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  1. On 1/20/2023 at 1:01 PM, Campion said:

    @sickofallthebollocks  I wonder what does a debt ceiling mean, have they reached a limit and can't borrow any more?  I guess we're not far behind in England. Thank goodness that reality is beginning to dawn on us. I know, why don't we have a sovereign wealth fund and gold reserves like sensible countries do, instead of maxing out on debt? 


    It doesn't matter really, its meaningless. The USA can just keep 'borrowing' money because...



    First, a bit of context. The US government is in the enviable position of being able to issue new debt pretty much whenever it wants. American Treasury securities have been viewed as one of the safest, most stable investments in the modern world. In times of economic turbulence, US debt is a harbour in the storm.

    If the US issues new government debt in the form of Treasury bonds, bills, notes and securities, there will be investors, both in the US and abroad, who are interested buyers.

    While the current figures for the US debt - $31tn (£25tn) and growing - are astounding in both numerical and comparative terms, they do not represent an impending crisis.

    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-64341875


    It's all just fictional money that doesn't exist on paper.


    One does have to wonder who is 'buying this debt' from the USA and why?




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  2. Quote

    Dame Ann is now a philanthropist with charity interests around the world.

    She set up the Gloag Foundation to support projects that "prevent or relieve poverty and encourage the advancement of education, health and religion in the UK and overseas".

    The foundation supports charities including Freedom from Fistula, a charity founded by Dame Ann, which supports women and children in Sierra Leone, Malawi and Madagascar.


    I'm pretty sure that if anyone digs deep enough, all these 'charities', 'foundations' and 'trusts' may be set up with good intentions by these so-called 'philanthropists', but they are ultimately just vehicles for money laundering, pushing the 'agenda', and disguising other inhuman or criminal activities.



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  3. I'm noticing a pattern now which concerns me, and is why I don't watch so many of his videos now.


    While there's a lot of stuff he puts out which I don't fundamentally disagree with, it bothers me that since his "personal journey over the last year", he's started doing a bit of preaching and quoting Bible passages.


    I'm sure the likes of @alexa lap this all up 😁


    But fundamentally, religion itself (not just Christianity by the way) is all part of the 'control system', and a means of 'divide and conquer', something that Hugo has railed against in the past.


    Now before Hugo Talks rose to some prominence, I did use to follow Dave Cullen (Computing Forever) on YouTube, who I believe started out making videos about computing and tech stuff, before embracing political commentary. Like Hugo, Dave made some interesting videos with some good talking points, but then at some point, he also 'discovered his faith', made some 'controversial' videos which were removed from YouTube, and then subsequently found his YouTube channel deleted, before retreating to the alternative video-sharing sites.


    (Dave does still have his 'other' channel on YouTube, "The Dave Cullen Show", which went quiet for a while, but recently he has started posting videos again, mostly whining about Star Trek and Marvel movies and how 'woke' they are, but stays clear of 'controversial' topics)


    Someone else I've been following on YouTube is David Kurten, Heritage Party leader and former UKIP London Assembly member. I've always liked the fella and what he has to say, but again of late, I'm being put off because of his promotion and pushing of Christianity.


    There may be other examples that I'm not aware of because I don't follow them, but has anyone else noticed other YouTube/social media 'influencers' pushing or preaching about Christianity or any other religion for that matter?


    Here's a prediction: give it a few more weeks or couple of months, and Hugo Talks will claim he has been 'banned' by YouTube.

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  4. On 1/6/2023 at 2:33 PM, Grumpy Grapes said:

    The male Belinus Line flows with the female Elin line. In Britain they first meet at CULVER CLIFF in the Isle of Wight, according to the author GARY BILTCLIFFE ("The Spine of Albion"), whom David interviews.


    They both agreed that obelisks diminish the female energies.

    I find this kind of stuff fascinating.


    There is one obelisk near me, which I have been intending to go and have another look at for some time.




    It's located off Monument Lane in Lickey, up in the Lickey Hills near Cofton Hackett, south-west of Birmingham.

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  5. 22 minutes ago, sock muppet said:

    Well which is it, truth or fiction?

    I don't know, can you tell me?


    22 minutes ago, sock muppet said:

    There is only one question you should by now have realised through out this epic insanity, and that is, are you ready to live on your knees, or as i have stated repeatedly, die on your feet, have you even considered this yet


    My intention is to die having lived a life which I have enjoyed to the maximum, not beholden to the fearmongering of the mainstream media, nor the alternative media for that matter.


    I politely reject your binary choice that you present.

