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  1. "not treating the death as suspicious" 🤔


    Body of man, 19, recovered from water at Willenhall Memorial Park


    The body of a 19-year-old man has been recovered from a pool at a Willenhall park. The man's body was found in a pool at Willenhall Memorial Park, in Willenhall, after police attended at around 8am today (February 19).

    West Midlands Police is not treating the death as suspicious, however the force has launched an investigation into the man's death. Parts of the park were cordoned off earlier this morning while emergency services attended the scene.

    A spokesperson for West Midlands Police said: "We have recovered a body from a pool in Willenhall Memorial Park off Pinson Road, Willenhall today. At around 8am police officers along with other emergency services attended the location and sadly a body of a 19-year-old man was recovered.

    from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/body-man-19-recovered-water-26276689


    Not suspicious, but needs an investigation? The police were also pretty quick to know who this person was and to contact their family.





  2. Attention-seeking troll, or the real deal?


    Family of Madeleine McCann ask for DNA test after woman shows 'evidence' she is her

    Julia has gained thousands of followers on TikTok after claiming she could be Madeleine McCann


    The family of Madeleine McCann have reportedly asked for a DNA test after a woman presented two pieces of 'evidence' she is Maddie. Madeleine went missing from her family's apartment in the Algarve, Portugal in 2007.

    Now, 21-year-old Julia Wandelt - form Poland - went viral earlier this week after claiming that she is Madeleine. She claims to have a freckle on her leg and a speck in her eye in the same places as the British girl, as well as ­looking similar to parents Kate and Gerry.

    She has now said that the missing girl’s family have asked her to take a DNA test. A source close to the McCann's said: "The family are taking no chances, they are willing to look at all leads.

    "It is important they look at all of the factors, the girl does look similar. There’s no disputing that. If what she says is true, there is every chance it could be her. It all adds up."

    It is believed that a McCann family member has come forward to offer to take part in a DNA test. Julia hopes to make direct contact with Madeleine's parent in the coming days.

    From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/family-madeleine-mccann-ask-dna-26276574


    Well if she does turn out to be Madeleine, it would open up numerous cans of worms, as well as make 'conspiracy theorists' such as Richard D Hall etc look a bit 'silly'.


    Sadly, I suspect that she is just a social media attention-seeker, and the fact that her Instagram profile created just a few days ago already has hundreds of thousands of followers should be all you need to know.



    Julia created an Instagram account named @iammadeleinemcann earlier this week, and the profile has now gained more than 370,000 followers.

    She said she began wondering if she was Madeleine "a few months ago" after hearing "something" from her grandma. Julia says that she is 21 but believes her age could be wrong.

    Madeleine was born in May 2003, meaning that she would now be 19. Her Instagram bio says: "I think I can be Madeleine. I need DNA test.

    "Police investigators from UK and Poland try to ignore me. I will tell my story in posts here. Help me."

    Perhaps the UK police 'try and ignore her' because they know she can't possibly be Maddie?



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  3. 1 hour ago, Saved said:

    Body found in river.


    1 hour ago, Sit down, Waldo said:

    All those specialist divers & equipment find nothing for 3 weeks then a passing walker sees a body? Hmmm...


    Just seen this on the Birmingham Mail, and that was exactly my first thought!



    Lancashire Police said in a statement: "This morning, Sunday, 19 February, you may be aware of police activity around the river near to St Michaels. We want to provide you with an update on that activity.

    "We were called today at 11:36am to reports of a body in the River Wyre, close to Rawcliffe Road. An underwater search team and specialist officers have subsequently attended the scene, entered the water and have sadly recovered a body.

    "No formal identification has yet been carried out, so we are unable to say whether this is Nicola Bulley at this time. Procedures to identify the body are on-going.

    "We are currently treating the death as unexplained. "Nicola’s family have been informed of developments and our thoughts are with them at this most difficult of times. We ask that their privacy is respected."

    from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/uk-news/body-found-nicola-bulley-search-26277346


    After three weeks, suddenly the police decide to close off all the roads leading to the village, then a body is found in the river.


