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  1. 16 minutes ago, HeartSpirit said:

    Contradicting themselves as usual then as a few years ago on a Speed Awareness course we were told to be very careful of young pedestrians crossing the road as their brains aren’t fully formed/engaged until they are at least 25 years old. I wanted to ask why are they allowed to drive at 17 but couldn’t do so as we’d been warned at the start that disruptive behaviour (ie questioning their claims) would result in being thrown off the course with no refund and points on your license. 


    In this case, it is some individual who has started this petition on the GOV.UK website, but it beats me why so many people are supporting this (who exactly?).


    It could be argued that thanks to social media and smartphones, as well as the general dumbing down of education, that many youngsters' brains never fully form at all.


    If 11-13 year-olds are learning driving skills from playing Grand Theft Auto or watching The Fast And The Furious, then god help us all.


    It's bad enough out there with grown adults racing around in their Audis and Seats thinking they are Lewis Hamilton.

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  2. This is almost funny. First we have...


    Driving age could be made lower because '13 year olds can be trusted'


    The UK driving age limit could be slashed to just 13 as a petition for younger licence holders gains support. The petition will run until April 2, 2024, and, if it gets more than 10,000 signatures, will receive a response from the government.

    Yusuf Marcu, who created the petition, said on the Parliamentary website: "I would like the government to change the legal driving age to 13 because I believe that 13+ year olds can be trusted to drive a car and should be able to get a licence."

    A similar move was made in December last year which called for the driving age limit to be moved to 15 instead of 17. The petition received over 95,000 signatures during its six-month term and due to its popularity, the government issued a response.

    from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/cost-of-living/driving-age-could-made-lower-28782178


    (Quite why this is categorised under 'Cost Of Living' beats me!)


    After what I saw earlier today, I don't trust many grown adults behind the wheel of a car, let alone children!


    And then this nicely segues into the following:


    Police stop BMW towing 'stolen' caravan to find driver is 11 years old


    A police sergeant has expressed his shock after finding out the driver of a car allegedly towing a stolen caravan was just a child. Paul Cording has worked in the force for more than 23 years.

    But finding an 11-year-old in the driver's seat of a car was something he 'struggled to comprehend.' He shared an image of the car and caravan on X, formerly Twitter, alongside details of what happened.

    Sgt Cording, who is based in Harrogate, said that team members identified a caravan as recently stolen and noted that it was being towed by a vehicle on false plates. The car was stopped to reveal an 11-year-old driver behind the wheel.

    from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/uk-news/police-stop-bmw-towing-stolen-28782789



    Is it just me or are there moves being made to 'legalise' or 'decriminalise' things that many people do (which they shouldn't be doing), just to save the police a load of work? (And give them more time to focus on really important crimes such as misgendering or expressing contrary opinions on social media!)

  3. This is how it works - these unelected technocrats earn huge sums of money, while working few hours.


    Birmingham commissioners run up £280,000 bill in three months that city residents must pay


    The eight Government commissioners ordered in to oversee ailing Birmingham City Council have run up a bill of nearly £300,000 in just three months - and city residents will cop for the lot.

    The eight strong team of experts, dubbed 'Best Value Commissioners', were sent in by local government minister Michael Gove to make sure the city's councillors and officers came up with a viable recovery plan after its finances imploded last summer. Seven of them are paid £1,100 a day for their efforts, while lead commissioner Max Caller gets £1,200 a day.

    On top of that they also qualify for expenses, sustenance and hotel stays if needed. Every penny gets charged back to the beleagured council, despite its desperate financial straits, and then comes from the shrinking budget pot that has just been subject to massive cuts.

    The commissioners were in the council HQ watching on when the budget was being set 'reluctantly' by councillors (March 5), including £150 million of cuts and savings to services, at least 600 job losses and a hike in council tax of 9.99%. Cllr Miranda Perks (Lab,Weoley and Selly Park) highlighted to fellow members that failure to agree the budget would quickly trigger a fullblown takeover by the team of commissioners sat at the back of the chamber.

    Advisors from the Department of Levelling Up, Local Government and Communities have also been seconded in to support the commissioners. The council has now published how much was paid out to commissioners in the first three months of intervention, from the start of October to the end of December. It comes to a grand total of £282,329.96.

    from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/birmingham-commissioners-run-up-280000-28766166


    You'd think for the amount they're being paid, they could at least afford to pay for their own meals and accommodation! 😏



    In a brief statement, commissioners said the day rates and expenses were determined by the Secretary of State nationally and not specific to Birmingham City Council.

    "In terms of Value for Money added by Commissioners, over the course of the intervention the work the Commissioners are doing will help put the council in a better financial position and enable it to deliver on its Best Value Duty."


    "Best value" haha!


