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  1. I used to have a lot of respect for Lenny Henry, mainly because he was also from Dudley (like myself) and he did use to be funny back in the day. But he's very much on board with this whole 'everything is racist' victim mentality nowadays. Did he get where he is today because his skin colour gave him some 'special treatment'? No, he was genuinely talented, and worked hard to achieve his fame, probably working hard against the odds. Now he is one of those 'demanding' more black representation in the film and TV industry.
  2. USA and the UK are not the same, yet there appears to be a bit of conflation going on. Yes, there probably IS a problem with police brutality in the United States. But I don't think we have anything near the same in the UK. In the USA, protestors are waving banners saying "defund the police". In the UK for several years now, many people complain because they feel our police force needs MORE funding (due to 'Tory cuts' and all that). I have seen figures quoted before, and I've read enough local news stories, to see that where black people have become 'victims of crime' (in other words shot, stabbed or killed) in many cases the perpetrator was also black. Now I'm not saying that all criminals are black, or that all black people are criminals. But what I'm seeing is political correctness, and the 'need to be seen as not being racist', is actually leaving our police force hamstrung. Scaling back 'stop and search' in London for example, has led to a rapid rise in knife crime in particular. Black youths have become 'disenfranchised' by a system that perpetually portrays all black people as 'victims', so it is no wonder that they end up associated with gangs, run by people who have no fear of the law, because the police won't touch them for fear of being seen as 'racist'. What would really make a difference is black people putting down the knives and guns and stop killing each other in petty disputes over drugs, girls or whatever. Tearing down statues of long-dead people who may have had some involvement with the slave trade hundreds of years ago, what will that actually achieve in practical terms? Black lives DO matter. But then again, ALL lives matter. What I am utterly sick of seeing and reading about is how "everything is racist", and that blame is being shifted everywhere apart from where it needs to be directed. United we stand, divided we fall. But people are once again being massively manipulated in a way that makes divisions even wider.
  3. Thanks for sharing, I must admit I've been feeling a bit strange myself the last couple of days. I've been having trouble sleeping the last few nights, and I was quite unwell yesterday, feeling listless and tired. There does seem to be a lot of negative energy about, what with the constant fear-porn from the media about 'coronavirus' and of course the 'aftermath' of the Black Lives Matter protests, which seem more interested now in rewriting history than finding any 'justice' for that black fella assaulted and killed by a cop in the United States. I try to not let things 'in general' bother me or get me down, but there's definitely 'something in the air' that is causing me to feel a bit unsettled.
  4. Good luck with that petition. Has anyone tried starting one on the UK Government's Petitions website? I note with interest the footer of the link you gave, and that this is a Care2 website: All very 'progressive' and left-wing ideology I must say. It's interesting how the WHO has now changed its tune on the wearing of face masks, so technically if you oppose the wearing of masks on public transport, you are now (in the eyes of these people) a "science denier". ? Don't get me wrong, I'd stand against 'mean people' too, but it is such a vague term, like "wilfully ignorant". Anyway, didn't mean to hijack your topic, but wanted to wish you all the best.
  5. Well breaking the law might be a bit of an exaggeration, but this is to be added to the 'conditions of carriage' that all bus and rail operators have to inform their customers of. Like the same way that passengers are asked not to eat food or drink on buses, put feet on seats, let their dogs sit on seats, or play music loudly through speakers. Or even have a valid ticket for travel. Then again, it is actually illegal to smoke on buses. All these things happen on a regular basis, but they are not enforced. Drivers are instructed not to confront passengers, so how exactly will this be enforced?
  6. So after finishing a good honest days work today, I got my usual bus home this evening. It was a usual half-empty double-deck that I got on, and I went upstairs as I usually do. Now I must admit, I am one of those who does like (where they can) to sit TDFR ("top deck front row") ? So I walk up the staircase, and while there are perhaps two or three other people sitting up there, there is one fella sitting in the front row on top deck, on the right-hand side of the vehicle, up against the window. Bold as brass, I sit down in the other front row seat on the left-hand side, and begin to enjoy my short less than 20 minute journey home. It actually amused me because as I looked across after I sat down and got comfortable, this other Arab-looking fella was wearing some facemask (while I wasn't), and he was giving me 'some evils' and looking behind him, as if to subliminally try to say "why didn't you sit further away from me?". At this point, I really don't give a shit. I know how wide these vehicles are, and to be fair, if we are sitting at opposite ends of the same row, we are about 2m apart. Why was this fella even nervous? He was wearing a mask, while I wasn't, so what's the fricking problem? This is what is about to happen though, you have a minefield of programmed robots ready to go off, just because someone else is not 'following the programme'. I do find it crazy that it is perfectly fine for me to travel on a bus in the West Midlands today not wearing any kind of face covering, but after Sunday if I do the same I will be breaking the law.
