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  1. That's the bit to watch out for though. because this is how they will try and politicise this. The 'Republicans' are all 'loons', and only the Democrats can be 'trusted'. The same thing is starting to happen in the UK, with the whole Cummings shenanigans. The media is all about shifting public's perceptions.
  2. I think people need to start looking beyond these politically-motivated headlines. There is more 'divide-and-rule' about to be played out, not just in the USA, but in the UK we are seeing this, and no doubt the same will happen across the world.
  3. Of course, yes in the 'early days' of the internet, one could easily set up their own 'webserver' at home, and host their own website on their own computer. It is still very much possible to do so, but not very straightforward for many people. But yes, if your internet service provider (ISP) allows you a 'static IP' address, you could point your domain name at your own computer, which would then be accessible to any other internet user, as long as your PC was connected to the internet. The internet is after all a giant network of computers and servers all connected together. You may have a website running on a local server in your home, or within a giant datacentre. It matters not. But unfortunately, popular websites with lots of traffic (ie visitors) work most efficiently when hosted on servers with good bandwidth capability, and most home ISPs don't offer good upload speeds. So yeah, I'd agree that if you want ultimate 'decentralised' control over your web content, then host it on your own home-based webserver where you are in full control.
  4. The outcome of this 'inquiry' is already known, its a formality. What they probably don't want are any 'survivors' who might buckle under the slightest pressure and blow the whole game apart.
  5. I can already see this happening. TORIES BAD That is the perception that appears to be coming out now. Just last year the media was touting Boris and the Tories as 'heroes', now they are the 'bad guys'. Why is this? The Tories are still (somehow) polling well, but the next stage of the plan I believe requires a Labour government - which couldn't be achieved with a 'hard-left' socialist like Jeremy Corbyn, so he has now been removed and replaced with the Blairite 'champagne socialist' Sir Keir Starmer (Blairite = Red Tory). Boris Johnson will now be portrayed by the MSM as the 'posh buffoon', while Sir Keir will somehow become the 'man of the people' and a 'man of integrity and principle'. ?
  6. No they're not. See my advice here:
  7. To give a case in point as an example, @Grumpy Grapes is a good example, where they have in the past posted material here that they have already posted on their own website. I hope they don't mind me using them as an example, but you get the idea... knowledge is there to be shared after all. Their content has been (hopefully temporarily) lost from this forum, but is preserved elsewhere.
  8. While I do hope that all previous David Icke Social forum content will be restored, I would also hope that some of the valuable forum contributors are not 'putting all their eggs in one basket' by not keeping their own 'backup' of their material that they post here. (Now I don't want to be seen as 'favouring' any particular forum members; of course most of us all make valuable contributions in our own way) If you already keep copies of your research and forum posts, then that's great, and you probably need read no further, unless you want to add any suggestions or anything else I may have missed. The easiest thing to do for starters, is to copy your forum post into a Word document (or some other word-processing software of your choice!), and save it as a local file on your own computer. As a backup to that, perhaps have a USB stick or external hard disk handy that you can save and store your files and data on. (If you don't have Microsoft Word or Office, a good free alternative is the open-source LibreOffice, which is itself a fork from the original open-source OpenOffice) If you want to keep 'online' copies of your forum material, you may wish to consider using some 'blogging' software and start your own blog to post your material and musings in. There are 'free' platforms where you can do this, such as Blogspot or WordPress.com, just sign up and pick a blog name, then start saving your forum posts and material in new 'blog' articles. This way at least, you can share your musings and research with others elsewhere. One downside I can see to this though, is that because you are using that platform's cloud services, you are subject to their terms and conditions, so if you're really unlucky and attract a lot of unwanted attention (or you actually are posting material that would be breaching terms & conditions), you could end up getting your account suspended and your material lost forever. Hope you kept that USB stick handy! If you're really serious about this, and have a bit of money to spare, you could always buy yourself a domain name and sign up with a webhosting provider; it doesn't have to be expensive, there are lots of webhosting providers offering