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  1. 'Birmingham must get itself out of its own mess'


    Birmingham got itself into its financial mess and will have to get itself out, according to the man brought in to oversee the crisis-hit city council.

    That meant, said government-appointed commissioner Max Caller, that taxpayers would have to foot some of the bill to help stabilise the authority.

    Major job losses have also not been ruled out by Mr Caller.

    Birmingham declared itself effectively bankrupt last month.

    On 5 September, facing an immediate budget shortfall of £87m, the council formally acknowledged it could no longer balance its books by way of a Section 114 notice.

    All but non-essential spending has been halted, with the government assigning commissioners to guide the authority through.

    A team of eight - led by Mr Caller, who has branded Birmingham's woes the biggest challenge of his career - is expected to be in place for the next five years.

    from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-67029773


    Well, I didn't vote for these Labour clowns, and I think its a bit rich for Birmingham residents to face increased council tax bills because this Labour council had no fiscal awareness.


    But for these commissioners I guess it's "nice work" and at least they're being handsomely rewarded.



    The commissioners will each be paid £1,100 a day - £1,200 for the lead commissioner - for up to 150 days a year.

    The team is to report to the Levelling Up secretary within six months and thereafter at six-monthly intervals, or at such other times in arrangement with commissioners.




    So, not even a full-time job, and being paid THAT much a day?


    It's not been made clear who is paying this salary, whether it is the government or the council.


    But still, this works out to a cost of £6.675m over five years.


    Expect more councils and local authorities to end up going down this route in the next couple of years.

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  2. On 10/4/2023 at 10:45 PM, Henrawrian said:

    Also, if you check out Ickonic.com, a lot of the videos posted on there goes against Mr.Icke's views on the nature of reality.  It's as if he himself doesn't know the contents he puts on his own platform.


    Ickonic is not David Icke's platform, it is a venture that was set up by his sons Gareth and Jaymie, and which happens to host a lot of David's videos.

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  3. World breaches key 1.5C warming mark for record number of days




    The world is breaching a key warming threshold at a rate that has scientists concerned, a BBC analysis has found.

    On about a third of days in 2023, the average global temperature was at least 1.5C higher than pre-industrial levels.

    Staying below that marker long-term is widely considered crucial to avoid the most damaging impacts of climate change.

    But 2023 is "on track" to be the hottest year on record, and 2024 could be hotter.

    "It is a sign that we're reaching levels we haven't been before," says Dr Melissa Lazenby, from the University of Sussex.

    This latest finding comes after record September temperatures and a summer of extreme weather events across much of the world.

    from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-66857354



  4. 2 hours ago, Velma said:

    Sunak, thinking he is a god, wants to ban smoking because it increases the risk of strokes, heart disease, dementia and stillbirth as well as causing one in four deaths from cancer. "There is no safe level of smoking," he said.


    I could say the same thing about vaccines, but he's not about to ban that!




    There may not be a safe level of smoking, but there's still a huge amount of tax revenue from tobacco duty.


    If smoking is banned, that lost revenue will have to be recouped elsewhere...

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  5. 5 hours ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:


    It's just political wrangling / horse-trading.


    It was a Conservative government that instigated all this, now they know they are doomed at the next election, they're desperately trying to roll this back, knowing that once Labour are in power and go ahead full steam, the Tories in opposition then have something to 'snipe' about.


    Just more empty promises.

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  6. 1 hour ago, k_j_evans said:

    It was quite warm today. About 20 for a time. Not bad for first day of October - but raining, of course. A lot warmer than the last three weeks anyway.


    Yes, despite the cloud cover it was quite pleasant today. But it gets better!


    Met Office share exact date October 'mini-heatwave' will hit as temperatures soar to 23C


     A mini-heatwave could be on the way to the UK, forecasters have predicted. Above average temperatures are expected in the UK this month.

    The warm weather will start on Monday. However, this will be followed by rain before the temperature rises again on Saturday, October 7. It will then remain warm for around two weeks, according to weather charts.

    In some places, the temperature will reach 23C - a stark difference from the average October temperature of 13C, the Mirror reports. The Met Office long-range forecast - covering October 4-13 - also predicts: "Temperatures likely to be above average overall, perhaps very warm at times in the south, though some cool nights and chance of early fog."

    from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/met-office-share-exact-date-27820532


    Apparently "hotter than Barcelona" if of course Barcelona finds itself the 'wrong side' of the jet stream, which means it has cooler temperatures than can be expected for the time of year.



