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  1. "The Queen has died!" Me: I'm so glad I don't watch TV any more, as I'm pretty sure what it's like right now - all your favourite shows 'cancelled' and replaced with wall-to-wall 'tributes' and people being 'sad'. My neighbour told me when I arrived home this evening. I did have a quick look on the BBC News website "just to be sure", and I did feel a little sad briefly, after all regardless of your feelings towards her and the Royal Family in general, she was still someone's great-granny etc. Still, the prospect of King Charles II is a pretty grim one, what with hime set to become the "Green King" and all that...
  2. Just to add to the above, yes there are also large volumes of frozen water on our planet which is not already in our seas and is trapped on land. Glaciers are basically large frozen rivers, as they slowly thaw, some water will trickle down into the sea and join the ocean, but don't forget that water is also absorbed into the ground. Obviously if there was some massive 'flash' heating event that occurred which caused any glacier to 'instantaneously melt' there would be a big risk of some localised flooding if that 'new water' couldn't drain away fast enough. The thing is though if such an event were to occur, the heat would probably wipe us out first, we'd never know by how much the sea levels eventually rose!
  3. I have two ways of looking at this. First of all, I would hope that she was dissuaded from taking GCSE Italian because her teachers felt that as she was already fluent in the language, there would be no 'challenge' presented, and she would actually find it quite tedious, trying to 'learn' something that she already knew. On the other hand, it is more likely that - as you seem to suggest - her teachers really have no clue about her abilities, and merely 'assumed' that learning Italian would be 'too difficult' for her. It is my opinion now that most teachers are that obsessed with stats and results, that they have forgotten to treat their pupils like human beings to be nurtured and encouraged.
  4. Thanks for that, I could have done with this a while back when I was trying to explain the principle here before. Its a very simple scientific experiment anyone can do at home. When water freezes it expands and increases its volume, but the amount of water stays the same. Actually if anything, the more ice there is in the ocean, then that should theoretically increase sea levels, so if anything as the oceans warm and the ice melts, we should technically see sea levels lower slightly.
  5. From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-62801913 Doesn't sound very "Conservative" to me. More like a Labour party approach. And I don't like the sound of this "break free of the Treasury's strict spending rules" - after all aren't such rules put in place for good reason? The more money that is "borrowed", the more the national debt increases and so does the 'tax burden', we all end up paying dearly in the long-term.
  6. He's a comedian. He was taking the piss. I'm no Joe Jycett fan and I don't agree with his views, but I do like a bit of wry 'dry' sarcastic humour, and that's what he was doing in that segment.
  7. The only books that get 'banned' are those that contain any resemblance of 'truth'. Your 'bible' is qute safe, as are the Koran and others. The 'holy books' just get 'revised' and rewritten to suit agendas.
  8. Yeah, but how many of these will actually carry though on this? Very few, most people who make these kinds of 'pledges' only do so so that they can virtue-signal or boast to others about how they're 'smashing the system'. But even so, what's that, almost 150k? Or around 0.2% of the population? I bet the energy suppliers are shitting themselves!
  9. I've just watched the video linked to in that article. Clearly he is taking the piss and having a laugh at their expense. I don't think he'll be asked back onto that show again.
  10. I think that's the intention, but ultimately it didn't really matter who 'won' the race to become The Next Prime Minister. It's worth pointing out that the media seemed to already 'know' that Ms Truss was the winner last week, as I pointed out in another thread here: I can't be bothered right now to read this Birmingham Mail article, but here's how it appears on their homepage: Expect more social engineering over the next twelve months, all 'conditioning' people to 'vote Labour' at the next general election. I don't have the link right now, but I saw some article on the BBC News website over the weekend which included something along the lines of "strategists have already put forward 5th October 2023 as a likely snap-election date". Liz Truss will be the last Conservative prime minister ever.
  11. Thanks for that, I had never heard of this before I posted that image, which was just some random one I found on the internet to illustrate my point.
  12. It's also where the "culture of entitlement" eventually leads. As well as the social media 'influencers' I already mentioned, who knows what ideas are being poured into these kids minds by their teachers at school.
  13. The thing is its not just London. This kind of shit is all over social media, and one has to wonder if it is all being orchestrated or organised somehow. Not quite at the same level, but still quite unpleasant. Schoolboys hurl abuse at KFC staff as they chuck cutlery over counter in Bloxwich From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/schoolboys-hurl-abuse-kfc-staff-24923662 Are we actually witnessing the end of civilsation as we know it? Or is it more the case that these groups of kids are being 'influenced' by the people they follow on social media tat such as TikTok?
