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  1. From that link: and... These people don't look very 'Kurdish' to me: https://i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2020/06/26/15/30091630-8463513-image-a-51_1593180809709.jpg I think we've seen this story before. African 'economic migrants' squaring up against Syrian/Kurdish 'asylum seekers'? Oh and a policeman was seriously injured. Definitely NOT a terrorist attack then. ? One eyewitness said he saw an 'African-looking man' lying injured on the floor. Where are the 'Black Lives Matter' protestors? Is it racist when black people are killing each other?
  2. One of our suppliers at work recently offered us some infra-red thermometers for us to sell on. Because apparently workplaces need them in order to 'check their staff for fever' regularly, and I bet they're used elsewhere like airports to 'check' passengers. To keep people 'safe' and all that. It got me thinking about something, because I do recall a while back, when the lockdown and pandemic first kicked in, that we started selling a lot of these infra-red thermometers (from another supplier). They were actually for food preparation use, to measure the temperature of cooked meat or something along those lines, and they clearly stated on the packaging 'not for medical use'. And I do recall that we were sending a lot of these to business addresses, not necessarily catering establishments. Yet these 'new' thermometers we were offered were practically identical to the catering ones. So how effective are these at accurately measuring a human beings internal temperature? And what happens for example if someone is outside in the hot sun, like today here in the UK, and then has their temperature read by one of these things? One's skin temperature is going to be warmer than normal, so will they give off 'exaggerated' readings? The same question would apply to one of those 'things' being shown in the above quoted photo. You step outside into the hot searing sun wearing one of those, and yes, its going to record that you have a 'fever'. Granted, there's not a lot of 'hot searing sun' at the moment in Australia, but I think you all realise where I'm going with this.
  3. Three new coronavirus symptoms added to official list and could show whether you've had Covid-19 The Covid-19 pandemic has seen over 43,000 Brits die in hospitals, with the death toll for the country likely far higher From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/health/three-new-coronavirus-symptoms-added-18491642 To save anyone having to wade through the clickbait, here's the core detail: So thats pretty much most symptoms associated with cold/flu and many other minor illnesses. Be careful if you suffer with hay fever and have a dodgy curry or kebab this evening, you could end up with 'Covid-19' symptoms...
  4. It's just more 'identity-politics' driven division tactics. ALL LIVES MATTER, stop treating people differently because of the colour of their skin. Black lives matter White lives matter Chinese lives matter Arab lives matter etc etc We are ALL human beings, and we need to stop letting ourselves play off against each other. The irony is that it is mostly the same people calling for 'diversity' and for people to 'come together' who are encouraging these identity groups to marginalise themselves and to be painted as 'victims' in need of help and support against their 'oppressors'. The truth is that we are ALL being oppressed, but these blinkered people can't see it.
  5. Here in the West Midlands, most of the local bus services are run by National Express, and as all their vehicles already have protective screens on the cab doors, their drivers are under no obligation to wear face coverings or masks while sat in their cab driving, though I notice that some do choose to do so. But most brain-washed passengers are unaware of this fact, and are working under the assumption that because the drivers they see aren't wearing masks, then the 'company' doesn't 'care about passenger safety'. I have also been told that drivers have been instructed not to leave their cab and challenge passengers 'for their own safety' and should radio for assistance if required. But this has been the case for ages, and is why you see so many people getting away with fare-dodging and smoking for example.
  6. Friend of mine runs a website for bus users in the West Midlands. Its interesting how people fully complying with the face covering regulation are 'horrified' by other passengers not doing so, and are quick to vilify bus drivers for not 'enforcing' this: The following were sent via a contact form message on their website: My friends website makes it quite clear in several places that they do NOT operate any bus services and it is just a 'community' website. Some people are just really badly affected by this propaganda, and just want to vent. If wearing a face covering is meant to keep you 'safe' while travelling on public transport, why get so bothered about other people not doing so if you are? Surely your own face covering is keeping you 'safe'?
  7. It's the reaction to Gab all over again. Don't get me wrong, I'm all into free speech and all that. I was active myself on Gab for a while, but I stopped using it as even I was getting uncomfortable with the some of the material other users were posting and sharing. But then again, I guess this is what happens when 'left-leaning' social media sites like Twitter and Facebook start kicking users off for 'violating Community terms and conditions' (ie posting material that challenges mainstream narratives) so you end up with the 'new' alternative social media networks attracting "that kind" of people.