    BUT the police are unable to say if is Nicola or not? The death is 'unexplained'?


    Procedures to identify the body are 'underway', but the Bulley family have only been 'informed of developments'?


    Still something odd about this...

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  4. 3 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

    quite mild now.

    anyone had power outages yet?

    nothing here

    I was outside in my garden here in south Birmingham yesterday in just a t-shirt, very pleasant 16C in the sunshine.


    Apart from a bit of light drizzle overnight, not really had much in the way of rain for about three weeks now, been a pretty dry February so far.


    This is of course despite the local media telling us that we should have been blanketed in snow by now, according to the 'predictions' made by dubious weather agencies.


    There's some bullshit about another "beast from the east", but from observations the clouds are moving from the west.

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  5. 3 hours ago, masonfreeparty2 said:

    here we go the BBC's very own sleuth marianna spring now covering the story  https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-64677595


    She makes some points about TikTok which I agree with, there's a certain amount of 'peer pressure' when it comes to 'creating content' that will garner the most clicks and likes, and maybe some of the speculation isn't helping, or is deliberately intended to 'steer' people away from what may have actually happened.


    This is a particularly telling comment though:


    Caroline, who lives in a town nearby, says she has seen hundreds of TikTok videos pushing these false suggestions, some which have been recommended to her.

    "Some of the things they point out in the videos make you think maybe they are onto something," she says.

    "Then I give myself a wake-up and think why would they actually be doing that? What would they be acting for? What are we being distracted from?"

    The social-engineering is strong with this one!


    And then going back to 'peer-pressure':


    She was first recommended TikTok videos three days after Nicola disappeared. Since then, she's been hooked - and her own output, once dedicated to dancing with her kids, is now punctuated with clips of her speculating about Nicola. She wants to take part.

    In one, Caroline calls out a false rumour about arrests in the case. But in another, she shares a clip that shows a TikTok influencer called Dan Duffy live-streaming on the app as he tries to enter a house on the other side of the river to where Bulley was last spotted.

    "wants to take part" = attention seeker. Probably gets more views of these clips than those of her dancing with her kids. 🙄


    Anyway, the point/aim of all this is revealed towards the end:


    Duffy was later arrested and fined by the police for a public order offence. TikTok also removed his account.

    A statement from TikTok said that its "thoughts are with Ms Bulley's family and friends at this difficult time" .

    It says it "does not tolerate bullying or harassment on TikTok and we remove content that violates our policies". It also revealed it is "deploying additional resources to reduce the potential spread of conspiratorial content about unfolding events by making it ineligible for recommendation to the For You feed".


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  6. On 2/16/2023 at 3:36 PM, Observations said:

    Disinformation editor, BBC 

    I run the Disinformation which is slightly different from Fact Checking 


    How do the public know they can trust fact checkers?


    They should believe what we say, I would suggest, because Everything we do is pillars of accuracy, we are transparent, people can ask questions and understand how we have done to the conclusions we have 


    The public can fact check us theirselves, linked to all of the relevant sources 


    It's quite laughable really. "You can trust us because we say so. Everybody else is lying."


    The "relevant sources" are usually just from other mainstream 'narrative enforcers'.


    And if the public try to 'fact check for themselves', of course Google and Wikipedia will also present the same 'relevant sources', while hiding any 'contrary' opinion.


    If there is one thing I have learned in the last few years it is that most things are 'inverted' (ie "diversity" is all about imposing a 'singularity', or 'hive mind', where everyone thinks/acts the same), but in some cases, like where the BBC has positions like "disinformation editor" or "specialist disinformation reporter", the truth is plainly obvious and staring you in the face.


    Yes, there is a lot of 'disinformation' and 'misinformation' out there, but the mainstream media narrative enforcers are just as guilty.


    I'm intelligent enough to use my own discernment and critical thinking ability in order to think for myself, thank you very much.






