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  1. While I've read plenty of his articles he posts on his website, I've only actually ever read one of his books, "Mindpower".


    Although it's one of his earlier books from the 80s, I found it very interesting reading, and have recommended it to a couple of other people I know.




    I did also buy 'Bodypower' on Kindle at the same time, but haven't got around to reading it yet - I'm going away on holiday again next month so will make sure I take my Kindle with me this time, looking forward to what this one contains.





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  2. 11 hours ago, Nemo said:

    The high-street bank has told current account holders it is bringing in new conditions “giving us the right to set limits on inbound and outbound payments”.


    In a leaflet it said that could include imposing “daily and annual” cash withdrawal and deposit limits and “limiting the amount of cash” paid in or taken out.


    The move has raised fears that increasing curbs on the use of paper money across the system could have negative consequences for consumers.


    It comes amid a wider scandal over “de-banking” after Nigel Farage revealed that Coutts – which is owned by NatWest Group – had closed his account because it disagreed with his political views.


    I still don't trust Farage, and I'm pretty sure that whatever he is up to will lead to negative consequences for everyone. (Apart from his big hedge-fund investor buddies who will no doubt make a huge profit somehow)


    I will start getting nervous if he starts encouraging people to withdraw huge sums of money in cash from their accounts.


    We've seen this before, in places like Greece and Cyprus, where panicing people cause a 'run on the banks' and it never ends well.


    Some banks will collapse, and maybe that's the intention - kill off the smaller banks, leaving just the 'big boys' in control.


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  3. 21 hours ago, Mr Crabtree said:

    I just wonder if we'll ever hear from Stacey Brown again?


    I would hazard a guess that they were never really interested in coming back to find out what others made of this:




    "One-post wonder" in my book.



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  4. One of those stories that make you go "eh?" 🤔


    Bridgnorth mayor pushes for better street lighting after man suffers 'appalling' homophobic abuse


    Last weekend, Huw Rees of Bridgnorth was subjected to verbal attacks after leaving the town's Majestic cinema in Whitburn Street following a screening of Barbie.

    The 24-year-old said: "As has become part of the custom of seeing the film, I was dressed fully in pink.

    "Unfortunately, as I left the cinema and walked through town in the dark, I was verbally assaulted four separate times with homophobic slurs aimed at me by pub-goers, both men and women.

    "I also had a pint glass thrown in my direction which thankfully missed but smashed in front of me on the pavement."

    Mayor of Bridgnorth Rachel Connolly, who also represents the town at Shropshire Council for the Labour party, said: "I was appalled to hear of the abuse that Mr Rees was subject to.

    "Nobody should face such abuse and everyone has the right to feel safe when waking around Bridgnorth, and I am sorry that this has happened."


    She added that after Mr Rees pointed out the lack of street lighting in the town, which made some areas "terrifying" to walk down, she said she has raised the issue at Shropshire Council.

    from: https://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-hubs/shropshire/bridgnorth/2023/08/06/towns-mayor-appalled-following-homophobic-abuse/


    Gay man walks around dressed in pink after watching the 'Barbie' movie, and gets a few slurs thrown at him.


    But this wouldn't have happened if there was better street lighting? 😛

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  5. Definitely not suspicious?


    First of all, from just last week:

    'A great shame' as Crooked House pub set to be redeveloped for 'other use'



    Landmark Black Country pub The Crooked House has been sold for alternative use and is unlikely to open its doors to drinkers again.

    According to a post on the Stourbridge and Halesowen CAMRA page by the current landlord, the building in Himley, which has been there since 1765 has been sold by owners Marston's.

    The quirky building, which suffered mining subsidence but was made structurally safe in the 1940s, was once dubbed 'Britain's wonkiest pub' and in its heyday attracted drinkers from across the globe. It stands in an isolated location, close to Himley just off the B4176 and is reached down a long gravel track.

    It was famed for being the place where coins and marbles seemingly rolled uphill along the bar but the iconic former farmhouse was listed for sale earlier this year, with a guide price of £675,000, one of 61 pubs being sold off by the Marston's group.

    A Marston's spokesman said: "“We are pleased to confirm the sale of The Crooked House has now completed. At this stage we’re unable to disclose any details on the buyer or price.”

    from: https://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-hubs/dudley/2023/07/28/historic-himley-pub-set-to-be-re-developed/




    Then this morning:

    Fire engulfs The Crooked House pub - flames and smoke seen pouring out of iconic building


    A photo posted on Facebook showed the famous venue ablaze late on Saturday, with flames and smoke pouring out of the 18th century building.

    Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service said the call came in at 10pm. Six crews from both Staffordshire and West Midlands Fire Service were at the scene.

    Ash Smith witnessed the blaze and called the fire service. He told the Express & Star: "I went up to my yard to check on my horses and could see a lot of smoke coming from the area of The Crooked House so we drove closer to have a look and could see that it was on fire."

    He added that the lane up to the pub off Himley Road between Dudley and Himley had been blocked, leaving firefighters unable to get their vehicles up close to the blaze.

    The Crooked House has been a Grade II listed building since 1960.

    from: https://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-hubs/dudley/2023/08/06/fire-engulfs-the-crooked-house-pub---flames-and-smoke-seen-pouring-out-of-iconic-building/


    My emphasis in bold.


    I wonder if the new owner took out insurance? 🤔


    I understand it can be challenging to get planning permission for alterations/extensions to listed buildings.


    The next interesting question to be answered is who pays for the rest of the demolition...


    Also, I'll be curious to see what the new owners build there instead...

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  6. On 5/26/2023 at 3:40 AM, oz93666 said:

    My understanding is it spells out the planned adjenda. They will land in craft offering our world help and protection and advanced technology , they offer to transform our world into a paradise , no work and no wars ... but we have to let them over see this transition to make it go smoothly , let them govern the world , to establish a NEW WORLD ORDER ...


    I've watched 'V' numerous times, and that's not quite what the plot entailed.


    The 'Visitors' arrived in a fleet of motherships, and yes they did offer scientific knowledge - in particular medical knowledge - in return for our help.


    Initially all they wanted was a quantity of water, which was abundant on our planet, but had become scarce on theirs.


    Governments across the world agreed to help the Visitors, but it was only once some sceptical scientists started asking questions, and others started investigating, that the Visitors made their attempts to take over and 'control the narrative' in order to cover up what they were really up to.


    The original series is well worth a watch, as well as parallels with the rise of Nazism in Europe, there are equally other parallels with events since then, notably the Covid pandemic, in how the media and propaganda are used to have people turn against each other, and of course the age-old idea of 'brave resistance fighters' standing up to save everybody.

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  7. On 12/14/2022 at 5:48 PM, truther79 said:

    I signed up with OVO after seeing there was barely any difference between them all.


    At first they said they couldn't take out the meter and replace it with a standard one, but could switch it off.


    Then they said they could take it out but couldn't work out how much it would cost. Then they said they could switch it off but asked how I would work out my readings? Would I be left with just their estimates?


    What a dumb question to ask you! 😆


    These 'smart' meters still have a digital display on them, so you just read them the same as you would a 'dumb' meter.


    Energy suppliers pushing smart meters are making out that reading and submitting meter readings is a complex and inconvenient process, when it simply isn't.

  8. I can think of one thing not mentioned here:


    What has gone wrong at Wilko?


    Although the brand is beloved by Brits, Richard Lim, boss of the Retail Economics consultancy, said: "Sadly, sentiment doesn't ensure commercial success."

    Wilko stepped into the High Street gap left by the collapse of Woolworths in late 2008, but has struggled over the past decade partly due to growing competition from the likes of Poundland and B&M.

    Wilko's sales were larger than B&M's a decade ago, but now they are one-third of its competitor's. Its sales have also fallen below Poundland, Home Bargains, and The Range.

    Some analysts have pointed out that rivals seem to offer similar goods at lower prices.

    "The competition is a lot more fierce in non-food now, particularly in the discounted bit of the market, compared to five years ago," said Mr Lim.

    from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-66394238


    I used to enjoy shopping at Wilko, but one thing that puts me off now is that in the two bigger stores near me, they've closed off the checkouts and replaced them with those damn 'self-service' set ups, which can be awkward to use, especially if you have more than a handful of items.


    B&M still have staffed checkouts, there's a hint as to why they are doing better than Wilko now...

