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  1. I saw that earlier today on the BBC News website. I've never heard of this 'artist' before, and wouldn't dream of spending £495 on one of his copies of '1984'. But I was glad to hear that he recommends it as "a really important book for people to read" Unsurprisingly the BBC didn't go too much into detail about '1984'. I think there's a lot more to the story than that, but at least the BBC didn't try and take the opportunity to discredit the book as a work of fiction "loved by conspiracy theorists who believe the events in the book are happening now"
  2. The other one that interests me are the old maps of Africa, in particular those showing North Africa as being green and lush, where obviously the Sahara desert is now. Yet 'official science' tells us the Sahara is also millions of years old. Later maps 'lost' a lot of detail shown on older ones, and explorers set out to 'discover' Africa all over again.
  3. So more fake money then.
  4. Amazon is the biggest retailer of books on the planet, and I'm sure they'd like to keep things that way. At the end of the day, they make money from selling David Icke's books, and they'd rather people bought from them than from other retailers such as Waterstones etc. (Personally I'd rather people bought the books direct from the shop on the DavidIcke.com website, even if they are - strangely - a little more expensive, at least the Ickes make more money and Amazon get nothing) Waterstones have before taken Icke's books out of their shops, and as Legion pointed out earlier, the Ickes had some trouble with distributors and fulfilment centres refusing to stock or handle their products. Which worked out nice for Amazon in the end. So yes, it is true that Amazon does control what can and can't be sold on their marketplace, however if there is a demand for products then they will sell them in order to make more money. I'd probably disagree with Mr Icke's claim about Amazon banning books that "speak out against the cult" though, on the basis that his books are still available for sale as are Dr Vernon Coleman's, and many others. As I pointed out in another thread here, the Ickonic platform was set up by David's sons Gareth and Jaymie, and I believe Gareth now heads up the DavidIcke.com website, I don't think David himself has much involvement now, apart from appearing in videos on there. It's a sad reality that many websites rely on advertising to help pay the bills. I personally hate intrusive adverts which is why I choose to use the Adblock Plus browser plugin. So any ads that appear on David's website don't bother me at all.
  5. But to be fair, it's actually sound advice on this occasion. I can see that Scotland has had the worst of this weather, but someone has also died in Shropshire. Trains and flights are being cancelled, roads are being flooded and closed and bus services have been diverted or curtailed. Unless you really have an 'essential' journey to make, it's probably not worth the aggravation or hassle at this time.
  6. See my post further up, we had this at work recently. Yes, you'll get a new router, and you'll have a new 'master socket' installed which the router will connect to. (Unless you already have a full fibre connection so have a master socket already) The router has ports to connect one or two phones to, and it should include an adapter, so you can plug in any existing phone, doesn't have to be a VOIP type - we used our old cordless DECT phone base unit. You still get the familiar dial tones as before. And yes we got to keep our existing landline number too. I think in theory that should work. I know that Vodafone 'cocked up' our broadband installation so we had no internet for nearly 24 hours, however the phone line did still work all the time it was connected to the powered-on router.
  7. This is a common misconception. 5GHz Wi-Fi from your router is not '5G', if that's what you're thinking.
  8. This is one reason why I have warned people before to exercise some caution, because I do believe there is a lot of misinfo/disinfo being 'seeded' into the alternative circles, via Telegram and other chat groups, as well as discussion forms like this one. Suddenly this same misinfo/disinfo starts appearing on YouTube and Bitchute videos, and then you have all the usual commentators and internet personalities talking about it. I'm not actually a fan of the term 'truther' and so naturally I find anyone who labels themselves as such a bit 'questionable'. For clarity, yes I do think there are some genuine 'conspiracy theories' out there, but I'm finding it harder with time to take some of them seriously now. Gone are the days when I would just avidly believe anything - I prefer to use my own judgment, intuition and gut instincts.
  9. Maybe it's possible that there once was a time when those calendars were correct and there were 360 days in a year. Perhaps something happened in the past, that caused the calendar to have to be extended? I like to think that perhaps a solar micronova at some point 'knocked' our planet out of its orbit, and pushed it a little further away from the sun. Maybe not by much, but enough to make our transit just that little bit longer. Or maybe this same event caused our planet to spin just a little bit faster. Either way, even in my own lifetime it appears that our 'seasons' have become 'off-kilter' to our calendar, so its possible some further adjustments may need to be made.
  10. They're the new slave labour class. It's ironic how the wokesters continue to complain about 'historical slavery' and go about toppling statues, insisting street names be changed, or demanding that 'reparations be paid', while there is a whole new level of slavery happening right now, which they are facilitating with their 'refugees welcome' placards.
