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  1. On 12/13/2022 at 10:10 PM, SimonTV said:

    Any less believable than NASA? 


    Where did you get the image from?


    There may be question marks about the credibility of NASA, but I tend to find that 'anonymous' posts on internet message boards claiming to be 'whistleblowers' making very unsubstantiated claims are even less credible.


    This kind of fabricated bullshit is what gives the 'real' conspiracy theorists and researchers a bad reputation, and makes us all look bad. But then again, that is probably the intention.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Fifth element said:

    Record cold is still possible if we have the high pressure sytems centered either over scandinavia or greenland as whats happened last fortnight..

    Looks like warming up sunday monday,I was hoping the cold would persist..


    Yes, Sunday and Monday should be relatively mild, then heading into Christmas the temps drop down to around average for the time of year.


    "I'm dreaming of a Wet Christmas..."



  3. Why?


    Calls for memorial at scene of frozen lake tragedy to honour Babbs Mill boys


     A church leader has praised the Kingshurst community for the extraordinary efforts of residents in the face of tragedy. Neighbours came together to support one another as three young boys died after getting into trouble in frozen water at Babbs Mill Park.

    The children - aged eight, ten and 11 - were killed in the tragedy while a six-year-old was fighting for his life. Searches were continuing as police needed to rule out the possibility others might have fallen in during the incident.

    Rev Mandy Harris, from the St Barnabas' Anglican Church on the Solihull estate, said she was struck by the sense of community during a week that had been "marked by tragedy". She moved to the area in January.

    From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/calls-memorial-scene-frozen-lake-25741017


    You'll have to forgive my seeming callousness or lack of sympathy, but these children were idiots, who lost their lives through their own selfish and reckless actions.


    It is always tragic when someone loses their life, but sometimes the 'blame game' has to come to an end. Where were their parents while their children were 'playing' on the ice? Why did these children not know about the dangers of playing on ice? As I said earlier on, when I was a child I heeded warnings about frozen ponds and pools, that was over forty years ago.


    By all means, please applaud and congratulate those brave emergency service workers who did what they could to rescue these children, and offer your condolences to those who have lost loved ones.


    But should we really be getting into memorialising and celebrating people who were basically idiots?

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  4. In my lifetime, December 2010 is probably the coldest winter I can vividly remember.


    Around mid-December, about a week and half before Christmas, we had a load of snow, and then after that, temperatures barely went above freezing for the next three weeks. Even in Birmingham, we had overnight lows of minus 12 to 17 degrees C.


    Pavements were difficult to walk on, as the snow refused to thaw and just became compacted as people walked on them.


    I was living at the time in a flat which had no central heating, and a draughty window in my bedroom - it was UPVC double-glazed but part of the mechanism was bent so the top section didn't close fully, there was a visible gap, which I tried sealing with a bit of cloth stuffed in.


    There was a gas fire in the living room and in the bedroom. The flat had coin-operated gas and electricity meters, so I had to keep a supply of pound coins handy to keep them topped up. I'd get home from work, and the indoor thermometer I had bought was registering 12 degrees C inside. I bought a convector heater with a 24hr timer, so I could at least programme it to come on just before I got home from work, and before I got up in the morning.


    It was that cold, one Saturday morning I woke up to find a load of police cordon tape between our house and the next-door neighbours, it turned out that someone had collapsed in the street and died on the pavement.


    At work, we had huge dangerous icicles hanging from the roof of our building, right over the side entrance - it was a bit nerve-wracking going outside for a smoke!


    I went to spend Christmas at my parents, and slept in their extension, while it was minus 10 outside, the extension didn't have central heating either, just an oil-filled electric radiator.


    December 2010, THAT was a fucking cold winter, and this one doesn't compare in the slightest. I was relatively poor at the time, and I survived.


    Maybe that's why I'm not so bothered by the cold weather now, okay I don't particularly like it admittedly, but compared to past experiences, December 2022 is nothing.





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  5. The below is reproduced from an email newsletter I received today from UKIP:


    According to 
    https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/uk/winter/winter-history the last two decades have been unpredictable during winter.
    2000/1 Late December 4” snow in Glasgow and 8” in Belfast. January & February 12 to 24” of snow around the country.

    2001/2 Virtually no snow at all.

