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  1. 9 hours ago, Grumpy Grapes said:

    Was this a freak weather occurrence in Scotland, or was it shared by the rest of the country? 


    "Weather record for warmest January set in Scottish Highlands" 


    A new UK record high temperature has been set in the Scottish Highlands, according to provisional figures from the Met Office.

    It recorded a peak of 19.6C (67.3F) at Kinlochewe on Sunday, making it hotter than Rome and the Cote d'Azur.


    https://www-bbc-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-68119951.amp?amp_js_v=a6&amp_gsa=1#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s


    Thanks, I saw this story too. It wasn't shared by the rest of the country though, and it's not such a 'freak occurrence after all'.


    From that article:



    The temperature in Kinlochewe was significantly higher than the 18.3C (65F) recorded both at Inchmarlo and Aboyne in Aberdeenshire on 26 January 2003.

    The previous record high for the winter months for Scotland, was 18.7C (65.6F) which was recorded in Achfary in Sutherland on 28 December 2018.


    And there's an explanation given too:



    BBC Scotland forecaster and meteorologist Calum MacColl said the balmy weather was due in part to something known as the Foehn effect.

    He explained: "The Foehn effect is where, within a stable atmospheric environment, air is forced to rise up and over the hills and mountains, before descending back towards the surface on the leeward or downwind side of the mountains.

    "On the windward side on the mountains, the air is mild and moist, but will cool by around 0.6 degree Celsius per 100m as it rises up the hill side. However, as the air mass then reaches the tops of the hills, it then descends and in doing so will dry out and subsequently warm by 1 degree Celsius per 100m.

    "This results in higher temperatures being recorded on the downwind side compared with the windward side on the mountains."

    He said southerly winds were also drawing up a very mild air mass across Scotland, leading to unusually warm conditions.


    Nice weather if you can get it, for this time of year!



    Donald MacLennan, manager of the Kinlochewe Hotel, confirmed it was "really hot outside".

    "But I can't see anyone out enjoying it as it's blowing a hoolie," he added.


    Oh come on, 19C isn't "really hot", that's got to be an exaggeration.


  2. 17 hours ago, Grumpy Grapes said:

    Piers Corbyn claims he predicted earthquakes:


    "27 Jan 2024 major earth facing coronal holes in our WeatherAction.com forecasted R5 (Red5) period 25-27 Jan



    "There was also a significant earthquake m=6.1 in Guatemala on 27th confirming our warning of increased major earthquake risk in this R5 period." 


    "BRILLIANT! There was a very significant  M6.5 earthquake on morning of Jan 28th (ie within half a day if the R5 forecasted 25-27th for extra risk), in Brazil. Note M6.5 is  significant success in 25-27 +-0.5d ie 4d period where expected score is 4x5/28=0.7 and score was 1.0 M6.5+ quakes."




    Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers has been predicting and reporting on earthquakes for several years, I'm curious as to why Piers Corbyn is jumping on this bandwagon now.



  3. 12 hours ago, Mr H said:

    @Macnamaraok thanks.


    I think we can see cultural Marxism in our culture today. That is undeniable. I think what is less clear is that their are a group of folks called Sabbatean Jews who are controlling everything. 


    Seems to me money lenders have and will always run the show, followed by the military industrial complex and large corporations. No doubt there's secret societies going on underneath. But not sure they all roll up into Sabbatean Jews category....?


    Not 'Sabbatean Jews', just 'Sabbateans'


    Most just coincidentally happen to be 'Jewish' as well. And that works out nice for them because if anybody ever dares criticise or point out what they're up to, they can immediately get shut down by cries of 'anti-semitism'.


    I'm pretty sure we'll also find Sabbateans who 'masquerade' as Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Roman Catholics or even atheists.

  4. 25 minutes ago, Mr H said:

    My point really is. You seem to get very worked up about a group of people you call Sabbatean Jews, whom you've never met only heard about on the internet, and have decided to blame them for all your problems and the world's problems without any real evidence - just some speculation and correlation. And then you don't post a solution to the theoretical problem of Sabbatean Jews........


    I just don't see what good this does?


    And the associations you make are so loose, I could similarly say, white folks or old folks are trying to run the world or whatever. Or English speaking people. 


