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  1. I'm personally of the opinion that there was never any 'shedding issue', and that it was disinformation being circulated. The fact that this thread wasn't updated in over a month sort of proves my point, as the disinfo 'chatter' moved onto other stuff...
  2. Members have limited storage quota, and the webhost does not have infinite storage. Some members kept uploading video attachments, and then complained when their personal storage was full. Also there were concerns about copyrighted material being uploaded here without permission. So it was decided to disallow video attachments. If the video you want to share is already hosted elsewhere, then just copy the link to it in your post. PDFs have never been allowed here, due to potential security issues.
  3. We have other topics for people to discuss these subjects in more detail: Also, as an alternative, have a look into German New Medicine: I don't see any further purpose to this thread, which like others is just going round in circles, regurgitating the same arguments over and over. Many people are questioning 'big pharma' and the aims of the 'health industry', thus it is only natural that some will become sceptical when it comes to viruses. As I pointed out earlier in this thread, 'expert virologists' will never turn around and admit they are wrong, after all their livelihood and their career is all based around their belief, or what they have been educated (programmed) to believe. I'm no doctor or scientist, but it is my belief that they could all be wrong about such things. David Icke believes there are no viruses, as do others, and equally there are many people who do believe viruses exist.
  4. Please post that in the 'other thread' for this topic: Because this topic is at risk of 'closure'.
  5. You don't necessarily need to code anything from scratch. I have both a 'classic' forum and a social activity timeline on my own website, see under Community menu: https://thegrumpyowl.co.uk/ The website is powered by Wordpress, and I use wpForo and BuddyBoss (fork of BuddyPress) plugins.
  6. Roy Chubby Brown's upcoming gig in Bilston has 'appalled some members of the public' From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/roy-chubby-browns-upcoming-gig-21916545 I've never been any kind of 'fan' of Roy Chubby Brown, and I don't particularly find him that funny, but horses for courses, some people do. As I see it, no-one is being forced to go and watch these shows, it's your choice. If you don't like the man and his comedy routine, then don't go. Well, duh, there are clearly people who DO want to go and watch these shows, so if you ban/cancel them elsewhere, people from those regions are prepared to travel to other locations to see them. (Is Wolverhampton no longer welcoming to 'tourists' then? Doesn't sound very 'inclusive' to me) Number of persons ever injured/maimed/killed as a result of a Roy Chubby Brown gig: ZERO "Equality, diversity and inclusion" are just meaningless words. There is no 'equality' if the majority 60% non-ethnic majority population are not taken into consideration, and only the 'minority' are listened to. There is also no 'diversity', if only minority interests are being promoted and catered for. And so much for 'inclusive', if the majority of people are being excluded.
  7. He was stabbed, what's this about 'Covid death'?
  8. Sorry, but this is not my forum, I am just a moderator here, and have no direct contact with David Icke.
  9. I'll ask again, can you give us all a basic summary of what this is all about please? Then we can perhaps move to the most appropriate place in the forum.
  10. As I understand things, from discussions that have taken place previously, and statements that have been made before... The 'old' forum was hosted on a web hosting account, that none of the current webmasters/admins had any access to. It had been left 'dormant', with new registrations disabled. As the webmaster/admins had no access, a decision was made to start up a 'new' forum instead. The other thing mentioned was that because the old forum used an early version of the Vbulletin software, the makers of Vbulletin were looking to its users to upgrade to newer 'paid-for' commercial versions of their software. Someone disagreed with this, hence the decision to start up a new forum using InVision Community instead, which isn't cheap either, but apparently was better featured and better supported. Anyway, regardless of this, the 'old' forum stayed up for a while, until 'something happened' with the web hosting account it used. There was an attempt made to regain access to that hosting account and retrieve the old forum and its database, with the intention being that it would be hosted at 'forum.davidicke.com/legacy' @ink and others will confirm that at some point this briefly 'worked', at the same time as the 'social.davidicke.com' "new" forum was being recovered from the hack attempt. There were plans to merge the 'social' and 'legacy' forums into an all new platform powered by WordPress and BuddlyPress, which the moderators didn't take kindly to, as the BBPress forums provided by BuddyPress are a bit convoluted to 'manage' (from my own experience anyway I would agree). When that got scrapped, and this current InVision powered forum was retained, 'something' went wrong technically, which meant that the two different systems were unable to sit side by side in the same hosting domain. I would like to believe that the reason for the failure to get the 'legacy' DI forum back online is not due to any 'malicious' intent, but a purely technical one. And of course, I do believe there would be potential legal ramifications, if that forum were to end up elsewhere on the internet under some different domain name.