    2002/3 No snow in December. Some snow across the country in January and February.  -15C with wind-chill in February.

    2003/4 Snow in October and late December.  Countrywide blizzard in late January. 10” snow in SW England and Wales in mid-March.

    2004/5 Midlands snow mid-November. White Christmas in north and west. Well below average snow February & March.

    2005/6 Snow in SW England 25th November and in Midlands and northwest on 28th November. Heavy snow on 12th March in the west. Further snow in April.

    2006/8 Virtually devoid of snow both winters.

    2008/9 Coldest winter since 1995/6.

    2009/10 Temperatures 2 to 3C below average. Coldest winter since 1978.

    2010/11 Temperature 5C below normal for 100 years. Snow through December and Christmas countrywide.

    2011/12 Some snow late October. Snow in north mid-December. Heavy snow across country in March. Localised snowfall in May.

    2012/13 Long snowy winter starting in late October. Generally colder than average well into June.

    2013/14 Wet with flooding. No snow except in Scottish Highlands.

    2014/15 Little snow. Midlands and northern England wet snow on Christmas day.

    2015/16 Mild and wet. Brief snowfalls in southeast in November and December. Snow also January through to April.

    2016/17 Mild with relatively light snow in January.

    2017/18 Cold and snowy December over most of the country. West country has 8-12” of snow in February.

    2018/19 Mild and relatively snow free.

    2019/20 Another mild winter. Some snowfalls on high ground November through to January in various parts of the country.

    2020/21 Cold and snowy all winter. Minimum temperature -23C at Braemar 11 February. Lowest in UK since 1995.

    2021/22 A mild winter again.

    2022/23 Cold snap at -10C mid-December. Satellite images of northern hemisphere show highest snow cover for decades.  Looks like being a cold one.

    Is this Global Warming or Climate Change? 
    Unfortunately, the UK Meteorological Office doesn’t comprehend the difference between climate and weather.  Even though as island nations our weather has high variability, which is why we are always talking about it, there is no trend towards warming and even some really deep snowfalls and low temperature events that haven’t been witnessed for 100 years. This is just typical UK weather.
    Antony Nailer
    UK Independence Party - Spokesman for the Environment

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  6. I haven't read The Light for a while now - I seem to remember a while back reading some whispers about them not being all they claim to be.


    While catching up on Vernon Coleman's website the other week, I came across the following in one of his 'Passing Observations' series of articles:



    For those who are wondering, I stopped writing for The Light newspaper after I felt a pain in my back and discovered a blade had been thrust therein by the editor (Darren Smith/Nesbitt). I’m grateful that it was a figurative back stabbing rather than something more literal. Darren asked me to write a special feature on vegetarian eating to run alongside a feature promoting meat. I agreed, on condition that neither writer saw the other’s article – or knew who’d written it. But Darren broke the agreement and told the other writer my identity as writer of the pro-vegetarian article. He seems to have disapproved of the fact that I am vegetarian. I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years (long before the idea of replacing meat with plant based foods, which is part of the Great Reset was even thought of) – because I love animals and don’t want to eat them – and deliberately chose to publish and promote a personal attack on me. I found the betrayal particularly disappointing and hurtful because I had given the paper eighteen months of free columns, much of my time, endless advice and a good chunk of money. And I’d promoted the paper and Darren endlessly. Why do I so often find myself mourning the loss of honour and respect? From the point of view of a combatant in a war for survival, I found it all rather sad, unnecessary, pointless and damaging. And personally, after years of abuse from the conspirators, I found it unforgivably cruel. I’ve been opposed to eating animals for decades. Over 30 years ago I bought back a contract to write a series of books for a major publisher because they wanted me to endorse meat eating in a book on food. (Having bought back the series I published Food for Thought myself – and devoted it to vegetarian eating.)

    From: https://vernoncoleman.org/articles/passing-observations-132



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  7. When I started this topic last year, I lamented about how the weather was reported in the local media was a reflection on how people have been 'dumbed down'.


    It's not just the local media, now even the BBC has a 'current thing' section on its News homepage:


    Most people now seem unable to work out for themselves what is happening, and now desperately 'need' the media to tell them what to think.