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  9. On 8/3/2023 at 5:45 PM, Macnamara said:

    electric cars are really just the stepping stone to DRIVERLESS CARS


    This is because when you drive the car you get to decide where the car goes but when a computer drives the car the people who control the computer get to decide where the car can go


    Their aim is that you won't own cars. You will have to order a car and can only use one if your social credit score is high enough


    The car will then arrive and you will ask it to take you to your desired destination. But perhaps you can't go to that beauty spot you have loved visiting so much because now that is within a 'rewilding zone' and only members of the world economic forum are allowed access to it


    My memory is a bit hazy now, but was this foretold in Huxley's "Brave New World"? Or was it some other similar book that I read a while back?



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  10. On 8/2/2023 at 8:47 PM, Anti Facts Sir said:

    Killing off small businesses and independent traders. And hobbyists.


    It's been going on for years, started by Amazon closing the accounts of small sellers (basically people trying to make a bit of money from their collectables), and now it's going up a notch or two. Endgame: corporations only.


    Amazon is not a place for small 'hobby' sellers any more. Yes, they may have their 'Amazon Handmade' section, aimed at the crafters who make and sell on Etsy, but you still have to pay a monthly fee as well as commission on sales, plus you are beholden to all of Amazon's 'policies' and rules.


    Amazon is moving towards having 'big brands' selling their products direct to consumers, or via 'approved distributors', gone are the days when you could pick up a job lot of Tefal toasters or kettles and sell them on Amazon - if you're not a recognised Tefal distributor (ie you buy direct from Tefal themselves), then you'll find yourself in all sorts of trouble.


    eBay is also making moves towards the same goal, encouraging brands and manufacturers to sell their products direct to consumers.


    Its all about bypassing the traditional retail and distribution channels.


    For example, Brand makes a Product. Brand sells this Product to distributors for £50, for which they enjoy a decent profit margin (otherwise it wouldn't be worthwhile!).


    Distributors then sell Product to wholesalers for £60, who then sell to retailers/stores for £70. Retailers then sell this Product to consumers for £95. With the RRP (recommended retail price) set at £110, shoppers think they are getting a bargain.


    Everyone down the chain makes money. Now imagine the possibilities if Brand were able to sell this Product direct to shoppers for £95!


    Of course, by bypassing the traditional distribition/retail model, Brand could actually sell this product direct to consumers at a lower price in theory, say £85. With the current 'cost of living crisis' this could be spun as being 'good' for consumers.


    That is another way that retail stores will be forced out of business. Why buy a Braun razor from Wilko or Argos for £75, when you can buy it direct from Braun for £65?

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  11. Etsy U-turn in row over withholding sellers' money


    Online marketplace Etsy has said it will change its policy after sellers complained of money being held.

    The U-turn comes after the BBC reported that some sellers had 75% of their money frozen for 45 days.

    Etsy said it was "substantially decreasing" the amount of money it would put on hold but did not state the new rate or time frame.

    Sellers like Dan, who said Etsy had £7,000 of his takings on hold, said the announcement "lacked detail".

    Small business commissioner Liz Barclay told the BBC that sellers were "very disappointed" that the statement from Etsy was unclear.

    "I have asked Etsy to explain what we tell sellers about the level of the reduction in reserves they might expect and when this will happen," she said.

    On Monday, the BBC reported that hundreds of Etsy sellers had received an email from the website notifying them it was actioning its "reserve system".

    Etsy told the BBC payment reserves were used to "keep the marketplace safe" and cover any potential refunds.

    Dan, who sold made-to-order wood furniture told the BBC: "Etsy are holding around £7,000 of my money, leaving us to use credit cards and family loans to try and keep our business running and keep food on the table."

    Ceramics seller Rachel Collyer said Etsy was holding £899 of her money, which meant she cannot afford to buy materials to keep producing.

    from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-66387147


    Parasites. Leeches.


    It's worth pointing out that online marketplaces such as Etsy and eBay don't actually 'produce' any items offered for sale themselves. They just provide the 'platform', through which buyers then find and buy items offered for sale from various sellers.


    (Amazon is slightly different, as it does retail products itself, as well as sells its own brand products, but does also allow third-party sellers to trade as well)


    On a slightly different note, but still related, the likes of AirBNB are almost the same, they don't own or maintain any properties themselves, they just provide a platform for hosts to take bookings.


    The marketplaces charge sellers monthly subscription fees, as well as taking a percentage of any sale as 'commission'.


    eBay ditched Paypal as its preferred payment processor a few years ago now, and manages payments and refunds itself. Buyers no longer pay the seller directly - you give your money to eBay/Etsy/Onbuy etc, and then they pay what is owed to the seller, less commission/fees etc.


