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  1. Yeah, I know Facebook is bad and all that but bear with me...
  2. Water - a natural resource - is already sold and marketed as a branded product. Many people won't drink water from the tap (for different reasons), but will happily go and buy bottles of the stuff from supermarkets.
  3. I certainly heard about this in the past, some PHP software did have 'exploits' that hackers could use, simply by adding parameters when calling certain .PHP files, and I think this was how they did these 'SQL injections' which would literally 'inject' data in to the database, either to add the hacker as a user (thus bypassing the software's registration system) or to insert malicious code or files. You tend to not hear much about this now, probably because PHP and SQL security has been much improved over the years. I believe most 'bot attacks' now utilise databases of harvested email addresses and passwords in a 'brute force' method to get lucky and gain access to a website through standard login pages. (This happens a lot with Wordpress sites for example)
  4. I can't listen to any of their recent stuff, just drivel now. Their first couple of albums were half decent though, used to really enjoy listening to them.
  5. While I do think it is an odd coincidence that Muir hasn't returned since the forum was 'attacked', it is even more odd that accusations of Muir somehow being a 'mole' are flying about here. Gareth has made it clear already here that it was Jaymie's account that was 'hacked' and which allowed the hacker to gain full admin access to the forum software. I run websites myself so I know a little about how webhosting works. On the surface, any website sits on a hosting account on a webserver. A hacker can gain access to software running a website (forum, blog, shop etc) but while they can tinker about with and 'deface' this software (changing settings, removing or modifying posts, users etc) they can't do anything more at the hosting account level, like delete the website altogether for example. But even gaining access to the hosting account doesn't give you 'full access' to the whole webserver - the 'operating system' if you like.
  6. Seems to me if you start a new topic containing attachments, links or embeds then you get the "you are blocked" message.
  7. Interesting observation. Also of note, with the exception of the Nintendo Switch, there have not been any new Sony or Microsoft games consoles. Playstation 4 came out in 2013, as did the Xbox One. With regards to CPU speed and power, my theory is that 'this is it' as far as PC technology for home and small business goes. Any newer developments in processing power are being utilised for the 'cloud'. In the near future home and business users won't need PCs, just some basic diskless device with a screen that connects to the internet, a 'virtual desktop', and all applications will be run through a web browser. Things like 1THz CPUs and even 'quantum computers' will never be available to 'ordinary' people like us. ?
  8. If you're watching on the RichPlanet website, it is presented in three parts, click the Next Part button at the top right of the page.
  9. Probably a couple of months ago now, use of 'hand sanitiser' was all the rage, and people were going crazy buying the stuff up and all that. "Government guidelines" stipulated that washing your hands regularly, or using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser, was all one needed to do to prevent 'the spread of the coronavirus' and all that. I'm just wondering how the use of hand sanitiser, especially those that are alcohol-based and thus 'recommended' by the Government, sits with the members of our Muslim population. Before anyone starts, I'm not looking to start any conflict here, this is just a thought and an observation I've made. I'm just curious. And maybe anyone here who is Muslim might be best suited to answer my question. Surely Muslims would by their nature refuse to use any alcohol-based hand sanitiser because it would be considered 'haram'? Is there such a thing as a 'halal' hand sanitiser? I know for for a fact that there are hand sanitiser products available which do not contain alcohol, but I do wonder just how effective these products are. Are there any Muslim NHS workers who are being forced to use alcohol-based hand sanitisers in opposition to their religious beliefs? I do wonder.
  10. To an extent, I do. But not to the extremes that some people want to go. I'm seriously considering telling people who deliberately move out of my way "I'M NOT A FUCKING LEPER" Though I might just start at the softer level of telling these people "There is no virus!"
  11. Round by me, its not enough to stand on your doorstep in your pyjamas clapping like a seal, yet again someone was setting off fireworks. What is the point in setting off fireworks in BROAD DAYLIGHT? And at the risk of sounding like a 'Karen' where are people obtaining fireworks from? Surely they're not 'essential purchases'? Oh and on the subject of 'Karen', this did amuse me the other day:
  12. It's not difficult to understand once you know how this works. You have to think about the concept of 'change agents', understand organisations such as Common Purpose, the Fabian Society, Freemasons et al. Understand how our 'education system' works, in particular universities, and other 'training programmes'. These people are not 'demoralised'. They are doing what they believe is 'right', because that is what they have been 'programmed' to believe. They are 'indoctrinated'. You or I would never be considered to be 'recruited' for the likes of the 77th Brigade, because we don't have the 'right kind of thinking'. It's all done through our schools and universities, those who correctly follow the programming are those that are singled out, targeted and 'recruited' for this purpose, the "Common Purpose" if you like. It's simply a higher level above the average 'Karen' who chastises her neighbours for 'not following social distancing guidelines' or calls out people for not 'clapping for our heroes' every Thursday. They are not demoralised by this, they believe they are 'right' and that you should be crushed for your 'wrong-think'.