  6. 16 hours ago, Michi713 said:

    Some say the coronavirus hoopla of 2020 was timed to coincide with the grand solar minimum.  Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security recently submitted their new strategy for the next big thing scheduled for 2025.  Yes, it is possible that it may occur before or after the year 2025, but given the correlation of health problems with solar disturbances it would make sense to schedule the next one during grand solar maximum.  

    (Is it just a rumor that the occult elite are sun worshippers?  Dunno.  Haven't looked into it yet.) 

    If solar cycles are new to you:


    "The sun is an active star with an 11-year periodic variation known as a solar activity cycle. During this period, the sun undergoes changes characterized by variations in its output of electromagnetic radiation and charged particles due to the different degrees of activity. Each cycle is divided into three phases: the rise phase, with an increasing range of active phenomena; the maximum phase as the phenomena peak; and the decline phase as they gradually decay to the quiet sun levels."

    According to Ben Davidson of SpaceWeatherNews / Suspicious0bservers, we are currently in sunspot maximum for this current solar cycle. I believe this is different to 'grand solar minimum' that others speculate about, and while he believes this will happen, it is still some way off and definitely isn't happening during this current cycle.


    You're right that the solar cycle takes 11 years, but this can vary. As well as health effects, it also influences the climate and weather on our planet. Take a look at the current 'very cold weather' in the UK we had in December and are about to have again in January. The last time this happened was in December 2010, which was of course 12 years ago, but the solar cycle can vary slightly in length. Same can be said for heatwaves and 'record heat'.


    With regards to 'pandemics' it is surely also no coincidence that the 'last' pandemic which was related to 'swine flu' occured in 2009, pretty much 11 years prior to the 'Covid' pandemic in 2020.


    So if you look at the bigger picture and factor in the solar cycle activity, the 'next' pandemic should occur in around 2031-2032. Unless the sun does a 'micro-nova' and wipes us all out first!

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  7. John O'Looney. 😛


    Come on, that name alone should be enough to set off alarm bells in the mind of any good critical thinker!


    Didn't he start out as the funeral director who questioned why the number of burials didn't rise dramatically during the pandemic? He then subsequently started appearing on a number of podcasts?


    Now he's making claims that he met with an MP at Chatham House and all this stuff was 'revealed' to him?


    On 12/17/2022 at 8:26 AM, Deano7879 said:

    His group chat on telegram is pathetic. Got banned for telling them to stop posting fake information. The moderators are nazis


    I don't bother with Telegram, but what you describe has all the hallmarks of a 'controlled opposition' to me.


    As I have repeatedly said before, while there are vast amounts of misinfo/disinfo being pushed and promoted by the 'mainstream media', I do believe there is equally a lot of misinfo/disinfo being circulated amongst the 'alternative' circles.




  8. More sensationalist bullshit from the Daily Mail:


    After the floods, here comes the 'Nightmare from the North'... A six-day shiver that will bring snow to the south and temperatures as low as -15C in some areas


    Nights as low as -15C will make some areas of Britain even colder than Antarctic research bases. Daytime highs will hit just 1C in the North.


    England can expect -8C nights, with the -15C forecast in the Scottish Highlands from tomorrow night colder than the Antarctic’s Belgrano II research base. At 800 miles from the Pole, it is the closest coastal station to the globe’s southernmost point and its 19 scientists will see -12C lows.

    From: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11636499/A-six-day-shiver-bring-snow-south-temperatures-low-15C-areas.html


    While it is the middle of winter up here in the UK, it is of course also the height of summer on Antarctica. This particular research base is located near the coast, where it is typically much warmer. Further inland, it might currently be 'sunny' but temperatures are still around -30C, so hardly a 'fair comparison', just like the story I linked earlier in this thread which claimed Britain was 'hotter than the Sahara', which was only borderline true.


    And while both the Sahara Desert and the continent of Antarctica are massive areas of land compared to the size of the UK, despite the small size of our islands, the weather varies a great deal here.


    If you want to know what the weather is going to be like where you are, then look at a weather forecast website for your local area.


    Don't go by what the national media report, and even your 'local' news websites just regurgitate the same rubbish.

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  9. 6 hours ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:

    Winter is Coming, all hail the King of the North:




    If there is still flooding too, could this literally create Ice Cubes/Glaciers?


    There's a hell of a lot of BS in these weather-related 'news' articles. For starters, "nightmare from the north", wonder how long it took someone to think that one up!