  7. I agree completely. You can gauge so much from peoples' facial expressions, and sometimes it is remarkable how one can somehow communicate with others just by a facial gesture. We had it at work the other week. Our bookkeeper came in for his monthly visit to do our accounts, granted he had recently had a heart-attack so was taking all neccessary precautions, but he sat in our office at our spare computer, and was asking me questions about various things. But he was wearing one of those surgical face-coverings, and to be honest, I actually found it difficult to talk to him, not because I couldn't understand what he was saying, but because I couldn't see the movements of his mouth. With people wearing face-coverings there's a definite loss when it comes to communicating with others, for instance you can't tell if someone is smiling or not, so you don't know if they're being serious or joking around with you. A loss of visible emotion if you like. You see their eyes, but nothing else. Eyes without a face...
  8. Little Britain is being pulled because "blackface". It's interesting how this hasn't been a 'problem' since 2003. But it is a 'problem' now. This will be interesting, as to all intents and purposes, the "Ali G" character should also receive the same treatment by the same reasoning. Not quite "blackface", but what you do have is a Jewish comedian pretending to be 'black'. Cultural misappropriation? Or is this all some kind of 'tipping point'? Sensible people who responded to the Black Lives Matter hashtag pointing out that actually "All Lives Matter" have somehow become demonised as 'racist bigots'. So what we are perhaps waiting for is the first person to question why Sacha Baron Cohen hasn't received the same treatment as 'Little Britain' to be denounced as an 'anti-Semite'? I suppose 'classics' like "Carry On Up The Jungle" will be next?
  9. So masks are compulsory forever then ,until someone finally finds a cure for the commond cold. "We gotta beat the virus!" I remember some words from Matt Hancock a couple of weeks ago ("thems fighting words") along the lines of using their 'test and trace' system (which doesn't work) to "hunt down the virus". Anyone would think we are literally 'fighting' against a living enemy.
  10. Everything has just become 'sloganised', I suppose in order to pander those with short attention spans or a lack of critical thinking ability. Even in politics, we had "Strong And Stable" and "Get Brexit Done". "Stay Alert" "Control The Virus" "Stop the spread" "Test and trace" "Protect the NHS" It's all meaningless bullshit, but repeat those mantras enough times and people digest and absorb them more easily. And then next thing you know, people repeat them 'matter-of-factly' in conversation. Or brain-washing. I probably need to look more into NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), a technque apparently well-versed by the Common Purpose organisation. Peoples' minds are being messed with on a grand scale, and it is alarming even to me to see and hear people I have known for years to be quite sensible and reasonably well-informed, to have become 'curtain-twitchers', scared of their own shadows, and sharing and repeating the government and media propaganda and even lecturing to others on how to 'behave'.
  11. Is the 'defund the police' message exclusive to the USA? For years in the UK, people here have been complaining that our police need MORE funding. "Tory cuts" and all that. This all smacks of a move to 'privatise the police' and have people pay for their own local 'private police force' to "keep them safe".
  12. It's a shame they didn't have the same level of understanding towards people who wanted to sit in the sunshine in the park the last few weekends, or wanted to have a day out at the beach. Common Purpose 'selective' policing.
  13. It's emerging that this 'Test and Track' (sorry, trace) app just doesn't work. Test and Trace discovers 131 new Covid-19 cases in Birmingham - but only few contacts tracked down MPs and council chiefs express alarm in urgent letter to Health Secretary Matt Hancock as the first picture of how the Test and Trace system is working locally emerges Obviously its not a very good tracking app, if health chiefs "have no idea where in the city those cases are". Meanwhile in neighbouring Sandwell, their director of public health added: Anyone get the feeling that some people just don't want the lockdown to end? Or do 'they' want this 'test and trace' system in place, so they can randomly 'force' people into self-isolation? You know, 'people of interest' and all that? Another concern being raised is: Well fuck me, last time I checked the national language of the United Kingdom was English, and it was also the most commonly spoken language too. "But diversity", well I know councils like to waste money translating documents and leaflets into a multitude of languages, but come on, is it not time the question was asked why so many people in the UK can't understand a word of English? And typical Labour MP Liam Byrne comes out with the following: Ah, because the 'coronavirus' is racist, isn't it? And what's with the use of the words 'lock' and 'unlock'? Those who hold the key, are the ones in control. This isn't about 'safely ending' the lockdown, its about having a mechanism in place in order to have maximum control over the populace. Oh, and here's a prediction, when a vaccine becomes available, watch for the calls for it to be given to the 'BAME communities' first.