    It's a tried and tested formula, "spend money to save money".


    It's been done before. I remember this documentary from a few years ago, and in part of it, Jacques Peretti looked at councils that were being forced to make cost-savings, and how they were spending huge sums of money on 'management consultants' to produce reports to help 'advise' on making budget cuts.



    What is happening in Birmingham is this, but on a grander scale.


    Mark my words, this technocratic model will eventually be rolled out across the country, as more councils struggle to balance their books.


    As long as our councils are infested  with Common Purpose stooges, they will never be able to balance their budgets, because it's all deliberate - "misappropriation of public funds" happens whenever councils are encouraged to waste money on multi-million pound vanity projects, or creating new layers of bureaucracy via 'diversity and inclusivity'.



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  4. Scary map alert... because it might be warm towards the end of March!


    Weather maps reveal when African plume will bring 'summer-like conditions' to UK



    An African plume could bring 'summer-like conditions' to the UK this month. Milder weather could be on the horizon as we progress through March.

    Jim Dale, a senior meteorologist for British Weather Services, said the UK was entering a 'lull' but there could be a change in conditions towards the end of the month. Before that, there could be rain and snow flurries in some parts of Britain.

    The Midlands and south of England are expected to see intermittent rainfall, while parts of the north east could see short and sharp wintry showers. After March 14, there seems to be a more settled period of weather.

    This could be down to 'a hot African plume pushing through Portugal and Spain', Express reports. Mr Dale said: "We’re in a bit of a lull at the moment. The 'porridge' is neither too cold nor too hot, with little if anything in the way of snow events.

    "There are however longer term signals for notably warmer weather [in the] final third of the month, dependent upon what looks like a hot African plume pushing through Portugal and Spain."

    from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/uk-news/weather-maps-reveal-african-plume-28759381



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  5. It is of course absolutely hilarious to hear Rishi Sunak complaining about a democratic election and making claims about 'threat to democracy' or whatever.


    I know that the electorate don't actually vote for a Prime Minister, but still, he has not been the Conservative party leader when the public have been asked to go to the polls at a general election.


    And let us not forget that he was never actually 'democratically' elected leader of the Conservatives by the party membership.




    The man was basically 'appointed' by the Tory MPs without the party membership getting a say. The party membership had of course previously voted for Liz Truss to become their leader.


    That speaks volumes for the gulf between a party's grass-roots members and it's 'elite' top-hierarchy.



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  6. OMG we're all going to die! 😝


    Britain's e-bus ticking timebomb: How nearly TWO THOUSAND electric buses worth £800m face urgent recall over fears they could see burst into flames


    Safety watchdogs have ordered the recall of almost 2,000 electric buses over fears they can catch fire if left unattended. 

    The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has warned operators who use the Alexander Dennis Enviro200 and Enviro400 single and double decker buses of the critical safety issue. 

    The buses are currently operational across the UK, with more than 600 in London and a further 100 in Manchester. 

    All of the affected vehicles were manufactured between May 3, 2019 and February 6, 2024. They all contain batteries supplied by Chinese firm BYD.  

    from: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13141825/Britains-e-bus-ticking-timebomb-nearly-TWO-THOUSAND-electric-buses-worth-800m-face-urgent-recall-fears-burst-flames.html


    Oh dear, the Daily Mail are at it again, with a fearmongering headline that really exaggerates the situation.


    I'm not sure why they even dropped in the mention of 'Chinese batteries' into the opening lines of this article.


    If you can bear to work your way through the article, you get the following explanation from Alexander Dennis (the bus manufacturer, not a person!)



    A spokesperson for Alexander Dennis told MailOnline: 'Following an incident earlier this year, Alexander Dennis, BYD and other relevant parties have identified that there is a potential issue relating to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system supplied by Hispacold for some BYD–Alexander Dennis electric buses.

    'The investigation is still ongoing and the root cause has not yet been identified. As the safety of our customers’ team members, bus drivers and passengers is of the utmost importance to us, a safety bulletin has been issued to all affected operators with temporary precautionary measures to ensure the highest levels of safety are met.

    'Further updates will be provided to operators on conclusion of the investigation by Alexander Dennis, BYD and impacted suppliers, in consultation with the DVSA, when we expect to provide a permanent fix to resolve the issue.

    'As far as is currently known, the issue does not directly affect core driveline components such as electric motors or traction batteries. Neither is there currently any suggestion that the issue is linked to other bus fires that recently received media attention as these involved different vehicle types and technologies.'


    Key words here are 'potential, and 'could'.


    Despite a 'recall' notice being issued, the vehicles themselves are not being taken off the road.


    I have been told by a colleague of mine who has contacts within the bus industry, that as long as the HVAC system is fully turned off when the bus goes out of service, then there is no risk to passengers.


