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  1. "If you are offered the chance to leave this planet, don't take it" This just sprung into my mind after reading this topic, and I can't recall where it came from before. I do think I remember reading some Jehovah's Witness material that was pushed through my door some time ago, and it talked about how a spaceship would return to this planet in the future. Probably around the time of Revelations as preached in the Bible. I have also read similar warnings elsewhere since then (not just from Jehovah's Witnesses) People of Earth should not lose their roots to the Earth, or something along those lines. Perhaps this is the allegory of the Bible at work: those who hold fast to their own true beliefs, and are not tempted by the offer of a 'better life amongst the stars', are those that will remain on this Earth. And it is those who get tempted to leave this planet and head for the stars, who are doomed to be sacrificed and/or slaughtered, or bound into perpetual slavery. Not a nice prospect to be honest.
  2. Exactly, the environmental problems caused by pollution, caused by the same people lecturing the rest of us about 'carbon emissions'. Its like just a couple of years ago the big 'thing' was reducing the amount of plastic waste. So we started getting charged for plastic carrier bags. Then next thing we know, we started seeing our streets littered with disposable face masks and gloves because 'deadly pandemic'. Its all bullshit, the same big corporates lecturing us all about 'reducing carbon emissions' are the same ones happy to chop down acres of greenery so they can grow soy and rapeseed or mine for lithium and cobalt for all these batteries.
  3. So on the other hand, all the 'harmful content' you like could be posted here, yet no-one is going to get to see it. Not from searching through search engines anyway. There will of course be 'agents' who DO know about this site, and they will be signing up and planting 'seeds'. Ready to be 'harvested' at a later date no doubt. This DI Forum has over 7000 members now, with several more joining daily. Yet there are rarely more than 30-40 active members at a time. New members will sign up, and either not post anything and disappear, or post some 'token' reply to a topic... and then disappear. I dread to think how many of these accounts are created by 'agents', ready to emerge in service when called upon. And it is going to happen at some point, that is my fear. Luckily there are measures in place to prevent this from happening.
  4. Could you be a bit more detailed and less cryptic about this please? (Also moved from Memes board due to lack of memes)
  5. Perhaps they are laying the foundations ready for what is to come. The 'big tech' giants will of course have large well-paid legal teams and lobbyists, ready to bat away any legal action that would be taken against them. I doubt the likes of Facebook and Twitter will be losing much sleep over this. On the other hand, internet forums (such as this one) owned or run by private individuals/small companies would be prime targets. What it's leading to is total control over the information you are allowed to see/read/share on the internet. On social media networks, you'll only be allowed to share 'pre-approved' content, which will of course come from mainstream media and corporate sources. Sharing of content from a 'non-approved' website will simply be blocked. As they see it, if only 'trusted' sources can be shared, then there is less risk of 'harmful content' appearing. This forum, and the main DavidIcke.com website, is not indexed at all by Google and other search engines - though this may have been intentionally set by the webmasters, I don't know for certain. We already know that Google search can be 'bought and paid for', by those with the financial resources to 'sponsor' certain keywords and search topics, hence why most results on the first page are always from mainstream media sources, or from big corporate companies. If you're searching for products to buy, Amazon and eBay always rank highly in search results, either through algorithm bias or because those big corporates can afford to 'buy' more keywords than smaller companies can. I have written before here about my first experiences of the internet when I first signed up with AOL many years ago now. Their 'browser', provided to members to dial up the internet, was a closed shop of 'trusted sources', designed to focus customers on specific content 'they' wanted me to see and engage with. That's where we're heading back to.
  6. We are all carbon based lifeforms. "You are the carbon they want to reduce" someone once said.
  7. Its just meaningless statistics with little context. How about all the carbon dioxide that has been absorbed by greenery? Exactly, carbon dioxide is being made out to be this 'highly dangerous' gas, that is going to smother and choke us all, despite forming only 0.04% of our atmosphere. Pollution is a far more dangerous problem, but no-one seems to care (in the media anyway) about this any more, its all about 'reducing carbon'.
  8. I'm happy to do that, the original topic title was far too vague for my liking to be honest.
  9. Exactly, its just a case of 'pandering to a minority'. I'd also hazard a guess that the majority of M&S staff forced to go along with this charade also think its 'bollocks', and its the idiots like this 'PR manager' (well, what were the chances of that?) who facilitate all this.
  10. Sorry, but it just sounds like a form of mental illness to me. And its not surprising when our education systems and media are filling childrens heads with these nonsense ideas from an early age, then we end up with dysfunctional teens like this one, who go on to become dysfunctional adults. And as for "I like to use labels", well there we go with the crux of the problem, 'identity politics', where everyone is seeking out new 'labels' for themselves which allows them to seek attention or cry victim whenever they feel they are being 'oppressed'. What this 'ace lesbian' doesn't realise is that we are ALL being oppressed, doesn't matter what label you give yourself.
  11. 415.14 parts per million = 0.041% of the atmosphere The scale on that graph is missing, so the image is likely hugely exaggerated.
  12. There was a similar image showing before/after pictures of Carbis Bay in Cornwall when they had their summit there earlier this year. Sea levels only rise minutely. When water freezes and becomes ice, it expands in volume. The assumption always made is that if the water that is frozen as ice at the poles melts, it will add to the volume of water in the oceans. But it actually doesn't. This is easily demonstrated by taking a lump of ice from your freezer, and then thawing it out. Frozen ice packs and icebergs have a large volume, but as they melt their volume decreases. If anything, if all the glaciers, ice packs and icebergs melted around the poles melted, sea levels might actually drop due to reduced mass. But then equally, the more 'liquid water' there is on the surface, the more that will evaporate and form clouds within the atmosphere. Which then falls as rain. A never-ending cycle, nature always finds a way to balance things out.
  13. That's great stuff Velma, I just find it funny that in your picture, the Queen doesn't seem particularly interested in what Sir David is clearly enthusiastically talking to her about.
  14. To a degree, I would agree, this COP26 summit is a sort of failure, and it is just politicians and elected leaders making vague promises and "committing funding" without making any kind of meaningful plan of action. I do think it is the climate activist 'extremists' that are most dangerous though, and equally they have their own desires and agendas to push, but do not have any kind of concrete 'action plan' either, and just offer more 'vagaries'. "We demand that governments take action" - its just empty demands if you don't lay forth what it is you demand these governments do. Either way, its "all talk and no action" from both sides of the argument. And its all 'Hegelian dialectic', playing both sides to then offer a 'third way'.
  15. That is indeed true. However I would still like to believe there are two kinds of people: 1) those that push the narrative because they have been paid off to do so 2) those that push the narrative because they have been tricked/deceived into doing so through naivety/coercion
  16. Money-saving tip: why waste your hard earned money on fireworks or paying to go to an 'organised display'? Simply stay at home, stand in your own garden, and watch or listen to other fools setting off their own fireworks. Its always remarkable how people on low-incomes who claim to be 'struggling to make ends meet' can always have money to waste buying these things that pop and bang, yet serve no other useful purpose.