    Of course, this all ties in nicely with what's been building up over the last few months: energy price rises, the "cost of living crisis", Liz Truss' "reckless" Budget causing interest rates to rise etc.


    The same media that is relentlessly telling everyone that no-one has any money to spend and can't afford anything, also collaborates with big retailers and brand names to urge them to spend money on 'hacks' and gadgets/devices that will 'save them money'.


    People are being frightened by the media into being afraid or fearful of things that occur naturally, ie the weather.


    And people are easily fearful of things they don't understand. The fact that so many people don't understand how weather works has to be very concerning, and goes to show that the 'dumbing-down' techniques employed over the last few decades are proving to be quite successful.


    When I was a child, some forty-odd years ago now, people were warned about the dangers of trying to walk on frozen pools/lakes/rivers - the ice could crack and you'd fall into freezing cold water and would probably die.


    Yet here we are in December 2022, and the top story on the BBC News site is the tragedy that three young boys have died after walking on an icy lake.



    Seems not much has changed since I was their age...

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  8. 8 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

    have you ever heard of perspective and vanishing point.

    you must have done it at school



    Yes I have thank you.


    Have you ever wondered why we see the world like this? It's because of how our eyes function. 👀


    Most camera lenses are designed to work the same way as our eyes, which is why photos 'look like' how we see things for ourselves.


    Of course, there are other types of camera lenses, such as 'fish eye', which are designed to mimic, erm, fish eyes, which is why those photos look 'strange' to us.


    Our eyes are designed so we can see and focus on things near to us. That's what gives us our 'perspective'.

  9. Yes, people are still this stupid.


    Solihull: Search continues after people pulled from icy lake


    A search and rescue operation is under way after police said a number of people pulled from a lake near Solihull in freezing temperatures are in a critical condition.

    West Midlands Fire Service said reports suggested people had been playing on the ice at Babbs Mill Park, and fell through.

    It said people had received treatment before being taken to hospital.

    Emergency service workers have gathered on Fordbridge Road in Kingshurst.

    The fire service said it was leading the rescue operation, and that further details would be released when appropriate.

    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-63937739




    "Reports from the scene and videos on social media indicate that people had been playing on the ice on a pond and had fallen through."

    From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/fire-crews-search-babbs-mill-25726634


    I hope all those 'likes' and comments on your videos were worth ending up in hospital for.


    Smartphones make people dumb.

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  10. BBC fails to answer the question at hand...


    Isn't December always chilly?


    Temperatures in the UK were about average for December until Tuesday - with daytime highs between 8C (46F) in southern England and 5C (41F) in Scotland - but they have now dropped substantially.

    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-63893192


    The correct answer is of course "yes".



    The UK is in the grip of a spell of severe cold weather, with snow and ice warnings in place in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the east coast of England.

    Forecasters think we're likely to be experiencing icy temperatures until at least early next week and maybe beyond that, but what's causing the cold snap and should we be surprised?


    "Experts predict the cold conditions may continue until Spring" 🤪


    What's causing the 'cold snap'? Umm, something to do with it being WINTER in the northern hemisphere.


    "Should we be surprised?" - NO because this happens EVERY YEAR at the same time EVERY YEAR.


    It's called WINTER!





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  11. This is sad news, but does anyone else find this a bit 'odd'?


    Ruth Madoc: Hi-de-Hi! actress dies aged 79

    Ruth Madoc


    Actress Ruth Madoc, who starred in the BBC sitcom Hi-de-Hi!, has died aged 79, her agent says.

    Her agent said she died in hospital on Friday afternoon after surgery for a fall she had earlier in the week.

    Phil Belfield of talent agency Belfield & Ward Ltd described her as a "unique talent loved by many".

    He paid tribute to her "iconic" TV performance as Gladys Pugh in the 1980s comedy Hi-de-Hi!, about a holiday camp in the late 50s.

    "It is with much sadness that we have to announce the death of our dear and much loved client Ruth Madoc," he said in a statement.

    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-63927507


    The rest of the article is the usual tributes and condolences, but what I'm most interested in is the second line of the article only.


    She had a 'fall' earlier in the week, which required some surgery as a result, and then she subsequently 'died' on Friday afternoon.


    What gives? OK, at the age of 79 she's probably no spring chicken, but still, who expects to die following surgery after having a fall?