    You do know the rich elites trying to run things is nothing new and nothing Jewish. Were the Romans Jewish? The Greeks? 


    It's more of a human nature thing for folks who live an egoic existence. When they get power they want to rule and dictate to others because they feel separate from others. This is true of all people living an egoic existence not just Jews....


    I first became aware of 'Sabbatean-Frankism' through David Icke's books, and the way he explained it made a lot of sense as to why things are as they are.


    In later books he refers to these people as the Cult, which is basically what it is.


    They're not Jews, though they will masquerade behind the 'cloak of Judaism' in order to protect themselves from scrutiny or criticism. In much the same way that not all Zionists are Jews.


    You'll never hear anyone boasting openly of being a Sabbatean, because it's all hidden and secretive.

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  5. A protest took place in Birmingham city centre today, where protestors lay in Great Charles Queensway to "represent the 25 road deaths that occur in Birmingham every year".


    ‘Die-in’ protest held in busy Birmingham street after deaths in city


    A road safety campaign group in Birmingham took to a busy city street to stage a ‘die-in’ protest calling for changes after deaths on the city’s roads. Around 50 protestors gathered in Great Charles Street Queensway, opposite the entrance to University College, to voice their concerns after two more pedestrians were killed in the past month.

    Former Crossroads actress Charmian Abrahams, 96, who played Mavis Hooper in the Midlands motel soap died after she was struck by a vehicle in Ladywood Road in Harborne on Monday, January 15. And a woman in her 40s was killed after being hit by a car in Witton Lane, near Aston Hall Road, close to Aston Villa’s Villa Park ground, just before 9am on Thursday, December 21.

    And in Belgrave Middleway in the city centre a pedestrian was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car at around 6.30pm on Saturday, January 13. The incidents, just days into 2024, prompted Better Streets for Birmingham to hold a protect calling for ‘no more road deaths’.

    from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/die-in-protest-held-busy-28524391


    Just as an aside into the poor quality of local journalism, the above quote is copied verbatim. It was actually "Lordswood Road" in Harborne, not 'Ladywood Road', and this group held a 'protest' not a 'protect'. 😪



    Co-chair of the Better Streets for Birmingham group, Mat MacDonald, gave a speech to those gathered. He called for an end to the ‘senseless loss of life on our city’s roads in collisions’.

    He said: “Over the past few weeks, tragedy has struck yet again on our city’s roads. Two women have been killed, whose only misdemeanour was to have the temerity to walk around the areas where they lived.

    “Two women who were expected back home and who never returned. And now two sets of families dealing with the unimaginable trauma of such a sudden, unexpected and violent loss. And a whole city who know, any of our loved ones, any of us could be next.”

    He said ‘our roads are not safe’ and the ‘systems for removing dangerous drivers from them are not working’. He said the deaths were ‘grimly predictable’.

    He went on: “Every single fortnight in Birmingham someone is killed on our roads, while every single day someone is seriously injured.” He said leaders have ‘failed’ to properly tackle the problems streets face.

    Mr MacDonald said there were ‘too many cars in Birmingham’ and ‘too many of them are driven dangerously’. He said road safety on many roads was ‘a mere afterthought’. He said: “Car excess, anti-social driving and unsafe roads blight our communities, bring fear, misery and death to every corner of Birmingham.

    “But from Harborne to Hay Mills, from Edgbaston to Erdington, are standing together in anger, in anguish and furious solidarity today, enough is enough.”


    I'm sure I've mentioned before that I don't drive and have never owned a car, so just wanted to make my position clear.


    This particular group may appear to have noble intentions on the surface, but in reality they are very much 'anti-car' and 'anti-motorist'.


    It is always tragic when someone loses their life, but in many of these cases there is important context being missed.


    Yes, it is true that there are a number of idiots who choose to race around everywhere and ignore the Highway Code.


    It is also true that the word 'idiot' is now considered offensive and will result in your comment being 'deactivated' on Reach Plc sites for breaching their 'community guidelines'.



    However, in the grand scheme of things, is 25 that great a number? But my big question is how many of these 25 deaths were entirely preventable, if the victims had chosen to cross that particular road in a safer manner?


    Too often, we'll see some story in local news about some pedestrian being run over and either seriously injured or killed.


    But "what actually happened" will never get reported, so in most cases it remains a 'mystery'.


