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  1. It's not just in football, its everywhere. Someone pipes up and moans about the lack of 'black representation' somewhere, and followed with the usual 'needs to be addressed'. Like I commented elsewhere here, it is not just enough to 'demand something is done', what is the proposed solution? Whether its 'more females at boardroom level', or 'more black managers in football', or more 'ethnic minority representation in parliament', have these agenda-pushers ever considered this basic question... Maybe they don't want to do it? Good football players don't automatically become good managers, you're either 'able to' or 'not able to'. And this ability has nothing to do with the colour of one's skin. It already seems to me from observation that there already seems to be a majority of black and ethnic minority footballers in the top leagues. Does that automatically entitle them all to become 'winning' managers too? You can't force someone to become something they don't want to be. And this is one of the problems with 'diversity quotas' and all that, where you can't be seen to make appointments based on meritocracy, it has to be done on 'political correctness'.
  2. I saw this earlier today: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/stories-53285610/the-people-who-think-coronavirus-is-caused-by-5g Of course, the BBC dismisses the 5G 'conspiracy theory' with the usual "no credible scientific evidence" line. Well, of course there is 'no credible evidence' of 5G being a danger to anyone's health... because no 'respected scientific expert' has actually done any proper research into this. So lets flip this round and then ask the question "okay so where is the credible scientific evidence that 5G is perfectly safe then?" And any independent research that has been undertaken gets automatically dismissed, because it has not been undertaken by the 'respected scientific experts' who must be listened to without question. The BBC's documentary is meant to make the majority of people believe that all this stuff about coronavirus being 'fake' and that 5G is bad for health are just 'baseless conspiracy theories'. I watched that trailer and I actually had sympathy for the people they were trying to ridicule. It had the opposite effect on me.
  3. You MUST wear a face covering at all times while travelling on a plane... ..UNLESS you are consuming over-priced food and drink purchased in-flight Really, you have to laugh at the sheer ludicrousness of it all ?
  4. Which airport did you fly out from? To be honest, I don't go to the airport to eat food or do shopping (all over-priced), I go there so I can get on a plane! ?️ I suppose it is a bit tricky to sit and eat or drink if you're expected to keep your face covered.
  5. Thanks for the update. Not great to hear that the posts from the 'hacked' Social have been lost, but at least someone has 'come clean' and made an honest admission. But this 'bad news' is at least offset by the fact that the 'old forum' can be restored and kept as an archive. If the old forum has a backup, it should be relatively easy to restore to a new hosting account. Can you say at all if the 'new forum' is going to use this current Invision system or some other forum software?
  6. Clearly it isn't a 'coronavirus' then, isn't it? ? THERE IS NO VIRUS!
  7. When I mentioned "open to abuse", I meant to follow this up... 'abuse' in a rebellious way of course. I personally have no 'condition' that makes me exempt from having to wear a face covering, I just think it is ridiculous and completely unneeded. So all I have to do is obtain this graphic from Transport for West Midlands, and I don't have to wear a face covering, and if anyone challenges me, I just need to show this card. I'm just picturing a situation where you have a majority of passengers on a bus not wearing masks, while two or three (fully masked up) are tut-tutting away to themselves and sending angry tweets and emails complaining about other passengers 'putting my life at risk' by 'not following the rules', and demanding that the bus operator sacks the driver for letting them on. Yes, it is all about getting people to 'comply' and to become 'obedient'. If we end up with 75% of passengers travelling without face coverings wielding these cards, the obedient 'minority' will be the first to start 'demanding' that action is taken, and thats when all the 'digital ID' stuff will start being encouraged.
  8. YOU MUST WEAR A FACE COVERING ON PUBLIC TRANSPORT unless you are unable to Check this out, I was sent this yesterday, might help anyone else here from the West Midlands region. From: https://www.networkwestmidlands.com/plan-your-journey/network-overview/advice-while-travelling-during-the-coronavirus-outbreak/face-coverings/ I still haven't seen this 'scientific advice' published or linked to anywhere. I like how they point out that wearing face coverings is 'not a replacement' for social distancing. So what's the point then really? If we're all forced to wear face coverings, then surely we can all be packed together on buses and trains? (Like they did in London during lockdown on the tube!) Anyway, it turns out that all you need to do in order to get away with not having to wear a face covering on public transport in the West Midlands is to download and print off this card, then just show it to the driver and any passengers scowling at you from behind their own masks. So if you genuinely have a condition that exempts you from having to wear a face covering, you just need to print off or obtain one of these 'cards' to show anyone who challenges you. But equally, if you just don't fancy having to wear a face covering, you just need to print off or obtain one of these cards. No questions asked. That's how I'm reading this. Oh, this is surely open to abuse isn't it? ?