    To be fair, this is apparently off the back of ONE electric bus fire, that happened in Putney, London last year.

  7. Meanwhile at Tesco...


    Tesco shoppers' shoplifting warning over new self-checkout system


    Shoppers have branded Tesco' new self-checkout tills "bonkers" - and even claim the system encourages shoplifting. The supermarket giant is trialling new tech which means customers do not have to scan items at the tills.

    Instead, shoppers take items off shelves fitted with weight sensors. As products drop into baskets a camera scans and then tots up what they've got.

    By the time they're at the checkout the customer is presented with a list which is checked and goods are then paid for without the need for scanning. Tesco hopes the system, launced last November, will spell the end of the headache-inducing "unexpected item in the bagging area" warnings.

    However, shoppers have taken to social media to question the move. One said they "hated" it - another said it was "bonkers". Tesco said it was all about making the experience more enjoyable.

    One fumed on X: "So they walk in the shop, pull out their phone, scan the items using their phone and then pay on their phone - this is literally a gift for shoplifters."

    from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/uk-news/tesco-shoppers-shoplifting-warning-over-28729857?int_source=nba


    I don't get why they're "trialling new tech" when they already had something like this. When I used to have a big Tesco Extra near me, I remember seeing the 'Scan And Shop' devices, which were basically a handheld barcode scanner that you could put into a holster on the trolley. The idea being that as you went around the store, you'd scan items as you put them into your trolley, then when you got to the special checkouts, you just had to pay for all the items you had already scanned.


    The reality is that any kind of self-checkout facility is open to abuse by shoplifters.


    The millions of pounds that Tesco et al are investing in 'new tech' in order to make the shopping experience 'more enjoyable' would be better spent on paying staff to do a job.

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  8. 2 hours ago, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:


    It’s not Saharan dust.

    It is always raining down, no matter the weather conditions. 

    During daylight hours, pick a large dark background to stare against whilst outdoors. 
    Don’t try to pick out or look directly for the particles. 
    You should see a fine, white blizzard that falls like rain but a bit more mobile and billowy like snow. It’s very very small, but it’s there, trust me 


    I don't see this during the day, only ever at night. Maybe its to do with the way my eyes adjust in the darkness.


    But yes, it does look like there is a 'blizzard', however while I can see it, there is nothing there, not physically anyway.

  9. On 2/28/2024 at 7:31 PM, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:

    Anyone ever get this? Looking at a space outdoors and seeing tiny particles falling in the direction of the wind? 
    Even on sunny clear days, overcast days, I can ALWAYS see particles wafting around, sometimes it looks like half invisible microscopic rain. It’s never ‘clear’, even when the weather is pristine, there’s always this stuff falling down and there’s a lot of it


    I'm glad you mentioned this. Sometimes when I'm out in my garden at night, if I stand with the light from my kitchen window behind me and look towards something in shadow, if I keep still and look closely, I start seeing what looks like 'snow' falling down from above all around me. When I first experienced this, it kinda spooked me a little, which wasn't surprising as it was a mostly cloudless evening and it wasn't raining or anything, the patio was dry, also it was the middle of summer!

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  10. On 2/28/2024 at 8:01 PM, Why said:

    Ok he is doing a different accent for his Martin character, his beard is more unkempt, but I feel it is the same person.


    On 2/28/2024 at 8:25 PM, xpwales said:

    There's a striking resemblance between the two.


    I don't think they are the same person.


    The truth is that thanks to 'fashion' and 'trends', that's why so many people seem to look alike. Sometimes you can look around and it seems everyone has the same hairstyle and is wearing the same clothes, while in recent years it seems that most men sport big hairy beards now.

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  11. On 2/25/2024 at 10:28 PM, Maggotman said:

    these stores are quite popular with just human checkouts, I have no problem using self service checkouts but it should be about choice, if you go and use tesco self service the voice sounds like rishi sunak


    I agree completely! Self-serve checkouts are fine if you only have a small basket of items, and yes it should be about choice, rather than imposing these things on shoppers.


    When I used to shop at my local Asda in Kings Heath, it was more convenient for me, with a few items in my basket, to use the self-service checkouts (the ones that were working at least!) rather than waiting in line behind people emptying full trolleys at the manned checkouts.


    But in many other shops, I do prefer to wait in line and be served by an actual human being.

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  12. 9 hours ago, Captainlove said:

    I got through my letterbox today a add for the reform party. Is this a party worth voting for? Or do i just not vote at all? Whats your thoughts.



    In all honesty, I don't think so. Just another bunch of 'gatekeepers', controlled opposition, shills for the Establishment, whatever you want to refer to them as.