cheap no-frills hosting packages if you just want to set up a blog or archive. You can of course then install Wordpress for free on your own website, and with a bit of customising and tweaking, you have your own personal website where you can blog and post to your heart's content. There are other platforms that you could install, but I'd say that Wordpress is very easy to use, and I've used it on numerous websites myself that I've set up, either for myself or for other people. Most webhost providers will provide basic backup facilities, so you can either store backups in your hosting account, or download them as a zip file, which can then be easily restored if needed, or transferred to a new webhosting account if you decide to change provider. I did this myself a couple of years back, fed up with internet censorship, I created an 'online persona' and bought a domain name, then using some webhosting I already had, set up my own website. I don't publicise it, or aim to make any money from it, but I found it quite therapeutic to start writing about stuff, making observations on current happenings. I don't really care if no-one else reads it, but I know for a fact that what I write is being 'stored for posterity', and I can refer back to it whenever I need to. Some older stuff I wrote I look back at and feel a bit embarrassed at first, but I don't care. Then again, I do read some stuff back and feel totally vindicated. So by all means, I'm not saying that people should abandon this forum, and start their own blogs or websites, the two can go hand in hand. If you have researched and compiled valuable information into forum posts here, just please ensure that you present this material elsewhere, or keep offline copies, or both! Because you never know when the shit is going to hit the fan again, and if your material is only stored in one place, it's going to be lost, potentially forever. TPTB are clearly working to try and 'centralise' the Internet, in order to 'control the flow' of information. We must actually do what we can to 'decentralise' this information, and keep it in as many places as possible.
  9. There is a link to download the full film as an MP4 file from the Richplanet website. While Richard has encouraged people to share and upload elsewhere, he warns about uploading to Youtube, expect that video to be removed at some point. ?
  10. I've given some suggestions for regular forum contributors in another topic here, and they echo some comments Mr A has also made. To save taking over this topic, perhaps I'll offer them in a new one.
  11. That's a phrase I've become sick of hearing. The problem is that those in 'authority' never actually seem to learn anything. As with "no stone unturned" its just an empty, meaningless phrase, meant to somehow 'reassure' the public that this "won't happen again". Then it inevitably does.
  12. Yes you can, you just did. ? BUT it seems there are limitations on what content you can have in your opening post. Looks like quotes, embeds and external content are not allowed, so my advice is to just put some plain introductory text in the first post, and then put the content you wanted to post in the next post.
  13. I had the same thought myself a while back. We sell on Amazon at work as a 'marketplace seller', it is becoming difficult to compete against Amazon themselves where they offer the same product as we do, so we don't bother. Amazon are also increasingly making it difficult for third-party sellers with their changing 'policies' and rules. There are certain 'brands' whose products we are not allowed to sell unless we are 'approved', and the process of gaining this 'approval' is intrusive and frustrating. Amazon can also seemingly just suspend seller accounts for the slightest infringement, and again the 'appeal' process is frustrating, because your detailed explanations don't seem to be considered by any human being. I believe Amazon is working actively to push as many smaller 'third-party' sellers off the marketplace, and it will eventually only be Amazon themselves, and big brands and manufacturers selling direct through the platform, bypassing all other retail and distribution channels.
  14. Surprised no-one has picked up on this one, it actually briefly appeared on the BBC News homepage yesterday, but buried among the "Cummings row" news. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-51868737 Netanyahu trial: Israeli prime minister faces Jerusalem court The trial of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges has opened in Jerusalem, days after he began a new term in office. Mr Netanyahu, 70, is the first standing leader to face trial in the country's history. He denies accusations of bribery, fraud and breach of trust. Arrived at the courthouse for a brief hearing, he said the cases were aimed at "toppling him in any way possible". He was sworn back into office as head of a rare unity government a week ago. His political rival, Benny Gantz, agreed to share power following three inconclusive elections in under a year. He has rejected calls by opponents to step down while he fights the cases. I think we can probably guess how this one will pan out... ?