    Then there's the BS about the UK being 'colder than the Antarctic'. 🤪



    England can expect -8C nights, with the -15C forecast in the Scottish Highlands from tomorrow night colder than the Antarctic’s Belgrano II research base. At 800 miles from the Pole, it is the closest coastal station to the globe’s southernmost point and its 19 scientists will see -12C lows.

    So it's going to be -15C at night in some remote northern part of Britain, during the middle of winter.


    This Antarctic research base is on the coast of Antarctica, where it is typically warmer than the rest of the continent, and of course it is now the middle of summer down there.


    Sensationalist fear-mongering is all it is.

  10. Golden Retriever finds sex toy on walk and refuses to let it go

    Ahsoka did not want to let go of the sex toy



    A dog walker was left in fits of laughter after his pooch went to find a stick and instead came back with a sex toy. Ahsoka, a Golden Retriever, proudly brought the penis-shaped toy to her owner Manuel Barcia.

    He was walking the 15-month-old dog on January 12 when she found the unusual item. Manuel said he burst into fits of laughter before realising he would have to somehow get it out of Ahsoka's mouth.

    The 50-year-old university proffessor from Leeds said: "She's always carrying a stick, or something similar. Being a retriever she always brings sticks back, or rocks.

    "She went off and found it in the long grass. When she came back, I couldn't believe it."

    From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/golden-retriever-finds-sex-toy-25978133


    Brings new meaning to the phrase "to give a dog a bone" 😆



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  11. On 1/5/2023 at 7:47 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

    Homepage of the Birmingham Mail website just now, I counted 13 'stories', all about Harry and what's 'revealed' in this book.


    They think they're doing it for 'promotion', but the more that the media 'reveal' about the book, the less likely people are going to need to buy a copy.


    Harry and Meghan are the worst narcissistic attention-seekers in the whole Royal Family.


    One of my favourite dialogues from the classic movie "The Lost Boys" 🦇


     Now, on Wednesdays when the mailman brings the TV Guide 
    sometimes the address label is curled up just a little. 
    You'll be tempted to tear it off. Don't. You'll  only wind 
    up rippin' the cover and I don't like that. And stay outta 
    Wait, you have a TV?
    No. I just like to read the TV Guide. Read the TV Guide, 
    you don't need a TV. 

    Pretty much sums up how I think about this 'book' and how much coverage it is getting in the media.


    And actually, it says a whole lot about the state of the news media nowadays, considering this film came out in 1987.



  12. This must be what Reach journalists use to write their articles. 🤨


    Q: write a news story about a sinkhole in a Birmingham road


    A sinkhole has appeared on a busy road in Birmingham, causing chaos for commuters and disrupting traffic in the area.

    The sinkhole, which is believed to be around ten feet wide and fifteen feet deep, appeared suddenly on the road early this morning. Emergency services were quickly on the scene, and the road was closed to traffic while repairs were carried out.

    According to local authorities, the sinkhole was caused by a collapsed underground storm drain. Engineers are currently working to repair the drain and fill in the sinkhole, but it is expected to take several days to complete the work.

    In the meantime, commuters are being advised to find alternative routes and to expect delays. The closure of the road has caused significant disruption to traffic in the area, and there have been reports of long queues and delays on surrounding roads.

    The authorities have urged drivers to be patient and to follow the diversions and traffic control measures that are in place. They have also urged residents to check for updates and to follow any additional travel advice that may be issued.

    It is not yet known when the road will be fully reopened, but authorities say they are working as quickly as possible to complete the repairs and get traffic moving again. In the meantime, they have urged drivers to take extra care and to be aware of the potential for further delays.



  13. 8 hours ago, Velma said:

    Three people and a dog - that's all they are saying and the emergency services said they would not yet reveal details of the victims – or of the blaze itself.


    Locals described the hotel, which is believed to have come under new ownership in recent years, as a “mix” of tourists and longer term residents.


    Police Scotland said it was not aware of any asylum seekers living in the building.


    It is a scummy looking hotel, but such is the tenor of Scottish Town centres.


    Victims of Perth hotel fire tragedy named

    Sharon McLean, Donna Janse Van Rensburg and Keith Russell


    Three people who died in a fire at a hotel in Perth have been named by police.

    The bodies of sisters Donna Janse Van Rensburg, 44, and Sharon McLean, 47, both from Aberdeen, and Keith Russell, 38, originally from Edinburgh, were discovered at the New County Hotel after the blaze on Monday.

    Mr Russell's family described him as a "loving father".

    Police Scotland said an investigation was ongoing.

    Ms Van Rensburg's dog Joey, a three year-old King Charles spaniel, also died.