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  7. On 2/15/2023 at 2:52 PM, HAARPING_On said:

    Is this the start of mass resignations before the rumoured General Election in October 2023?



    She's served her purpose, and now it is time to stand aside, and make people 'think' there will be a 'change', when in fact nothing will change and they'll end up with something/someone far worse.


    Maybe she fancies having a crack at becoming an MP, and perhaps sees herself becoming deputy Prime Minister in a possible coalition deal with Labour.


    She's done enough damage as First Minister at the Scottish Parliament, who knows what havoc she could cause at Westminster!

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  8. 6 minutes ago, Shy Talk said:

    It may already have been pointed out on here but the oddest thing to me about this are the photos. Same expression, make-up, hair length/style/colour, lighting etc. As though they could have been taken on the same day.


    She liked to take lots of photos of herself, it seems. As well as photos of her with her dog, while walking along the river. Like there is something that is being 'reinforced'.




    Not seen many pictures of her with her husband and children.



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  9. 19 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    Most high streets, what's left of them, are an assortment of nail bars, turkish barbers, cheap takeaways, various eateries and maybe a LIDL/Aldi/Co-Op with very limited ranges.


    In other words, useless.



    5 hours ago, Captainlove said:

    Sorry Anti i totally disagree with you. Where i live i can get most things i need locally.


    I would agree with what Anti says when it comes to town centre High Streets, Blur once sang in their song "Bank Holiday" (from the 1994 album Parklife) that "all the high streets look the same", and it is pretty true. Round me in Birmingham, I can go to Northfield, Acocks Green, Kings Heath, Shirley, Selly Oak etc, and its all takeaways, barber shops, charity shops and convenience stores.


    Where I live, there isn't a 'high street' as much, but there are a couple of places where you have a small run of shops, all local independent businesses, and generally I can get most of what I need (groceries and household goods) from them. Plus as a bonus, working in online retail means I can get some other stuff through work.


    I'm happy to travel further afield to go and pick up stuff that I can't get locally, but as I don't drive, any large or heavy stuff I have to resort to buying online for home delivery.


    But I don't buy from Amazon (apart from Kindle books) and if I do buy online, I buy direct from sellers' own websites, rather than through eBay.

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  10. 1 hour ago, SuperstarNeilC said:



    I'm pretty sure at some point that Richard D Hall's name is going to get dragged through the dirt again, and if that's the case then I don't blame him for keeping a 'low profile' on this case so far.


    "How dare these people NOT accept the media narrative at face value and how dare they go around asking questions and doing their own investigations"


    On the other hand, all these 'amateur' Youtubers/Tiktokers could well be making things worse deliberately via their actions.

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  11. If this is still all over 'local' news sites that aren't in Lancashire, then its definitely a distracting psy-op.




    As well as the mainstream media, there now seems to be hours and hours of videos from Youtubers and Tiktokers all offering analysis and commentary on this story - don't take your eye off the ball and let yourselves get distracted by all this, even the 'alternative' is just as bad as the mainstream.


    Start looking at the news stories that AREN'T getting that much attention (if you can find any).


    "Energy flows where attention goes" and all that.

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  12. Eh?


    All major road building projects in Wales are scrapped


    All major road building projects in Wales have been scrapped over environmental concerns.

    Plans for a third Menai bridge will not go ahead and neither will the controversial Red Route in Flintshire.

    The move is part of the Welsh government's National Transport Plan and follows a year-long review.

    Environmental campaigners called it "world-leading and brave" but some in the construction industry warned the announcement could put jobs at risk.

    It comes as the Welsh government is accused of endangering bus services as a senior minister said industry subsidies have yet to be confirmed beyond summer.

    The Welsh government said all future roads must pass strict criteria which means they must not increase carbon emissions, they must not increase the number of cars on the road, they must not lead to higher speeds and higher emissions, and they must not negatively impact the environment.

    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-64640215


    With such 'strict criteria', there will be no new roads built in Wales then. And less likely that any current ones will see any 'improvements' in order to alleviate congestion and help with traffic flows.