    1. Fluke


      I did enjoy my fire though. 

  17. David Attenborough has been a familiar face and voice to many people throughout the years, and I don't doubt that he has created or contributed to a great number of fascinating nature documentaries. This is more my personal opinion rather than anything else. I like to think that he has always had a concern for nature and wildlife over the years, but I feel that he is either being 'used' or has been manipulated by the 'elites' into playing along with the climate change agenda. I did enjoy the documentary series "Blue Planet", "Frozen Planet" and "Planet Earth", I thought they were really interesting and insightful. However you do note from the credits that barring a few token appearances in person, as well as obviously providing the narration and some writing (mostly in the original Blue Planet series), Sir David didn't really have a lot of involvement with the production of those documentary series. Pay someone enough and they'll read any script put in front of them. Sir David doesn't seem to have any writing credit in any of the later 'updates' of these series, which from what I ever saw are far more 'agenda-driven' than the originals. Is he genuine in his beliefs, or is he just another 'paid-puppet'? I don't know, because I don't know the man personally.
  18. Yes I agree, the 'extremes' only really occur for (relatively) brief periods and they become the focus point of media attention, you only need two or more days of 23C+ and its a 'heatwave' for example. and as for the 'warnings' about snowfall, well fuck me I think we've had snow here pretty much every winter during the last 45 years of my existence, barring one or two where there was very little. So I don't need any 'warning' from meterologists about the possibility of snow. It does seem to me though that it is the spring and autumn seasons that are getting shorter, with summer and winter becoming more prolonged. I'm sceptical about chemtrails and HAARP, but I do not rule out the possibility of weather modification taking place, and I do think it is happening. The sun does have a big impact though on our climate though. While there are dire warnings about pole shifts and magnetic excursions, I believe this may be happening already, albeit on a small scale, but just enough to start making seasonal patterns 'go off'. The other possibility is that perhaps our orbit around the sun has changed, or our current calendar is inaccurate by a few days, hence why the seasons appear to be shifting over the years.
  19. Its an interesting theory. But just because that's what you believe, doesn't make it a fact. This and similar other images keep popping up in this thread. But it doesn't match what I observe with my own eyes. The sun's 'procession' across the sky is consistent. It rises and sets in the same direction every day, from east to west, and depending on the time of the year its 'arc' is higher or lower in the sky, which is explained by the 'tilt' of the earth. The moon's procession across the sky is however not consistent. It's path is always the same direction, however it rises and sets in different places and different times every day. And this is explained by the moon having an 'irregular' orbit around the earth, slightly elliptical, which is why at certain times it appears larger or smaller in the sky. The moon is said to be smaller than the Earth, and is much closer to us than the Sun is. The sun does not 'physically' move across the sky, but the moon does. That is the scientific explanation, and it is one that I have grown up with, and it satisfies my sense of logic. The moon rotates around the earth, and the earth rotates around the sun. This was the trouble I encountered when I first came across the 'flat earth' concept years ago, there was no other 'logical explanation' that made any sense to me, in regard to what the sun and moon actually were and why they 'do what they do' up there in the sky. And of course to those who repeat the "NASA are liars" mantras, this was all scientifically observed and calculated centuries before NASA even existed. I don't doubt that NASA and other space agencies are involved in various forms of fakery, and while I also do believe that science should be questioned, I don't think that everything that NASA and other scientists do should be automatically dismissed as 'fake' every time. Go on then, how does this Prague clock work?
  20. I don't know, maybe the same answer for why Svalbard has similar day length in July? Maybe the Falkland Islands are fake and don't exist, then that little war the UK had with Argentina in the early 80s was a complete waste of time and money. Australia and New Zealand have longer days during their summer too. Oh, but Australia is fake and doesn't exist.
  21. The Express just regurgitating 'old news' as current news. They do it for 'click-bait'.
  22. There's a lot to be said for the 'power of suggestion', which also ties in with hypnosis.
  23. OK, I guess this thread has run its course now, as I pointed out earlier, there are already other topics covering the same subjects, which the discussion can continue in. David Icke has his opinions on viruses, others have different opinions.
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