  14. All the pubs up for sale in the Midlands right now - from Birmingham to Shropshire Fancy running your own boozer? Here are 20 pubs that are currently up for sale across the Midlands https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/pubs-up-sale-midlands-right-24841905 And yes this is the same news outlet that has been warning recently about pubs potentially closing down or going out of business due to 'rising energy costs'.
  15. You wouldn't recognise the place now. The only Irish pub I knew about there was Casey Joes, that was the other end of Warwick Road going into Olton, but I don't think that opened until 2009/2010. Pubs-wise, the only one left in the main 'village' area is the Spread Eagle (Wetherspoons). The Red Lion got knocked down when Morrisons took over the Sainsburys store and wanted to extend the car park. And the famous Inn On The Green closed its doors for good last year.
  16. The results of the Tory party leadership election haven't been announced yet, but once again there are 'suggestions' from the media on who is being 'tipped' for cabinet roles. I guess this means that even the Prime Minister doesn't get to choose who sits in their cabinet. To be fair, ministers don't need to be 'experts' at anything, they are just figureheads themselves, that's why its always the same 'familiar faces' that get shuffled round into different roles. The real power lies with the 'experts' - the technocrats - that 'guide and advise' them.
  17. The 'decline of the high street' has been going on for years. I lived in Acocks Green in Birmingham for eight years from 2008, when I first moved there, there was a great selection of local shops, but as time went by, as shops closed down, they seemed to be replaced by charity shops or takeaways. The 'rise of the barbershop' phenomenon is fairly recent, certainly in the last few years, and it is noticable just how many Turkish barbers there are now on high streets everywhere up and down the country. And people are starting to notice and question this.
  18. From that article: Alan Sugar, known for hosting The Apprentice, has branded Boris and Gove as the "biggest liars of 2016" for the infamous "red bus" that implied the £350million sent to the EU each week would instead be used to fund the NHS following Brexit. The bus made headlines back in 2016 and was a major turning point for the Brexit campaign thanks to the promise splashed on the side. It read: "We send the EU £350 million a week. Let's fund out NHS instead. Vote Leave." Raging to his five million followers on Twitter, Lord Sugar wrote: "The biggest liars in 2016 was Boris and Gove with the red bus. They should both go to Jail. As a chairman of a public company if I mislead or lied to my shareholders ( in this case the public ) I would be sent to jail." He quote tweeted an image that read: "Brexit has not worked. There are no opportunities. It was all based on lies. The sooner we admit this the better." Pompous overbearing twat. And typical Remainer with no other valid argument than to keep beating with the 'big red bus' stick after all these years. Talk about living in the past. The problem was trusting the Conservatives to actually deliver a 'proper Brexit'. There should have been plenty of opportunities, however the likes of Sugar failed to grasp them.
  19. I think it's a sad state of affairs when I guessed these women would be Romanian before I even clicked on that link. (or saw the photo KingKitty had already shared). For the record, that is a valid observation proven to be correct, so I'm not making any 'racist' remark.
  20. NLP is a cornerstone technique employed by Common Purpose as part of their 'training programmes'.
  21. It's 'berry' season, the birds will be feasting on them right around now. Hence the often 'funny-coloured' bird poo.
  22. I used to frequent a local pub when I was younger. I used to enjoy a drink (and still do), whether it was while watching a football match on the 'big TV', or just 'putting the world to rights' with some of the other locals, or even having a blast on the weekly karaoke. Being drunk around other drunk people is fine to me. Now I'm older and wiser, if I'm sober, I can't really stand to be around drunkards to be honest. (Especially not on the bus in the morning going to work!) Times have changed though, when I used to regularly go drinking in pubs, the pissheads were just generally having a laugh amongst themselves, or minding their own business at the end of the bar, or in the corner of the lounge. You'd get a few loutish thugs, but not that many. The problem nowadays is that this culture of "getting hammered" is endemic. Gone are the days when someone could go out to a bar or pub, enjoy a few leisurely drinks and be merry, and then go home when you think you've had enough. The culture has bred a generation of people for whom the idea of a 'good night out' is to get absolutely hammered as quickly as possible, and then be unable to remember anything afterwards. Or to get so drunk that you just want to take on the world, and have as many fights as possible with anyone who dares to upset or 'disrespect' you. The other truth is that I simply couldn't afford to go to a pub nowadays and drink the amount I used to. I used to be able to go down my local with a £10 note and that could cover four pints, which for me was a 'good evening'. £10 nowadays just about covers the cost of two 4 packs from the off-licence, which keeps me going for 2 or 3 days if I stay at home.
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