  11. All part of the plan, spread the divisiveness everywhere. There was a 'protest march' yesterday in Birmingham. Massive turnout at Birmingham pro-Palestine march - but Labour councillors 'warned not to attend' from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/hundreds-attend-birmingham-pro-palestine-27914594 I was in Sparkbrook today, and there seemed to be these 'Free Palestine' signs everywhere. Let me be clear on this, I condemn both Hamas and the Israeli government for slaughtering innocent people. But I'm not going to take any sides in this 'conflict'. However what is interesting is that there were similar pro-Palestine protests just a few years ago in Birmingham, and the Labour party were very happy to lend their support at the time. (Anything to get the Muslim vote at local elections I suppose) But you have to remember that all these politicians are all just opportunist puppets, and with Labour being on the cusp of forming the next government, they now have to be seen to be pandering to their Zionist masters. What concerns me here in the UK how people are led being down this divisive path, and as well as the 'social media crackdowns' that we can expect, no doubt we can expect a couple of false-flag 'terror attacks' thrown into the mix, if anything just to stoke up the 'fear factor'. Which will then see further 'crackdowns' on civil liberties. The other thing that concerns me are the pleas to 'donate money' - no doubt many Brits will have their heart-strings tugged to 'give what they can', but who knows where this money is really going, sounds to me like people are about to be fleeced again.
  12. That's fair enough, but these illegal immigrants are being exploited as cheap slave labour, being paid less than minimum wage, and often forced to live in atrocious overcrowded living conditions. Human traffickers and people smugglers sell a 'dream' to these people, but it is just a big lie.
  13. What we're almost never told about is what happens to all these people when they get here. Sure, while many get housed in swanky hotels at our expense, it is known that many somehow manage to 'escape' and disappear, but no-one has any idea where. Many will disappear into the 'black economy' - put up in accommodation in return for cheap slave labour, whether that is washing cars or cutting peoples' hair, or just couriering drugs around the country. Or perhaps there are 'legal loopholes' that would allow illegal immigrants to undertake low-paid menial work in this country, while big corporations 'turn a blind eye'?
  14. I've been enjoying watching this again, a BBC comedy created by Peter Serafinowicz and Robert Popper. The first series was a spoof of 'educational' schools TV programmes, while the second series aped the likes of 'Tomorrows World'. The following clip is from the first series, and hints at how easy it will become in the future to generate songs using input keywords, an eerie nod to todays AI generated music...
  15. Well thanks, that was certainly eye-opening! It certainly explains why so many 'economic migrants' are desperate to come to the UK, and why there is so much people-trafficking going on. And that Reddit thread is 4 years old now, so this has been going on for some time! It must be relatively easy for someone 'legit' to set up loads of Deliveroo accounts and then 'sub-let' them out to illegals, taking a cut of the earnings in the process. This is scandalous, but I'm not surprised that this has never been investigated or questioned by the mainstream media. And most normies wouldn't care otherwise, they just keep ordering their takeaways via these apps and just assume that their driver is above board and legit. Deliveroo is facilitating illegal immigration and human trafficking.
  16. This is the other interesting aspect to this. What you refer to is "carbon dioxide", which is a gas that makes up 0.04% of our atmosphere and has been demonised into some kind of 'pollutant' that needs to be reduced. Carbon in it's naturally occurring form is a mineral, a non-metallic element. from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon "Carbon" and "carbon dioxide" (CO2) in some quarters have become interchangeable terms, though I believe this is misleading as they are not the same thing. All talk of "carbon credits", "carbon footprint", "carbon allowance" etc is disingenuous. "Carbon taxes" or "carbon emission offsetting" are just a money-making racket to fleece money from wealthy virtue-signallers, as well as us paupers. Anyone who ever uses "carbon" instead of "carbon dioxide" or CO2 deserves to be heavily questioned as to what they actually mean.
  17. Came across this brief story in the Express & Star the other day and it asks more questions than are posed. Food delivery rider arrested for immigration offences after cycling down the M6 from: https://www.expressandstar.com/news/transport/2023/10/10/food-delivery-rider-arrested-for-immigration-offences-after-cycling-down-the-m6/ I can't find it now, but I did see another article about this, where it was claimed that this idiot person was delivering for Just Eats or Deliveroo (can't remember which one, but it was one of 'those') Aside from the fact that cyclists really shouldn't be riding on the motorway, it is interesting that this person was charged with 'immigration offences', and then that was it, story over. No information about his immigration status, and no questions about how he was able to gain employment with this company. "Immigration offences" suggests to me that this person was an illegal immigrant. From where they came I do not know, but it would seem that they had no right to be in this country. (They certainly had no idea about the Highway Code!) Which then raises the question of how they were able to gain employment as a delivery driver? Do Just Eat, Deliveroo et al have any due process in place to vet their applicants? How on earth do illegal immigrants gain 'legal employment' and pay income tax, national insurance etc? How many other illegal immigrants are there working for these companies as delivery drivers?
