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  1. Jimmy Corsetti "Bright Insight" on Youtube has done some interesting videos on the subject of Atlantis, and he believes it was located near the west coast of Africa in Mauritania, where what is known as the 'Richat structure' is. One only has to look at satellite imagery from Google Maps from that part of Africa, to see what appears to be evidence of a massive amount of water having run across there in the past, though the direction of flow is as yet unclear. The Sahara Desert itself has aroused interest, and perhaps it is not as old as we have all been led to believe. To me, it is interesting to look at the satellite imagery of Google Maps, because from the west coast of Africa, there is a huge 'desert scar' running across the surface of the Earth, through the Sahara Desert, the Middle East, parts of south Asia and into China. In my opinion, yes there was some kind of major cataclysm in the past, when this happened though is anyone's guess at this time though. 6000 years ago? 400 years ago? History has been rewritten and calendars have been changed so much, does anybody really know what year it is? A lot of researchers choose to focus on specific things like Atlantis, or Egypt, which is all very well and good, but it is starting to seem to me like there is some 'bigger picture' being overlooked somewhere.
  2. Record numbers of migrants coming to the UK, and crime figures are spiralling out of control. Is there a correlation? No way of knowing really, because such data is not recorded. “Migrant crime data”, don’t we all have a right to know? Read in full here: https://thegrumpyowl.co.uk/2024/03/30/migrant-crime-data-dont-we-all-have-a-right-to-know/ BBC article I referenced there: Ex-immigration minister Robert Jenrick proposes migrant crime data is published https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-68697796
  3. It's almost like a new form of "redistribution of wealth". I remember when we started getting lots of Polish people coming to the UK in the 2000s - at least these people actually came here to work and contribute to our economy - many were earning comparatively more than they would have back in Poland, once monthly outgoings (rent, food, bills etc) were paid for, the rest of their salary would be sent to their family back home. I understand that after several years of this, lots of people in Poland became relatively wealthy as a result of sending their sons and daughters to work in the UK. Which I'm fine with really, like I said the Poles came here to work, and they did, good honest people that they are. Of course, what anyone would rightly object to is where migrants and refugees are getting handouts from the government, and then sending that money back home.
  4. The "wild conspiracy theories" stem from the fact that the media fail to provide anything close to "what actually happened". In the absence of facts and details, that's when the wild speculation starts.
  5. These opinion polls are just part of the social engineering and propaganda. A sample of 15000 people is not representative of the whole UK electorate, and no doubt the respondents were chosen or selected to give the desired outcome. You only have to look at who commissioned this survey, "Best For Britain", an organisation co-founded by none other than Gina Miller. from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Best_for_Britain I think it is highly likely that Labour will win the next General Election anyway, but it may not be the 'landslide' many pundits/people are predicting/hoping for.
  6. Yes, it will only work for those with smart meters. I foresaw this coming nearly two years ago now... The real reason for ‘smart meters’ is becoming ever more apparent https://thegrumpyowl.co.uk/2022/06/27/the-real-reason-for-smart-meters-is-becoming-ever-more-apparent/
  7. It's nice work (for a Common Purpose stooge) if you can get it. Dudley Council paid £1,000 a day for consultant while planning millions in cuts from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/dudley-council-paid-1000-day-28906769 In a nutshell: Dudley MBC needs to 'save' £37m over three years to get it's spending/finances 'on-track' Four agency (ie outsourced) staff have been paid nearly a quarter of a million pounds in four months. In a bit of a surprise turn-around: For context, Dudley MBC is Conservative-controlled, so Labour are the 'opposition' there. But their councillor makes a very good and valid point here. Councils already employ well-paid executives, managers and other 'paid' civil service roles. Why are they unable to sit down and sort their financial problems out for themselves? Because any organisation that is funded by public (ie taxpayers) money, is ripe for exploitation by those gravy-train freeloaders, who will ensure that their Common Purpose/freemason buddies get 'awarded' these contracts to 'deliver services' etc. This kind of "spend money to save money" attitude has been going on for years in local authorities, and I make no apologies for referring readers back to this now-old BBC documentary:
  8. Is that actually happening though, or just what someone is claiming?
  9. Maybe it's all bullshit and nothing will happen on that date, apart of course from the solar eclipse.
  10. Maybe this is why so many local authorities in the UK are keen to "take back control of our buses" with their franchising plans, as has already happened in Manchester.
  11. This news story got removed from the 'top' of the BBC News website as soon as 'Kates Got Cancer' was announced, that's what aroused my suspicions.
  12. I doubt it will make their forecasts any more accurate! The click-bait media churners rely on WX Charts for their '624 miles of bullshit' headlines.
  13. In addition, it is no surprise that many companies/businesses are failing because they are no longer recruiting "the best people for the job", instead preferring to meet 'diversity and inclusivity' targets. The pursuit of 'woke ideology' leads to many bad business decisions. Same again, recruitment is no longer about getting 'the best people for the job', but pandering to 'diversity and inclusion'. Experience and ability count for nothing these days, not when you can bring in less skilled workers (that you can pay less) and just hope to 'train' them with some slideshows, PDFs, presentations and 'workflow processes'.