  13. 3 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    Gardening is dangerous folks!



    A secondary school teacher has died just days before she was due to face trial for allegedly assaulting a female pupil.

    Languages teacher and church minister's wife Katherine Scouler had been suspended since October after a classroom incident at Hawick High School in the Scottish borders.

    She was due to appear in court on Thursday accused of pulling a girl's hair and striking her to the head with her hand while reportedly trying to take a mobile phone off her.

    But the mother of two died ahead of the hearing after suffering serious injuries in an incident in her garden in Hawick in the early hours of 4 February.

    The 53-year-old mother of two was taken to hospital but died from her injuries last Tuesday. Police have said there are no suspicious circumstances in relation to her death.

    Seem to be a lot of 'strange deaths' which the police keep saying are not 'suspicious'.


    A few months ago, the body of a woman was found in the pool at my local park, yet the police said there was nothing 'suspicious'. There was also a story about a dead man being found in a canal somewhere, but the police didn't think it was suspicious.


    Now back to your story, "early hours" is a bit of a 'vague' time definition, could be any time from 1am to 6am? Who's out in their garden at that time of the morning? And what injuries did she sustain and from how? While there are unanswered questions such as these, I would say any death should be treated as suspicious.

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  14. On a side-related note, I found this story quite interesting...


    Mystery of Tamworth dog walker missing for almost two years as cops make fresh appeal


    Mystery still surrounds the disappearance of a Tamworth man who vanished nearly two years ago. William Lee was last seen on April 18, 2021, in The Broom park near Cadogan Road, Dotshill.

    The family of Mr Lee, aged 79 at the time of his disappearance, are still without answers. Police said the search for the dog owner was the 'largest' seen in Staffordshire.

    Officers concluded their 'active search' for Mr Lee in July 2021 - but are still urging anyone who may have helpful information about his disappearance to come forward.

    From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/mystery-tamworth-dog-lover-missing-26220455


    Yeah, because people who go for a walk with their dog just 'mysteriously' vanish without trace, just like Ms Bulley did?


    Is this an attempt at 'normalisation'?


    While I do follow the local media here, I must admit that this is the first I have heard of this particular case.

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  15. 8 hours ago, masonfreeparty2 said:

    i guess richard d hall wont be covering this case now or will he?


    I would like to think that at some point he will have a few thoughts on this case, though he will need to be 'careful', perhaps he is being 'goaded' to break cover?


    6 hours ago, factJack said:


    That has pretty much convinced me that this is indeed a massive psy-op, and this poll is merely to determine how many people are so easily absorbed by or distracted by the 'latest thing' in the media.


    Consider this possibility: this Nicola Bulley doesn't exist, she never went missing, this story is a complete fabrication, her 'husband' and 'friends' are just actors, and this is all a media 'charade' to test how people will believe what the media tell them to believe, because only 'they' are the arbiters of truth. It's a fictional soap opera script being played out via the mainstream media.

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  16. 2 hours ago, numnuts said:

    ITV National News just briefly covered the below story, in their lunchtime broadcast, with an advisory at the end of their report. Something like 'police have urged people not to speculate about this attack on social media'. Demonising any form of public speculation seems to be becoming a trend now. 


    This is what happens though when both the police, and the local media who just regurgitate their 'tweets', leave people hanging and just provide titbits of information.


    How often do you see some local news article where it merely states something along the lines of "police have closed off a busy city centre street while they attend to an 'incident'"?


    It's all deliberate, the intention is to get people 'speculating', which is all they can do in the absence of actual facts and information.

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  17. 3 minutes ago, Sit down, Waldo said:


    Thank you! So there's probably some audio of any event that occurred. Why isn't this mentioned?

    It is a good question and one of the first that I asked.