  18. Where I live out in the outer suburbs of Birmingham, you still get these 'peaks and troughs' of traffic, usually the worst congestion is during the morning and afternoon school journey times, then its relatively quiet on the roads. But if you go into the 'inner' suburbs and around the city centre, then I agree, there seems to be heavy traffic at all times of day now. I guess this can be put down to several factors: - Working hours changes, where more people work 'irregular' shift patterns, as opposed to the 'traditional' 9-5 routine - More people 'choosing' not to work, therefore having more time during the day to go driving around to go shopping etc. - In addition to the above, more people having nothing better to do than go cruising and racing around in their cars - More taxis on the roads - those people who don't own cars are choosing to take 'Ubers' instead of using public transport, due to continued reinforcement of negative perceptions - More people avoiding main roads and using side-streets as 'rat-runs' to try and beat traffic queues - More people just being 'lazy' and using their cars for very short journeys, eg to drive to a nearby shop that they could easily walk to I think it was in one of David Icke's books that I read where he mentions how we have created a "got no time" society, which is why people are always rushing around to get things done, and especially why we have so many impatient drivers racing around everywhere or just parking their cars in inappropriate places just to save a couple of minutes walk.
  19. Don't get me wrong, of course I do empathise with those people, just as much as I empathise with any people being unlawfully attacked and bombarded. I'm just pointing out the absurdity of this situation, where people here in the UK were told to be 'horrified' when Hamas attacked Israel, and now while hundreds of innocent people in Palestine are being killed in 'retaliatory attacks' by Israel - because, muh, "Israel has the right to defend itself" - anyone who dares speak out and criticise Israel is being lambasted as a 'terrorist sympathiser' or worse an 'anti-semite'. But at the end of the day, this is not 'our' conflict, but it is one that is being used to stoke up divisions across the world. If anyone wants to take a side, stand with every innocent person who just wants a nice peaceful life without being bombed or suppressed by some government trying to push an agenda.
  20. So lets get this straight into a nutshell... Hamas terrorists killed some Israelis. "STAND WITH ISRAEL" Israel is now bombing the shit out of Gaza and killing innocent Palestinians. Excessive retaliation? Are people still being expected to 'stand with Israel'? Seems to me now if you dare to 'stand with Palestine' then you're a terrorist. That's what this is all about, 'divide and conquer'. In his superb documentary 'Hypernormalisation', Adam Curtis explored how 'the powers that be' lost control of the narrative that went beyond a straight-forward 'good guys versus bad guys story'. It would appear that they are now getting a grip on their narrative. Don't fall into the trap of taking a particular side.
  21. That's not what I said. I am glad that fewer younger people are taking up smoking tobacco, but it seems to me that vaping is being promoted as some kind of substitute. I would prefer if people did neither. Never start vaping, says 12-year-old girl with lung damage from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-67081855 Children can't afford to buy cigarettes now, and haven't been able to for several years, which was great. E-cigarettes and the original vapes should have remained as smoking cessation aids. Vapes should never have been allowed to become a new 'lifestyle' alternative. They still contain nicotine, which is addictive. I'd probably be less bothered by this if someone had invented nicotine-free vapes. For that reason, I would disagree with anyone who considers vapes to be 'harmless'.
  22. The way I look at this, I remember when e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) were introduced, they were sold and marketed as an alternative aid to quit smoking, as they looked like cigarettes and satisfied the nicotine craving, without the harmful 'cancer-causing' effects of inhaling tobacco smoke. I had one from ROK at the time, and while I never had any success at actually quitting smoking, I do think it helped for a time, and maybe if I had a bit more willpower I might have succeeded. The thing with 'vapes' is that they followed on after the e-cigarettes, but seemed to me to be a lot more cumbersome to use, with multi-piece devices. These were initially also marketed as smoking cessation aids. However it seems that some kind of 'culture' developed around vaping, and it has somehow become 'trendy' and 'cool' to be seen to be vaping. While I'm glad that fewer young people are taking up smoking cigarettes - presumably because they are so unaffordable now - it is disheartening to see so many youngsters, even many under the age of 16, puffing away on cheap disposable vape devices instead. These should never have been something that anyone would ever consider using if they'd never gone near a cigarette before. It's just replacing one addiction with another. I still smoke cigarettes, and I will at some point give them up of my own accord, but in the meantime I won't be turning to e-cigarettes or vapes again.
  23. I saw this story earlier on the Birmingham Mail website, and I think this is all a bit suspect. Bed bugs 'now in London AND Manchester' amid fears Birmingham could be next from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/bed-bugs-now-london-manchester-27878108 (My emphasis in bold) Is there really just a massive over-reaction to this? People like Sadiq Khan are using words like 'concern'. The media use "sparked fear". How deadly and serious is this problem? So is this just another fear-mongering non-story? Actually my favourite part of this story was the bit that came before the above quote: No no no, you can't call them that, they are 'refugees'!
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