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  1. 13 hours ago, rooey said:

    its got something to do with cartoon program conditioning in my opinion 

    plus dissociation and people seeing themselves as cartoon characters 


    Yeah, I find it a bit 'dehumanising'.


    "But its fun! You should get one too!"


    You stop being yourself, but a cartoon persona instead. I don't know how these 'avatars' get generated, or how much user input is involved, but there's the possibility you could create an avatar that is less like who you actually are, but more like what you wished you were.

  2. In my opinion, the forum is itself suffering from its own form of 'coronavirus panic'.


    Yes, the forum was hacked and attacked, but this was down to this 'Adderall Abuse' fella (or an accomplice) who somehow got hold of Jaymie's login credentials and was able to access the forum with full admin rights.


    I don't know how they managed this, and there are a number of possible scenarios how this could have been achieved.


    Also yes, the forum and the main DavidIcke.com website did sustain brute force DDOS attacks, so I can understand why measures have been put in place.


    But as with the 'coronavirus scam', the assumption has been made that "everyone's a hacker" (like with the UK Government's "act like you've got it" message).


    The best way to stick two fingers up to these ultra-Zionist Mossad agents, would have been to have just restored the forum using a previous system/database backup, and then carried on as before, albeit with some security tweaks.


    As Finder points out, many long-standing members have been left disappointed that all previous content is seemingly 'gone', and it is challenging to contribute new content, due to these security measures that have been put in place.


    And new members, who may be keen to join in with discussions here, are unable to do so, due to new member registrations being blocked.


    So we find ourselves once again where due to the malicious actions of a very tiny minority, the majority are having to suffer.


    I really do hope that this can all be resolved very soon, otherwise existing and prospective members will start looking elsewhere.



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  3. 19 minutes ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:

    Police have arrived at Dominic Cummings’ house in London, according to images just received by the SKWAWKBOX. Boris Johnson has been under intense pressure to sack his chief adviser/handler after Cummings drove more than 260 miles to Durham with suspected coronavirus – and reportedly on a second occasion after his recovery.


    Haha, so he 'recovered' once from coronavirus, and then caught it again? ?


    If the masses can't see the cracks forming in this narrative by now, I don't know what will get them to snap out of this trance.

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  4. 1 minute ago, Given To Fly said:

    erm, question, i use a VPN which masks my IP address to different countries.


    i just checked my forum settings.

    and my recently used devices all come up as from london:



    even though the VPN i'm using now isn't UK and even before they were worldwide :classic_ohmy:


    I believe we had this discussion before and it was established that all members were having their location reported as this same London postcode.


    I don't think we ever got any 'official' answer, but best guess is that this forum is itself accessed through a proxy, perhaps via Cloudflare?


  5. 4 minutes ago, chocomel said:

    Boris Johnson backs Dominic Cummings.

    I bet the masses who couldn't go and see their parents at home or couldn't attend funeral must be levid.

    It's all clear to us though...one law for the elites, another for the pheasants.


    Uprising coming soon... :classic_tongue:



    I couldn't give a rats what Cummings has been up to, he probably knows (like most of here do) that this is all a load of bollocks, so if he wants to go visit his mother, then fine, I don't see the problem myself. ?


    The media though are using this story to attack the government and Boris in particular. They want people to turn on the Tory party, because for the next stage of 'the plan' TPTB want a Labour government in place. Its all about shifting public opinion and their perception.


    What I'm hoping might happen though is that a few more people start questioning this whole lockdown situation, and just start questioning the whole situation itself.

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  6. 53 minutes ago, TrueSon said:

    That woman hides one eye. If I remember correctly, that is a symbol of illuminati or a symbol of an illuminati prostitute.



    It is a symbol yes, and used extensively in the entertainment industry.


    Back to the Holochain website, and I found this a bit 'creepy': (my emphasis in bold)



    To develop Holochain applications you need to know about:

    • getting Holochain installed
    • how to use the command line tools
    • how to configure your application by creating a "DNA" file
    • how to write your application code in JavaScript or Lisp
    • how to think through building a distributed application
    • how to build a user interface for your app
    • how to test your application code




    So a Holochain begins with 'DNA', and the first header is referred to as 'Genesis'?



  7. There is a lot to be said for numerology.


    I did look into this a couple of years back, and I found my numerology 'life=path' number was '3'. (worked out from your date of birth).


    I did then find some amazing synchronicities; for example, the house number I currently live at is '75' - 7 + 5 = 12, 1 + 2 =3


    Before renting my current property, the other place I was considering was numbered '3'.


