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    No we never ventured that far unfortunately. I did really enjoy my trip out on the 'water bus' between Puerto Calero and Puerto del Carmen, was great to get out onto the sea.
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    I've been to Lanzarote a couple of times now, Playa Blanca and Puerto Calero. I loved it. The first time I ever travelled there, we arrived late in the evening. So it wasn't until I woke up in the morning that I saw the beautiful landscape. I've never known a desolate desert be so beautiful.
  3. I have no doubt that there is a 'second wave' in the offing, you only have to look through the clickbait 'warnings' being presented in the media. The thing is that viruses do not come in 'waves', first, second or whatever. The people who diligently follow the government 'guidelines' and absorb all the fear-porn spouted by the mainstream media are already primed and willing a 'second-wave' to happen. "All those idiots going to the beach, that's how it will come back again!" "Our children aren't safe, we can't expect them to go back to school in September, or there'll be a second wave" "People not wearing masks on public transport, its NOT SAFE, there'll be another wave of this!" And then of course we have all the protestors doing their thing and "NOT OBSERVING SOCIAL DISTANCING!!!" but that's not a problem because BLACK LIVES MATTER. Meanwhile the 'symptoms of Covid-19' are being expanded further to include all symptoms associated with many minor illnesses. Here in the northern hemisphere, it is almost the height of summer now, and people are going to start suffering from pollen / hay-fever allergies. OMG YOU HAVE COVID-19!!! If enough people WANT a second-wave of this bullshit to occur, then a second-wave IS going to happen.
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    At the start of this year, I was hoping to go and see some more of the British Isles. It's strange, I didn't really want to go overseas anywhere, I guess I enjoyed my caravan holiday in Wales last year too much. ? But I did really fancy going to places like Jersey, Isle Of Man, even Ireland. I still can't believe I've never been to Scotland. ? It's been bad enough trying to get on a plane with all the rigmarole involved in the last few years. I dread to think what it is going to be like 'post-COVID19'. Probably horrible. Might have to look into getting an overnight ferry.
  5. The more I think about this, I don't know what it is, but I do feel a certain 'affinity' towards Wales. While we were sitting on the promenade last year in Aberystwyth, I remarked to my sisters boyfriend how much I felt like I 'belonged' there. And I now do recall a feeling, that whenever I've 'crossed the border' into Wales previously, I've felt like I was 'home', or where I needed to be. It is strange, because having had our family ancestory traced, we don't seem to have any Welsh connection. But then again, our family ancestory only goes back so far. Who knows what is really buried within my DNA!
  6. A few years ago, my mum wanted a new PC to replace the one I had custom built for her years ago, which was on its last legs to be honest. She had retired and didn't need anything fancy now (she used to use AutoCAD software for her work) so I advised her to just get some cheap basic PC from PC World, she ended up paying about £300 for some Lenovo SFF PC. I warned her though not to listen to anything that the salespeople told her, otherwise she'd end up paying about £800 for something far more advanced than she needed. ? When I left college, I worked for about a year at an independent PC components wholesaler, and learned about building and configuring PCs. I lost my job when the business closed down, and tried to apply for a job at PC World. I got turned down, and I was told that they weren't looking for people who knew PCs inside and out at a technical level, they just wanted 'salespeople'. The kind of people who could 'upsell' a Jeep Cherokee, to someone who only needed a Smart FourTwo. I guess I was just too honest and down-to-earth for their liking. So I have often wondered how many people wander into PC World just looking for a simple PC to read emails and browse the internet, and end up walking away with something that could power an ecommerce website or bitcoin mining operation.
  7. Back in the day, I do recall that there were some laptops available, where it was possible to replace the graphics card, but these were mainly gaming laptops. I'm pretty sure this didn't last long though, and the vast majority of laptops and notebooks still have integrated GPUs.
  8. Correction: Kobo has been owned by Rakuten since 2016. They do have a 'strategic partnership' with WH Smith, amongst other retailers. Further edit: they only have David Icke's first three books available, so no good to me: https://www.kobo.com/gb/en/search?query=david icke&fcsearchfield=Author
  9. Thanks for that, I was trying to remember what the Kindle alternatives were. I didn't realise that Kobo was owned by WH Smith, I have heard of that one before. Another one that springs to mind is 'Nook'? Barnes & Noble? As much as I would love to just get rid of my Kindle (I really despise Amazon), I have accumulated a small library on it, which I have paid for.
  10. Ah, this thread takes me back! About 15 years or so ago, I was really into computers, and built my own PCs from scratch. I got lucky for a while, as I got involved with the old MSI forum (when it was a user-to-user community which MSI stayed 'hands-off' from) and ended up a mod, then an admin. As we were 'volunteers' and didn't get any financial reward from MSI, they used to allow us to have 'free stuff' once a quarter, so I had a constant supply of motherboards, graphics cards and the like. About 10 years ago, I sort of lost interest in the whole scene, after MSI took the forum away from us and set up their own one instead. I also ran into financial difficulties, so I lost the ability to be able to constantly upgrade my PC with decent kit. I found myself losing interest in videogames, so I started dabbling with Linux, as games were the main reason I had Windows on my PC. I only went back to using Windows again a few years ago when I started my current job. We use some software at work which only runs on Windows, plus I needed to use Microsoft Office, as LibreOffice didn't have the same capabilities as MS Excel does. So my current PC is an 'off-the-shelf' ASUS PC, which I picked up from PC World one Sunday morning, it was decent spec at a reasonable price, in fact it worked out cheaper than building one myself, and I could use it straightaway. I think all I did with it was replace the PSU with the Corsair one out my 'old' PC, and added in some extra memory. Then later on replaced the HDD with an SSD. It has served me well the last four or five years, and I have absolutely no need to replace it all. I do also have an ASUS laptop, which while I don't use very often, does come in handy when I'm sitting out in the garden, and it has travelled with me on holiday on several occasions. With the exception of gaming PCs, it does seem to me that traditional desktop PCs have reached the end of a line, with very few innovations now. A basic low-end budget PC from Currys or Argos will handle most tasks for simple home users. And yes, unless you have some specialist applications that only run on Windows, Linux is a great 'free' alternative operating system. Maybe I ought to give Linux a try again, and look at using VirtualBox for my work stuff when I'm at home.
