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  1. Of course this all spreads far beyond Israel and Palestine. Israel attack: London police patrols increase amid celebration claims from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-67040611 It's a classic 'divide and conquer' tactic, where people living far away from this conflict are encouraged to 'stand with Israel' or 'show solidarity with Palestine'. Well I for one am not playing this game any more. This has been happening for some time in Birmingham and I don't recall the police ever doing anything about this here. Any animosity is not directed towards 'British Jews', the hatred is being stirred-up against 'non-Muslims'.
  2. It's not 'minor news' though. Already being discussed in the 'Israel' topic:
  3. Are people really this beholden to technology? Tourists using sat-nav jam car in narrow Tenby footpath from https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-67032246 I would like to think that a sat-nav would have been unlikely to direct motorists that way. Even so, surely anyone could have seen there was no way they would get their car through there?
  4. That should tell you all anyone needs to know. Ms Patel was famously sacked from her ministerial position after being found out having 'secret meetings' with Israeli government officials while claiming to be 'on holiday' there. You're right, they're all part of 'the club'. Farage used UKIP to corral disaffected Tory voters, and he did the same with the Brexit Party / Reform. As I mentioned earlier, Farage actually had the nerve to urge UKIP voters to 'back Boris' in order to 'get Brexit done'. Here's a prediction: when Labour win the next general election and the Conservatives are back in opposition, the Reform party will be dissolved, and both Tice and Farage will return to the Tories.
  5. 'Birmingham must get itself out of its own mess' from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-67029773 Well, I didn't vote for these Labour clowns, and I think its a bit rich for Birmingham residents to face increased council tax bills because this Labour council had no fiscal awareness. But for these commissioners I guess it's "nice work" and at least they're being handsomely rewarded. So, not even a full-time job, and being paid THAT much a day? It's not been made clear who is paying this salary, whether it is the government or the council. But still, this works out to a cost of £6.675m over five years. Expect more councils and local authorities to end up going down this route in the next couple of years.
  6. Ickonic is not David Icke's platform, it is a venture that was set up by his sons Gareth and Jaymie, and which happens to host a lot of David's videos.
  7. World breaches key 1.5C warming mark for record number of days from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-66857354
  8. There may not be a safe level of smoking, but there's still a huge amount of tax revenue from tobacco duty. If smoking is banned, that lost revenue will have to be recouped elsewhere...
  9. It's just political wrangling / horse-trading. It was a Conservative government that instigated all this, now they know they are doomed at the next election, they're desperately trying to roll this back, knowing that once Labour are in power and go ahead full steam, the Tories in opposition then have something to 'snipe' about. Just more empty promises.
  10. Yes, despite the cloud cover it was quite pleasant today. But it gets better! Met Office share exact date October 'mini-heatwave' will hit as temperatures soar to 23C from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/met-office-share-exact-date-27820532 Apparently "hotter than Barcelona" if of course Barcelona finds itself the 'wrong side' of the jet stream, which means it has cooler temperatures than can be expected for the time of year.
  11. Notice re vernoncoleman.org Difficulties outside our control mean that www.vernoncoleman.org is no longer functioning as a separate website and has been temporarily (hopefully) redirected to www.vernoncoleman.com Everything normally found on www.vernoncoleman.org can be found on www.vernoncoleman.com except for videos. Most of Vernon Coleman’s video can be found on www.onevsp.com which is the new, all dancing, all singing version of BrandNewTube, and on bitchute.com and other platforms. None of his videos can be found on YouTube which is controlled by the bad guys, doesn’t approve of facts, truths and proper debate and is only really useful for those seeking videos made by dancing hamsters, glove puppets and people diving into vats of blancmange. Unfortunately the domain redirect doesn't appear to work. Hopefully the 'new' site can be brought back to life as it is much easier to read and navigate than the 'old' one. https://www.vernoncoleman.com/
  12. Like I already said, I'm not completely ignorant but I never heard of this tree until the other day. But as we've seen before, how often is there a 'manufactured outrage' generated by the media where people get whipped up into a frenzy just because 'the media told me to be outraged'.
  13. It has a new logo, and it has been 'rebranded' as 'X'. "Retweets" are now simply referred to as 'reposts'. Media news articles when 'reporting' on posts now mention "on 'X' - formerly known as Twitter". But the website domain name is still 'twitter.com'. There is an x.com domain name, but this simply redirects to twitter.com If Musk was serious about this, shouldn't the redirect go the other way? It's actually pretty easy to set up a domain redirect, so the millions of Twitter links already indexed by search engines such as Google don't just become 'dead' overnight.