    What I then found fascinating was that my previous house number was 12; 1 + 2 = 3


    And prior to that, I had rented a flat at a number 30 - 3 + 0 = 3



    I'm also starting to feel that I'm definitely on the right track with regards to 'life path', because the bus that I catch to/from work is the 3.


    Also curiously, the route number of the bus I use to go visit my mum and dad back home is the 12 - 1 + 2 = 3


    So yeah, the number 3 has been following me round a bit for the last few years.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Finder said:


    Precisely. Their anti-virus soft IS the virus itself. Just like the vaccination aka "immunisation" against the alleged viruses and diseases is the virus delivering and disease generating project.


    And of course, the creator of this Windows operating system that is installed on so many peoples' desktop and laptop PCs, which is so apparently riddled with security holes that it requires third-party software (anti-virus) providers to 'protect' them is of course...




    Who is now a self-styled virus and vaccines 'expert' in the 'real-life'.


    You really can't make this shit up.



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  9. 1 minute ago, numnuts said:


    My theory is that it would be nigh on impossible to pull off something like this, with no casualties turning up at the local hospitals. I also know that the PTB are not at all shy, when it comes to maiming and killing people.


    Perhaps the casualties are not turning up at local hospitals because there are no casualties? Think about the current Covid-19 situation, and how hundreds of people are supposedly dying every day, yet the hospitals are not being 'overwhelmed'? (NHS staff apparently have loads of free time to rehearse and perform their Tik-Tok dance videos though!)

  10. 3 minutes ago, numnuts said:


    Yes, the old 2006 forum ran on VBulletin software, which I liked when it came to presentation and usability. I didn't know anything about vBulletin pushing upgrade options for inflated prices.


    It was something I recall seeing Gareth post here not long after this new Social forum was set up, when people were questioning the need for a 'new' forum.


    This current Invision Commnity software isn't cheap, so I'm not sure how much vBulletin were looking to charge them to be honest.

  11. 7 minutes ago, ink said:

    So lets know something .... hackers are in front of any company providing supposed security .... they (hackers) create the 'problems' that corporations then sell the 'patch' for to the general user.


    While the 'internet' was created by DARPA .... hackers really could run it if they got together!


    Most really good ones are bought up and brought into the system .... BUT .... there are many still out there and they 'could' bring the entire system down IF they got together and worked for mankind .... You never know, maybe they will .... It would only take them a day!


    This is why I neither waste money on 'anti-virus' software, nor do I use any 'free' anti-virus software on any of my PCs at work or at home.


    My PCs have been 'virus-free' for years, as long as I am sensible.

  12. 2 minutes ago, numnuts said:


    On vBulletin the PTB could edit posts, without the said posts showing as being edited. Not something they did often though, as they didn't want to get rumbled.


    It's interesting you mention vBulletin, as I believe the 'old' David Icke forum used an old version of that software. One of the reasons given why the Ickes launched the 'new' Social forum using Invision Community was because vBulletin wanted a lot of money to offer an upgrade to their latest version of their forum software.


    Any website sitting exposed on the internet, using old outdated software that is open to exploitation, is a prime target for hackers.

  13. 13 minutes ago, numnuts said:

    With such large scale events, on U.K. soil and still for now at least, then I would suggest that 'something' happened. The mass media could then exaggerate it, twist it and spin it to kingdom come. What I do know is that Salman Abedi was innocent of this act. Just like the 7/7 patsies were innocent. 


    Training exercises and 'drills' take place all the time. And as pointed out in the opening sequence of Richard Hall's film, there are companies such as 'Strategic Operations' that offer services to make these 'exercises' as realistic as possible.


    And I'm sure in most cases, these 'exercises' just stay as 'drills', which the public are unaware of, and they stay as useful 'training exercises'.


    But then again, if the time is right, and if it suits the 'agenda', anyone of these 'drills' or exercises could easily be manipulated into becoming a 'live scenario'.


    The 'Manchester bombing' is just one of these I feel, and you can apply the same analysis, as Richard has done with other supposed 'terror attacks', like those in London.

  14. 1 minute ago, Orange Alert said:


    I second that. A joint complaint? :classic_laugh:  When I saw the Old Bill started driving around in their jam sandwiches 20 years ago with the mission statement stuck to the doors  Working for a safer London I knew it was not safe to walk the streets.  


    Like with anything else, it is just a meaningless slogan. But it makes people feel 'protected'.