    Somebody must have worked out that if you have millions of buyers making millions of purchases every day, even if you only 'bank' that money for a couple of days, it must be collecting some interest somewhere.


    No wonder hedge-funds are such big 'investors' in these platforms.



    Etsy Inc. is a US-based company which trades its shares on the NASDAQ stock exchange in New York, where it listed its stock in 2015. Etsy's shares currently trading at $99 each - a far cry from an all time high of $294 during the Covid pandemic in 2021.

    Its biggest shareholders are major financial institutions such as Vanguard Group, BlackRock and JP Morgan.


    I can understand these platforms 'holding' onto monies for a few days before releasing the funds to its sellers, but to freeze payouts for up to 45 days is a bit ridiculous.



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  12. They really can't help themselves can they?


    Met Office gives verdict on reports UK is 'approaching heatwave territory'


    The UK has been predicted to be on the cusp of a heatwave this month - but the Met Office is unconvinced. Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden said projections suggest "a return of high pressure and some potentially very hot temperatures by mid-August... possibly a little earlier".

    "This should throw us back into heatwave territory on a number of occasions during the second half of the month," he explained. "This should also pave the way for our well-touted warm to hot September as a number of potential African plumes bake our shores in well above-average temperatures for the time of the year."

    Conditions appear to be "shaping up nicely" for a "very hot peak of weather" during the second half of August. "It is likely that temperatures could reach into the mid-30Cs or above and over a number of several day periods," he said. But the Met Office has shared its own update - and appears to be rubbishing the claims.

    from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/met-office-gives-verdict-reports-27435248


    Basically the jet stream is making this summer relatively cool/mild, but there's a possibility we might get a bit of 'decent' summer weather later in August.


    It's almost like they're desperate for it to get a 'bit hot' so they can start rolling out the 'heatwave' narrative again.

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  13. On 7/31/2023 at 8:12 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

    Also interestingly I note he has been promoting a new website 'accountclosed.org'. I tried to have a look at it yesterday but it didn't seem to be working.


    It's working now, however it is clearly some rushed-together Wix-powered effort, as there is very little content or details about this 'campaign group', ie what their aims are, who is involved etc. I suspect it is nothing more than another data-harvesting effort, they just want your email address so they can send you 'marketing communications', ie add you to a spam list and send you all sorts of 'get rich quick' schemes.




    What data? There's a few 'loaded' questions to say yes or no to, then enter your email address.


    There's something going on here, and I smell bullshit.

  14. 20 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    So we have Nigel Farage, recipient of the keys to The City Of London several years ago courtesy of his financial mates, now involved in a re-shaping of the Banking community.


    Not really about free speech anymore, hmmm.


    More like an inside job.


    I can't find it now, but I briefly saw something the other day that said that Farage's actions caused some of his 'investor friends' to make a profit by betting against NatWest shares/stocks, or something along those lines.


    Reminded me very much of what happened prior to the referendum result being announced - he went on TV to 'admit defeat' which sent the stock market buoyant briefly, then the actual result was announced... some of his hedge-fund investor buddies made a bit of a killing that morning apparently.


    Whatever this "man of the people" does, you can bet that he has hedge-fund investors ready to pounce and make huge sums of money on the back of it.


    He may have got an apology from the BBC, and from Coutts Bank, but I still think this is all a set-up somehow.


    Also interestingly I note he has been promoting a new website 'accountclosed.org'. I tried to have a look at it yesterday but it didn't seem to be working.


    It's working now, however it is clearly some rushed-together Wix-powered effort, as there is very little content or details about this 'campaign group', ie what their aims are, who is involved etc. I suspect it is nothing more than another data-harvesting effort, they just want your email address so they can send you 'marketing communications', ie add you to a spam list and send you all sorts of 'get rich quick' schemes.


    The domain's Whois details triggered my suspicion:



    The domain name was only registered on 26th July (last Wednesday), and while details of the registrant are redacted for privacy reasons, it does show they are based in Ontario, Canada.


    It all looks very suspect to me, and I don't believe this is a genuine organisation with good intentions, so I won't be handing them my email address.

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  15. I expect this is just more 'vote-winning' propaganda, after all it is the current Tory government that has allowed and supported these LTN schemes at local government level in the first place.


