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  1. Which is strange as most Muslims (certainly here in Birmingham) keep voting Labour, a supposed left-wing party.
  2. I saw that same story yesterday and that indeed was the first question I asked myself.
  3. Paedophiles are a 'minority' (thankfully), but under the rules laid out by the 'woke' and the virtue-signallers, all 'minorities' must be 'protected' in order to prevent the majority from discriminating against - or 'oppressing' - them. People who engage in criminal activity are also a minority, so how soon are we from having them 'excused' from their behaviour in order to avoid them being 'offended'?
  4. I think it is entirely possible that there was an advanced civilisation on this planet before ours, that was indeed wiped out by a 'global cataclysm'. I've never watched 'Ancient Aliens' but from what I have read about it, I think it is possible that this series is just a 'deflection', as is much of mainstream media, from what really occurred. There was a 'disaster', but those who lived before this time weren't 'ancient aliens', they were those that came before us. That's why I think there is so much attention given to 'flat earth', because it distracts people away from understanding that the cyclical nature of disaster on our planet is caused by the Sun, which flat Earth models rule out completely, because if the Sun 'micronovas' every few hundred or thousand years, which causes our 'globe' Earth to flip on its poles, then this all couldn't happen on a 'flat earth' model, as they say Antarctica is just an 'ice wall' and couldn't possibly have been a tropical island at the Equator. As for why the "Left consider this dangerous" I really don't know, perhaps because all this talk of 'cyclical disasters' doesn't fit in with the 'current narrative thing' of climate change being all the fault of humans.
  5. At this time of year, there is one film that I NEVER get tired of watching. "Trading Places" (1983), produced by Aaron Russo, directed by John Landis, and starring Eddie Murphy, Dan Ackroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis. It tells a very interesting story about social engineering, and how millionaires have the power to change peoples' lives in a moment. It's brilliantly written, and very humourous, with some 'killer' standout lines, not really one for the snowflakes! Sadly for some reason, it apparently doesn't get shown on the mainstream terrestrial UK channels anymore. Though the story straddles the Christmas period, it sort of culminates into the New Year, which is why I don't really consider it as a "Christmas" movie, but for me the timing works enough to make it worthy of a great film to watch on New Years Eve, before all the fireworks and shenanigans start.
  6. You have an influenza ("flu"). It is my belief that colds and flus are just the body's natural way of 'detoxing'. I had something similar spring on me suddenly towards the end of November. Woke up on a Saturday morning with a high temperature and sweats, felt totally lethargic and listless. Managed to get myself together enough to go out for our works Christmas do on the evening, but couldn't wait to get home and back into bed. Still felt rough on Sunday morning, but improved during the day. Went into work on the Monday still feeling like shit, but managed to get through most of the day before going home early due to ending up totally zoned out. Improvement on Tuesday, before feeling almost normal again on the Wednesday. It's completely natural, let it run its course. Taking 'remedies' might alleviate the 'symptoms' of your illness, but it is my belief that they just prolong the healing/detox process your body is going through.
  7. OK, so a couple of weeks ago now, we did have what was described by much of the media as a "cold snap". I don't know about the rest of the country but we did get down to minus 7 here in Birmingham, thankfully it did stay mostly dry so with an absence of snow the streets mostly stayed ice-free, just bits of frost everywhere. We ended up with a relatively mild Christmas and New Year, but I still think there is potential in January or February for another 'cold snap' which could be just as harsh if not worse. The movement of the jet stream has once again been favourable for us here in the UK, while those in the USA have experienced the worst of the possible winter weather agin.
  8. Personally I think its a terrible idea. It would just become another distraction, and detract away from the whole purpose of having a structured discussion forum. If you want such a thing like that, then go join some Telegram group. That's my opinion.
  9. I remember coming across the following article in the E&S last week, and wondered what the significance was... Schools put on alert over visit to region by former EDL leader Tommy Robinson From: https://www.expressandstar.com/news/education/2022/12/22/schools-put-on-alert-over-visit-to-region-by-former-edl-leader-tommy-robinson/ Now I don't watch Coronation Street or any other TV soap, so I don't know what's going on, but yes these shows can't help but introduce a bit of social engineering into their storylines, and viewers are being brainwashed without even realising it. Tommy Robinson is an anti-Islam activist that is true. I don't consider him to be 'far-right' though. He is an agitator, and a Zionist establishment puppet. The term "far-right" has become such a meaningless term phrase now, and is just a slur used against anyone who dares to counter the 'official narrative', or is otherwise a 'non-conformist'. Politically, Islam itself is 'ultra-conservative', so it could be argued that Islamic extremists are themselves also "far-right". This is why I don't really buy into this 'political spectrum' labelling, as its just another divide-and-conquer trick to have people labelling themselves and turning against each other.