    I would hazard a guess that in most of these cases, this pedestrian has been maimed or killed through their own stupid fault, by attempting to cross a busy main road where or when it was clearly not safe to do so.


    I see it all the time, particularly in Sparkbrook near where I work, all along the Stratford Road, people are blindly walking out into moving traffic, despite a plethora of controlled pedestrian crossings, or central reservation refuges. And what alarms me most is people walking out into the road either carrying children, or dragging them by their hands.


    And then of course there are the 'smartphone zombies' who just casually step into the road while staring at their iPhones.


    So come on, lets have some truth please, how many of these pedestrian deaths were caused by their own carelessness rather than through any fault of the motorist?


    It sounds  to me like this group are going about things the wrong way, maybe they should be doing more to educate and inform pedestrians on how to cross roads more safely, that would be a great way to reduce injuries and deaths.


    Sadly, I think this is just a front or a cover for a more 'anti-car' agenda.



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  6. 4 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

    then we have to accept everything we know, everything we've read and everything we've been told is a psy op


    like when ppl go "man never went to the moon" then next breath they say "isn't nasa's blue marble wonderful."


    you believe all or nothing.

    not pick parts that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside and reject parts that don't.


    Or you can just "trust the plan" and hope for the best 😉


    Alternatively, you go with your instincts and work out for yourself what you think is correct or not.

  7. 12 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

    the only ppl that know about deagal are us few

    the masses have no idea that site even exists

    Yes, but still, how do you know if the Deagal site is genuine or just another part of the 'psy-op' being played against the 'other side'? (ie 'us')





  8. 10 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

    they need more than a mind war to reduce the uk population to 17 million by next year


    How do you know that isn't another 'mind war'? (I presume you're referring to these 'Deagal forecasts' that people like to keep quoting?)



  9. On 1/24/2024 at 8:32 PM, bamboozooka said:


    Sweden's call for population to prepare for war sparks panic and criticism



    West Must Be Prepared For War With Russia, NATO Official Warns Ahead Of Major Military Drills



    Army chief warns ordinary Brits will be called up to fight if UK goes to war



    I'm pretty sure that's all this is, "fear rhetoric".


    People stopped being frightened by 'Covid' news stories.


    People aren't being frightened by weather news stories any more.


    image.png.dfd68071fdcf7ddaa3ced8b21d3fcee4.png 🙈


    People aren't being sufficiently frightened by 'measles outbreak'.


    They are just really ramping up the fear of war and conflict.


    WW3 is already happening, but it is not a war involving soldiers and guns, it is a psychological 'mind war' being waged on all of us.

  10. And for balance, it's not just Labour-controlled councils who can't manage their finances properly...


    Dudley Council leaders ‘ignored early finance warnings’


    DUDLEY Council’s Conservative leaders have been told they ignored early warnings of financial collapse and may need to bring in external help.

    The dire message came from the authority’s Labour opposition who highlighted a report by auditors last July which warned reserves were so low there was only limited resilience to overspends.

    The council now faces a £12m black hole in its finances which is being blamed on unexpected costs in adult and children’s social care during the autumn last year.

    At a meeting of the council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee on January 25, Labour’s finance spokesperson, Cllr Shaukat Ali said: “The council doesn’t listen to anyone, when you challenge it closes its ears and goes to sleep, that’s why this council is in such a mess.

    “The audit committee report came in July last year, alarm bells were ringing but they did not take any action.”

    In their July report auditors Grant Thornton, who charge Dudley £184,000 plus VAT, highlighted a number of issues which could add several million pounds to the council’s costs.

    The auditors said: “Given the cost of living increases, these issues present a clear risk to the council’s financial position.”

    The report also said the council pledged to make cuts of £7.8m but the authority had not delivered promised savings in either of the two previous years.

    They concluded: “Given the continued reduction in reserves, the council has only limited financial resilience against overspends and other financial changes.”

    from: https://www.halesowennews.co.uk/news/24078436.dudley-council-leaders-ignored-early-finance-warnings/



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  11. It's not just in England either...


    WATCH: Ceredigion Cabinet back huge council tax rise as finance chief warns budget is 'biggest challenge yet'


    Council tax-payers in Ceredigion are set to see their tax bills rise by nearly 14 per cent, an extra £216 a year for the average property, as the council faces its “starkest budget yet”.