  14. Not quite the same but in a very similar vein yes. The Greyhound and Punchbowl is a Grade II listed building, which as we all know are difficult to get planning permissions for. And the 'listed' status also increases the property's value. I'd hazard a guess that someone 'has their eye on' this site for future development purposes, but would rather avoid the expense of paying the market value for the property, as well as having to work with planning permission regulations. In your case above with the Happy Wanderer, what has been allowed to happen is that the pub gets run out of business, then the building sits empty for some time, then a point is reached where locals are demanding it gets bulldozed because it has become an 'eyesore'. Developers get their way in the end, without any opposition. Another similar case is the Merrivale pub in Langley Green: Fire rips through derelict Oldbury pub The Merrivale from: https://www.halesowennews.co.uk/news/17623243.fire-rips-derelict-oldbury-pub-merrivale/ That was in May 2019. To this day (I went by there a few weeks ago) the derelict ruins are still there, though the site is heavily fenced off. Even I thought to myself "what an eyesore, just knock the god damn thing down and do something with the site". This is the thing, in 2018-2019 locals would have been outraged if the pub was proposed to be knocked down, but give it a few years they are begging for it to happen. Some people like to play the 'long game', while others are far too quick to show their real motive, as we saw with the Crooked House case.
  15. The arson attack and subsequent demolition of the historic Crooked House pub in Himley near Dudley made national news headlines a few weeks back. https://thegrumpyowl.co.uk/2023/08/06/a-very-crooked-development/ Now yesterday morning, a historic pub in Bilston, Wolverhampton, 'caught fire' early Saturday morning, which West Midlands Fire Service believe was an arson attack. Fire at Bilston pub being treated as arson as work continues to make historic building safe from: https://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-hubs/wolverhampton/bilston/2023/09/30/historic-bilston-pub-damaged-after-fire-breaks-out-overnight/ Now while the Crooked House story had a very 'crooked' feel about it, it is not mentioned in this story whether this pub was up for sale or not, so at present there doesn't appear to be any clear motive behind this. A further story in the E&S reveals that a lot of money was spent recently on a full interior refurbishment, so there is the slight possibility of some kind of insurance job, though what anyone would gain from deliberately setting the place on fire is unknown to me. The other possibility is that if this property isn't up for sale "on the market", but someone does have their eye on it for 'development' purposes, a 'convenient arson attack' could enable someone to snap it up on the cheap. There's a lot of this going about, many of these stories rarely make it beyond the local news, so please do share any other 'mysterious pub fires' from your own local media here.
  16. At the end of the day, its just a tree that has been cut down. To be honest, I've never heard of this tree, let alone seen it in any pictures. But suddenly the story was all over the news media, and people on social media were making posts about being 'outraged'. I've not seen any explanation yet as to 'why' someone decided to cut down this tree, though people have been arrested. It all smacks to me of the latest 'media distraction', and to be honest I think there are far more serious issues going on that people should rightly be outraged by.
  17. Meanwhile you have hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants causing all sorts of ACTUAL public order disturbances, and the EU is fine with that.
  18. This reminds me of Daily Express headlines from around 10 years ago. Forecasters warn Beast from the East could return bringing months of snow to UK https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/forecasters-warn-beast-east-could-27817234 The key word here of course being "could". Equally possible is we may have another 'milder' winter, depending on how the jet stream is flowing by then. Anyway it seems to me like these Exacta Weather clowns' predictions rarely materialise.
  19. The "Brexit" that has been 'delivered' is NOT the Brexit that most ordinary people like myself voted for. And it is certainly not the Brexit that UKIP campaigned for for years. Charlatans like Nigel Farage have done quite nicely for themselves, and for their rich investor buddies. EU immigration was always a smokescreen - apart maybe from Romanians who mostly came here to commit crimes, most EU migrants came here to genuinely work and made a valuable contribution to our economy. What has always been out of control is migration from non-EU countries. And now this is being exposed for the sham that it is. We have no border control, it is pretty much a free-for-all. Very few illegal immigrants ever get deported. Once you arrive here, your stay is pretty much guaranteed. Lets face it, our Government is paying millions of pounds to the French government to supposedly 'stop' the illegal boat crossings in the Channel, while simultaneously facilitating the arrival of these illegals onto our shores, and then putting them up in hotels. Brexit has only been a failure because our Government never wanted it to be a success.
  20. NHS = "National Health Service" If the NHS got 'back to basics' and focused on what it was intended to do (ie help make ill people better) it wouldn't need an ever-increasing amount of money every year This is what Common Purpose have done though - turned the NHS into an agenda-pushing messaging service, far beyond what it's actual remit is. And as a result, they are bleeding taxpayers dry, as 'management consultants' whore themselves around in order to win these contracts to deliver the messages of diversity, pronouns and gender.
  21. The Rothschild has the same pose as in the oft-posted picture of him with Boris Johnson. Does he always pose like this, or is there some photoshopping at play?
  22. Brexit was far more than being about banning David Icke from entering the EU.
  23. Well, they would say that... Wales' 20mph speed limit is working and journey times are just 45 seconds longer, analysis shows from: https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/wales-20mph-speed-limit-working-27779212 I wonder who paid for this 'study', the Welsh Government? You can manipulate any data to give you the results that are desired. If the average speed in the week before was far lower than 30mph, there is another story that is not being told.
  24. That's reassuring to know, however I'm only here for a week and just looking for some quality relaxation time, not making new friends. Plenty of pro-Ukraine and Xtinction Rebellion signs/notices about though!
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