  8. I recall seeing this all explained in a post that Gareth made not long after the 'new' David Icke Social was launched. The 'old' David Icke Forum (DIF) was running an old version of Vbulletin, and was susceptible to spambots. In order to 'fix' certain security issues and add new functionality, an upgrade of the Vbulletin core software had to be done, but the software providers had ramped up the price of their software. A decision was made to 'retire' the old DIF and launch a brand new forum (this David Icke Social), using Invision Community software, which is more modern and up-to-date and added new functionality and features. The idea was to disable registration on the old forum, thus making it 'read-only', and to keep it as an 'archive'. What I did find odd was that there never seemed to be any 'direct link' to the old DIF, so that new members here could easily access the 'archived' forum. As all the 'pre-hack' posts have been removed, I'm working from memory here, so I'm happy for Gareth Icke to correct me if I'm wrong on anything here.
  9. The social-media moderators seem to be quick to remove some posts related to material that goes against the narrative. It's a shame they are not so quick to take action against all the shitty scammers with their fake competitions giving away Range Rovers or campervans. They're also quite happy to take money from Chinese scammers for 'sponsored posts' advertising websites that are 'closing down' whose domain names were only registered a few weeks ago. Social media is just a cess-pit. It was bad enough during the 'Brexit days', then through the 'covid-panic', but the recent Black Lives Matter stuff is really driving rifts between people, including friends I have known for years, both black and white. Its evil and destructive. Some of my friends and family already think I am some kind of 'far-right nutter' simply because I think differently, say what I want to say, and don't go along with the 'official narrative'.
  10. Greta Thunberg is white and lives in Sweden. What the hell exactly does she know about being 'black in America'? ? This is either fake, or just completely ridiculous. Next week, Oprah Winfrey joins our expert panel to discuss what its like being Chinese in Poland.
  11. Is it just me or is the person on the right of this image actually a woman? ?
  12. Its exactly the same as the 'everywhere is warming twice as fast as everywhere else' Google results as exposed here:
  13. I agree completely. hardly anyone questions anything, especially when it comes to the media. A big deal was made about 'converting' these exhibition centres into 'Nightingale Hospitals', with lots of backslapping and 'proud moments' being reported by local figures such as West Mids Metro Mayor Andy Street. A lot of money was spent on these, don't forget as well as 'renting' them from the property owners, they were also (allegedly) fully equipped. And yet in the main they have hardly been used, and you don't hear anything about them anymore, in fact some have probably since closed down without seeing a single patient enter. So the biggest question to be asked here is, who has benefitted financially from all this? Taxpayers money is literally being siphoned off into the wallets of private corporations right in front of our eyes. And all people do is stand on their doorsteps, cheer and clap their hands. (Funny how that 'clap for carers' nonsense all came to a sudden halt too)
  14. Here's something else interesting for you... I couldn't be arsed going to Card Factory in Kings Heath or Shirley - where I would normally go for greetings cards - because I didn't want to go through the rigmarole of having to queue out on the street (it was pretty wet here in the UK last week) as I know these little stores do get ridiculously busy at times, full of the kinds of people who have to look at every single card on display while their kids run riot around them. So instead I thought I'd get a Fathers Day card from one of my local shops. I tried three different ones, a local independent, a Nisa Local and a CostCutter. Not one of them had any Fathers Day cards on display. (The CostCutter actually still had Mothers Day cards out on display! Though to be fair, the shopkeeper did say that 'no-one had been round to update them since the lockdown' and I believed him, as I used to work in a newsagent many years ago, and while we did have our own stock of 'shitty' cards for all occasions, we did have someone who sold us cards on a 'sale-or-return' basis and would come round once a month to update their display stand.) So read into that what you will.
  15. Here in the UK, we're set for a few hot days this week, so expect the media to start going on about 'unprecedented heat', heatwaves, global warming, climate change, blah blah etc etc. "Warnings" about staying out of the sun, etc etc. Its almost a shame to be at work when its like this, but I'll be making the most of it - we'll have chairs out on our car park, so we can take a break in the sunshine ? It is incredible just how dumbed-down people have become, or indeed how short some peoples' memories are. Its almost like some people don't understand why it gets hot sometimes around this part of the year. Nothing to do with climate change, its called "summer" ?
  16. And there's more! Reading stabbing attack suspect Khairi Saadallah known to MI5 - sources The man held on suspicion of killing three people at a park in Reading was known to MI5, security sources say. Khairi Saadallah, 25, from the town, was arrested at the scene on Saturday and police say they are not looking for anyone else over the terror incident. Sources told the BBC he is originally from Libya and came to the attention of MI5 in 2019. Where have we heard all this before? Oh, and the narrative continues, one of the victims is a teacher, and the school couldn't wait to gush with praise. Note the Common Purpose-speak in the final sentence. That translates as 'programming children to become activists'. And check out that wanker 'Sir' Keir Starmer: "Not a time for party politics" - yeah right, just watch him and his Labour stooges laying into Boris and the Tories when they come up with their response.