    I'm seeing parallels with what happened with UKIP a few years ago, just before the EU referendum. And it's no coincidence that Nigel Farage is involved with them.


    It's also no coincidence that Farage is once again cosying up to Trump over in the USA.


    I don't trust them at all, and the fact that the media are giving them attention and airtime also arouses suspicions.





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  13. 21 hours ago, Martin1234 said:


    I know what you mean about Google. I have everything on their ecosystem so they are making loads fun tracking what I do 😞


    The remote desktop is good. Third party solutions do exist.


    For Windows, you may as well use its own Remote Desktop Connection app, it's a direct connection and not being routed through any other third-party.


    For security reasons though, it is best to change the default listening port (don't use 3389!), and set up port forwarding correctly in your router, as well as use a strong password.


    At home, my PC runs Linux, and I use the Remmina client to connect remotely to my Windows PC at work when I'm working at home. It's almost like having two PCs!

  14. Meanwhile in Birmingham, which is currently in the grip of technocrats looking to sell off assets and increase council tax burden in order to balance the books, new local news outlet the Birmingham Dispatch has today produced the first of what should be a 'revealing' look into what went wrong.


    Again, they won't mention the "Common Purpose effect" but it all sounds eerily familiar:


    The ‘pincer manoeuvre’: How secretive leadership and warring staff led Birmingham to the abyss


    “There was a lot of mistrust,” recalls Hamilton about the relationship between elected members and the professional officers. She also mentions something that is a prominent theme in Clancy’s story: that members of the cabinet sometimes felt they weren’t getting the full picture from the officers who were supposed to be serving them. Referring to a later bin strike, under Ian Ward’s leadership in 2018, she reveals senior councillors (other than the leader) were kept out of discussions entirely: “We just weren’t told, it’s as simple as that. I can’t say I was lied to because I wasn’t told.”

    Clancy is more explicit, telling us that council officers repeatedly covered up problems and withheld crucial information from elected members. Manzie denies this. In a short statement to the Dispatch, she told us: "The allegations made by Mr Clancy are untrue. The circumstances of Mr Clancy's resignation as Leader of Birmingham City Council in 2017 are well documented and in the public domain."

    Clancy remembers addressing a large group of council staff at the Hippodrome at one point during his leadership, and reminding them that they work for a political organisation, not a business or a charity. A council is supposed to enact the democratic will of residents, he was saying, and it therefore requires political leadership. 

    from: https://www.birminghamdispatch.co.uk/p/the-pincer-manoeuvre-how-secretive


    Of course, the Common Purpose stooges will themselves lie and deny all allegations made against them, especially when they have been called out. Under normal circumstances, they can just issue a 'press release' to their fellow stooges in the local or national media, who will of course just parrot said press release without question or scrutiny.



    Now, of course, the city is firmly in the hands of technocrats. The commissioners sent in by the government have their hands on the controls, and most of the levers they are pulling will result in drastic cuts. The city is expected to sell £1.25 billion in assets to repay a government loan, and we all face a 21% Council Tax increase. Our street lights will be dimmed, our bins will be collected less often and even the costs of burials will be hiked. 

    Naturally, everyone wants someone to blame. But the truth of this city’s calamity is as messy — and hard to pick through — as a pile of rotting bins on a Birmingham street corner. 


    My emphasis in bold. Finally, someone gets this!

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  15. 9 hours ago, CarpeDiem said:


    It's one of those things that I can actually 'partially' agree with.



    Government figures show a staggering £8.3 billion was lost to fraud and error in the welfare system in 2022/2023, most of it down to fraud committed by claimants. In Universal Credit, the DWP said it had paid out £894 million to people who hadn't declared they'd got too much money to be on benefits.

    There is a capital limit of £16,000 for those on Universal Credit, income-based Jobseeker's Allowance, income-related Employment and Support Allowance, Housing Benefit and Income Support. Benefit claims are stopped if savings exceed that level - and shouldn't be approved in the first place if someone has that much when applying.

    But at present, the DWP can only ask to check an individual's account if it already suspects fraud has been committed. It also relies on claimants themselves to report any changes in circumstances - including large cash deposits - that mean they're no longer entitled to benefits.

    from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/cost-of-living/dwp-confirms-full-list-dates-28677547


    Let's face it, £8.3bn is a hell of a lot of money. That's YOUR hard-earned money taken from you in taxes, being given to people who in many cases 'choose' not to work, because the handouts are so generous.


    The whole benefits system has been designed to be easily 'rigged'. I think it might be the case that a lot of 'fraud' has been committed by people who have been 'advised' on how to 'game the system'.


    Good honest people who suddenly find themselves out of work and having to 'sign on' to receive jobseeker's allowance or income support, have to endure a rigorous grilling and jump through hoops, just to get a pittance in return.


