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  1. I agree that having signatures would be a nice touch, but there would have to be limitations. I remember being on a forum once where one member had so much stuff in their signature, it was usually bigger than their post.
  2. I think you've hit a nail on the head there. That will be the 'spin' that will be brought into play. "Haven't our businesses suffered enough uncertainty through the Covid-19 pandemic already?' "We need to keep businesses safe" ... "We need to protect the economy" ... The same words and mantras will continue, while they are embedded in the public consciousness. SAFE PROTECT "The risks of ending the lockdown too soon" will become "The risks of leaving the EU"
  3. Riots are not a consequence of lockdown. However they are a consequence of years of social conditioning, exacerbated lately with the rise of 'identity politics', and coupled with the 'blame culture' where everybody is a victim, especially if you're from a 'minority background'. Many people seem to have forgotten about Rodney King, and the subsequent LA riots in 1992: https://www.npr.org/2017/04/26/524744989/when-la-erupted-in-anger-a-look-back-at-the-rodney-king-riots?t=1591032307712 Prior to that of course in the UK in 1981 we had the 'Brixton Riots' in London: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1981_Brixton_riot More recently in the UK, there were the 2011 riots, sparked by the killing of Mark Duggan by police in Tottenham, which then saw 'copycat' riots and lootings in other UK cities and towns: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_England_riots People have a right to be angry, and to protest. But acting like savages, setting fire to buildings and looting shops and homes ISN'T the answer.
  4. @GarethIckeI know you must both be busy with other things, but it would be really great if you and Jaymie could get more involved with the forum. As a bonus, it would also be super if your dad could join in discussions here too ? Functionality-wise, I don't really have any suggestions to offer, but being able to embed Bitchute videos would be good.
  5. And those who have seriously been brainwashed by the relentless media and government propaganda.
  6. What concerns me about this are people (elsewhere) commenting on protests being held in London today but being more concerned about the lack of 'social-distancing'. ? But wait! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/world-52866246?ns_mchannel=social&ns_source=twitter&ns_campaign=bbc_live&ns_linkname=5ed3e31da6a6aa067fd21663%26US officials voice virus concerns amid protests%262020-05-31T17%3A21%3A56.388Z&ns_fee=0&pinned_post_locator=urn:asset:524636ad-48ce-4947-b522-72d791806ef4&pinned_post_asset_id=5ed3e31da6a6aa067fd21663&pinned_post_type=share US officials voice virus concerns amid protests As mass demonstrations continue across the US amid an outpouring of anger over the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, while in police custody, some US officials have warned of the continuing danger posed by the coronavirus outbreak. “If you were out protesting last night, you probably need to go get a Covid test this week,” Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said on Saturday evening. Her concerns were echoed by Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, who told NBC News that protesters should consider self-isolating and getting tested. "While I saw some people with masks last night, others didn't [wear them]. When I saw some people social distancing, other people were right on top of each other," she said. "So we don't want to compound this deadly virus and the impact it's had on our community." Maryland Governor Larry Hogan appeared on CNN and warned: "There's about a 14-day incubation period. So, two weeks from now across America, we're going to find out whether or not this gives us a spike and drives the numbers back up again or not." The US has the world's highest number of coronavirus deaths and cases. Cities outside the US still under coronavirus restrictions also saw anti-racism protests on Sunday, including London. "You naughty protesters, HOW DARE YOU spread the coronavirus! Get yourselves tested for COVID-19 NOW!"
  7. From my own experience of administering and moderating forums (and other similar systems) in the past and present, admins and mods do not have the capability to read or view members private messages (with the exception of those messages that get 'reported' to admins). I can't speak for this Invision Community software, as I've only used it as a 'regular member', but I doubt this system would operate any differently. The only way I can see that private messages could be read or deleted would be at the database level, which a hacker could do using some kind of malicious SQL script.
