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  1. Are you a virologist by any chance? Pretty much most of what David Icke has talked or written about over the years has been 'totally debunked' by 'experts'. Do you completely trust 'experts' such as Prof Chris Whitty, Prof Neil Ferguson and Dr Jonathan Van-Tam?
  2. I would agree with you that I find characters like Dr Sam Bailey a bit suspicious, especially how she's been allowed to rise to some prominence, but then that is my own opinion, I don't know her personally and I don't regularly watch her videos. She can't be a very busy NZ GP if she has the time to regularly produce these videos for her channels. But then again, you keep bringing up 'mainstream System academics' as your counter-point, while also claiming to 'support' many other of David Icke's 'ideas', which have most probably at some point also been demolished by these same System 'academics' and dismissed as 'fringe' theories.
  3. As has been pointed out already earlier in this topic, Switzerland already has a system of direct democracy in place, which I understand works quite well, with numerous referenda on various issues and policy decisions. So I don't think anything needs to be invented from scratch, you'd just need to look more closely at the Swiss model. A couple of years ago now, when I was a member of UKIP, I know that direct democracy was something that was being looked at seriously, and some bods within the party had developed some kind of system for this, which they were looking to implement internally for party members so that everyone had a say with regards to policy formation and implementation.
  4. It is definitely all a lie... what I forgot to add to my post is that the company I arranged my IVA with actually encouraged me to 'falsify' (or at least exaggerate) some of my monthly outgoings, in order to reduce how much I was able to pay back (thus leaving me with a little bit of monthly 'surplus'). And yes, I have heard about how companies will sell off 'debts' to other companies, well that's definitely all a bit "weird" isn't it? I would never actively encourage anyone to get themselves into the levels of debt that they could never afford to repay. But my advice is that more debt is not the way to get out of debt. Anyone struggling to meet monthly repayments should seriously look into such schemes as IVAs, but they are only ever a 'solution' if you are prepared to understand the limits of your spending and to live within your means. If only there was some way to implement these IVAs on a global scale, we could write off so much world debt and some poorer countries could have a clean slate to start again.
  5. When I point out things like "a lack of critical thinking", it is just an observation of mine, and not intended as a 'slur' against anyone. I do think a significant number of people may have been 'mass hypnotised' in some way, or at least are under some kind of behavioural engineering 'coercive control'. I have an elderly neighbour of mine, who has talked to me freely before about 'aliens' and 'government conspiracies', yet is fully onboard with the Covid narrative, is fully jabbed up and won't leave our block without wearing a mask.
  6. The global economy is all built on debt. The more money that is 'borrowed' (ie created out of thin air) and has to be paid back with interest, the more the debt increases. If all 'borrowing' stopped tomorrow, there is not enough money in circulation around the world to pay off these debts. If I was to 'lend' someone £100, it would be out of my own pocket. I could ask that person to pay me back £120, £12 a week for ten weeks. If they failed to pay me back, I've lost £100 of my own money. Banks that loan money to lenders, simply by conjuring money out of thin air, and inputting numbers into the lender's account, only ever lose out on the interest repayments. Many years ago now, I got myself into financial difficulties, thanks to frivolous use of credit cards and mail order catalogue accounts. I ended up taking out a loan from my bank, but while I successfully paid off my mail order catalogue account, and cleared down my credit card balances, I foolishly continued to use one credit card. Despite starting a new better-paid job, I found myself in the position where I was struggling to meet my monthly repayments. I ended up signing up for an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) and while I had to endure five years of near-hardship, I am now 'debt-free' and have been for nearly ten years now and am in full control of my personal finances. I owed my creditors nearly £20k, and probably paid back less than half of that during my IVA period, with the rest being 'written off'. I think it was NatWest, who 'loaned' me £15k, who were my biggest creditor. Looking back, knowing what I know now, they have only lost out on the 'potential interest repayments' over the term of that loan, they still got some of that money so haven't really lost out, have they?
  7. Virtue-signalling mainly. Even amongst the wealthy, there are still 'tiers'. The rich, the super-rich, the ultra-rich. Ordinary people will support such initiatives, because they believe then that 'all wealthy people' will pay their 'fair share' of tax. The rich people end up 'less rich', while the super and ultra rich continue to hide their wealth and avoid paying tax.