    I could understand her death if she had been seriously ill for some time, but something doesn't seem right about this.


    NHS medical negligence? A botched surgical operation? Deliberately 'bumped off'?


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  12. This ties in with this article I read this morning:


    The self-proclaimed kingdom that doesn't recognise Germany


    In the depths of the countryside in eastern Germany, there's an invisible border.

    The turrets of an imposing castle loom out of the treetops. A sign on its front door solemnly informs the visitor that they've entered - in effect - a new country.

    The "Königreich Deutschland" (Kingdom of Germany) is a self-proclaimed independent state - complete with its own self-appointed king.

    Peter the First, as he prefers to be known, receives us in a rather gloomy wood-panelled hall.

    It's about a decade since his coronation - there was a ceremony, complete with orb and sceptre - and the foundation of his so-called kingdom, which mints its own money, prints its own ID cards and has its own flag.

    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-63916812


    It all starts off so promising, and it makes for some interesting reading. However it doesn't take long for this BBC journalist to start sticking the boot in.



    He's what's known in Germany as a "Reichsbürger" (Citizen of the Reich), one of an estimated 21,000 people who are defined by the country's intelligence agencies as conspiracy theorists who don't recognise the legitimacy of the post-war German state.

    They've risen to prominence this week, with the arrest of 25 people in raids on Reichsbürger suspected of plotting to storm the German parliament building, the Reichstag, in a violent overthrow of the government.

    King Peter says he has no such violent intentions.

    But he does believe the German state to be "destructive and sick".

    "I have no interest in being part of this fascist and satanic system," he says.

    To be honest, I can believe him. There seems little point in trying to 'violently overthrow' the German government, but I think his current approach is better, reject the system and live outside it.



    The regional intelligence service, which has been watching him and his kingdom for nearly two years, told us they regarded it as a threat. They liken it to a cult which exposes people to conspiracy theories and extremist ideology.

    Such theories and ideology have proliferated in Germany in recent years, fuelled by the pandemic. And Covid-19 appears to have increased support and membership of the kingdom.

    Oh well they would say that. Maybe it is a bit 'cult-like', but it is the simple case that anyone who dares to 'counter the narrative' is automatically now assumed to be a conspiracy theorist or 'extremist' now.



    No-one here is vaccinated against Covid-19, Benjamin told me. It's a common position for Reichsbürger, many of whom joined protests against measures to control the pandemic.

    "People who think for themselves today will often be condemned as conspiracy theorists," says Benjamin. "But it's a fact that these are often the people who stay up at night thinking about problems, not just their own but those of society and politics."

    And again, this assumption that people who have refused the Covid jabs are "bad people".


    When people stop thinking for themselves, they stop thinking 'outside the box'. Lack of imagination and creative thinking causes stagnation, as all ideas are controlled, just to maintain the establishment narrative.


    Youngsters graduate from university with their 'degrees' and move into civil service or business roles, with their 'pre-programmed' beliefs and notions.


    This is why nothing changes for the better, because the 'free thinkers' are marginalised and dubbed 'conspiracy theorists' or 'extremists'.


    All part of the 'narrative enforcement', just like the role of the media.


    I'm all for this idea of setting up your own society 'outside of the state', however the only thing I would probably disagree with is having it ruled or overseen by a self-declared 'king'.

  13. 5 hours ago, Moonlight said:

    Habeshian people dont identify themselves as black..they also look different
    I know from them that they do not respect white people and also no other african nations

    if someone thinks they will integrate in the western world they are very wrong.....they just live in their own culture with their own people


    London has a huge Habeshian community...but they are scattered over whole Europe meanwhile


    Small Heath, Birmingham, or as I call it "Somal Heath"


    Also around the Stratford Road in Sparkbrook, near where I work, most of the people you see congregating around the cafes are Africans, there is a large population of Eritreans, Ethiopians and Somalians there as well as in neighbouring Small Heath. It doesn't bother me, and I've never had any hassle, but you're right, they've created their own little ghetto there. The shops and cafes are all used by the local community, and I bet many residents don't even leave the area.

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  14. 7 hours ago, alexa said:


    If this is so, why are they so hell bent on suppressing f/e ? There were loads of videos about flat earth on utube which I can't get anymore, it was the same for anti-vaxxers.