    While it would seem that many people are somehow able to get all manner of benefits thrown at them, and live in a manner that may not be luxurious, but means that gainful employment becomes somehow 'beneath' them.


    Of course, you can then 'supplement' your state income by doing all sorts of 'sidelines', whether that is cash-in-hand work, or other less-illicit means.


    While I don't live there, I do work in Sparkbrook, supposedly one of the 'most deprived' areas of Birmingham, where a high percentage of residents are in receipt of benefits and handouts.


    Yet remarkably, most people there seem to be able to afford brand new cars, and be able to pay for extensions and improvements to their homes. And the numerous cafes and takeaways are never short of customers either.


    It doesn't add up.


    But on the other hand, yes I get what you're alluding to here, there is a precedent being set, whereby institutions can request and gain access to your bank account details.


    It's not nice and not ideal, but at the end of the day, if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about surely?



  16. I have been following The Sandwell Skidder for a couple of years now, and while he never specifically mentions Common Purpose, a lot of what he writes about, detailing the corrupt and crooked activities at Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council in the West Midlands, does bear all the hallmarks of Common Purpose and what they get up to, as well as how they cover for each other.


    I thought I'd highlight a couple of his recent posts as 'cases in point'.


    The first one is a bit of a lengthy read, you may not be familiar with the Sandwell area and some of the names/people mentioned, and you don't need to be.


    Nasty Sandwell Scumbag, Paul Reeves, gets suspended jail sentence




    Reeves was also directly involved in the “C*cksucker” affair when I used that apt word to describe Jan Britton whilst, unfortunately, having a megaphone in my hand (as one does!) Reeves immediately called his pals in the Bent Blues who appeared almost instantaneously to harass me (try getting them to come out so quickly if your house is being burgled). Regular readers will know the story. The Police (and CPS) couldn’t wait to prosecute me and did not bother to await video and other evidence via my (then) Solicitor. They charged me as quickly as they could (and, deliberately and maliciously, with a more serious offence than a simple "public order" one). At the trial, Jan Britton and Reeves both told exactly the same lie under oath in the witness box, but all to no avail since I was acquitted as soon as the District Judge watched the video footage (which, incredibly, the Bent Blues and the CPS had still not even bothered to do before the trial had actually commenced)!

    After the trial I endeavoured to have West Midlands Police prosecute the pair for perjury but, yet again, the Bent Blues protected their pals. Oh, and at the time Britton’s son was working for - yes, you guessed it - West Midlands Police. 

    What is so sick about West Midlands Police (and it has to be said, in fairness, that there now APPEARS to be a change of attitude under recent local force leadership in Sandwell) is that in all the matters raised by this blog the Police carry out little or, more usually, NO investigation whatsoever into alleged criminality at the Council despite their considerable legal powers. They are STILL at it now - refusing to investigate the Peter & Pam Hughes/Satnam Sahota activity or the bent Lion Farm and other deals involving Jeremy Knight Adams.

    The excuse given by the Bent Blues for not prosecuting the pair for perjury was that - by an amazing coincidence - Britton and Reeves might both simply have been “mistaken” and it was pure chance that they both told precisely the same lie under oath! What I suspected - but didn’t know at the time of my complaint to WMP - was that the pair had actually colluded with respect to their evidence. It later transpired that they had done exactly that, and Sandwell Council itself was so concerned that IT sent documents to West Midlands Police about both Britton and Reeves showing this. Even then, the Bent Blues refused to investigate their chums! Absolutely sickening.


    Remember folks, these Common Purpose 'change agents' are EVERYWHERE, in the civil service (local AND national), the police, the judiciary, and the media.


    And what they do is 'look after their own'.



    Another issue - which I cannot discuss here I’m afraid (at least not yet) - led to certain information about Reeves being sent directly to West Midlands Police. In particular, “intel” was sent directly to former Sandwell Chief Super, Richard Baker (now an Assistant Chief Constable). Regular readers will know that “Rich”, as his erstwhile mate The Squealer called him, was - initially - the puppet of Eling and Britton although, to be fair to him, the scales eventually fell away from his eyes and he told the tyrannical Eling, in terms, to “do one”. I can say, however, that information regarding Reeves was supplied directly to Ch Supt Baker on, at least, 7th January, 2019 and 13th February, 2019 but, yet again, no action was taken. Who knows whether his criminality might have been nipped in the bud if Reeves had been investigated at this time rather than him carrying on believing himself to be impregnable? (There is another serious issue arising from all this which I cannot describe at this time).

