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  1. If its ready to go, then go for it! It would be great to have it go live in time for the weekend ?
  2. Coronavirus: Health minister says app should roll out by winter https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-53083340 Its almost as if they know this is going to fizzle out now (like flu viruses do) but is going to 'come back again' next year...
  3. If you want to start a new topic here, you are perfectly able to, however you should avoid including any 'embeds' or external URLs in your opening post. Just include a brief text-only introduction in your opening post, then continue with any embeds or links in a follow-up post.
  4. As I commented yesterday, I boarded my bus again this morning wearing a face covering. I went upstairs to the top deck, and there were NO OTHER passengers up there. So I took off my mask. By not wearing a face covering where there are NO other passengers around me, who exactly is "in danger"? Bus companies are expected to ensure passengers respect 'social-distancing' guidelines, AND to wear face coverings. Surely if ALL passengers are expected to wear face coverings, then there is NO NEED for 'social-distancing' measures on public transport. It's got to be one or the other, having both makes absolutely no sense. Sick people need to wear face coverings to prevent the 'spread' of this bogus virus. Perfectly healthy people shouldn't have to, and if they don't then it should be at their own risk only. I do note once again that it was only the black Africans who weren't wearing face-coverings on the bus home this evening. (an actual observation, not me being racist at all)
  5. OK, I've activated your account manually, try and login as normal now.
  6. I can see you've registered, you'll need to click the link in the email you'll have received in order to activate your account and be able to login.
  7. It's almost as if it was flashed back into the public awareness just to get a bit of momentum going for a bit. Then it all got conveniently overshadowed by George Floyd and the Black Lives Matters protests/riots. I would agree completely. However this latest 'Maddie' development itself appears to have been buried by other news of late, which leads me to believe that the story is about to come to some sort of underwhelming conclusion in the hope that the matter can be put 'to rest' without the public noticing much.
  8. Real-Time Lightning Maps: https://www.lightningmaps.org/#m=oss;t=3;s=0;o=0;b=;ts=0;y=52.4144;x=-1.8632;z=11;d=2;dl=2;dc=0;
  9. With the south of Birmingham currently being battered by a band of thunderstorms, I thought this was a good time to share a cool website with you all: It shows in (near) real-time the location of recorded lightning strikes, and is fun to use to track the movement of thunderstorms. Of course, you can't beat the thrill of watching a bloody good thunderstorm from your window... (Link in next post)
  10. Registration is currently disabled, so even if Muir wanted to come back, he can't right now.
  11. Anyone with a bit of technical knowledge can set up and start a new forum, that's the relatively easy bit. I wasn't going to, but I added a forum to my own website: http://thegrumpyowl.co.uk/forum/ The trick is getting people to join in and get involved. And making sure you keep the 'disruptors' at bay, so to speak. I don't like seeing the term 'defected' being used, people should be free to join any online community they want to. Done properly, they can all complement each other nicely, and as long as contributors share their content in as many places as possible, 'all is not lost' if ever one site gets hacked or taken down. That was the whole point of my "Tips on preserving your own forum contributions" thread here. If you have interesting research, then post in as many places as you can, or start your own blog website. If anyone here wants to join my new forum, then welcome on board, but no bitching or moaning about this site or any others for that matter. I have no desire to 'compete' with or 'rival' any other forum, and I also don't want people to consider this as a 'defection'. Consider it as another place for 'alternative thinking', somewhere else to save your thoughts, comments or research.
  12. This was shared by someone on Facebook earlier today: I'm not sure what this all means to be honest, but I don't trust these hedge-fund types one bit, and it sounds like a lot of 'wealthy elites' stand to make a packet on a 'no-deal' outcome.
  13. Well, I begrudgingly wore a mask while travelling on the bus to and from work today. I suppose I consider myself lucky that my commute is relatively short, as the bus journey itself takes less than 20 minutes. But goodness me, I don't know how people can wear these things for any extended period of time. As it happened, once I got upstairs and took my seat on the empty top deck this morning, I took the bloody thing off. I found it quite uncomfortable having my warm breath blowing back at me, and it probably didn't help it being very warm and humid today. (I also notice on the National Express West Midlands buses that they have signs asking to keep the windows open!) What I also found disconcerting was how the mask partially obscured my field of vision - I like to look where I'm going, so I found it a bit awkward going up and down the staircase. But what I found interesting was what I observed on my return journey home this evening. While I was waiting at the stop for my bus, another one pulled up, and a young-ish looking African bloke got off - no mask. As I boarded my bus which followed shortly behind, I glanced around the lower deck before heading upstairs, four people wearing face coverings, while another African-looking lady wasn't. When I got upstairs, there were three other blokes - all African - sitting near each other, none of them wearing masks or coverings. Now before anyone accuses me of anything, this was a factual observation, I saw it with my own eyes, with no judgement. (And there are also a lot of Africans round the Sparkbrook area where I work, this is also an observable fact). For all I know, they could have all had valid reasons for not wearing face coverings, and it could have all been a coincidence. Or perhaps they know now they can get away with not doing so, because if they get challenged by anyone, they can throw the 'racist' card back at them. I hope this isn't the case, because otherwise things are going to get ugly when passengers start being challenged. The bus inspectors haven't been out and about for a long time round here, I wonder if they'll be dragged back out again, not just to check passengers' tickets, but to enforce the wearing of face coverings. That's actually not a bad idea, but is potentially open to 'abuse' if anyone can just print one off. ?