  14. It's all about pushing more and more people to shop online, and have their stuff delivered to them. People have already been doing this, because either those kinds of shops have been forced to close ("non-essential"), or because people have been "too frightened" to leave their homes and travel to shops ("its just not safe!"). Your 'big names' like Victoria's Secret (and others) will end up being 'rescued' and revived as 'brands', sold through online retailers such as Amazon. No need for 'physical stores' or to employ staff to work in them. Products will still sell at the same prices, and thus will be more profitable due to lower overhead costs. I believe there has been a plan in place all along to 'kill off the High Streets', despite what people in Government might have been saying otherwise. For example, late last year the West Midlands mayor Andy Street was boasting about his ambition to 'save our High Streets' and was all excited about several towns in the West Midlands that were due to receive 'government funding'. Well, if you actually looked into what his 'plans' were, it was all about making high streets more 'pedestrian-friendly', and 'safe' with increased CCTV security. As for the empty shops, they would be 'repurposed' and converted into 'community facilities' as well as housing. The 'retail industry' is already being consolidated into being owned by large corporations, and despite what anyone in Government says, small businesses are being left to suffer with little to no support.
  15. Or on the other hand, this could be preparation for the 'next wave of bullshit'. All it will take is for someone to declare there has been an 'increased' number of cases of Covid-19 'detected' in those cities where protests took place, and then the 'local lockdowns' can begin in earnest.
  16. Not true. I checked on my own phone earlier, and while under Settings > Google there is indeed a new option for "Covid-19 exposure notifications", there is no new 'app' that has been automatically installed. These notifications will only work if you: have a 'suitable app' installed (as you can see from my screenshots, I don't) have Bluetooth turned on (mine is off) have device location turned on Personally, I think this is all a waste of time, as it relies on people with 'Covid-19 symptoms' either: being honest having a smartphone with Bluetooth and device location turned on
  17. Most Royal Mail delivery offices will accept items to be posted, however they have changed their opening times that they are available to the public. Post Offices will accept all items to be mailed. I'm not sure at this point, but it might be the case that the delivery offices are only equipped to handle items where postage has already been paid for. Not all Amazon sellers provide 'paid-for' return mailing labels, you'd be surprised how many of our Amazon customers at work automatically assume they had received a 'paid-for' return label and just turn up at the post office not knowing they have to pay for the return postage. (At work, we only cover return postage costs if the item received is damaged, defective or otherwise not as described, if you've just changed your mind then its up to you to pay return postage costs I'm afraid)
  18. These people all keep spelling it wrong for some reason, surely it is "tracking" not 'tracing'? ?
  19. The link is fine. But good luck to anyone starting a petition on Change.org on this or any similar subject.
  20. The government are saying that 'face covering' should be worn, but people shouldn't use surgical-type masks (as they are a precious commodity to the NHS) and are encouraged to make their own, or use a scarf. It's not to protect yourself, but to 'prevent the spread' of this bogus virus to others. Seriously, I was on a bus the other evening (maskless of course) and there was a guy sat in front of me, wearing a facemask, but pulled down so it was over his chin, just so he could tuck in to some wrap or sandwich or something. I mean, what was the point of even having that mask? If its just a case that passengers have to cover their faces while travelling, would this be acceptable?
  21. I bought a Darth Vader costume many years ago for a couple of fancy dress parties. Chucked it away last year when I was doing some decluttering of my flat, figured I'd never need it again. Wish I'd kept the helmet now.
  22. "Public consultation" = this has already been agreed and is going ahead regardless of what you think
  23. The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) put out a survey to people on its mailing list a few weeks ago, to 'consult' on passengers 'feelings' regarding public transport 'post-lockdown'. This was one of the questions presented: I remember warning at the time that this 'consultation' was just a 'glossing exercise' and that the outcome had already been pre-determined. Looks like I was right. I think I may have a solution though...
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