    The 2024/25 Ceredigion budget requirement is currently £192.470m, an increase of 6.9 per cent from 2023/24.

    A report for members at Ceredigion County Council’s Cabinet meeting of January 23, presented by Cabinet Member for Finance and Procurement Services Cllr Gareth Davies said Welsh Government had openly stated that their 24/25 draft budget is “the starkest and most painful since devolution,” with Ceredigion only received a 2.6 per cent Welsh Government funding increase, 14th out of the 22 Welsh local authorities, the lowest increase per head of population across all of Wales.

    “It is therefore also Ceredigion County Council’s starkest budget yet and worse than was previously forecast,” the report added.


    In the bleak report, members heard the latest cost pressures faced by the council total were an unprecedented £18.1m, with a budget shortfall of £14.6m which “therefore needs to be found from a combination of budget reductions and Council Tax increase considerations”.

    Pressures identified included real living wage costs of an additional £0.9m for 24/25, Social Care related budget pressures of £6.2m, National Living Wage projected cost pressures of c£4.8m, a considerable increase proposed by the Mid & West Wales Fire Authority for the Fire levy, equivalent of over a one per cent increase in Council Tax alone, and a reduction in WG specific grant funding.

    The current 2023/24 Band D council tax level in Ceredigion – for all components – is £1,908, just above the Wales average of £1,879, with the county council element currently at £1,553.60.

    from: https://www.cambrian-news.co.uk/news/watch-ceredigion-cabinet-back-huge-council-tax-rise-as-finance-chief-warns-budget-is-biggest-challenge-yet-662270


    Now I know that councils in Wales are slightly different, as they get their funding from the devolved Welsh government, rather than directly from the UK government.


    But still, I think you will find as this all gets 'buried' in 'local news', that a lot of councils around the UK are intending to raise their council tax bills by eye-watering amounts, and hoping they can get away with it by keeping this out of the national news.


    Perhaps if the Welsh Labour administration and its county councils would stop pissing away public money on vanity projects, or furthering Agenda 2030 goals, then there would be enough money to properly fund essential services without expecting hard-up taxpayers to make up the shortfall.

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  12. They're really ramping up the fear rhetoric now...


    Britain must train citizen army, military chief warns


    Britain should train a "citizen army" ready to fight a war on land in the future, the head of the Army has said.

    General Sir Patrick Sanders warned that an increase in reserve forces alone "would not be enough".

    He highlighted the threat from Russia and pointed to steps being taken by other European nations to put their populations on a "war footing".

    He also called for more to be done to equip and modernise the UK's armed forces.

    In a speech at an armoured vehicle conference, Gen Sir Patrick was not making an argument for conscription - where men of fighting age are required to enlist in the military - but rather laying the foundations for a voluntary call up if war broke out.

    He talked about the need for the UK's "pre-war generation" to prepare for the possibility of war and said that was a "whole-of-nation undertaking".

    from https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-68086188


    I'm pretty sure we have enough armed forces to defend our little island, if they weren't all deployed all over the world fighting other peoples' battles.


    Of course it can be argued that our country is already being invaded, yet the invaders are being welcomed in.


    I'm reminded of when I was at secondary school, and the Gulf War broke out, there was a lot of fear and worry among my classmates, as the suggestion was being mooted that we were all of an age where we could end up getting 'called up'.


    Thankfully that never happened, but they were nervous times.

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  13. 21 minutes ago, xpwales said:


    I'm thinking similar.

    If a company serves an agenda once, it will do it again (or indefinitely).

    The warehouse could have been holding stock ready to serve the next agenda.

    Was there really a man arrested as announced?, or did something else set it off (loud explosions prior to the fire)?

    Are there other forces at play which are not necessarily in favour of an agenda?


    Just speculation but my gut feeling says that there is more to the story.



    There is so much crookedness and corruption about that it's difficult to know where to start.


    Sometimes its not about 'serving the next agenda'.


    Sometimes its as simple as millions of pounds of public money being wasted on stuff that was unnecessary, and the easiest way to turn 'overstock' back into 'cash' is for an 'unfortunate incident' to occur.