  7. Notice re vernoncoleman.org


    Difficulties outside our control mean that www.vernoncoleman.org is no longer functioning as a separate website and has been temporarily (hopefully) redirected to www.vernoncoleman.com

    Everything normally found on www.vernoncoleman.org can be found on www.vernoncoleman.com except for videos. Most of Vernon Coleman’s video can be found on www.onevsp.com which is the new, all dancing, all singing version of BrandNewTube, and on bitchute.com and other platforms. None of his videos can be found on YouTube which is controlled by the bad guys, doesn’t approve of facts, truths and proper debate and is only really useful for those seeking videos made by dancing hamsters, glove puppets and people diving into vats of blancmange.


    Unfortunately the domain redirect doesn't appear to work. Hopefully the 'new' site can be brought back to life as it is much easier to read and navigate than the 'old' one.



  8. 15 minutes ago, Campion said:


    It's being presented as a piece of our national heritage destroyed, similarly with the two pubs which have been burned down recently. Of course they could be unrelated but if this kind of thing carries on happening I'll be looking out for a pattern. Demoralise the natives by a slow drip removal of their heritage and replacement by soulless modern international architecture. We'll see. 


    Like I already said, I'm not completely ignorant but I never heard of this tree until the other day. But as we've seen before, how often is there a 'manufactured outrage' generated by the media where people get whipped up into a frenzy just because 'the media told me to be outraged'.



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  9. It has a new logo, and it has been 'rebranded' as 'X'.


    "Retweets" are now simply referred to as 'reposts'.


    Media news articles when 'reporting' on posts now mention "on 'X' - formerly known as Twitter".


    But the website domain name is still 'twitter.com'.




    There is an x.com domain name, but this simply redirects to twitter.com


    If Musk was serious about this, shouldn't the redirect go the other way?


    It's actually pretty easy to set up a domain redirect, so the millions of Twitter links already indexed by search engines such as Google don't just become 'dead' overnight.



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  10. 8 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    My money's on a proposed development opportunity, Grumps....see this has also happened to another "vandal-hit" pub in the same town. The Happy Wanderer.




    Not quite the same but in a very similar vein yes.


    The Greyhound and Punchbowl is a Grade II listed building, which as we all know are difficult to get planning permissions for. And the 'listed' status also increases the property's value.

    I'd hazard a guess that someone 'has their eye on' this site for future development purposes, but would rather avoid the expense of paying the market value for the property, as well as having to work with planning permission regulations.


    In your case above with the Happy Wanderer, what has been allowed to happen is that the pub gets run out of business, then the building sits empty for some time, then a point is reached where locals are demanding it gets bulldozed because it has become an 'eyesore'.

    Developers get their way in the end, without any opposition.


    Another similar case is the Merrivale pub in Langley Green:


    Fire rips through derelict Oldbury pub The Merrivale


    A FIRE ripped through a derelict pub in Oldbury last night.

    The blaze at the Merrivale Pub in Vicarage Road started at around 2.50am.

    Four fire engines attended the scene and firefighters used a hydraulic platform to fight the flames.

    A spokesman for West Midlands Fire Service said an investigation is underway into the cause of the fire.

    Plans to convert the derelict pub into a Hindu temple had been lodged with Sandwell Council, but were withdrawn in February.

    The pub, which has sat empty for around five years, was described as an 'eyesore' in planning papers.

    A report, which was submitted to the council last December, said: “The building was formerly utilised as a public house but has been left vacant and derelict for the past four to five years and is becoming as increasing eye sore for local residents and location for vandalism and other non-socially acceptable behaviour."

    from: https://www.halesowennews.co.uk/news/17623243.fire-rips-derelict-oldbury-pub-merrivale/


    That was in May 2019. To this day (I went by there a few weeks ago) the derelict ruins are still there, though the site is heavily fenced off.

    Even I thought to myself "what an eyesore, just knock the god damn thing down and do something with the site".


    This is the thing, in 2018-2019 locals would have been outraged if the pub was proposed to be knocked down, but give it a few years they are begging for it to happen.


    Some people like to play the 'long game', while others are far too quick to show their real motive, as we saw with the Crooked House case.



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  11. The arson attack and subsequent demolition of the historic Crooked House pub in Himley near Dudley made national news headlines a few weeks back.