    There are still hundreds, if not thousands, of Flat Earth related videos on YouTube. So it's hardly "suppressed".


    Though it does amuse me that YouTube are now adding the following onto Flat Earth videos:




  15. On 11/30/2022 at 8:34 PM, Velma said:

    Antarctica, arguably the most mysterious and certainly most inaccessible place on earth which, according to the scientists who are based there, contains nothing more than penguins and ice. Nonetheless, 55 states adhere to the treaty, originally signed by 12 nations in 1959, to make it off limits. This was in the aftermath of the disastrous ‘Operation High-Jump,’ still shrouded in secrecy.


    If the footage below, alleged to be from Captain Scott’s final and fatal 1912 expedition is genuine, it reveals the ruins of a lost civilization, including monolithic columns, statues and ziggurats, reminiscent of those found everywhere from Mesoamerica to Mesopotamia, which appear to have been reduced to rubble by a worldwide cataclysmic event, during the antediluvian period.


    If an advanced race did exist in Antarctica in antiquity, it completely rewrites history and we have been lied to for over a century by ‘The Royal Society’ archaeologists and explorers who have ignored this ancient worldwide civilization, that created all the inexplicable megalithic structures and out-of-place artifacts which litter the earth today. It’s time to unearth the forbidden truth.


    Antarctica is a particularly interesting topic, and while there are 'mysteries' surrounding it, I don't think it really ties in with the 'Flat Earth' stuff.


    If the planet is a globe, then periodically in its history, the poles have shifted, the axis of rotation has 'tilted', and the continent of Antarctica has 'moved' to the equatorial regions. When the poles shift back and the Earth tilts, Antarctica finds itself where it is now, at the south pole, covered in snow and ice.


    Whatever civilisation was living there, is buried under snow and ice now.


    In my opinion, 'Flat Earth' completely ignores or overlooks all of this. The 'tilting' of the poles, and the resulting crustal displacement, even go some way to explaining the 'Noah event' that caused a massive flood on this planet some 6000 years ago.


    Maybe the 'elites' are keen to get and maintain a foothold in Antarctica because they know when the next pole shift occurs, when the ice melts, its secrets will be revealed. And they'll have a new habitable land to live on. While the rest of us freeze to death.

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  16. On 11/16/2022 at 3:56 PM, Mr H said:

    So Ive had an idea for a book for ages. And the conclusion as just come to me, so it's time for me to get writing!


    Thing is, I have never written a book before and don't know where to start!


    I have the general story and different acts in my head. But I'm not sure what is the best methodology if any to use when writing a book.


    The temptation is just to start at the begginnig and get writing.


    Just wondering from anyone who has written a book, how they organised writing it, what methodology they used found helpful?


    Should mention this is a ficional book, so requires settings, characters etc


    Thank you


    A few years ago now, probably around the early 2010s, I suddenly felt inspired to start writing a book, I started having ideas come into my head about a plotline and story, but like yourself I didn't really know the best way to articulate my thoughts and ideas.


    I had an idea of how the first chapter of the book would pan out, it would be more like a prelude or prequel if anything, so I started writing one afternoon. I thought it would be a good idea to just 'write' as I would imagine reading this book for myself.


    I can't remember the exact details now, but there was a general overview that would have entailed the book being in two parts - the first part set in 2020 where alien invaders had taken over the Earth and were keeping the population imprisoned. The 'prelude' of the novel explained how the population of Venus tried to escape from their planet as it's atmosphere became uninhabitable, but one of their ships ended up crashing on the neighbouring Earth, thousands of years ago of course.


    The second part of the book, set in the 2050s, would detail how some of the remaining Venusian survivors had been able to venture back and then retake Earth from its invaders, a load of stuff about how humans originated not from Earth but from Venus, and then a load of 'happy ever after stuff' after humans took their place in the galaxy.


    It was admittedly all very ambitious as a concept, and I didn't really understand where or why the inspiration came to me.


    All I ended up writing was the first chapter, and then somehow I lost my 'mojo' and the inspiration drifted away from me. I think the concept still remained somewhere in my head, but I just became focused on other things instead.


    Anyway, as 2020 drew closer, any idea of me writing a novel set in a 'future' 2020 just started to dwindle.