    Someone may have been arrested, they have been paid an amount of money for this incident to occur, they may have not known what was at stake.

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  14. West Midlands Mayor Andy Street has been wanking himself into a frenzy again over the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) handing over millions of pounds of taxpayers money to private developers.


    Great work, thanks to the WMCA, "at least 20%" of these new homes will be 'affordable'.


    Old Ladies Clapping on Make a GIF


    But what does this really tell us? 80% of these new properties are actually going to be 'unaffordable' to many people?


    So the big question to be asked is, who are these properties being built for?


    This country has a dire shortage of housing, fuelled somewhat by rampant runaway immigration, which means that demand for housing far outstrips the actual supply.


    What the country needs is cheap affordable housing. And lots of it.


    Yet all we ever hear about are loads of new developments springing up everywhere, of which only a very small proportion is ever classed as 'affordable'.


    But nobody will ever offer any definition of what 'affordable' actually means?


    Is it really something to 'cheer' about or celebrate, that so few 'new homes' being built are actually 'affordable' for the many people that would like to buy and own their own home?


    I find it quite embarrassing to be honest.


    - - -


    Yes, I know, we wouldn't be in this situation if governments had actually got a grip on immigration levels years ago like they said they would.


    But I still think we are going about things the wrong way, and not building what is actually needed.


    There are far too many 'luxury apartments' being built, and not enough 'affordable' homes.

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  15. 2 hours ago, xpwales said:

    On Friday 19th January 2024...

    Bridgend: 'Explosions heard' as huge fire rips through industrial estate.



    The company affected is Owens Group, "One of the UK's leading family-owned Transport, Warehouse & Distribution companies"...



    The blaze devastated the entire facility, along with stock belonging to an Owens Group client. There were no casualties.


    The Group MD: Huw Owen, was previously awarded an MBE.

    "This past year (2020) the family business, which was started by Mr Owen in 1970, was tasked with distributing multiple truckloads of essential pieces of PPE to NHS Wales and also to NHS departments in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    Owens Group trucks met flights, specially-chartered by the Welsh Government, carrying critical PPE from Asia to Cardiff."



    South Wales Police .confirmed. that a 25-year-old local man has been arrested on suspicion of arson with intent to endanger life, adding that ”full investigation into the incident will begin as soon as it is safe to do so.”




    Sounds like an insurance job to me. Or something being covered up.


    Wonder how many "essential pieces of PPE" they still had sitting around?

  16. 6 hours ago, rebornsteve said:

    This ‘conspiracy theory’ seems to be gaining momentum and is surely one of the biggest.


    lots of science…..


    “Abiogenic Deep Origin of Hydrocarbons and Oil and Gas Deposits Formation”


    Vladimir G. Kutcherov

    Submitted: 19 November 2011 Published: 16 January 2013





    I saw something about this a while back, and if it is correct then it does throw up some interesting speculation.


    "Big Oil" is keen to let everyone know that 'fossil fuels' are a resource that is limited, and if this resource is 'running out' then it is going to become 'more expensive'.


    It's also interesting that in the "race to net zero", Governments around the world are no longer permitting exploration of 'new' oil and gas reserves.


    That would sound about right, if gas and oil was actually a natural 'self-replacing' resource that was in readily plentiful supply.


    The 'lifeblood of the planet', so to speak.


    Think of it this way, what is the most bountiful and plentiful resource that is available on the surface of this planet?


    Yes, that's right, water.


    Water was long ago turned into a "marketable commodity", that could be put into bottles and 'branded'.


    Then they told us that water was only "safe to drink" if they 'treated' it with loads of chemicals.


    We're all being encouraged to "use less plastic" yet there are more plastic products than ever before.


    Plastic carrier bags used to be 'free' for shoppers, because they are so cheap to produce. Big corporate giants worked out that they could make more profit from consumers by tricking them into believing they 'needed' to pay more for a bag to, you know, carry away the goods/produce that they had just bought.


    Just in the last couple of years, I have seen the charge for plastic carrier bags increase from zero to 5p, then 10p, then 50p now £1 in some cases!


    And some of the big corporate fuckers are charging you good money for paper bags now!


    Yes, I do think there is a massive piss-take going on.

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  17. It's interesting how Reach Plc publications are nothing more than endless regurgitators of whatever press releases the Met Office put out.