  8. I can only speak for my local area in south Birmingham, but there has been activity for the past few months locally, and I do believe it is due to BT rolling out their fibre broadband network, which isn't currently available in my area, hence why I'm forced to use Virgin for my broadband. As I registered my interest in fibre broadband with BT when I moved here in August 2018, I did receive an email update a few weeks ago to advise me that their engineers would be carrying out surveys and 'preliminary works' in order to prepare for fibre cable installation over the next few weeks along my street. This email came at the time when there was stuff going on with 5G masts being 'attacked' and staff being 'harassed', so notably it did advise that people could say 'hello' to their 'friendly engineers' and ask any questions they might have. I've also noticed a number of gas and other utility works being carried out around other local areas. If anything, this has been an ideal time to do so, while there's been less traffic on the roads. Certainly a few weeks ago now, there were temporary traffic lights in Sparkbrook where a big hole had been dug up in the Stratford Road, at any other time this would have caused enormous traffic chaos and delays, but not so this time. While it is important to keep vigilant and keep a watch on what's going on, it is also important to remember that not everything is a 'conspiracy'.
  9. Thanks for that, first I'd heard of this. But this isn't a formal request from the Government being replied to, it looks like a response to a 'begging' letter sent by a handful of hardcore ultra-Remainer MPs. So while not legally binding in any way, it certainly gives you an idea of what is going to be forced on the Government soon. And perhaps this is why there is so much 'pressure' being applied to Boris and the Tory government to 'deal with' Mr Cummings - maybe the 'plan' is to get him out of the picture, then a 'new' senior aide can be appointed who will be more, shall we say, 'favourable towards the EU' and will 'advise' Mr Johnson accordingly?
  10. See here: and... Perhaps those two topics should be 'stickied' to save all the questions about "where have my posts gone?"
  11. Thanks, that was exactly my aim. Correct, I'm not saying anyone should set up a 'rival' website, as I'm sure once things are back up and running then the David Icke Social will continue to be a valuable resource which members can make valuable contributions to. But understand that this forum will be watched and no doubt targeted again in future. I'm just saying that those members who compile and provide detailed research and other material should make sure that they keep their own backup copies elsewhere, "just in case". And going back to what I said earlier about 'Youtubers", I forget who it was exactly now, but I remember watching some video before where they were talking about a fellow 'content creator' who was whining at Youtube because they had deleted their channel and their 'hours of content' which had been uploaded over several years was all gone and lost. The phrase I use again is "don't put all your eggs in one basket", always keep your own offline copies of anything you upload to the internet, thats the only way to ever preserve them.
  12. Yes, for 'local lockdowns' read that as "curfew zones". And 'viral outbreaks' is a nice convenient excuse to force people into their homes, and arrest anyone who dares be out in the street. Once again, switch the word "protect" with "control" and things make much more sense.
  13. @rideforever of course 'divide and rule' really is a thing, and religion has been a useful tool through the ages to achieve the same thing. You could equally see the person on the right as a Christian, with the caption reading as "that Muslim wants your cookie". (Or substitute with any religious group that has been played off against each other over the years) So I'm sorry, but you lost me by claiming that "the Path is the only answer". The problem is that a great number of people don't realise that they are being played off against each other, fighting over that single cookie, while the same person who has ALL the cookies, is the person they should be fighting together against.
  14. What is equally interesting is that no 'world leader' (to the best of my knowledge) has 'succumbed' to or died from this 'deadly disease'. True that we've had people like Boris Johnson 'showing symptoms' and having hospital treatment, but I feel that's been more 'for show' than anything serious.
  15. You're missing the point slightly, in that what the image doesn't show is what the 'old white man' in the middle (who has more cookies than he could eat) then turns and says to the man on the left.
  16. It is good to listen to all sides of any argument. You've obviously taken the time to watch that video, as I did, and it appears that neither of us is convinced enough by what these 'soy boys' say to make us change our minds. ? There may be something correct in the psychology stuff they mention, but as soon as they went on about the 'climate change hoax', well... Thanks Deca, I get what you did here, it is sometimes good to 'peer over' the other side of the fence, and see what the 'other side' is up to.