  15. I have a couple of friends on ye olde Facebook that share posts from groups mocking 'anti-vaxxers' and here is one that was shared today: Now while there is so much that is just wrong with this post, and this is the kind of stuff that gives us "alternative thinkers" a bad name, I can't help but think that at the 'core level' all those people who laughed at or mocked this post are going to get a full reality check soon. Then they won't be laughing or mocking.
  16. Speaking of Aerosmith covers, enjoy...
  17. Yeah, I find it a bit 'dehumanising'. "But its fun! You should get one too!" You stop being yourself, but a cartoon persona instead. I don't know how these 'avatars' get generated, or how much user input is involved, but there's the possibility you could create an avatar that is less like who you actually are, but more like what you wished you were.
  18. In my opinion, the forum is itself suffering from its own form of 'coronavirus panic'. Yes, the forum was hacked and attacked, but this was down to this 'Adderall Abuse' fella (or an accomplice) who somehow got hold of Jaymie's login credentials and was able to access the forum with full admin rights. I don't know how they managed this, and there are a number of possible scenarios how this could have been achieved. Also yes, the forum and the main DavidIcke.com website did sustain brute force DDOS attacks, so I can understand why measures have been put in place. But as with the 'coronavirus scam', the assumption has been made that "everyone's a hacker" (like with the UK Government's "act like you've got it" message). The best way to stick two fingers up to these ultra-Zionist Mossad agents, would have been to have just restored the forum using a previous system/database backup, and then carried on as before, albeit with some security tweaks. As Finder points out, many long-standing members have been left disappointed that all previous content is seemingly 'gone', and it is challenging to contribute new content, due to these security measures that have been put in place. And new members, who may be keen to join in with discussions here, are unable to do so, due to new member registrations being blocked. So we find ourselves once again where due to the malicious actions of a very tiny minority, the majority are having to suffer. I really do hope that this can all be resolved very soon, otherwise existing and prospective members will start looking elsewhere.
  19. Haha, so he 'recovered' once from coronavirus, and then caught it again? ? If the masses can't see the cracks forming in this narrative by now, I don't know what will get them to snap out of this trance.
  20. I believe we had this discussion before and it was established that all members were having their location reported as this same London postcode. I don't think we ever got any 'official' answer, but best guess is that this forum is itself accessed through a proxy, perhaps via Cloudflare?
  21. I couldn't give a rats what Cummings has been up to, he probably knows (like most of here do) that this is all a load of bollocks, so if he wants to go visit his mother, then fine, I don't see the problem myself. ? The media though are using this story to attack the government and Boris in particular. They want people to turn on the Tory party, because for the next stage of 'the plan' TPTB want a Labour government in place. Its all about shifting public opinion and their perception. What I'm hoping might happen though is that a few more people start questioning this whole lockdown situation, and just start questioning the whole situation itself.
  22. I think you'll find that ALL the content was removed, not just yours ? The forum was attacked, see:
  23. It is a symbol yes, and used extensively in the entertainment industry. Back to the Holochain website, and I found this a bit 'creepy': (my emphasis in bold) So a Holochain begins with 'DNA', and the first header is referred to as 'Genesis'?
  24. There is a lot to be said for numerology. I did look into this a couple of years back, and I found my numerology 'life=path' number was '3'. (worked out from your date of birth). I did then find some amazing synchronicities; for example, the house number I currently live at is '75' - 7 + 5 = 12, 1 + 2 =3 Before renting my current property, the other place I was considering was numbered '3'. What I then found fascinating was that my previous house number was 12; 1 + 2 = 3 And prior to that, I had rented a flat at a number 30 - 3 + 0 = 3 I'm also starting to feel that I'm definitely on the right track with regards to 'life path', because the bus that I catch to/from work is the 3. Also curiously, the route number of the bus I use to go visit my mum and dad back home is the 12 - 1 + 2 = 3 So yeah, the number 3 has been following me round a bit for the last few years.
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