  11. I have believed for some time that most of these videos of such things are 'staged', and their whole purpose is for people to share them all over social media thus making them 'go viral'. Anything captioned/headlined as "shocking footage shows..." or "share the hell out of this!" etc is obvious propaganda, designed to socially engineer and behaviourally manipulate people. Like last year, when we had all those 'vral videos' of people being confronted aggressively in shops or train stations for "not wearing a mask", all designed to scare people and to emotionally bullying them into 'complying'.
  12. Finally, a link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58947417 Still don't know why some people want to assume it is jab-related without all the facts.
  13. There was a bit of a 'heated discussion' taking place on this calendar event, which mysteriously came to a crashing halt. It's been like this for a few days now, so I thought I'd screenshot this, before I attempt to break the 'hex'.
  14. I remember them back in the day, they were certainly 'unconventional'. I seem to recall them facing a lot of stick and 'outrage'.
  15. Could also be pie, chips, and Newcastle Brown Ale related. Or the shock of losing to Tottenham. Who knows, lets just assume he had a jab.
  16. When I was a child, I had a 'Paul Daniels Magic Kit' (not a lot of people know that) They say a "good magician never reveals their secrets", but a lot of 'simple' conjouring tricks can be attributed to optical illusion or 'sleight of hand', or plain and simple 'distraction' techniques. I've only ever 'heard of' this Dynamo fella, but he became a big name some time ago. Watching some of those clips above, and the 'over-reaction' from some of the observers, just gives me the feeling that they are somehow staged or faked, and edited for video. There are of course some magical feats carried out by famous conjourers that I will never likely ever be able to explain, but knowing what I know from reading David Icke's books and the nature of reality, it wouldn't surprise me if some people have the ability to operate outside of time and beyond our own visual perceptions in order to carry out their 'magic tricks'.
  17. When I was about 10 or 11 years old (it was so long ago I forget exactly), I was a perfectly healthy child who suddenly woke up one morning unable to breathe properly and gasping for breath. To this day, I have no idea what caused this or why it happened, but I was apparently just hours from suffocating to death - it seems that my windpipe was closing up due to some kind of 'infection', and if I hadn't had a load of tubes put down me, I would have died. People can develop all kinds of chest infections that lead to forms of pneumonia, some of which result in death, as happened to two of my grandparents when I was young. People suddenly developing breathing problems, and ending up in hospital, is not a 'new' phenomenon. It's been happening for years. But now of course, any such condition is now being automatically assumed as being 'Covid', thanks to the use of these bogus PCR and lateral flow 'tests'. For many years now, I've regularly had 'bad colds' which turn into chest infections that last for a couple of weeks, where I struggle to breathe properly and cough up loads of phlegm and mucus, not very pleasant at the time but I've always survived. And ironically I've never 'passed this on' to anyone else, its always just me. So yes, I do believe we are all being lied to, and something that somehow happens naturally to all of us, has been 'weaponised' against the population, but its definitely not some 'new virus'. Some further reading that may be of interest:
  18. Yeah, but where's the evidence? You can't just assume this is 'jab-related' without knowing all the facts.
  19. Nobody videoed the rape, it was caught on the CCTV inside the train. It's a sad reflection on society when people will just sit back and do nothing, because they don't want to 'get involved', regardless of the ethnicity of the perpetrator. But I would agree that in this age of 'BLM', people are also wary of doing something, "for fear of" being accused of being racist, or some other nonsense. (Or more likely afraid of being stabbed or shot) The race of the suspect 'Fiston Ngoy' has been assumed as being black, but what is not revealed is the race/ethnicity of the victim. Nor whether the two were known to each other. BLM vs #metoo What an awful divided society we live in.
  20. Any link to this story? People can collapse suddenly at any time for any number of reasons, its a bit of a wild long shot to be assuming this is anything 'jab-related' at this stage.
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