    Timeline of events

    08:43 - Ms Bulley walked along the path by the River Wyre, having dropped her children off at school
    08:47 - A dog walker who knows Ms Bulley saw her walking along the lower field. Their two dogs interacted briefly
    08:53 - Ms Bulley sent an email to her boss
    09:01 - She logged into a Teams call

    About 09:10 - A witness who knows Ms Bulley saw her on the upper field walking Willow
    09:20 - Police inquiries suggest her phone was on the bench
    09:30 - The Teams call ended but she stayed logged on

    About 09:35 - Ms Bulley's mobile phone and Willow were found at a bench by the river

    From: https://www.richplanet.net/20230127.php


    Now I appreciate that joining a Teams call from a mobile phone might have meant that she joined 'audio only', and may have had her phone mic turned off - so she was simply listening in - but still it is an important detail that is mostly being overlooked. She apparently worked as a 'mortgage advisor'?


    • Did she regularly 'work from home'?
    • If so, did she regularly join Teams calls from her mobile phone?
    • What was the purpose of this Teams call? (Daily 'briefing' or whatever?)
    • Who else participated in these calls?
    • Should she have been at home 'working' instead of taking her dog for a walk?
    • Did she make any excuse during this call as to why she may 'step away' for a moment?



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  18. 18 hours ago, Chris P said:


    Yeah we would hope that they would be "reasonable" about it! But I somehow doubt that's how it will pan out. 


    Similar to what's going on with the buses. Every fare reduced to £2!? Sounds fantastic at first glance, and it's great for the shorter journeys previously billed at £3 odd..


    But what's it gonna do for long distance travel, for tourism etc? I just checked the UK's "voted most scenic" route, the 840 Leeds-Whitby. So an open return just decreased in price from over £25, to just £4. I'm wondering how Transdev can make profit from this, or who's gonna make up the shortfall 🤔  


    The buses themselves are carrying adverts suggesting we live in the city centre, and praising our "County Mayor" for subsidies as if we're already in North Korea! Not long ago they were advertising Scarborough, Whitby and other places to visit.


    The 'current thing' with buses is not quite the same, but is possibly related.


    Bus operators participating in this scheme will ultimately lose money, but it will be - yes you guessed it - us taxpayers at large who end up footing the bill for this mass subsidisation of bus services.


    Here in the West Midlands, the max single fare is £2.40, but then again if people are making a journey TO somewhere, then they will usually need to travel back, in which case most people are already buying day tickets at either £4.00 or £4.20, which then allows them to make multiple journeys by bus in a single day.


    I imagine people who infrequently travel by bus in other areas of the country where fares may be higher have seen some benefit as a result of this scheme, however unless there has been significant increases in patronage, then the bus operators themselves will likely see no benefit. What then happens when fares go back up again after March?


    As I see things, as a bus user myself, during the 'pandemic' the Government and local authorities did what they could to dissuade people from using public transport because "it wasn't safe" and they might catch some pesky virus and die as a result. It is not enough to keep throwing public money at bus operators to support commercial bus services, and I don't think 'franchising' is the answer or solution here either.

  19. 3 hours ago, Velma said:

    This has to be dullest psy-op ever! The fact that it’s getting media saturation and ‘TV specials’ already is in itself a huge red flag. Dan Walker of Channel 5 news spent two hours chatting merrily to Paul Ansell, the distraught husband, although he wasn’t, Paul appeared quite composed.


    The whole exercise seemed geared towards exonerating Paul and Mark Williams-Thomas, the “expert” said “he spoke from the heart” so he’s not involved. Paul said, he’s feeling “anger, utter frustration, confusion, disbelief” and nothing feels real, “it’s like the Truman Show.” No shit!


    When asked to describe Nicola, her partner said she is “fun, loving and loyal” and her best friend described her with the same words. He had to be prompted by Dan as to what he would say if she was watching, Paul looked at Dan, not the camera and said, “I love you” and “come home.”


    The McCann’s did not speak to their missing daughter via the camera either, to offer words of comfort, until it was suggested, or make a plea to her alleged kidnapper to let her go. Paul was equally unconvincing and Dan Walker answered most of the questions he asked, himself.  