    Reeves was suspended and eventually “left” the Council. He reappeared as a school caretaker (grandly described as some sort of "Facilities Manager) until around October, 2020 when, to universal astonishment amongst The Skidderati, he was also taken on by Holdens Brewery as the new mein host of The Wheatsheaf pub in West Bromwich (on a self-employed basis). Myself and others tried to warn Holdens via social media - including on 12th October, 2020 - what this **** is like but to no avail. Remember - Read The Skidder, Kidders! We know now that Reeves continued with both jobs simultaneously. Shireland Academy, the schools group, were apparently so happy with his work at their West Bromwich Collegiate Academy outpost on Kelvin Way that they allowed him to run The Wheatsheaf on the side!


    And you can add to that list above the whole education system, in particular all these 'academy groups' that have sprung up in recent years.


    Another interesting post highlights that this level of ineptitude, corruption and crookedness is not solely the domain of Labour-controlled councils.


    Your democratically-elected councillors are NOT the ones actually in control of your local council any more!


    Four (Tories) Go Mad in Dorset!




    In Sandwell this blog exposed a scam whereby bent Labour sidestep employment and equality laws to appoint people without going through tiresome processes to assess their suitability or aptitude. They do this by simply declaring that a hitherto permanent post needs to be filled on an  "interim" (temporary) basis or simply create new "interim" posts. In Sadders bent Labour tried to provide cover for their contempt for the law, and the Council's own rules, by involving that notorious mafia, the Local Government Association (The "LGA" or "Lying, Greedy, Arseholes") in the supposedly "fair" interim recruitment process. Thus when former Council Leader [sic] Cllr Rajbir "The Boy Blunder" Singh sacked Chief Exec, David Stevens, he used WhatsApp and other deletable message apps etc., to appoint a new "Interim Chief Executive", Kim Bromley-Derry, via the LGA. And when Keir "Sir Woodenarse" Starmer said he was going to take a personal interest in Sandwell he was true to his word and his crony, Imogen Walker, was made "Interim Head of the Leader's Office" - a brand new post. The fact that Walker actually lives at least 256 miles from Sandwell in Scotland was no bar to the appointment, and the taxpayer has been lining her pockets ever since. [The Information Commissioner is investigating these appointments given that the LGA has tried to conceal documentation relating to their role in these sordid affairs. It should also be said that neither the three Sandwell MP's nor the small but ever-shrinking group of hapless Tory Councillors have raised any public objections to these appointments. Oh, and by the way, the LGA receives huge sums of taxpayers' money despite behaving like a medieval guild.]

    I should add that in bent Councils like Labour Sandwell (currently in Government Special measures due to serious governance issues) once a "rigged" candidate is agreed, a no-hoper is also interviewed to make it look as if there had been some sort of competitive process.

    Dorset Council has a Chief Executive called Matthew Prosser who, as it happens, also happens to be President of another local government "jobs for the boys and girls" outfit which goes by the absurd name of Solace UK. WTF? Solace seeks to help senior local government officers keep their seats on the gravy train.



    There was a time when councillors and indeed MPs were elected on the basis of representing their constituents, and it used to be the case that any prospective candidate had to actually live in that area.


    In some councils, the corruption and influence of Common Purpose would appear to extend beyond its 'paid civil service' and into cliques of councillors themselves.


    The following post highlights this, as well as how connections are made between local authorities, following on from the above post.


    Labour's "Sperminator" ejaculated!




    Mystery surrounds the departure from the Labour Party of its most notorious masturbator, Cllr John Tipper. The infamous w*nker has left Labour and is now standing (erectly - Ed?) as an "Independent". This after the current local Labour Leader and Party Regional Office moved heaven and earth for Mr Tosser Tipper to be found a safe seat with a moronic electorate in bent Sandwell (an easy task in the local Dictatorship).

    Regular readers will know that during an earlier stint as a Sandwell Councillor, Tipper had cause to borrow a Council (i.e. taxpayer-owned) iPhone whereupon he used it to video himself masturbating before sending the offending footage (??? - Ed) to a woman of his acquaintance. Alas, John is not very bright and forgot to delete his, er, handiwork from the phone before returning it to the corrupt Council.

    I have written about this episode and subsequent events before (Skidders passim as nauseum). Tipper left the Council but the "cum-back" kid promised, like The Terminator, he would return. He (and his "journalist" mate) are assiduous (metaphorical) rimmers of Sandwell Labour Leader [sic] the pathetic liar, Kerrie "Dim Kez" Carmichael and so the time was ripe for a seat to be found for him.


    Rotherham is much like bent Sandwell Council. An absolute sh*thole after decades of Labour control - with many of the same social problems. The bent Council, also like Sadders, enjoyed an inappropriate liaison with their local Police force. 