    Sunak orders review of low traffic neighbourhoods in pro-motorist message


    Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has ordered a review of low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) in England, saying that he is on the side of drivers.

    He told the Sunday Telegraph he was supporting people to "use their cars to do all the things that matter to them".

    His remarks form part of a sharpening debate on green policies following last week's by-elections.

    LTNs aim to reduce traffic, in part by preventing drivers using quieter residential roads as through-routes.

    Some research suggests they reduce localised pollution. But critics, including some Conservatives MPs, argue they harm the freedom of motorists and push traffic onto other roads, causing congestion.

    In his Sunday Telegraph interview, Mr Sunak also said he was not planning to change the deadline for the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesels cars despite calls from some Conservatives to do so.

    from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-66351785


    I don't drive myself, and don't own a car, and while I would very much like people to consider using public transport instead, I also do respect that some car owners do need to use their vehicles to get them where they want to. There is an LTN scheme near me in Kings Heath, Birmingham, and I have seen for myself how divisive an issue this has become.


    Ironically, by blocking off certain roads for motorists, it has resulted in more traffic moving onto main roads, used by local public bus services, which in turn is making them more unreliable due to late running caused by increased traffic congestion.


    These are just empty weasel words from a politician desperate for votes; I'm pretty sure that this 'review' won't release it's findings until after the next General Election has taken place, and the outcome will be that these LTNs are a "good thng".

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  16. On 7/19/2023 at 7:17 AM, Observations said:

    This is from wiki; After the vote to leave the EU, Farage resigned as leader of UKIP, triggering a leadership election, but remained as an MEP. In December 2018, Farage stood down from UKIP. He returned to frontline politics by launching the Brexit Party in 2019 (Which is now called Reform)


    More "established narrative" from Wiki then. Farage did not start or launch the Brexit Party. It was originally founded by ex-UKIP member Catherine Blaiklock, who was its first leader. After leaving UKIP himself, Farage was interested in becoming involved with the new party, but clearly this egotist wouldn't settle for playing some second-fiddle bit-part role.


    He got his wish when some tweets or posts made by Blaiklock were 'uncovered', which were deemed 'anti-Islam' or racist, or something considered 'offensive' and so she was forced to step down as party leader, and thus Farage 'bravely stepped up' to become leader.


    He did not set up or launch the Brexit Party, it was just another vehicle that he 'hijacked' for his own personal gain (as happened with UKIP). Notably after securing his seat as an MEP at the European Parliament, the Brexit Party did not go on to enjoy any further electoral success in the UK. After the UK left the EU, Farage then left the Brexit Party to further his broadcasting career, and handed the reins to Richard Tice, who oversaw the 'rebranding' of the party to 'Reform', who have since acheived little of note.

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  17. I think you should do what you need to do.


    I'm no expert on this subject but I think you have a couple of options:


    1) see if your tenant will agree to a rent increase - my landlord did this to me in April, increased my rent by £50 a month due to increased mortgage costs, which I was happy to accept as I love this flat and I could afford it. (It was the first rent increase in the four years I've lived here)


    2) sell the property - an estate agent would be able to advertise this as an 'investment' if the property is sold with a good long-term tenant 'in-situ'.


    Rather than worrying, losing sleep or getting stressed out, you need to work out what your options are and then take action.


    It's decent that you are concerned about your friend's situation, but if circumstances have changed for the worse, then you do need to prioritise your own situation first.

  18. Heatwave: How hot is too hot for the human body?


    Sometimes it can feel like the world is on fire.

    from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-66249805


    That opening line of this article was enough to give me an idea of where this was heading.



    It's no wonder the United Nations has warned we now live in the era of "global boiling".

    "I think it's really important to realise it's no longer just something that's distant or far away from us or something in the future. We are really seeing it now," says Prof Lizzie Kendon from the Met Office.

    So what does the changing climate mean for our bodies and our health?

    I tend to collapse into a sweaty puddle when it gets hot, but I've been invited to take part in a heatwave experiment.

    Prof Damian Bailey from the University of South Wales wants to give me a typical heatwave encounter. So we're going to start at 21C, crank up the thermostat to 35C and then finally up to 40.3C - equivalent to the UK's hottest day.

    The "UK's hottest day" - one small part of the UK recorded that temperature for how long? Maybe an hour at most? Perhaps just a few minutes?