    Williams-Thomas was hammering home the message that they need to give it a high profile to “keep the public onside” because they “will solve it” and “keep talking to the press.” Then conversely stated that online speculation can be “hurtful” while Parm Sandhu said, “it doesn’t help.”


    Meanwhile, Paul Ansell demands that “every house, garage, outbuilding and the land is searched” which would not only be a violation of privacy, but imply everyone is a suspect. It also requires giving the police powers way beyond what is permitted. It remains an “impossible situation.”




    I agree, this all smacks of a media psy-op to me the way this is panning out. In fact, it bears more than a passing resemblance to the Madeleine McCann case.


    A two-hour TV interview?


    While out for a walk around Sheldon Country Park in Birmingham this afternoon, I passed by a young family, and one of their children asked their parents "have they found Nicola Bulley yet?"


    It seems this is all designed to have a mass psychological effect on the wider population, the purpose of which is yet to be revealed, but there will be one somewhere.


    I'm also concerned by the number of TikTok'ers and YouTubers making 'commentary' videos on this, as it would also appear that some people are exploiting this to raise their own profiles, as well as harvesting 'likes' and attention/comments.


    Social engineering, or a massive distraction, who really knows...





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  20. 6 hours ago, Sit down, Waldo said:

    Is teams a live call, or is it just messaging?


    Microsoft Teams is basically the same thing as Skype, which is also owned by Microsoft. It also allows group conferencing video/audio calls/meetings same as Zoom.

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  21. Sorry, but you lost me after "Baxter Dimitry"...


    It has been pointed out on numerous occasions in this forum that 'NewsPunch' is an untrustworthy 'fake news' website.


    There may well be a small element of 'truth' hidden away in this article, but it is mostly obscured by nonsensical bullshit - the kind that is quickly 'shared' and seeded into the 'truth community' with the ultimate aim of making us all look stupid and ill-informed.

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  22. Wow, that's gratitude for you...




    Robert Goodwin guilty of Shane Thompson murder


    A man has been found guilty of the "frenzied" murder of a friend who offered him a job after being released from prison.

    Shane Thompson, 32, was found with multiple stab wounds at a house in Bartley Green, Birmingham, on 4 December 2021.

    Robert Goodwin, 32, had spent the day working with his victim when the pair headed to a pub before the attack, Birmingham Crown Court heard.

    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-64582827


    I once offered a job to a friend of mine at a company I was working for, we went to the pub and he bought me a couple of beers to say "thanks".


    How times have changed!

  23. 5 hours ago, Velma said:

    More speculating....



    The police know her mobile phone had returned to the bench at 9:20 a.m. and at 9:33 the phone and Willow were found by another dog-walker. Assuming Nicola was the one who put the phone on the bench, that leaves a slim 13 minute window of opportunity for her to fall into the river, drown and disappear, before someone turned up. Curious.




    This 'Teams call' she was on probably holds answers, yet it is being mostly overlooked as part of this investigation.


    There must be a recording or transcript somewhere, or other participants in the call must have noticed something 'odd' from the time.


    She joined a Teams call from her mobile while out walking her dog, then somehow puts the phone down on a bench, and then mysteriously vanishes.


    -"Excuse me for a second guys, I'm just going to have a splash in the river..."


    Someone who seemed to be fond of taking 'selfies' is surely too narcissistic to leave their phone unattended?


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  24. On 2/5/2023 at 6:44 PM, Greenhulk50 said:

    UK Government scrapping cheaper return train tickets and replace with two single tickets which will be more expensive, so when the 15 minute cities are established the poor won't able able to leave their zone and travel.


    Return train tickets will be scrapped for 'single-leg pricing' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11714979/Return-train-tickets-scrapped-single-leg-pricing-unveiled.html?ito=native_share_article-nativemenubutton


    If it means that single fares can be reduced to a more reasonable price, then it should work out fine.


    When a single journey costs £140, while a return costs £150, somebody somewhere is getting seriously fleeced.


    A few years ago, I used to once or twice a year travel down to London, and it was cheaper to buy two singles at £6, than it was to buy a return at £32 🤪

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