  8. You missed the bit where if the debtor is unable to pay back the loan, the creditor is able to seize assets (actual wealth) in order to 'recover' that debt. If you fail to keep up repayments on your mortgage, your house can be repossesed by the bank. You end up homeless, and the bank gains your house as an asset of value. An asset bought with money that never existed in the first place.
  9. How reliable are these 'various sources' though? Sorry, but it reads like science fiction fantasy to me.
  10. Ooh, because the dinosaurs died out from climate change caused by them using fossil fuels. Or maybe...
  11. Regardless of whether you believe that Covid-19 is a real disease/virus or not - or if viruses themselves even exist - the biggest takeaway is the lack of critical or even logical thinking. 2020: A new 'novel' deadly and lethal virus sweeps across the world. The vast majority of people who 'catch' this virus exhibit no symptoms and don't get sick or die. Most people who do exhibit symptoms and fall ill recover after a few days. Most people who get sick and die have existing conditions that would have likely finished them off after a really bad cold or flu. There were lockdowns, restrictions, businesses closed, mask mandates. 'Cases' continued to rise, people continued to die. 2021: Various vaccines were 'rolled-out', with the idea being 'get the jab, get your freedom back, this will soon be over'. It was claimed "get the vaccine, you won't die from Covid". A disease which has something like a 95% survival rate. But the vaccines don't stop you catching Covid. You can still 'spread it', and as we have seen unfortunately, you can actually still die from it. So what's the point of the vaccines then? And it is now being proposed that we segregate society into 'vaxxed' and 'unvaxxed', with the use of 'vaccine passports'. What difference is it going to make? The 'vaxxed' may get privileges denied to those who are 'unvaxxed', but the vaxxed can still spread this 'lethal and deadly' virus amongst themselves, and even the vaxxed can get sick and die. It's all a load of illogical horseshit.
  12. When I first saw that, my first thought was that it was perhaps due to the way the reports were 'plotted' on a map grid, due to the accuracy of mapping resolutions. Then last night, I saw this, Ben Davidson would agree:
  13. When I mentioned 'hive mind', I referred to 'some members', not all. And when I mentioned 'all opinions', of course blatant and obvious shills and trolls will be dealt with, provided members use the correct process of reporting posts in order to get moderators' attention. What I objected to was the way that some members react to others who have a slightly different opinion.
  14. I kept this one on my website for posterity: “We do not recommend face masks for general wearing” (April 2020) https://thegrumpyowl.co.uk/2020/07/12/flashback-we-do-not-recommend-face-masks-for-general-wearing-april-2020/
  15. MOD NOTE May I take this opportunity to remind ALL members here that this is a discussion forum, and that all opinions are allowed, even if they differ to your own. If you disagree with someone's opinion, then debate that opinion, rather than resort to insults and foul language.
  16. The problem in this thread is that some members have decided that no-one is allowed to have a different opinion, therefore anyone that does not go along with the 'hive mind' way of thinking is automatically assumed to be a 'troll'.
  17. Yes, the Canary Islands are a holiday destination and under the administration of the Spanish government, but they are located off the west coast of Africa. and not part of Europe.
  18. Whose "facts" though? I do seriously note with interest that this particular thread is the only one you ever participate in, despite being someone who supposedly has followed David Icke and believes/supports much of what he has previously said/written. Despite what you insist, you're coming across like a gatekeeper to me. Prove me wrong, or be gone from here.
  19. And I go back to what I have said previously, in that 'all these people' with their 'virology knowledge' are never going to turn round and admit that viruses don't exist, because then they would lose any credibility they ever had. If you've ever really followed or read any of David Icke's work, you should know what he means when he talks about "The System". People heaviliy ingrained into, or invested in, The System, rarely break ranks. People like Kaufman, Lanka and Cowan that you keep mentioning may well be frauds, I don't know. But you are never going to get any support for their theories from 'system experts', who have their own vested interests in maintaining the status quo. Like I said, it all comes down to what you yourself believe. You can choose to believe that David Icke is wrong and that viruses exist, because 'virologists say they do'. It's like saying that someone is wrong when they say that 'God doesn't exist', because 'thousands of vicars and priests' believe that God does exist. Well, "they would say that".
  20. The link shows the correct document though it is titled in my browser as Non-Domestic Rating (Public Lavatories).
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