  10. It says a lot when I think that drinking fluoridated tap water is probably better for you than drinking this Prime Hydration crap.
  11. China Covid: UK set to require negative test for arrivals From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-64130655 Well yeah but how many times did we hear about travellers arriving in other countries - who would have presumably required a 'negative' Covid test before boarding - then getting a 'positive' result on arrival? I presume the factories in China still have huge quantities of Covid test kits they need to get shot of, so is this just a way of 'stimulating demand' again?
  12. Since the Musk 'takeover' of Twitter, I've seen a few MSM articles promoting 'alternatives' to Twitter, and Mastodon has popped up a couple of times. I've heard of it before, but to be honest, I'm rapidly losing interest in these social media 'platforms', although the concept behind Mastodon - being a decentralised platform - is an interesting one. If they had sold out to any Silicon Valley 'investor' then the whole point of the concept would end up lost. So I'm glad they've resisted. Maybe now the MSM 'promotion' will come to an end.
  13. Social engineering. From what I can gather, it's basically flavoured coconut water with a few vitamins thrown in. Probably REALLY cheap to produce, but hyped up beyond all belief so the manufacturers can make a huge profit. Get a couple of no-name YouTube/Instagram 'influencers' behind it, and huzzah, instant success. (Here's a tip kids, if you want 'hydration' then water from the tap is much cheaper and does exactly the same job!) What else is in it? Who knows, only the manufacturers. This whole business reminds me of the 'BubbleShock' drink from the pilot episode of Doctor Who spin-off "The Sarah Jane Adventures"... But then equally I'm reminded of "Peckham Springs" from Only Fools And Horses...
  14. The thing is that when we had the whole Brexit thing going on, this should have been the first thing our Government should have jumped on. We have huge amounts of farmland in the UK practically doing nothing, as the landowners/farmers have enjoyed for many years receiving their 'subsidies' from the EU, where they were basically paid to do nothing, or very little. This was to mainly 'protect' farmers in the EU, by limiting the amount of our produce we could export to EU countries, as well as manufacture a 'reliance' on cheaper imports of produce from EU farmers. With the EU subsidies coming to an end, our Government should have worked to get our farms working again, and making produce for use in our own country, rather than relying on imports. Granted, there are a number of 'luxury' foodstuffs that we can't produce here due to our climate conditions, but most 'staples' we could easily grow or produce ourselves. Admittedly, some food would go up in price, but there were potential offsets due to reduced transportation costs within the UK. Same goes for the fishing industry, done properly that could have seen a massive revival, and like with farming, think of the thousands of new jobs that could have been created - the millions of unemployed people in the UK could have been reskilled and relocated to work in these revived industries. No, instead the Government is more interested in selling 'licences' to catch fish in our waters (which EU countries then sell back to us!), and paying farm owners to either 'rewild' their land (whatever that means) or put up solar panels or wind turbines because, um, 'green renewable energy'. In the meantime, we face food 'shortages' because supply chains across the world are being disrupted due to this phoney 'war in Ukraine'. Produce what you need, where you need it.
  15. That is most probably true. The reason we still have people starving in 'poorer countries' is because of multi-national corporations that essentially 'strip' produce away from such countries so it can be 'consumed' by shoppers in the West and other 'consumerist societies'. Sold for a profit, then thrown away by the consumer because it has gone past an arbitrary 'sell-by' or 'best before' date. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing (fundamentally) wrong with capitalism, and I'm in no way advocating communism or socialism as a 'solution' to this. There is nothing wrong with a farmer growing crops and rearing livestock in order to produce food to sell either direct to the public, or to local shops for retail distribution, and making money off the back of their endeavours. What I think is wrong is big multi-nationals buying up huge tracts of land in other countries to produce food which is then distributed all around the world, while those countries struggle to produce enough food to feed their own people.
  16. Could it be... Common Purpose? How much does it actually cost to fix an old clock such as this? The 'actual work' itself may have only cost around half to a million pounds lets say. The rest gets siphoned off to 'contractors', and then of course all the project managers and 'consultants' that have to get involved. The problem is that many people don't bat an eyelid when it comes to such eye-watering sums of money that are being spent on restoring such things, or even on building and constructing new ones. "Oh that's how much these things cost nowadays". The restoration of Big Ben would have been a great episode of the BBC's "The Repair Shop" though...
  17. It's all bollocks, just a few days later we have this: Covid in China: People rush to book travel as borders finally reopen From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-64102176
  18. Christmas TV - it's the same shit every year! Especially the adverts, and those goddamn 'charity appeals', if you add up all the amounts they ask you to 'donate every month', you'd soon end up very poor and in need of charity yourself!