    It actually amuses me that headlines often mention the Met Office 'issuing a warning/verdict' or 'breaking their silence' or even 'announcing exact dates'.


    Yeh yeh I know it's just click-bait crap, but with the frequency of these stories being churned out by the desperate Reach bloggers, it seems that the Met Office don't actually stay silent for very long! 😁


    The other thing that amuses me is that while Reach journos desperately copy and paste Met Office blogs into their churn of articles, it is important to remember that the BBC dropped the Met Office as their source of weather information a while ago, due to concerns about the reliability of their forecasting.


    The Met Office is just the 'weather propaganda' arm of the UK government now, with their incessant fear-mongering and 'warnings' regardless of whether the weather is good or bad. How long before a nice calm and pleasant day has to come with a 'warning' of some kind?


    "Moving into Tuesday this week, there is a severe risk of hazy sunshine and a gentle breeze, and a warning that there might be no rain"


    If the general propaganda arm of the government distrusts the Met Office, then why should we trust them? And why are so many other media outlets so beholden to them?

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  18. 3 hours ago, Ethel said:


    Whilst I agree with you on the diversity quota thing, I strongly suspect there was a problem with how people were selected for jobs even before that was a thing. I think it's been proven that in many cases it comes down to how likable the interviewer considers you to be. This will vary depending on the interviewer.


    But I'll go one better even than that. I'd posit that the job selection process may be entirely unconscious in some people's hands. If you have an interviewer who is lacking in awareness to enough of an extent, that person may simply reflect back at you your own unconscious core beliefs and have almost no conscious input into how or why he or she is making his decision.


    Lots of people like to pretend that we live in a strictly meritocratic society, or that we used to, but that may well be incorrect. Human beings are FULL of biases. What's to stop an interviewer from rejecting someone on the grounds of little more than the fact that they remind him of his Mother in law? Fuck all, in some cases.


    Yes, you're completely right, there is always an element of 'unconscious bias' present.


    I remember now working for a company and we were recruiting for a new driver for our local garage deliveries. While I wasn't involved in the interview process myself, I did briefly meet the three candidates, as they turned up at our shop and handed their CVs to me, and I did then get to see them when they turned up for their interviews.


    Two blokes, one of which didn't have much of a chance as he barely spoke English, and a fairly attractive woman. She ended up getting the job, with my gaffer admitting to me "with those tits, the garages will be ordering from us just so she will be turning up to deliver".


    Yes, a very sexist attitude, but at the time my boss' reasoning was sort of correct. Unfortunately it did end up backfiring badly, while garages started ordering more from us just so the 'lads' could have a 'flirt' with our driver, she had to be sacked when she was found to be stealing from us, for a garage manager she was having an affair with.


    As the old saying goes, "you shouldn't always judge a book by it's cover".



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  19. 1 hour ago, Macnamara said:

    A high ranking NATO official has stated that people in Europe should prepare for a full on war with Russia sometime in the next two decades.


    Admiral Rob Bauer, chairman of Nato’s Military Committee, told reporters following a meeting of Nato defence chiefs in Brussels that governments need to start putting preparations in place, and that civilians will need to be mobilised on a large scale.

    “We have to realise it’s not a given that we are in peace. And that’s why we [Nato forces] are preparing for a conflict with Russia,”Baur declared.


    How about us "people in Europe" stick up two fingers and say "fuck you" - we're not prepared to fight these wars you keep starting.


    It's quite ironic, there would probably be a lot more peace if it wasn't for these organisations such as NATO or the UN.

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  20. On 10/17/2023 at 8:33 PM, Grumpy Owl said:


    They're the new slave labour class.


    It's ironic how the wokesters continue to complain about 'historical slavery' and go about toppling statues, insisting street names be changed, or demanding that 'reparations be paid', while there is a whole new level of slavery happening right now, which they are facilitating with their 'refugees welcome' placards.


    On 1/1/2024 at 7:25 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

    Yes, I definitely feel like there is an 'organised scam' aspect to this, and it is disappearing under many peoples' radar it seems.


    On 1/2/2024 at 8:01 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

    I never said I saw them as 'a threat' though, quite the opposite in fact, it appals me that these people are being exploited and abused, being used as 'subcontractors' to do a job that probably doesn't pay that well to start with. What concerns me is that there is a new 'under-class' of modern slavery that is going on under peoples' noses, and they don't even realise it is happening.