    Then I started reading David Icke books, and of course, 2020 'happened' in real life...

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  17. No shit Sherlock!


    Wolverhampton factory fire believed to be arson


    Investigators believe a large fire that engulfed industrial units near Wolverhampton on Monday night was started deliberately.

    More than 100 firefighters tackled the blaze that broke out in a number of factories in Lower Horseley Fields.

    The incident caused major disruption to roads and rail routes, with some people stuck on trains for up to two hours.

    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-63909300


    More so in freezing cold temperatures, buildings don't just 'mysteriously' catch fire by themselves.


    Curiously, the initial news reports that came out on Tuesday morning in local media claimed the buildings on fire were "derelict warehouses", but West Mids Fire Service have since added that some were 'active businesses'.


    All very suspicious if you ask me...

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  18. These things are a fucking menace... (e-scooters that is, not buses)


    E-scooter firm Voi 'liaising with police' after boy, 12, killed in bus crash tragedy


    E-scooter hire fire Voi has tonight confirmed it is liasiing with West Midlands Police after a boy, 12, died in a bus crash tragedy. It is understood the schoolboy was riding one of the scooters, which are available to hire in the city for over 18s with a provisional licence.

    The tragedy took place just before 8am today, December 6, in the Belchers Lane area of Bordesley Green. The youngster's family has been told and are being supported by specially trained police officers.

    A Voi spokesman said: “First and foremost our thoughts are with the deceased’s family and friends. The news of this tragic accident has shocked us deeply."

    The firm added: “We’re liaising with West Midlands Police and providing them with all the necessary information and we will be fully supportive of their ongoing investigation. Based on the notification we received from the police, we understand that the deceased was involved in an accident on Tuesday 6th December.

    “We will not provide any further comment on the details of the incident at this moment in time.”

    From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/e-scooter-firm-voi-liaising-25690425


    Boy, 12, killed in Birmingham e-scooter crash with bus


    A 12-year-old boy has died after an electric scooter he was riding crashed with a bus in Birmingham.

    It happened in the Bordesley Green area, on the road of the same name, near the Belchers Lane junction, just before 08:00 GMT on Tuesday.

    The boy was declared dead at the scene, West Midlands Police said.

    Confirming he was the scooter's rider, West Midlands Ambulance Service added no-one on the bus required medical assessment.

    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-63875607


    I see too many youngsters riding around on these things, it seems to me that being purely 'app-driven' it is far too easy for people to be able to use these things when they clearly shouldn't be able to.

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  19. On 12/4/2022 at 11:09 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:

    It's an interesting question. There was a bit of a 'campaign' on this very forum, urging people to NOT take part in the Census, and I seem to recall warning that if a significant number of people didn't complete the Census, then the total figures could end up 'skewed' as a result.

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  20. From one extreme to the other, now we hav 'warnings' being issued about 'cold weather'...


    UK weather: Met Office warns of below freezing temperatures


    The Met Office has warned severe cold weather is set to hit the UK this week, with overnight temperatures plummeting to -6C (21F) in places.

    Snow is likely in northern Scotland, although temperatures will be low enough to make it a possibility anywhere in the country.

    Frost and ice are also expected.

    People are being urged to use their heating, despite rising energy prices, and to look out for people who are especially vulnerable.

    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-63857912


    Must be climate change, can't think of any reason why it might get cold in the UK in December...

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  21. On 12/4/2022 at 1:45 PM, Mono Inc said:


    Bogus in what way? The product is fantastic, same as all his products.


    On 12/4/2022 at 2:03 PM, TheConsultant said:

    Agreed, I cannot deny his products are at the very least well built, well thought out, well designed, well implemented etc. I wonder how his Tesla phone will do? 

    Edit: some of those performance figures at max weight are insanity! 0-60 in 5 seconds empty, 0-60 in 20 seconds at full weight, 500 miles range at full weight etc. 


    I haven't watched the video but I presume this is some kind of electric truck?


    If we're talking 'zero emission' vehicles, I think hydrogen-fuelled trucks would be a safer bet for long distance haulage. Electric trucks might be fine for more local shorter-distance haulage, just think of the battery capacity that would be required for a good cross-country long haul trip, and how long would it take to charge the batteries back up?

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