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  1. "Where is your God?!"


  2. Some of that 'global warming' would be real nice right now... 🥶❄️

  3. It's quite frankly astounding that someone can spend more time in prison for lying about a holiday, than they would for murdering someone.


  5. On a side note, I find it interesting that we don't seem to have had any norovirus ("winter vomiting bug") outbreak this year.

  6. Now that London has entered "Tier 4" restrictions, will this still mean that our MPs will be allowed to travel to London in order to attend sessions at the House of Commons?

  7. The 'pandemic' only exists on the TV, in newspapers, and in online internet articles and discussions.


    Switch off your TVs, computers and mobile phones, and go outside into the 'real world'.


    Yes, you'll see people meekly 'complying' by wearing face coverings and keeping their distance.


    But you'll notice that the 'reality' that you see and experience for yourself is entirely at odds with that portrayed by the mass media and the internet.


    People are not dropping dead left, right and centre; most people are just carrying on with their lives as normal.


    There is no 'deadly virus pandemic'. Just a load of people living in fear, terrified by what the TV or their smart phone is telling them.

  8. To paraphrase Tom Baker's Doctor Who: "I have 'A' coronavirus, not THE Coronavirus" 🥶

  9. So its that time of year when I get my 'annual cold'... runny nose, bit under the weather, occasional chesty cough. Still a COVID-free zone here, no testing or vaccine required, couple more days and I'll be right as rain...

  10. "In Greek mythology the lotus-eaters, were a race of people living on an island dominated by the lotus tree, a plant whose botanical identity is uncertain. The lotus fruits and flowers were the primary food of the island and were a narcotic, causing the inhabitants to sleep in peaceful apathy. Figuratively, 'lotus-eater' denotes "a person who spends their time indulging in pleasure and luxury rather than dealing with practical concerns"."



    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      I'm just curious as to why Carl Benjamin used this for the name of his new website...

  11. If we manifest our own reality, and "energy flows where attention goes" and all that, what if by following and believing in 'conspiracy theories' and focusing all our attention on them, we are actually 'helping' them to manifest and become reality?

    1. screamingeagle


      focus can be negative or positive....

      as long as we are negative,well they are happy 


    2. BridgeBuilder


      As long as we watch the news we are giving our attention and energy to the propaganda.

      It's like having an addiction. You want to let go but you can't.

      OK, we have to keep up with the news so that we can inform others but important to increase time spent on evil thoughts like bringing down BG or whoever, whatever organisation you want to go for. Daydreaming couldn't be more pleasant!

  12. "Gammons For London"

    Seriously, who is this guy, and is someone within UKIP taking the piss?



  13. Jeremy Corbyn could have been a great Prime Minister, if he had some bollocks. But I'm sure any man would have had their bollocks shrivel up and die... if Diane Abbot had been anywhere near them... 🤢 🥴 😜

  14. "If praying achieved anything, we wouldn't be allowed to do it" - Grumpy Owl, 2020

    1. lake


      Well you never know .... Just checking something Grump, don't mind me damned.png.6e51fc0a172603380475784c8521fe3e.png

    2. JosiahIV


      no one does it right anyway, so why bother outlawing it outright? people might learn to do it right, then!

  15. Can someone please 'like' this so I can get off "1,666" reputation? Thanks in advance! 🦉

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    2. oddsnsods


      See Grumpy works for NASA!

    3. Grumpy Owl
    4. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      Yep, I've never been into space, I must work for NASA 🤣

  16. Spammers and bots, please get lost!

    1. screamingeagle
    2. lake


      Tips hat, raises glass and thanks the mods for what they do. 👽

  17. 19 years ago today, two unskilled Arab pilots managed to fly two jumbo jets into the two tallest towers of the World Trade Center in New York. Within a couple of hours, both towers somehow managed to completely collapse and demolish themselves. The same people that still believe this story no doubt also believe that there is a lethal and deadly virus infecting everybody at present.

    1. Fatback


      My "awakening" came 7 years ago after watching the documentary Zeitgeist. I was 46 years old. My entire world perception changed; made me wander deeper into the forest of lies and it's been a difficult journey as I seek the truth. I think what pains the most is the realization of false patriotism here in the "good ole' USA" . SnowDen is a real patriot. Til' my last breath in this life, I'm going to wear my " tinfoil hat "

      with pride and turn my face toward the sun. It's been a tough journey for us all, I'm sure, but I hope to meet ya'll on the other side with an open heart and a soul full of trust. 

  18. West Midlands Police looking to speak to man who peacefully stabbed one person to death and injured seven in Birmingham last night

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