Aston Villa fan (at the time) I even bought myself an official replica goalie shirt. One Saturday or Sunday afternoon, we were playing over the park, when one of our friends brought over his younger cousin who was visiting for the weekend. I can't remember exactly how it came about, but my friend had told his cousin that I was Mark Bosnich, though I only had the slightest of resemblances to him. So I'm there, on this recreation ground in Smethwick, wearing a replica Aston Villa goalie shirt and Reebok goalie gloves, playing football with a load of younger kids, and I start talking in an Australian accent (I'm not actually Australian!), and this child actually believed - for nearly two hours! - that I was Mark Bosnich. I may have looked the part but comparatively I was a terrible goalkeeper - the 'excuse' given was that as one of the 'older lads' I was swigging away on cans of beer. It was funny at the time, but I know now that it is a very bad thing to deceive younger children like this.
  21. The view from the top is stunning... It was my birthday and yes it was a fantastic day, I got to ride on the cable car, hung around with the apes while they robbed the visitors (), got blown away by the breath taking views, then went back down for a nice bit of steak washed down with cold beer.
  22. You're showing your age if you remember your 'computer room' at school looking like this:
  23. Probably one of my favourite photos I've ever taken, this was from a trip to Gibraltar a few years ago now.
  24. I don't know if this counts as 'funny', it wasn't at the time, but I laughed at myself in the morning... Years ago, I was out drinking with some work colleagues at a pub round by Aston University. I lost track of what time it was and how much money I was spending. For some reason, I thought I'd spent the last tenner I had on me, so I finished my drink, made my excuses and left to go home. After walking into Birmingham city centre to get what I thought would be the last bus home back to Bearwood (where I was living at the time), I realised it was after 1am, and the last bus left just before midnight. Thinking I had no money to get a taxi home, I ended up walking back, a 3 and half mile walk mainly along the Hagley Road. Considering the state I was in, I made it back alright, and to be fair the walk did me some good, I was almost sober by the time I got back. I went straight to bed and had a good sleep, with a Saturday morning lie-in. When I got up, I needed to go round to the shop so decided to stop off at a cashpoint on the way. When I opened my wallet to put the cash inside, there was a ten pound note already in there. So I have no idea why I thought I had no money for a taxi home, and in fact I have no idea why I didn't just use a cashpoint in the city centre in the first place. Still, it felt for a bit like I was £10 up!
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