    Now yesterday morning, a historic pub in Bilston, Wolverhampton, 'caught fire' early Saturday morning, which West Midlands Fire Service believe was an arson attack.


    Fire at Bilston pub being treated as arson as work continues to make historic building safe



    Firefighters were called to the Greyhound and Punchbowl in Bilston High Street at around 3.40am after smoke was seen pouring from the Grade Two listed pub.

    The building dates back to the 15th century when it started life as a manor house.

    West Midlands Fire Service sent crews from Bilston, Willenhall, Tipton and Wolverhampton to tackle the blaze. Police officers were also at the scene to investigate.

    Inside the bar and seating area have been left severely damaged, with walls, pillars, tables and the bar all charred, with cables and debris hanging down from the ceiling.

    A spokesperson for West Midlands Fire Service confirmed the incident was being treated as arson and crews would remain on scene to investigate and to make the building safe

    West Midlands Police officers have also attended, with the area immediately outside the pub cordoned off.

    A spokesman for the police confirmed they were treating the incident as arson, saying: "We are investigating after a suspected arson attack at a pub in Bilston.

    from: https://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-hubs/wolverhampton/bilston/2023/09/30/historic-bilston-pub-damaged-after-fire-breaks-out-overnight/


    Now while the Crooked House story had a very 'crooked' feel about it, it is not mentioned in this story whether this pub was up for sale or not, so at present there doesn't appear to be any clear motive behind this.

    A further story in the E&S reveals that a lot of money was spent recently on a full interior refurbishment, so there is the slight possibility of some kind of insurance job, though what anyone would gain from deliberately setting the place on fire is unknown to me.

    The other possibility is that if this property isn't up for sale "on the market", but someone does have their eye on it for 'development' purposes, a 'convenient arson attack' could enable someone to snap it up on the cheap.


    There's a lot of this going about, many of these stories rarely make it beyond the local news, so please do share any other 'mysterious pub fires' from your own local media here.

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  12. At the end of the day, its just a tree that has been cut down.


    To be honest, I've never heard of this tree, let alone seen it in any pictures.


    But suddenly the story was all over the news media, and people on social media were making posts about being 'outraged'.


    I've not seen any explanation yet as to 'why' someone decided to cut down this tree, though people have been arrested.


    It all smacks to me of the latest 'media distraction', and to be honest I think there are far more serious issues going on that people should rightly be outraged by.

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  13. On 9/28/2023 at 10:42 PM, Campion said:



    The reason they gave is "he could be a potential threat to public order" yet I've never heard of any disorder in the 30+ years he's been doing this work. They don't even claim that he is a threat, just could be.  Is this how dissidents will be treated from now? It's another mask-off moment.


    Meanwhile you have hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants causing all sorts of ACTUAL public order disturbances, and the EU is fine with that.

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  14. This reminds me of Daily Express headlines from around 10 years ago.


    Forecasters warn Beast from the East could return bringing months of snow to UK


    A new Beast from the East could hit the UK this year. It comes after the famous storm brought snow and freezing temperatures to our shores back in 2018.

    And now forecasters have warned that snow could hit in November and carry on until the beginning of 2024. Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden said there is a "medium-high risk for an early SSW (sudden stratospheric warming) from in and around mid-November onwards this year."

    He but added it could take "a number of weeks" before its impact can be seen in Britain. He added there is "an even greater risk for further SSWs to occur throughout January and February 2024 that are likely to be highly influential on our overall weather patterns in terms of snow and cold."

     Despite its name, a sudden stratospheric warming actually causes temperatures to drop significantly. The Met Office explains the SSW refers to what happens in the stratosphere - a rapid warming of up to 50C in a couple of days, between 10km and 50km above the Earth's surface, the Mirror reports.

    We do not feel the warming ourselves but usually, a few weeks later, we can start to see knock-on effects on the jet stream, which in turn affects our weather lower down. A spokesperso for the Met Office added: "Every year in winter, strong westerly winds circle around the pole high up in the stratosphere.

    "This is called the stratospheric polar vortex and it circulates around cold air high over the Arctic. In some years, the winds in the polar vortex temporarily weaken, or even reverse to flow from east to west.

    "The cold air then descends very rapidly in the polar vortex and this causes the temperature in the stratosphere to rise very rapidly, as much as 50­°C over only a few days; hence the term sudden stratospheric warming. As the cold air from high up in the stratosphere disperses, it can affect the shape of the jet stream as the cold air sinks from the stratosphere into the troposphere. It is this change in the jet stream that causes our weather to change."