  11. I stayed in a caravan in Borth, near Aberystwyth, last summer. Only for a week, and I invited my sister and her boyfriend along. Me and sister hadn't been there since a family holiday when we were children. Loved the place, proper quiet little seaside village, not a lot going on there, but that suits me to the ground. I've given myself a dream of owning one of the houses along the main road with a sea view. Now I just need a lottery win to pay for it. ?
  12. And that's exactly what this is all about, forcing people to take sides, which causes the division.
  13. Unfortunately I believe Amazon has the monopoly on Kindle books, so I don't think it is possible to buy Kindle editions from anywhere else. To be honest, I've had a Kindle myself for a few years now, and Kindle books are the only thing I buy from Amazon now.
  14. I agree completely. I have on occasion - based on what I've learned from reading David Icke's material in particular - warned people "be careful what you wish for". If it is indeed true - which I now believe it is - that we manifest our own reality, then just as much as I myself try to manifest an 'acceptable form of reality', I am still surrounded by people in my own version of 'reality' that are thinking otherwise, and distorting my own.
  15. Interesting, something similar happening here in the West Midlands region of the UK: Three more Tipton meat factory workers hit with coronavirus A total of 35 workers at the Tulip Ltd plant in George Henry Road have now contracted Covid-19 https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/three-more-tipton-meat-factory-18492226
  16. I agree with this. In particular it must be noted that in the case of the UK at least, the government guidelines are that a 'face covering' must be worn, so not specifically a 'face mask'. They're basically saying "we don't care what you wear, just wear a face covering". And then they give us this crap about how you can make a 'face covering' using an old t-shirt. And its all in the name of 'keeping people safe'. But then again you have the typical contradiction: "You MUST wear a face covering while using public transport. Unless you're unable to. In which case you do not need to wear a face covering." So we have this situation where the healthy majority of people are expected to wear face coverings when they really don't need to, while the people who might benefit the most from wearing coverings are not expected to do so. Utter sham.
  17. Nice to see that even the BBC has become 'click-bait' bullshit news. What a load of horseshit. It's a fucking virus, not a tiny flying insect.
  18. How is he 'ethnic minority' then? If he can somehow get David Kurten back on board, then I think this would truly make a mockery of the claims of UKIP being 'far-right' and 'racist bigots'. What I would also hope to see is UKIP taking more of an 'anti-coronavirus' stance, and start to push and question the narrative that is coming forth from the Tories and Labour, which UKIP seem to have been happy to go along with under the stewardship of interim leader Pat Mountain and chairman Ben Walker, via the communications that I have continued to receive from the party.
  19. My membership lapsed in April after I lost interest in the internal shenanigans and wranglings going on within UKIP. But I must admit I was incredibly pleased to learn a couple of days ago that Freddy Vacha had been appointed as the new leader of UKIP, following the ousting of Richard Braine last year. Now I know that many here may not be familiar with Mr Vacha, but he did stand at the last leadership election, and he was actually my first preference. To the uninitiated he will come across as a bit 'oddball', maybe 'slightly eccentric', but don't let this fool you, he is a very intelligent man, and has a very articulate way with words. He is not your 'typical politician', working from soundbites or slogans.
  20. I keep seeing this phrase repeated '"systemic racism" or "systematic racism". By people who never explain actually what 'systemic racism' actually is. There are several versions of the same meme circulating on social media, the one along the lines of 'we never said other lives don't matter... etc etc" which ends with the phrase "Black lives are in danger". But again, never explains "from whom?" Someone can probably find the figures, but it seems that black lives are more in danger from their own kind than from anybody else. There is probably a tiny minority of people who are genuinely, for whatever reason, 'actual racists'. Most people I know and encounter aren't. I just wish we could move beyond this assumption that everyone/everything is 'racist'. Because it clearly isn't true.
  21. Already a topic on this, don't think we need another one to be honest:
  22. It very much depends on the forum platform being utilised. I do know that many now have some kind of 'migration' facility, especially the commercial 'paid-for' ones, as they would like webmasters to move from 'free' platforms to paid-for software more easily ? Fundamentally, the forum 'front-end' sits on top of a database, and most forum softwares will have their databases structured in a similar fashion, so with the right tools and expertise, it should be possible to export one database, make any needed adjustments, and then import it into a new forum's database. What may not be possible to transfer over are things like account passwords, which would be encoded. So while it would be possible to also migrate user accounts, in order to access the new migrated forum, members would have to go through the 'lost password' process to reactivate their account. And yes, things would get tricky if current members had different or multiple accounts, as posts would be linked to that user's database ID. Most webmasters would just normally migrate one forum to another platform. I would be mightily impressed if this webmaster was able to migrate two forums into one at the same time.
  23. Or if you want a good reaction, say "Covid-19" ?
  24. I don't know about trains, but just get on board without one, and if anyone challenges you just say you're 'medically exempt', and if pressed further say you suffer from breathing difficulties and/or anxiety.
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