  17. This is all starting to sound strangely familiar: Reading park stabbings: What we know so far Three people are dead and at least three others have been injured after stabbings in a park in Reading. Police have said they are treating the attack as a "terrorist incident". What happened? Police were called to Forbury Gardens at about 19:00 BST following reports that a number of people had been stabbed. Thames Valley Police said a suspect was apprehended and arrested within five minutes of the call. That man is now known to be Khairi Saadallah, who remains in custody. There are reports that a police officer "rugby tackled" the suspect to the ground, according to the Sunday Mirror. The head of counter terrorism policing, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, thanked "unarmed and incredibly brave" officers for detaining the suspect. He added that the attack was unrelated to a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest held hours earlier in the park, and that members of the public had provided emergency first aid to victims in the immediate aftermath. From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53124359 It is interesting to note that the 'suspect' was apprehended almost immediately, yet hours later officers raided a block of flats. What was the 'bang' heard at 00:30 after the officers gained entry to the apartment? And whose apartment was it? What exactly were they looking for? Here's a giveaway: So they've got "their man" now, now the narrative can start to be formed. And here's another giveaway, this time from PM Boris Johnson, and once again so predictable: Whenever I hear the phrase "lessons to be learned" I can't help but feel like its a brush off, as lessons never seem to be learned as the same things keep happening over and over again. It's almost like a brush off, all they're interested in is are "changes to be made", the opportunity to further the 'agenda'.
  18. It's a "terrorist incident" again now: Reading stabbings: Police declare the three killings a terror incident Police have declared the stabbing attack in Reading in which three people died a "terrorist incident". A 25-year-old man from Reading was arrested at the scene of the attack at about 19:00 BST on Saturday, which also left three people seriously injured. Counter-terrorism police are now taking over the investigation, Thames Valley Police said. Security sources told the BBC the man arrested is thought to be Libyan. In a statement, Thames Valley Police said the attack had been declared a terror incident by Deputy Assistant Commissioner Dean Haydon, senior national co-ordinator for the Counter Terrorism Policing network. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-berkshire-53127095 When an incident such as this becomes "terrorism", it usually means it suits the 'agenda'. "Thought to be Libyan" - sounds like Manchester all over again...
  19. I don't know about Apple devices, but certainly it is not true that a 'tracker' app has secretly been installed on Android devices. The 'system update' has simply added the 'functionality' required for these 'track and trace' apps to work correctly, by sending you notifications if your phone comes near another phone owned by someone who has reported themselves as a 'Covid-19 victim' ? So basically if you leave your phone's Bluetooth switched off, and don't install any 'suitable app', then this update won't actually do anything.
  20. When police forces issue statements like that, I'm always reminded of that Iraqi information minister...
  21. Straight out of the pages of 'Nineteen Eighty-Four'. "Emma" informing on others 'not complying'... To be fair, "get this looked into" is pretty meaningless, as I bet nothing will happen. It would be scandalous if any disciplinary action was taken against the driver though. Great work Emma for informing on your fellow passengers though, hope you're happy. If you're wearing your face covering, why should you be bothered by others that aren't? Isn't your covering keeping you 'safe'?
  22. The government 'guidelines' are just full of contradictions. I can't go and visit my family, but the postman can go to their house. Anyway, questions to be asked... 1) How many people have died from this virus? 2) How many people have been reported as having caught this virus? 3) What is the population of the UK (or any other country if you're asking this outside the UK) 4) Based on the answers to questions 1 to 3, how 'deadly', 'lethal' or indeed 'infectious' is this virus really?
  23. Are you seriously asking that question here? You seem eager for a war to start. (You had a couple of similar topics in this forum 'pre-hack' asking similar question) The media propaganda is obviously getting to you... anyone who actually is in favour of war needs their head looking at. Well, that's what 'they' want you to believe. I'd be vary wary of the 'anti-China narrative' that has been circulating since this 'pandemic' broke out. While I'm not saying that China is completely innocent in all this, it wouldn't surprise me if the 'anti-China' propaganda is being used to deflect peoples' attention away from the real originators of the 'coronavirus', whoever they are. And yes, this 'anti-China' narrative and propaganda also softens peoples' opinions up, and makes them more agreeable to the prospect of war.
  24. So because "social-distancing" and to 'control the spread of the virus' there are no supporters allowed in the stadium to watch the match. But its fine for football players. Its also interesting how fans are being urged to 'watch from home'. Bet that suits Sky Sports and BT Sports then. Are they offering free signups now or something? Is every single football match going to be broadcast live? Its also laughable how people are being encouraged to 'stream' matches live now, when there used to be so many warnings previously about how much it was 'illegal'. ?
  25. If its ready to go, then go for it! It would be great to have it go live in time for the weekend ?
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