    Perhaps the only difference between the two rotten Boroughs is that the extensive child sexual abuse in both areas was actually exposed in Rotherham leading to the resignations of the Council’s Chief Executive, Director of Children’s Services and the Police and Crime Commissioner. Meanwhile is Sadders …


    And regular readers will know the even stranger link between the two bent Councils. The Chair of the Warley Woods charity and crazed tyrant, Steve “Squealing” Eling, was (and apparently still is) an employee of Rotherham Council, and was so during the time he (and others like Jan Britton) were plunging Sandwell headlong into the well of corruption as Labour’s Deputy Council Leader and, then, Leader. This vile man kept a pied a terre near Warley Woods but actually lived over 60 miles away from sh*thole Bearwood in a quaint North Derbyshire village.


    Curiously Sandwell’s highly paid Chief Executive, Shokat Lal, also worked at Rotherham for a time and, in fact, worked with The Squealer. Lal has insisted on yet another costly “re-structuring” and has reinstated the post of “Assistant Chief Executive”. This has been filled by one James McLaughlin who, from, 2016 to 2020 also worked with The Squealer at, er, Rotherham Council. Small world isn’t it?


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  17. On 2/23/2024 at 11:23 PM, Martin1234 said:

    I run a nas drive and can access that from anywhere.


    I leave a PC on all the time and can access it via Google remote. Basically I can use my full network at home over a mobile phone. Easy to set it all up.


    Yes, NAS (network attached storage) drives are quite popular, and many can be configured so you can access them remotely.


    I've not come across Google Remote before to be honest, though if it's by Google then I'd instantly distrust it.

  18. On 2/4/2024 at 8:53 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

    The recent Gaza/Israel conflict has highlighted a very real division within the Labour party and its members. Starmer's failure to stand up to the Friends Of Israel lobbyists could potentially see much of their core voter base, ie Muslims, happily give their vote to any new party that pledged to 'free Palestine' in its manifesto. 😏


    Keep en eye on Rochdale... 😏


    Rochdale: Is this the most chaotic by-election ever?



    This will be a kind of 'test-run' I feel...



    The vote next Thursday - caused by the death of the town's widely respected Labour MP Sir Tony Lloyd - should have been relatively straightforward for Sir Keir Starmer's party, riding high on the back of a string of by-election victories around the country.

    But the entry into the race of maverick former MP and left-wing firebrand George Galloway - and the spectacular implosion of Labour's campaign - has thrown the contest wide open.

    Mr Galloway is mainly targeting Rochdale's Muslim population, who make up about 30% of the electorate, many of whom are angry about what is happening in Gaza.

    "The people of Gaza don't have a vote in this election, you do," reads one of his campaign leaflets.

    At a meeting at the town's Kashmir Youth Project, he says that, if elected, he will "enter the chamber of the House of Commons like a tornado" and "shake the walls for Gaza".


    And there was me thinking that UK MPs were elected to represent their constituents, not people in some far-flung place.



    He says he wants to use Rochdale as a launchpad for his Workers Party of Britain, which is trying to recruit 50 candidates to send a message to Keir Starmer at the general election.


    Let's face it, this is just another "communist party".


    And does anyone get tired of hearing people being urged to vote for someone/something just to "send a message".


    It doesn't fucking work! They never get the message. You have to vote for someone/something that you believe will win and actually change things for the better.

  19. 11 hours ago, jack121 said:

    I find it amusing when i do on the rare ocassion go to the supermarkets that it takes longer to go through the self-service checkouts than the human operated ones - but sheep will be sheep. And the checkouts need humans to unjam the machines when they get stuck, need humans to put up notices saying : This machine is fucked, please use another one. They need humans to plug them in and power them up and feed them paper for the receipts, feed them change for the cash purchases. They need humans full stop. Hah! So much for AI taking over the world. AI is thick. AI doesn't know its arse from its elbow. I've seen people walk out with shopping trollies full of unpaid food, but i haven't seen AI jump up, and chase after them - All AI does is say : Please be a good sheep and obey all of my rules

    Makes me wonder what they are going to do in the future, when people are starving to death and will do just about anything


    Yes, that is true - a staff-manned checkout is always going to be far more efficient, simply because a trained checkout operator is more experienced at scanning items from a motorised conveyor belt, than your average shopper is.


    To be fair, at least the big supermarkets actually designed their self-service checkouts the best they could, though you'd be there forever if you had a full trolley of groceries.


    What always galled me was in stores like Wilko and Matalan, where their idea of creating self-service checkouts was to simply rotate the EPOS machine on the counter so that it faced the customer. Unless you only had one or two items, you just didn't have any space to work in. It just became an awkward and off-putting experience.


    I get most of my groceries from Iceland - thankfully they resisted the move towards self-service and still have manned tills. Everything else I need I get from my local Nisa or other independent supermarkets, I don't think they are really that much more expensive than Tesco, Sainsburys et al despite the media propaganda and advertising.