    The change in the jet stream can cause it to "snake" more, creating an area of what is called "blocking high pressure" over the North Atlantic and Scandinavia. This prevents other weather systems moving past it. In turn, it means the UK experiences extended periods of low temperatures - and in some cases the drop leads to massive downpours of snow.



    The key word here of course being "could".


    Equally possible is we may have another 'milder' winter, depending on how the jet stream is flowing by then.


    Anyway it seems to me like these Exacta Weather clowns' predictions rarely materialise.

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  15. 23 hours ago, Campion said:

    Taking back control of our borders was one of the main slogans of the Brexit campaign, and many of us voted leave partly for that reason. Yet here we are 7 years later and despite being the 6th largest economy in the world, having an effective military and a govt with a decent majority, our borders are still apparently out of control. Or are they? Maybe they've always been "controlled" exactly how the ptb intended. 


    It's interesting how all the votes which UKIP picked up in the run up to the referendum have melted away back to the mainstream parties and mass immigration has only increased. The system was apparently thrown up into the air for a while to give us a bit of drama, but like a cat has landed back on its feet again. 


    As for restricting DI's travel to Europe I didn't know he was banned, but he's not alone and this is just the beginning when we consider the 15 minute cities, social credit scores, roll out of electric cars, increased surveillance and general cancel culture. 


    The "Brexit" that has been 'delivered' is NOT the Brexit that most ordinary people like myself voted for.


    And it is certainly not the Brexit that UKIP campaigned for for years. Charlatans like Nigel Farage have done quite nicely for themselves, and for their rich investor buddies.


    EU immigration was always a smokescreen - apart maybe from Romanians who mostly came here to commit crimes, most EU migrants came here to genuinely work and made a valuable contribution to our economy.


    What has always been out of control is migration from non-EU countries. And now this is being exposed for the sham that it is. We have no border control, it is pretty much a free-for-all. Very few illegal immigrants ever get deported. Once you arrive here, your stay is pretty much guaranteed.


    Lets face it, our Government is paying millions of pounds to the French government to supposedly 'stop' the illegal boat crossings in the Channel, while simultaneously facilitating the arrival of these illegals onto our shores, and then putting them up in hotels.


    Brexit has only been a failure because our Government never wanted it to be a success.

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  16. NHS = "National Health Service"


    If the NHS got 'back to basics' and focused on what it was intended to do (ie help make ill people better) it wouldn't need an ever-increasing amount of money every year




    This is what Common Purpose have done though - turned the NHS into an agenda-pushing messaging service, far beyond what it's actual remit is.


    And as a result, they are bleeding taxpayers dry, as 'management consultants' whore themselves around in order to win these contracts to deliver the messages of diversity, pronouns and gender.



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  17. 59 minutes ago, Ikke said:

    Just a question…. Could it perhaps be that England left the EU so that Icke could be banned from entering the EU later on?


    I know it’s a huge thought, but still… From the view of the cult, and knowing nothing is organic these days, I have never understood the Brexit.



    Brexit was far more than being about banning David Icke from entering the EU.



  18. Well, they would say that...


    Wales' 20mph speed limit is working and journey times are just 45 seconds longer, analysis shows


    A week after the 20mph speed limit was introduced, a study has revealed that most drivers in Wales have slowed down and journey times are between 45 and 63 seconds longer on average. The study by transport and public health data analysts Agilysis showed on average vehicles driving on Wales’ new 20mph routes reduced their speed by 2.9mph.

    The report studied 261 miles of road across Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Wrexham, Rhyl, Merthyr Tydfil, Lampeter, Bangor, Haverfordwest and Newtown using GPS data, with a sample of more than 25 million vehicles. It showed that on the new 20mph routes in these areas, motorists were driving 2.9mph slower after the policy’s rollout on Sunday, September 17 compared to before.

    Motorists in the ten locations between September 18 and September 22 drove at an average speed of 19.8mph, with the fastest average speed seen in Merthyr Tydfil at 20.9mph and the slowest in Newtown at 18.6mph. In the week before the rollout of the new law, between September 11 and September 15, the average speed by motorists in the ten locations was 22.7mph. It comes a day after hundreds of people marched in Cardiff city centre against the new law, and more than 400,000 have signed a petition calling for a U-turn.

    from: https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/wales-20mph-speed-limit-working-27779212


    I wonder who paid for this 'study', the Welsh Government? 😁


    You can manipulate any data to give you the results that are desired.