  13. I will have to try and find it out but there was a previous show on RichPlanet where he looked at the movements of Abedi, supposedly caught on CCTV footage at Victoria station having arrived by train. I think the allegation is that while the footage does show Abedi at the station, it wasn't from the time of the attack. Those police reports about pursuing someone who had left the bag in the foyer and subsequently being arrested were quite telling, and merely adds to the suggestion that Abedi wasn't the culprit, and there was no 'suicide bombing'.
  14. So you accept the 'official narrative' of what happened that evening as being unquestionable? If so, that's fine with me. What I'm saying is that if you have any information that could be useful to Richard Hall to prove him wrong in what he believes then please feel free to get in touch with him.
  15. I personally went to school with loads of other people, but I don't neccessarily know them personally now. Do you have any information about these people that might be of benefit to this particular investigation?
  16. My recollection is that Boris was prepared to go down the 'herd immunity' route for the UK (thus 'no lockdown') but it was some intense pressure from the public (fuelled by the mass mainstream media) that forced the change of tack. I do seem to recall Piers Morgan being a very fierce advocate of the 'lockdown' method. And even now, I have people I consider my friends on Facebook who really don't want this lockdown to end unless they feel 'safe'. Well I'm sorry but if these people continue to have their way, then this lockdown is never going to end.
  17. I don't know if I've had this virus or not. But I do know that just before Christmas last year, I did come down with a particularly 'heavy cold'. Didn't stop me going to work, but I did feel really lousy for a few days, and I did have a bit of a cough. As the cold 'cleared up', the cough persisted though for several weeks, and over Christmas while staying at my parents, even my brother remarked 'is that the same cough you've got?' My brother lives in London so only comes up for Christmas every other year, and as it happened just before Christmas 2017 I'd had the same cold with the lingering cough that stayed for weeks. Seems to happen to me now every time I get a cold, it turns into what I assume is a chest infection that isn't serious but does take a few weeks to clear up. So anyway after Christmas after a few weeks, my cough had cleared up, and I've been fine ever since. But my two colleagues at work did come down with some kind of flu towards the end of January, and both had time off work, plus their son came down really bad with it. Remarkably, despite a lack of 'social distancing' and scrubbing everything down with bleach, I didn't catch it from either of them. Personally I don't believe it is possible to catch a 'virus' and then remain 'asymptomatic' - you either catch it or you don't. If you catch a virus and don't develop any symptoms, that must mean that your body's immune system has reacted to and 'dealt with' the intruder, thus surely the virus is not able to reproduce and go on to 'infect' others. Thus surely you can't be 'spreading' it.
  18. Did you know these people personally? Or their children?
  19. He's done bits and pieces about the Manchester attacks in a few of his shows, I forget which show it was but he had some details and analysis on the supposed movements of the alleged 'suicide bomber', which doesn't feature in this film. His shows that include Manchester stuff get taken down by YouTube apparently, so he no longers uploads videos on that subject there. I know he's not everyone's cup of tea, but to me he's a proper 'investigative journalist' who doesn't just accept and parrot the 'narrative' but critically analyses and asks questions. He's done some sterling stuff on Madeline McCann in the past too. Personally I'd love to see him have David Icke as a guest on his show, he may not agree with Icke on some matters, but it would be an interesting interview and discussion I bet.
  20. Link: https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=283&part=1&gen=99
  21. "Fabricated terror" Richard D Hall has made his latest film "Manchester: Night Of The Bang" available on his website free to view and download. An independent forensic investigation of the 2017 Manchester Arena "bombing" incident. 14,000 Ariana Grande fans had just finished watching a concert, when a loud bang was heard coming from the arena foyer. The vast majority of people did not witness an explosion because the foyer is a separate enclosure unsighted from the main arena. Immediately after the bang, crowds flooded out of the arena, some of them in panic. The mainstream media quickly reported that a suicide bomber had detonated a "nuts and bolts" bomb in the centre of the foyer, which they quickly claimed killed 22 people and injured dozens more. Despite the foyer being comprehensively covered by CCTV cameras, to date, no CCTV footage of the foyer area has been released for public scrutiny. Only 2 short pieces of video footage and one still photograph have surfaced showing the alleged aftermath within the foyer. Astonishingly, forensic examination of these videos and still image shows they were produced 15 hours before the time of the alleged explosion! Close scrutiny of first hand eye witness testimony and other evidence casts doubt on the official narrative and leads to the possibility that the event was a carefully stage managed exercise involving scores of enlisted participants. Richard D. Hall with help from two trusted researchers examines the evidence and builds a picture of what most likely occurred. An interesting watch in my opinion. You can either accept the mainstream narrative of "this is what happened", or you can look at the analysis and question what actually happened.