    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-64186472


    I suppose there is always the remote possibility that these people are 'vicsims' - people that didn't exist but whose identities have been somehow fabricated.


    The inclusion of the death of the dog does seem a little odd to me.


    Still, the question that remains unanswered is that of "what actually happened", ie what caused the fire in the first place.

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  14. On 1/3/2023 at 8:16 PM, Velma said:

    What has happened to the weather?


    Please don’t say “climate change” although recently, that can change overnight. From -15 degrees one day in mid-winter, to 15 degrees Celsius the next. All weather phenomenon has become extreme and record-breaking, whether it’s wind, rain, snow, ice or fire.


    Houses near the Great Lakes were frozen in ice and Boston was entombed by a blizzrd. California has unprecedented flooding and landslides, with three levees breached. Arkansas has been hit by an unusually destructive tornado and there are warnings in Alabama and Mississippi.


    Power lines are down, rail and freight suspended. People are cut off and have been told to “shelter in place.” They are running out of essentials. The Alps have shut ski resorts due to unseasonably mild temperatures melting the snow, while Switzerland has had destructive avalanches.


    During summer, Europe experienced exceptional heat and drought, while other places were flooded like Pakistan, Central America and some African nations. Climate chaos is the order of the day and I guarantee you that it is not being caused by methane cow farts, but by HAARP.


    Livelihoods, commerce, livestock and crops are getting damaged by freak weather events. Whole communities are being evacuated. Frequent earthquakes and active volcanoes looming over populations, compounds the misery. This is what “weather wars” looks like.


    Bomb cyclones, arctic vortex, thunder-rain, firenadoes and atmospheric rivers, is the new jargon meteorologists are using to describe the weapons being used in this war. The casualties are increasing exponentially and no government help is forthcoming.


    The weakening of the jet stream causes it to 'meander' or undulate further north and south. It causes more colder air from the Arctic to be sucked further south, while also causing more warmer air from the equator to be sucked north - that's why while the USA had the extreme cold and snow just before Christmas while at the same time the UK had relatively mild weather following the 'cold snap'.

  15. Homepage of the Birmingham Mail website just now, I counted 13 'stories', all about Harry and what's 'revealed' in this book.


    They think they're doing it for 'promotion', but the more that the media 'reveal' about the book, the less likely people are going to need to buy a copy.


    Harry and Meghan are the worst narcissistic attention-seekers in the whole Royal Family.

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  16. On 1/4/2023 at 1:23 AM, Truthblast said:







    Most pious Muslims REFUSE to vote for EVEN CENTER-LEFT PARTIES.


    Which is strange as most Muslims (certainly here in Birmingham) keep voting Labour, a supposed left-wing party.

  17. 9 hours ago, HAARPING_On said:

    Okay, I’m going to raise a question here as a news item grabbed my interest on 2nd January 2023, not by what it was actually telling me but by what the reports WEREN’T saying.


    I’m guessing a few people will have seen reports of the hotel fire in Perth, Scotland where apparently 3 people and a dog were killed.




    Usually, reports coming out will at least give some indication of the nature of the people who died, ie tourists for New Year, holidaymakers etc but I can find NOTHING that alludes to who the people were who died.


    Therefore, I have to ask the question, Were these people ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS or ASYLUM SEEKERS?


    If anyone can cast any further light on this I’d be very interested to know.

    I saw that same story yesterday and that indeed was the first question I asked myself.

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  18. Paedophiles are a 'minority' (thankfully), but under the rules laid out by the 'woke' and the virtue-signallers, all 'minorities' must be 'protected' in order to prevent the majority from discriminating against - or 'oppressing' - them.


    People who engage in criminal activity are also a minority, so how soon are we from having them 'excused' from their behaviour in order to avoid them being 'offended'?



  19. On 12/2/2022 at 12:36 PM, webtrekker said:

    A new video discusses why the Left hates a widely popular documentary on Netflix that argues that there was a lost global civilization that existed on Earth some 12,000 years ago but it was wiped out in a cataclysm that erased most traces of it. The doc is called Ancient Apocalypse.


    So why does the Left consider it so dangerous? As Matt Walsh, the narrator pictured above says, it’s because it is one of the most popular shows on Netflix, and “it seems to exist solely for conspiracy theorists.” That’s according to the left-wing rag The Guardian.


    Walsh thinks the prior global civilization theory is a bit silly, but he liked that it sparks the imagination and annoys far-left newspapers, even if it’s “outlandish.”


    Some pundits are even calling it racist, the catch-all word used by the Left to send shudders down any corporation’s spine.