    If the average speed in the week before was far lower than 30mph, there is another story that is not being told.

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  19. 9 hours ago, 2020member said:

    Ahh Borth and Ynyslas. I have spent many happy years down there. I even spent the first month of lockdown there when we weren’t meant to travel!! And all the locals went batshit crazy 😂


    I know a couple of really awake people in that area. I don't know if there is a way to private message on this forum. But feel free to drop me a message if you want putting in touch with the local awake contingent. 


    That's reassuring to know, however I'm only here for a week and just looking for some quality relaxation time, not making new friends.


    Plenty of pro-Ukraine and Xtinction Rebellion signs/notices about though!


  20. I went for a walk today while on holiday in Wales and while venturing outside the village where I'm currently staying, I saw for myself the absurdity of this new 20mph zone scheme for built-up/residential areas.


    Can you see what's wrong in these photos?



    (View heading out of the village)



    (View heading into the village)


    I'd love to know how much the Welsh government spent on having NEW signs installed, rather than just replacing the existing ones. (nice easy work if you can get it)


    I didn't measure the distance between these but can't be more than 15-25 metres between the 'old' boundary of 30mph and national speed limit, and the 'new' boundary of 20mph and 30mph.


    What's the point? Why not just replace the existing 30 sign on approaching the village with a 20?


    This appears to me to be another exercise where a government/local authority issues a 'tender' for work, which is then awarded to some company/companies who then carry out the (unnecessary) work at the lowest possible cost in order to profit from public money.


    Snouts in the trough and all that.

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  21. This is surely all part of the plan?


    Wales exodus caused by lack of housing and careers - inquiry


    A lack of housing and career options are among the main reasons for an exodus of young people from rural Wales, a Commons inquiry has found.

    Seven of Wales' 22 local authority areas saw falls in population in 2021 compared with 2011, census data showed.

    A café owner said he set up in Manchester because of a lack of industry at home and a doctor said finding local jobs was difficult.

    The Welsh government said it was doing all it could to support young people.

    A Welsh Affairs Committee inquiry into the issue found a lack of housing, work opportunities and unreliable public transport were pushing people out of rural areas.

    from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-66881978


    Population change by local authority



    Rural depopulation is most prominent in some of the Welsh speaking heartlands in Ceredigion, Gwynedd, Conwy and Anglesey.

    The Welsh government said it was doing everything it could to "help young people plan for their futures in Wales".

    "We are tackling the issue of second homes, which can affect communities and their sustainability," a spokesperson said, adding how it aims to deliver 20,000 additional homes for rent in the social sector by the end of the current Welsh parliament.

    What is not mentioned is where these 'additional homes for rent in the social sector' are. Cardiff and Swansea perhaps?


    It is sad that young people in Wales think they have no future there, and have to move to the 'big city' in England.


    The Welsh government would prefer that they moved to a 'big city' in Wales instead.


    While the issue of second homes is a concern in some parts of Wales, this 'depopulation' should not be seen as an 'excuse' to encourage more wider migration into those parts of Wales, like where I am staying currently.


    But I'm pretty sure that's all part of the agenda.


    To be honest, I feel more at home here in this rural coastal village with its "lack of diversity" than I do back in my home 'wonderfully diverse' city of Birmingham.

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  22. 3 hours ago, Sit down, Waldo said:

    Microsoft news tab had a red thermometer next to the weather map this week, telling me it was approaching a record temperature in my area...it was 19°C.


    Maybe near a record temperature for this time of year, but it is interesting how they 'spin' high temps now.



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  23. 19 hours ago, Observations said:

    On the news a community group in Birmingham where retired men get together to for DIY projects and so on; now they hope it will be funded by a corporation. 


    As usual I'm thinking of "I owe my soul to the company store?" 


    There are a number of good well-meaning community projects out there.


    Unfortunately it seems it has become far too easy to set up some kind of 'project' and then receive funding from the council.


    The above community group, is that not something they could fund themselves? I don't really see what benefit to the wider community or the city that brings?


    When councils complain about being 'underfunded' and demand more money so such projects can receive taxpayers money, that's when you realise its all a great gravy-train that individuals can leech off.

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