  17. Its quite possible we are seeing the fruition of a corrupted education system. These people have gone through the indoctrination system of schools, colleges and university, programmed with 'progressive' ideology by the previous generation, and now they will set about doing the same to the 'next' one. But on the other hand it is refreshing to hear coments like this, and it is important to not 'tar' the whole millenial generation with the same brush. After all, not all of them will have completely succumbed to their 'progressive programming', but as with anything those who make the most noise attract the most attention. And with the 'OK boomer' meme, it is another example of 'divide and rule', where the younger generation have been 'trained' to blame the previous generation for all their woes. This is the problem with 'identity politics'; everything is always 'somebody else's fault', and you end up with a series of 'blame games' with people choosing to become 'victims' rather than taking responsibility for their own actions.
  18. I can't name any names right now, but I have at least seen some football players who have apparently 'shown symptoms' of Covid-19 / 'coronavirus'. I guess even football players catch 'colds' too. But certainly I don't recall seeing anything about any professional player having died 'from coronavirus'. Then again, these people are all fit healthy young men, so I don't find this surprising in the least.
  19. Just to add to my initial post, in regards to those content creators who prefer to use the medium of 'video'... Unless you only ever 'livestream', you will already have a 'hard-copy' saved and stored locally of any video you wish to upload. DON'T assume that 'friendly' Youtube will accept and host your content without question, make sure you keep 'offline' copies archived on your own PC or on some external storage device (be it USB stick or hard disk). Other video-sharing platforms are available, such as BitChute, Daily Motion, Brighteon and others. And I would recommend that you sign up for accounts and upload your videos there too. If you have your own web-hosting account and you have the luxury of a lot of storage space, you should upload your own videos there too. The big downside to video content is that it can take up a lot of disk storage space and uses a hell of a lot of bandwidth, if multiple users are viewing the same video at once. This is why third-party video streaming platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo etc are so attractive at first, because the temptation to host your videos there and then embed them on your own website (thus saving space and bandwidth) is almost irrestistible. So don't please ever assume that by uploading your videos to some third-party site such as Youtube they will somehow be 'preserved', always keep your own copies locally.
  20. That's the bit to watch out for though. because this is how they will try and politicise this. The 'Republicans' are all 'loons', and only the Democrats can be 'trusted'. The same thing is starting to happen in the UK, with the whole Cummings shenanigans. The media is all about shifting public's perceptions.
  21. I think people need to start looking beyond these politically-motivated headlines. There is more 'divide-and-rule' about to be played out, not just in the USA, but in the UK we are seeing this, and no doubt the same will happen across the world.
  22. Of course, yes in the 'early days' of the internet, one could easily set up their own 'webserver' at home, and host their own website on their own computer. It is still very much possible to do so, but not very straightforward for many people. But yes, if your internet service provider (ISP) allows you a 'static IP' address, you could point your domain name at your own computer, which would then be accessible to any other internet user, as long as your PC was connected to the internet. The internet is after all a giant network of computers and servers all connected together. You may have a website running on a local server in your home, or within a giant datacentre. It matters not. But unfortunately, popular websites with lots of traffic (ie visitors) work most efficiently when hosted on servers with good bandwidth capability, and most home ISPs don't offer good upload speeds. So yeah, I'd agree that if you want ultimate 'decentralised' control over your web content, then host it on your own home-based webserver where you are in full control.
  23. The outcome of this 'inquiry' is already known, its a formality. What they probably don't want are any 'survivors' who might buckle under the slightest pressure and blow the whole game apart.
  24. I can already see this happening. TORIES BAD That is the perception that appears to be coming out now. Just last year the media was touting Boris and the Tories as 'heroes', now they are the 'bad guys'. Why is this? The Tories are still (somehow) polling well, but the next stage of the plan I believe requires a Labour government - which couldn't be achieved with a 'hard-left' socialist like Jeremy Corbyn, so he has now been removed and replaced with the Blairite 'champagne socialist' Sir Keir Starmer (Blairite = Red Tory). Boris Johnson will now be portrayed by the MSM as the 'posh buffoon', while Sir Keir will somehow become the 'man of the people' and a 'man of integrity and principle'. ?
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