    Ah, so it's all becoming obvious now...


    Channel migrants given right to work in UK


    Channel migrants have been quietly given the right to work in sectors including care, construction and agriculture and can still retain access to state-subsidised bed and board under a Home Office scheme...

    from: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2024/01/19/channel-migrants-given-right-to-work/


    The article is paywalled, so I can't see the rest of it, but it comes as no surprise really.


    You can be sure that as well as 'care, construction and agriculture', the list of sectors will include "all the other shitty jobs" that the native British people don't want to do, not for a fairly decent salary anyway.


    Now we understand why all the Tory rhetoric of "stopping the boats" was just that, empty rhetoric, and why our Government was simply not interested in doing so, and why the 'Rwanda scheme' was doomed to failure.


    Here you are, your new slave-labour class, being imported into our country to fill all the low-skilled, low wage jobs that were previously filled by desperate EU immigrants.

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  21. Worth just adding here that Labour's mayoral candidate won't blame councils in this region because the majority of them are Labour controlled. 🤫


    But it doesn't really matter which party controls a council, their paid civil service staff are riddled with Common Purpose change-agents, either actively pushing their Agenda 2030 goals, or 'dipping their hands in the till' by siphoning off public money into the pockets of their fellow CP graduates.



  22. Councils 'not to blame' for financial woes


    Labour’s candidate for West Midlands mayor, Richard Parker has refused to blame councils in the region for the financial difficulties they are facing.

    Mr Parker said government cuts were the main reason some councils were in financial trouble.

    The government says it is making billions more available to councils, who are ultimately responsible for their own finances.

    from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cz79e337xrxo


    Nice dodge there, typical of a Labour politician to just simply 'blame' the current Conservative government.


    Birmingham city council effectively declared itself 'bankrupt' last year, while Coventry, Sandwell and Dudley councils are also admitting they are struggling to fill shortfalls in their budgets, and are close to finding themselves in the same position.


    As pointed out in the quote above, councils receive funding from the government but are "ultimately responsible for their own finances".


    So why are councils in financial trouble?


    The main reason is that they like to waste money. Instead of prioritising the 'core' services they need to provide - things like road repairs, refuse collections etc - those services are the first to be cut-back, so that money can be spent on pointless vanity projects, or those things being demanded by the UN Agenda 2030 goals.


    For example, Birmingham spent millions of pounds creating new cycle lanes (that hardly anyone uses), while there are hundreds of miles of other roads crumbling away.


    So Mr Parker I disagree with you here, councils are in financial trouble because they have no sense of fiscal responsibility, and simply don't understand the concept of "living within your means".


    And it should not be up to the taxpayer to pay the price for feckless spending policies by increasing council tax.

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  23. Something I observed yesterday, is that it is definitely colder than the weather forecasters are saying it is.


    This is going to sound a bit bizarre but it starts early last month, just before we had the first lot of 'freezing weather'.


    I bought some stuff for my bird bath, which is safe for birds and animals, and supposedly stops it freezing over down to minus 6C.


    I wrote a bit of a bad review as my bird bath froze solid when it was supposedly -1C outside, according to the Weather Channel.


    Anyway, same thing happened again yesterday, my bird bath was freezing even with this stuff added to it in the correct measurement, though according to weather forecasts it was 3C here in Birmingham yesterday afternoon.


    So I took a little digital clock I have, which has a thermometer inside, and left it outside for a while. I went to check on it at 5pm, and was amazed to see it showing -4.5C on the display. I checked on the Weather Channel website, and it was saying that Birmingham was 1C.


    Now of course, I know full well that Birmingham is a large city, and temperatures will vary depending on where you are.


    It supposedly got as 'warm' as 4C today, yet when I got home this evening after work, my lawn was still 'crispy' to walk on, and the birdbath was still frozen solid.


    This got me thinking about whether the forecasters are inflating the temps to hide how cold it actually is, which would mean then that during the warmer months, the temps will appear to be 'hotter' than it actually is. Or maybe its the other way around, I don't know.


    Either way, I do believe that the last few days have been colder here than the weather websites have been saying it was.

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