  9. If these COVID-19 testing kits don't work, talk about 'stimulating demand' for a product. The more people get tested, the more 'positives' will come back (false positives of course), so there's your 'second wave'. And thus, more people will want to get tested, and tested again, and tested over and over again. Has anyone ever actually seen one of these testing kits? I wonder how much they actually cost to produce, and how much they're being sold for.
  10. Some of the 'whiners' in this article are unbelievable... Commuters' fury as bus drivers 'refuse to challenge' passengers for not wearing masks Unite the union said it is 'not the role of bus drivers' to prevent someone without a face covering from boarding a bus. from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/commuters-fury-bus-drivers-refuse-18527797 I agree that it is not the role of the driver to enforce this. Bus drivers are paid to drive the bus and issue tickets. But I disagree with Unite's pushing of the 'idea' that a 'second spike' of so-called infections is likely. So come on then Unite, what is YOUR proposed solution to all this? I get fed up of these people who constantly point a finger of blame, and demand 'something to be done', or warn 'unless decisive action is taken' etc etc. but never actually offer any kind of solution or proposal. Probably because the 'solution' they'd like to implement wouldn't be very popular with the general public.
  11. You could ask the same question about George W Bush. Why did people vote for him? Because they were tricked and deceived into doing so.
  12. I really don't think it matters whether Trump or Biden wins, the 'agenda' will push on regardless. What will be interesting to look for is who Biden chooses as his 'running mate', ie who would become deputy president if he wins. Same goes for Trump. The 'next president' will end up being someone 'unelected' - ie Trump or Biden would be 'disposed' of in order for 'them' to get their 'chosen one' in place, someone who wouldn't normally stand a chance of winning any 'popular vote'. Its all a sham. The way things are heading at the moment, what with 'Covid-19' and the 'BLM' frenzy, its probably not looking good for Trump, so this could all be being engineered to give Biden an unlikely victory. The likelihood is that regardless of whoever 'wins' this election, the levels of division and unrest in the USA are just going to end up being stoked even higher. And I think its all being done deliberately, this is after all exactly what "they" want, people arguing and fighting each other.
  13. BBC has more on this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-53218704 I suppose the first question to be asked is "how was this discovered?" "Measures to control the virus in pigs" also sounds fairly omminous, mass slaughter of pigs then? No more bacon butties or sausages? Pork to become 'haram'... oh wait... "New changes", or perhaps 'upgrades'. Looks like your virus protection is out of date and you need to update it then... With a heading like that, its obvious that the BBC already wants their reader to "be worried". It very much sounds to me like a narrative is being formed here that vaccines need to be 'upgraded' on a regular basis, in order to 'keep us safe' from any new variants of viruses that emerge. And the WHO is sticking its oar in already. We haven't even seen the 'coronavirus vaccine' yet, and they're talking about looking for vaccines for the 'next' virus pandemic. Keep an eye on this one folks...
  14. From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/new-flu-strain-potential-become-18513720 I know, lets call this "swine flu"...
  15. We knew this was coming, the warning signs were given a while back. "They" knew they would not be able to get away so easily this time round by putting the whole country on 'lockdown' again. So now "they" intend to do this bit by bit, one city, town or borough at a time. I guess the hope is that people in areas that haven't been 'locked-down' will "comply" and go along with government orders and directives in 'fear' of being forced to go into lockdown. Why are cases increasing in these areas when stats show that the overall number of cases has actually been decreasing? Could there be more 'cases' now that the list of 'symptoms' has increased to cover the vast majority of minor ailments and conditions? Dodgy curry or kebab gives you the squits the next day? Must be Covid! Too many sherries the night before and you got a hangover in the morning? Must be Covid! Runny nose, congestion and headaches from your hay fever? Nah mate, you got Covid! In a way, this is also somehow undermining the Government's attempts at trying to get the country back to normal, with more businesses including pubs, restaurants and hairdressers being able to open again from July 4th, as there is a definite faction using the media in particular to ramp up peoples' fear levels again in order to get people to oppose the lifting of lockdown restrictions. "PLEASE please don't open the pubs, we're NOT READY for this!" etc etc
  16. It's all the bloody same mantra, "the best way" to beat this virus is to "wash your hands". So I guess the question to be asked then, if everybody is dutifully spending all day washing their hands, there is excessive use of hand sanitiser, and public spaces are regularly being cleaned and disinfected... ...why are people still getting sick? I mean, not from 'coronavirus' or 'covid-19', but other illnesses as well? Many minor illnesses and complaints are caused by nefarious bacteria and viruses. So are these other bacteria somehow immune to all this 'hand-washing' and disinfecting bullshit?