  22. This sounds very much to me like the new social forum will be built on a new platform, and InVision is going to get dropped. I don't know what 'better integrated' refers to, whether this means a Wordpress forum 'bolted-on' to the main DavidIcke.com Wordpress site. Or it will be a seperate forum with better integrations to other platforms. I must admit, the XenForo software used by StolenHistory.org does seem very capable. If the current David Icke Social forum database is intact somewhere, it should technically be possible to 'migrate' that database into another forum platform, provided it has such a migration option. But regardless of this, if we want to 'decentralise' things, it is important that vital information is stored in as many places as possible. There are a number of contributors to this forum that have provided some very comprehensive posts with lots of detailed information. However if you only ever post this stuff in one place, like this forum, you run the risk of all your work being lost, in the event of a major hack or breach. I'd urge people to start a blog somewhere, use something like Blogspot or Wordpress, and post your stuff to that, as well as posting it here. Much in the same way that if you create videos, don't just upload them to Youtube, but use Brighteon, DailyMotion or BitChute as well. If you're able to, buy a domain name and some webhosting, and post your material on your own website. There's nothing to stop you also sharing your information from your blog into a public forum like this one. From memory Grumpy Grapes does this very well already, posting stuff here, with links to their own website. Off the top of my head, and not wanting to single any members out, Muir and DannyUK's postings would be worthy of their own blog sites. I've been writing stuff on my own website for a couple of years now, and while I've not always shared content with this forum, I do now believe that we need to 'decentralise' and not keep content solely in one place. So by all means, lets have a David Icke Social forum platform for people to share and discuss ideas, but please take your own steps in order you protect and maintain your own content. Who really cares if your own website doesn't enjoy a massive reach? As long as the people who matter get to see it, that's all that counts surely? That's my opinion anyway.
  23. Well maybe 'second referendum' wasn't the most appropriate turn of phrase to use. I will disagree on the notion that we have already 'left', in no way have we. At present we are standing in some kind of open doorway, still exchanging kisses and having idle chit-chat and other conversations in the same way as before. But my point still stands, in that this 'climate of fear' being generated by this 'coronavirus pandemic' is being brutally used by government and the media in order to change peoples' perceptions and ways of thinking. I've said previously that in 2019 most people didn't trust the Government, but now in 2020 most people are obediently following all the Government guidelines, even if they make no sense, just because they believe it will 'keep them safe'. It will only be a matter of time before moves are made to start changing peoples' opinions on Brexit, and it will be based on the abstracts of "staying safe" and "protecting people". A big deal was made at the time of how it was mostly older people who were more strongly in favour of Brexit and voted Leave, and I just wonder given this current climate just how many 'Leave' voters might be easily persuaded to 'change their minds' and realise the folly of their ways and accept that "staying in the EU is the only way to protect all UK citizens and keep them safe" blah blah etc etc. Don't underestimate this, people are being manipulated at a massive level.
  24. The thread wasn't deleted, but it was 'closed' Maybe he has been busy, and hasn't realised what has happened yet?
  25. That is the other interesting aspect in that this 'new virus' has been given a name, yet has apparently (according to other sources) never actually been isolated? So how can this 'new' virus gain a name if it hasn't been isolated and thus identified? The 'original' SARS nCov was of course that one that did the rounds back in 2003 and was supposedly going to kill us all. I like how new 'symptoms' are getting added to the list over time. And symptoms that are really vague that could be caused by all sorts of conditions. Its almost like they want people to become fearful based on any minor type of symptom they might exhibit. I was researching a question that a customer asked at work a couple of weeks ago, about the suitability of some of our mask filter carts for two-pack (2K isocyanate) paint spraying. It was somewhere on the GOV.UK website, that inhalation of isocyanate 2K fumes can cause a type of asthma which is permanent. Symptoms of which included breathing difficulties, fever/chills, skin rashes. Which all oddly to me sounded like 'Covid-19' symptoms.
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