    The whole UK wasn't "that hot", I seem to recall at the time here in Birmingham we topped out at around 36C.


    This experiment may have been "scientifically sound" but I don't think it accurately recreates a 'real-life' scenario.

  19. X marks the spot where the buried treasure is hidden.




    Ed Sheeran's "X" album


    Mac OS X


    X is the Roman numeral for 10. Why did Microsoft skip 9 and go straight to 'Windows 10'? (Did Apple beat them to it?)


    Planet X






    I could go on but I'm boring myself now, maybe 'they' want us to think there is some kind of significance to all this in order to keep us distracted...

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  20. 20 minutes ago, Mazthehobo said:

    Although isn’t Rhodes and other countries investigating likely arson…?

    The same arsonist perhaps who caused the wild fires in UK last year as I recall?

    I watch the news from time to time. But you’re right, it should just go straight to Comedy Gold.


    And what’s happened to Russia and Ukraine? Is the war not scary enough now….



    Not always 'deliberate arson', but there are sadly a huge number of stupid people.


    This popped up on BBC News website earlier, regarding a large fire at the Lickey Hills near Birmingham last year.


    Wildfire concerns raised 12 months after Lickey Hills blaze


    There are calls for more to be done to prevent wildfires at a country park, 12 months after a devastating fire.

    An area of approximately 538,000 sq ft (50,000 square metres) of the Lickey Hills in Worcestershire was burnt and the fire service said a disposable barbecue had probably started it.

    Lickey Hills Society secretary Baden Carlson said more should be done to to educate and protect park users.

    Birmingham City Council said it had reviewed its plans following the fire.

    At the height of the fire, about 60 firefighters battled the flames and hot ash caused another fire, forcing 15 people to flee their homes in Rednal.

    With temperatures in August forecast to rise, Mr Carlson said: "We're really concerned because it's been a year since that huge fire at Lickey Hills and there's been nothing done to safeguard the park."

    He said the city council, which owns and maintains the country park, should do more to publicise the risks of wildfires and explain how to prevent them.

    He also said: "We need a wildfire policy in place and a mobile group of fire wardens protecting the park."

    from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hereford-worcester-66311540


    My emphasis in bold - last year's fire was most likely caused by some idiot using a disposable barbecue incorrectly. Nothing to do with climate change or even 'hot weather'.


    And yes, there are numerous claims from firefighters across Greece, who say that the wildfires there were likely started deliberately. Nothing to do with climate change or hot weather.


    So I guess if we do end up having a period of hot weather in August - or "extreme heatwave" as the media will fanfare - we can likely expect one or two wildfires to mysteriously break out in the UK, as happened on the Lickeys last year, just to fuel this "world is burning" climate change narrative.





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  21. 6 hours ago, Useyournous said:

    No giving ducks bread rule. Virtue signallers on Facepack putting up images with bad clipart about not giving ducks bread. Well maybe its not ideal but if they're hungry? They've been eating it since time immemorial and there's still plenty of them! A swan came at me once trying to peck me so I disarmed it by shoving a toastie crust in its mouth. It was stunned!


    1 hour ago, k_j_evans said:

    Many, many years ago when I worked at the farm at a museum, the geese used to hang around the food and drink shop and steal sarnies and biscuits off the kids. No one told them they weren't supposed to have bread. And they were big, healthy and bad tempered.


    Everybody loves chips. Yes, they may be bad for you, but there's nothing wrong with a good portion of freshly fried chips every once in a while.


    On the other hand, if all you ever eat is chips, then you will probably get fat and unhealthy, and it might end up killing you.


    The same analogy applies to our feathered waterfowl friends. Yes, they love it when us humans throw them bits of bread (I'm convinced they secretly just love the attention they get!), but that's not all they eat, if people stopped feeding them bread, they certainly wouldn't starve (though the way some ducks and geese behave when being fed, you'd think they hadn't eaten all week!). You'll often see geese and swans just grazing on the grass, sometimes just walking past piles of dumped bread and rice to do so.


    I don't do it very often, but when I do walk down to my local park with a bag of bread bits, I do get a great deal of pleasure from feeding the ducks and geese - I probably get some funny looks from others when I start scolding the geese when they start getting aggressive, and its probably funny to watch when the food runs out but they continue to follow me around the park pool!



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