    The show is no different than the History channel’s Ancient Aliens, one of the channel’s longest-running, most popular shows.


    I think it is entirely possible that there was an advanced civilisation on this planet before ours, that was indeed wiped out by a 'global cataclysm'.


    I've never watched 'Ancient Aliens' but from what I have read about it, I think it is possible that this series is just a 'deflection', as is much of mainstream media, from what really occurred.


    There was a 'disaster', but those who lived before this time weren't 'ancient aliens', they were those that came before us.


    That's why I think there is so much attention given to 'flat earth', because it distracts people away from understanding that the cyclical nature of disaster on our planet is caused by the Sun, which flat Earth models rule out completely, because if the Sun 'micronovas' every few hundred or thousand years, which causes our 'globe' Earth to flip on its poles, then this all couldn't happen on a 'flat earth' model, as they say Antarctica is just an 'ice wall' and couldn't possibly have been a tropical island at the Equator.


    As for why the "Left consider this dangerous" I really don't know, perhaps because all this talk of 'cyclical disasters' doesn't fit in with the 'current narrative thing' of climate change being all the fault of humans.

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  20. At this time of year, there is one film that I NEVER get tired of watching.


    "Trading Places" (1983), produced by Aaron Russo, directed by John Landis, and starring Eddie Murphy, Dan Ackroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis.


    It tells a very interesting story about social engineering, and how millionaires have the power to change peoples' lives in a moment.


    It's brilliantly written, and very humourous, with some 'killer' standout lines, not really one for the snowflakes!




    Sadly for some reason, it apparently doesn't get shown on the mainstream terrestrial UK channels anymore.


    Though the story straddles the Christmas period, it sort of culminates into the New Year, which is why I don't really consider it as a "Christmas" movie, but for me the timing works enough to make it worthy of a great film to watch on New Years Eve, before all the fireworks and shenanigans start.




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  21. 1 hour ago, Celticdevil said:

    I’ve had for last 6days it’s fckn awful and strange not normal flu.

    starts like this.

    1. Sore throat 

    2.aches all over body 

    3. sweats like a river 

    4. then it vanishes for a few hours you think your ok 😫

    5. it was only hiding it kicks back in all you want to do is sleep 

    6. Hot and cold sweats 

    7. fever and halucinationtions while trying to sleep but guess what you cnt sleep for more than an hour ffs 

    8. it disappeared for a few hours 

    9. comes back with runny eyes and nose like a river like your losing fluid like never had before 

    10. day 6 still not better 

    any help would be great guys I’ve not had any devil jabs ffs not had any bad bugs for 3years it’s a mutant super flu cause off the fckn flu jags peeps are fckn mugs and have fckd it for us 

    anything I can take to help suggestions please I don’t ever get Ill thanks all 



    You have an influenza ("flu").


    It is my belief that colds and flus are just the body's natural way of 'detoxing'. I had something similar spring on me suddenly towards the end of November.


    Woke up on a Saturday morning with a high temperature and sweats, felt totally lethargic and listless. Managed to get myself together enough to go out for our works Christmas do on the evening, but couldn't wait to get home and back into bed. Still felt rough on Sunday morning, but improved during the day. Went into work on the Monday still feeling like shit, but managed to get through most of the day before going home early due to ending up totally zoned out. Improvement on Tuesday, before feeling almost normal again on the Wednesday.


    It's completely natural, let it run its course. Taking 'remedies' might alleviate the 'symptoms' of your illness, but it is my belief that they just prolong the healing/detox process your body is going through.


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  22. On 8/20/2022 at 12:00 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

    I can't find any other specific examples, but I have read some other 'nostalgia' articles on Birmingham Mail, and I have picked up on some 'hidden messaging' before, for example there was one much earlier this year 'reminicsing' about the 1976 heatwave.


    The climate and weather works in cycles, and its all linked to the cycles of the sun's solar activity.


    I've been expecting a particularly cold winter for the last couple of years, however I think this one could finally be it. Think back to December 2010 for what we might expect.


    OK, so a couple of weeks ago now, we did have what was described by much of the media as a "cold snap". I don't know about the rest of the country but we did get down to minus 7 here in Birmingham, thankfully it did stay mostly dry so with an absence of snow the streets mostly stayed ice-free, just bits of frost everywhere.


    We ended up with a relatively mild Christmas and New Year, but I still think there is potential in January or February for another 'cold snap' which could be just as harsh if not worse.


    The movement of the jet stream has once again been favourable for us here in the UK, while those in the USA have experienced the worst of the possible winter weather agin.

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