  14. Someone once said "its a great day to bury bad news". I haven't doctored this, it literally is a screenshot of what the BirminghamLive homepage looks like: What Kate Middleton 'needs' right now is for the click-bait churners to fuck off and leave her alone. But they won't. And the mainstream media have the nerve to accuse others of 'ghoulish' behaviour, while they themselves seek to exploit this news for their own financial gain through click-bait advertising revenue.
  15. Yes, I know that women are 'emancipated' now and many do choose to keep their maiden names after marriage, notably professional women. Legally somewhere, the Royal family do have a surname, and yes I know they changed it from 'Saxe-Coburg-Gotha' to 'Windsor' prior to one of the World Wars. They are collectively known as "the Windsors". Prior to her marriage, as a youngster I remember Diana was referred to as 'Lady Diana Spencer' by the media. Once she married Charles, I always remember her as "Diana, Princess Of Wales", "Princess Diana", or as the tabloids always referred to her "Princess Di" I don't recall her ever being named as 'Diana Spencer'. Yet Kate Middleton is still 'Kate Middleton'. (And Meghan Markle is still 'Meghan Markle', though as she is/was a professional actress/model, that may be the reason she never changed her name). Why not "Princess Kate" or even "Princess Catherine"? (Or 'Kate Windsor'?) The mainstream media still refer to her as 'Kate Middleton' like she is still a 'commoner'. That's what I find really 'odd' about all this.
  16. And here's another thing that bothers me... Why is she still known as 'Kate Middleton'? How come she didn't take her husband's surname on marriage to him? I guess one could also ask the same question of Meghan Markle. Are they actually legally married or is it all some fake sham?
  17. You know it's all kind of distraction when the media goes into overdrive. That's from the Birmingham Mail this evening, and no doubt all the same 'stories' are spammed across every other Reach-owned local news rag. They all have one thing in common, there's nothing 'actually said' by any of the Royals themselves, it's just gossip and hearsay from so-called 'royal experts'.
  18. Yes, this is definitely 'insane'... Climate change: The 'insane' plan to save the Arctic's sea-ice from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-68206309 It's a well established scientific fact that salt lowers the freezing point of water. That's why people put down salt on pathways and patios to either melt ice or prevent it from forming. While pumping gallons of salt water onto the surface of already-existing ice will indeed cause it to thicken and freeze, while surface temperatures are well below zero, what does anyone think will happen as the temperature warms and gets above freezing?
  19. Does no-one else here suspect that this whole business of Kate and her Photoshopped photo is just another media circus distraction?
  20. What do you mean? How is a count of total users 'misleading/fraud'?
  21. Sometimes I like putting stuff on record in this thread, especially when it makes me laugh! Two contrasting stories in todays Birmingham Mail. First off, with the award for 'misleading clickbait headline of the year': UK faces -5C snow for final time this winter with one part of England worst-hit from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/uk-faces-5c-snow-final-28806032 I'm sure our Scottish members such as @Macnamara will be disappointed that the 'Scottish Highlands and Inverness' are considered part of England! What amuses me though is that Jim "Carry On Forecasting" Dale actually contradicts what the idiots at WX Charts have predicted. (Still no snow in Birmingham though) Curiously, our second article of the day also wins the award for "first click-bait mention of heatwave" for 2024: UK given first heatwave of 2024 update with country 'to be hotter than Spain' from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/uk-given-first-heatwave-2024-28806170 From one article to the next, even within the same one, these forecasters all seem to be contradicting each other. So, is it going to be cold with snow next week, or warm with rain? And how hot actually is it in Spain right now?
  22. Exactly, it's all financial fakery, stocks and shares are just 'wealth on paper'. Yes, it's all done deliberately, some folks sell a load of their shares, it gets reported in the news, other folks start speculating or panicking, which causes the share/stock price to fall, then the same folks just buy more stocks/shares at the lower price.
  23. It has since been pointed out to me that the DM did over-exaggerate the seriousness of this, as apparently the recall only applies to 105 vehicles that have this potential issue, not 'nearly two thousand'. from: https://cbwmagazine.com/hvac-fault-leads-to-recall-for-byd-adl-enviros/ I've also been told that the Daily Mail have now craftily edited their article to quote this figure, buried towards the end, though they retain the 'click-bait' headline.
  24. Seems to happen every year. Probably something to do with the end of the financial year.
  25. Everything is propaganda now. During the pandemic, the NHS must have been coping pretty well if so many of their staff had time to prepare, rehearse and produce dancing videos for TikTok. The TV-watching public are being conditioned into 'believing' that they 'need' to vote Labour at the next election. But why bother if these elections are all rigged anyway? It could be easy to rig an election, but it is just as easy to 'trick' people into voting the way that the PTB want them to vote.
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