    The fact that the Met Police seem more concerned with 'protecting' people from 'hate speech', rather than 'actual crime' like muggings, rapes and stabbings, is of little concern.



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  15. 17 minutes ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:


    Fear. People want to be safe and they want to be looked after. Decades of programming and social engineering revealed in all their glory. People have been programmed to believe they have no power and that they must obey authority figures.


    Exactly, you only have to look at the 'keywords' and slogans being bandied about by the Government and in the media.


    The two main words are "safe" and "protect". Two words that a population cowering in fear want to hear from their governments.


    People want to feel 'safe'. People need to feel they are being 'protected'.


    And these two words have been around for a while now, utilised by the Common Purpose brigade.


    Think of phrases like "safe spaces". And "protected characteristics".


    But its all 'double-speak' isn't it? Being 'safe' and 'protected' actually means you are being controlled.


    "Do as we tell you (control) and you will be safe and protected (controlled)"



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  16. But this ‘new’ thing that seems to be being rolled out in the last few days is how Facebook users now seem to have the ‘ability’ to create a new ‘avatar’ for themselves, a sort of computer-generated version of themselves.

    I note with interest that I have not seen this new feature offered to me, nor can I find where I can do so.

    I mean like, what the fuck is this? It’s sort of like an advancement of the ‘Bitstrips’ thing that became popular a few years ago, but then disappeared into nothing.

    Many years ago, I did enjoy playing the computer game “The Sims”, and I recall now that even before reading any of David Icke’s stuff, years ago I was having some discussion with some friends, and brought up the possibility of our own ‘real lives’ in this world just being part of some ‘Sims’ like computer simulation.

    Of course, many Facebook users will just see this as all “a bit of fun”. But what if there is more to this? What if more than just being a real human being interacting with others on ‘social media’, we are being prepared and indeed conditioned into the idea of just becoming a ‘virtual avatar’ in the new reality of cyberspace?

    I’m also at this point reminded of an advert for the actual “The Sims 4” game that popped up recently on a phone box in Sparkbrook. The slogan read as:

    “I didn’t like my own family, so I made a new one”

    More social engineering at work?

    Of course, on my personal Facebook profile, I’ve chosen to have a picture which does not show me for the last couple of years, so I’d consider myself to be hypocritical to criticise others for adopting their new ‘avatar’ image.

    So in a bit of ‘reverse psychology’ I was tempted – but then stopped myself – from putting up a picture of myself ‘in protest’.

    I think I can see whats going on here, the ‘sheep’ are blindly following the latest ‘social-media’ trend, in order to create their own ‘virtual persona’, while perhaps the idea is that those in opposition to this ‘facial-profiling’ exercise will provide the social network with an ‘up-to-date’ image of themselves, ready for facial-profiling?

    And yeah, “Facebook is bad” and all that.

    Anyone else here who happens to be on Facebook who’s seen their ‘friends’ lapping this up?



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  17. 7 hours ago, Stride said:

    What makes them think they ‘own’ a naturally occurring frequency? 

    It’s like someone claiming ownership of sunlight.


    10 minutes ago, pi3141 said:


    I'm off topic but Spain has/had a Solar Tax where they taxed home owners with Solar panels a tax for using them, thats like saying they own the sunlight. 


    Lets face it, they would lay claim and tax anything and everything given the chance.


    Water - a natural resource - is already sold and marketed as a branded product.


    Many people won't drink water from the tap (for different reasons), but will happily go and buy bottles of the stuff from supermarkets.

  18. 11 minutes ago, Fluke said:

    Well back in 2007 I used to talk to a lot of perk programmers and one of the geeks from an IRC chat network used to run a websites. People on there would post their codes and exploits. I think it was called an SQL injection. Probably updated systems can protect against this now. There are of course other exploits such as ddos flooding the system with packets of data with botnets. I don't know either and I am not saying you are wrong but it is/was always possible. 


    I certainly heard about this in the past, some PHP software did have 'exploits' that hackers could use, simply by adding parameters when calling certain .PHP files, and I think this was how they did these 'SQL injections' which would literally 'inject' data in to the database, either to add the hacker as a user (thus bypassing the software's registration system) or to insert malicious code or files.


    You tend to not hear much about this now, probably because PHP and SQL security has been much improved over the years. I believe most 'bot attacks' now utilise databases of harvested email addresses and passwords in a 'brute force' method to get lucky and gain access to a website through standard login pages. (This happens a lot with Wordpress sites for example)

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