  17. I managed to sign up at the second attempt yesterday. Was a bit put off by the fact that the 'verification' method they use so you can become a 'Parler Citizen' (ie prove you are a real person) is to either take a photo of, or upload a scan, of the front and back of a US driving licence, and to provide a 'selfie'. They may claim that these images are not 'stored' anywhere and are deleted once the verification process is complete. I guess this screws people like me who don't have US driving licences. Is this, as has been suggested already, some kind of 'honeypot'?
  18. Coronavirus: Number of Covid-19 infections tops 10m worldwide The number of confirmed coronavirus cases around the world has passed the milestone of 10 million, according to Johns Hopkins University in the US. The virus emerged in China late last year and spread across the globe. It has led to almost 500,000 deaths. Half the world's cases have been in the US and Europe, but Covid-19 is now rapidly growing in the Americas. The virus is also affecting South Asia and Africa, where it is not expected to peak until the end of July. Outbreaks are still spreading in many parts of the world, with one million new cases recorded in the last six days. From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-53212430 What the BBC fail to mention is that the number of people who have 'recovered' from this 'virus' is over 5.5 million https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ Half a million deaths, out of 10 million 'cases' works out to 5%. So 5% of people who 'catch coronavirus' have died. Thus 95% of people who catch this virus "don't die", and over 50% have already 'recovered'. The current global population is 7.79 BILLION people https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/ So my rudimentary calculations show that of the total world population, 0.12% have caught 'coronavirus'. And 0.006% of the total population have 'died' from it. Context is important, these so-called journalists like to try and frighten us with these incredibly large numbers, but when you put them into a total global context, they're almost insignificant. Is this really a pandemic? Is this really such a 'lethal' or 'deadly' virus? Of course not!
  19. I wish these scientists would fuck off, and I also wish the BBC could stop morphing into a Reach Plc 'clickbait' website. Coronavirus: UK 'on knife edge' ahead of lockdown easing, scientist warns The UK remains "on a knife edge" and must act "sensibly" over the summer months to stop a second wave of coronavirus, a scientist has warned. Sir Jeremy Farrar said he is "worried" about a surge in cases ahead of pubs and restaurants reopening next month. Home Secretary Priti Patel said people have to be "conscientious" about the risk of a second wave. She said the city of Leicester could face a localised lockdown after a rise in cases. Sir Jeremy, a member of the government's Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) and director of the Wellcome Trust, has warned there could be a "very nasty rebound" of the virus in the winter. He told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show: "We're on a knife edge, it's very precarious the situation, particularly in England at the moment, and I would anticipate we would see an increase in new cases over the coming weeks." From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53212435 "Surge in cases" - pull the other one. Its the middle of bleeding summer here in the UK now, when people are less likely to catch colds and flu. And as for 'very nasty rebound of the virus in winter', well of course there will be as that is the time when people are more likely to develop colds and flu. There is only a 'rise in cases' as more and more people are being subject to these bogus 'tests' which are giving positive results because they're not actually testing for a specific virus. Meanwhile many people are carrying about their business as normal, and not being affected by this nonexistent 'virus'. But many people are still cowering in their homes, living in fear, and watching and reading this BBC News shite, and believing that it is still 'not safe' to go out, 'not safe' to go to the beach, 'not safe' to go on a bus or train, 'not safe' go to a shop. These people don't want the lockdown to end, and as soon as the news reports come in about 'increased cases and deaths' they will be the first begging for the lockdown to come down even harder than before. This media fear-porn is priming people to accept that there will be a 'second wave' because that is what has been planned all along, and these 'expert scientists' are already dropping hints and clues as to when this is going to happen. Because they are the ones in control, the people calling the shots, the 'technocrats' pulling the strings of our supposedly elected government.
  20. I raised this question in a 'pre-hack' post, as to why the David Icke Shop did not offer this new book for sale as a 'pre-order'. I have been working with WooCommerce myself recently at work, and I know that while this functionality isn't included 'as standard' there are plugins available which will allow orders to be taken and to show an 'available on' date on the product page. The Ickes are missing a trick here, I'd be happy to hand money over to them now to secure myself a copy, but I'm not giving any money to Amazon (only to buy a Kindle edition of course).
  21. Buy from the David Icke Shop, they offer shipping to the USA. ?
  22. How does one 'pirate' copy a book? Why not just buy a 'genuine' one direct from David's shop? https://shop.davidicke.com/books/
  23. John Niven is not much of a free-thinker then.
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