  14. Current BBC News frontpage. I like how they've managed to include a story which references Grenfell. Definitely not an agenda or narrative being pushed here... I haven't clicked through to the Atlanta police chief story yet, but I'm going to assume that it is going to be standard practice for a police chief to resign if officers now dare to shoot a black person? But anyway, here we go again with the biggest racist of the lot David Lammy sticking his oar in: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53039816 Notice how Mr Lammy is one of those who constantly bleats about the government 'doing something' without putting forward any suitable ideas of what that 'something' should be? He also has the nerve to accuse Boris Johnson of 'deflection': Mr Lammy cares about nothing but his own 'pet issues', namely "everything is racist'. I don't know whether he has noticed that the government is trying to get the UK moving and working again, while maintaining some degree of law and order, while Mr Lammy is only interested in "historic injustices". Who's doing the deflecting then?
  15. Media in March: "Coronavirus doesn't discriminate! Obey and stay safe" Media in June: "Coronavirus is racist!" To be honest they've been trying to push this narrative for a few weeks now about how BAME communities are "most affected" by coronavirus. But I guess we'll start to see some kind of conjunction now, with the recent BLM furore. Everything is racist, including coronavirus. So BAME communities MUST receive preferential ("special") treatment. You just watch, once a vaccine comes out, the virtue-signallers will be out in force, "we demand it is given to the BAME people first".
  16. Again, no-one is questioning the need for all of this. In that video, the sales assistant is wearing gloves and a mask, and there is a perspex screen in front of them. Yet the customer is still expected to 'stand back' at a distance. For gods sake, WHY? It's just extreme over-the-top reaction to a virus that has killed 41662 people in the UK, out of a population of 66.65 million - or 0.06% of people in the UK. The assumption being made is that "everyone's got it", or everybody could be carrying it (or "spreading" it), or everybody is just dirty and filthy. The reality is that far more people are catching this 'coronavirus' and recovering, which makes a mockery of the disingenous claims about it being a 'lethal infectious disease'. But all these measures are being put in place to make people feel 'safe' - like most people who haven't been indoctrinated by the constant media propaganda bombardment the last couple of months won't actually give a shit about being 'safe' from this virus. When did people stop being afraid of being mugged, stabbed, shot or raped?
  17. If you click on any of those topics from SOL's profile page though, you get the "You do not have permission to view this content" error. The 'content' is presumably still there, but I guess as all post data is stored in the database, the database records have been altered, perhaps moved to an unspecified 'category' that no-one has 'permission' to view. If everything had been backed up on a regular basis, it would have been relatively quick and easy to restore it back again. Or at least should have been. I very much hope that this current forum isn't the "new normal"...
  18. Its almost as if the long-term aim is to put people off from going to shops altogether. ? But while so many people are unquestioningly accepting this as 'new normal', a number of people will blindly go along with this. You only have to see pictures of people already obediently queuing to get into the likes of Tesco and Sainsburys etc. The thing is I do envisage a time, when the 'Coronavirus' stops 'killing people', and people aren't going to notice, but will still continue to insist on 'social-distancing', facecoverings and 'wash your hands'. Social engineering, thats all.
  19. Well at the very least, go on your council's website, find the planning application, and at least register your objection. A few weeks ago I was walking up to Moseley Bog, and I saw a similar planning permission notice, stating that a new 'tower' was to be installed. It didn't mention 5G specifically, but it did mention 'microwaves' which sort of gives it away. The thing is the site is next to an existing mobile phone mast. The trouble was that the last date for objections to be raised had already passed.
  20. Just utterly ridiculous. You'd think the entire population was covered in lethal flesh-eating spores, or the staff were handling dangerous noxious chemicals. But you know this is all part of an agenda and that this is by no means temporary, simply because EVERY big company (whether it be a retailer, transport operator or whatever) is going along with this pantomime, and not one company chief has dared to stick their head above the parapet and question this nonsense.
  21. If anyone here hasn't already, Richard Hall did a series of documentaries about the McCann case a few years ago, and they are well worth a watch. I'd agree with him, the McCanns are definitely covering something up, and why is this Clarence Mitchell still employed by them as 'spokesman' after all these years? This 'case' has been dragging on for years with no end in sight, and seemingly no end to the amount of public money being spent on it. And it will keep being dragged out as long as it needs to be, until one day some 'villain' will be found, and then it can all be put to rest. But the 'real culprits' will remain at large...
  22. From my local bus operator's website: https://nxbus.co.uk/west-midlands/news/stay-safe-when-travelling-with-us "Added level of safety" ? Even the wording doesn't sound like it is in any way 'legal' - references to 'government guidance' and 'new rule' give it away. The link takes you to a PDF document which simply contains the following text: So "the government expects everyone to wear a face covering if they can". Or if they can't then they don't need to. Its clearly a load of cobblers. The Chinese face mask manufacturers must be rubbing their hands at this great business opportunity that has been handed on a plate to them.
  23. "Pre-hack" I posted a thread with something I copied and pasted from something I saw on Facebook, which in a parody-way ripped the government 'guidelines' to shreds. For instance, I'm not allowed to go and visit my parents. But delivery drivers can go to my parents' house to deliver a parcel. A plumber or electrician can actually go into my parents house, if there is any work that needs doing. And likewise, I'm allowed to travel on the bus at the moment without wearing any face covering. But after Sunday, I must wear a face covering, otherwise I am putting other peoples' lives at risk. That's the one that makes me chuckle the most. "From June 15th you can go and visit strange animals being kept in captivity, but you must not visit strange humans being kept in captivity" ?
  24. Could you perhaps present some scientific evidence to support that what you are saying is true? This all works both ways by the way.
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