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  20. 8 minutes ago, Grumpy Grapes said:



    "WX Charts" is sometimes cited, but they rely on "Met Desk" data, apparently. Here's the latest snow prediction:


    "Met Office speaks out over 'freezing' end to February and date of next snow"


    "Charts show a ten-day Polar and Arctic blast, with WX Charts, which uses Met Desk data, predicting sub-zero conditions from February 21 to March. 1."


    "Long range forecasts predict a freezing end to February for the UK - as the Met Office has its say. Charts show a ten-day Polar and Arctic blast, with WX Charts, which uses Met Desk data, predicting sub-zero conditions from February 21 to March. 1."

    "Flurries of snow, with a blanket of the white stuff expected, are predicted for everywhere from Birmingham and Cardiff to Newcastle, Manchester, Edinburgh, Inverness and Glasgow. The Met Office has also predicted temperatures could fall towards the end of the month, bringing "the potential for snow" in some areas."




    "UK weather: Terrifying map shows 621-mile Atlantic storm bringing 12 inches of snow"


    "Terryifying weather maps have revealed that a 631-mile Atlantic storm will hit the UK and cause tempartures to plummet.

    It comes as forecasters warned that the country will face a "major spell of cold weather and widespread snow " later this month. According to WX Charts, members of the public can expect to see around 12 inches of snow. It is believed the wintry conditions will last for a few days but will first show up with rain."




    But it turns out to be bullshit. I don't doubt that some parts of the UK might see some snow, as has happened in recent weeks, but here in Birmingham, we're still waiting for this 'snow bomb' to hit, and looking at the Weather Channel forecast, it's looking extremely unlikely this will happen:




    It's just fear-mongering click-bait, hence the use of 'terrifying'.


    On the plus side, at least our gardens are getting a good soaking, which tells me that we could be in line for another long hot summer this year, we can but hope!


    Which sadly also means that within a matter of weeks, we'll no doubt start seeing the fear-mongering 'heatwave' headlines start to appear...

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  21. On 2/13/2024 at 4:08 PM, Grumpy Grapes said:

    "Claims of 630-mile 'ice bomb' that will blanket UK in snow dismissed by Met Office" (Ellen Manning, 13 February 2024)


    "The Met Office has dismissed claims that a '630-mile ice bomb' is set to hit the UK, saying the uncertainty of long-range weather forecasts means it can't accurately predict such weather events."


    "Channel 4 News weather presenter Liam Dutton was even more critical, tweeting: "Since early winter, there have been silly tabloid headlines of 'snow bombs,' 'walls of snow' etc. Yet away from northern hills, most of us have had no snow, or snow that lasted little more than a day or so. Same nonsense every winter. Do they think people don't remember?"


    "It is not the first time the Met Office has felt the need to point out the uncertainty in long-range forecasting. At the start of the month, forecasters pointed out how confidence levels vary depending on conditions and how long-term the forecasts are, emphasising that people shouldn't put too much emphasis in one map."






    It's funny that, because most of the 'tabloid headlines' are all formed from press releases put out by the, er, Met Office.


    It's almost laughable that the Met Office feels the need to debunk it's own fake news.



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  22. On 2/14/2024 at 9:22 PM, numnuts said:

    The problem for the PTB, is that they can't openly do that. A Tory government that delivered Brexit, on the back of an emphatic general election win with a Brexit promise at its core, can't be seen to play any meaningful part in reversing it. Not even dumbed down sheeple would swallow that pill. Therefore, it is critical, absolutely critical, for the PTB to get Starmer elected to do their dirty work. A lot of 'other things' have also been going on in the background, so as to help enable a Starmer victory. Furthermore, I believe that there is a clause that allows for Brexit to be 'renegotiated' in 2024. How convenient. So, what are these 'other things' that have been going on in the background?


    Politics is all a 'puppet show', and it has just become another form of 'entertainment for the masses'.


    The "other things going on in the background" have been the social engineering and behavioural manipulation of the general public by the mainstream media, who have been conditioned into believing that they are "fed up" with this Tory government, and that it is "time for change" which 'only Labour can deliver'.


    I don't know about this clause on Brexit, but it wouldn't take much for Labour to bury details about this somewhere in its party manifesto, and then distract voters by focusing on things like 'funding public services and the NHS'.


    The trouble is that many voters never bother to read the full details of party manifestos, and they do so at their peril. You get what you vote for - whatever is detailed in that manifesto, if that party wins, then it rightfully claims to have a 'mandate from the people' to carry it out, even if less than half the electorate actually voted for it.


    I do find it interesting regarding these two by-elections that even the BBC doesn't bother to give a mention to the LibDems or Greens, but does give attention to Reform UK.



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