    1. DaleP


      Don't tell me you pay for the tv license... 🤨


      Did you read about BBC logo rebranding yet again. It costs multi-million pounds....

    2. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      No @DaleP I just happened to spend Christmas with my parents, only time I ever see any 'broadcast TV'. At least I was spared having to sit through Emmerdale and Coronation Street this year...

  19. "Don't make a promise that you're not going to keep" This is why I stopped making 'New Years Resolutions' a few years back. I hear people say things like "oh I'm going to quit smoking in the New Year" or drinking, or to start going to the gym or do more exercise etc etc. To them I say, "why wait until then?" If you want to do something like that, why not start it now? And the people who say, "oh next year is going to be my year", why couldn't THIS year have been YOUR year instead? Me, I will just continue living each day as it happens...
  20. Well you would say that. The Sun will do what it wants to do when it is good and ready. The Sun is the 'bringer of light', ie Lucifer. The Sun is also your 'son of God' (sun = son). You can cling to your misinterpreted texts all you want, the Bible is not what you think it is.
  21. Hasn't the USA suffered from 'really bad winter weather' for the last few years? It's down to a weakening Jet Stream, and the more it 'undulates' the more you see colder air getting sucked down from the Arctic, as much as warmer air getting sucked up from the equatorial regions. That's the reason why in the UK we've had relatively 'mild' winters, we've gotten lucky if anything.
  22. To me, this is perfect common sense. If many people in general weren't such fucking stupid idiots, they wouldn't end up in A&E or need an ambulance. Then again, how much 'unprecedented pressure' is being caused because people demand ambulances to a hospital because they coughed or sneezed?
  23. There is definitely an impending 'earth disaster' coming soon, but I think it is difficult to predict exactly when it will happen. I regularly watch Ben Davidson's Suspicious0bserver's YouTube videos, and while he believes 'something will happen' between 2030 and 2050, he's not ready to commit to any specific date, because it could just happen at any time. There are definitely patterns and cycles that reoccur, but these are in the timescale of the solar system and galaxy as a whole, rather than our own pinpoint to-the-minute concept of time here on Earth. And yes, valuable evidence can be gained which would suggest that such changes have happened before, the planet has flipped over and the position of the poles has changed. Melting of the polar ice caps, and the movement of the oceans due to crustal displacement has changed the way that continents and countries look. The 'great flood' described in the Bible (which Ben Davidson refers to as the 'Noah Event') could well have happened around 6000 years ago, and if so, we could be due another such cataclysmic event any time soon. (When though, is hard to say) Maybe such an event was what wiped out the dinosaurs. Or caused any number of mass extinction events. I have admiration for those people who are 'prepping' in order to survive the 'next one'. The thing is though I've reached an age, where I accept that this could all well happen in my own lifetime, the difference for me is that I am ready in my own way. I accept that there could well be some massive global disaster in the next 10 to 30 years. Would I want to 'survive' it? Probably not. I certainly hope that others might do so, but it would be extremely difficult and challenging for them. I don't intend to change my way of life, I will continue to do what I do, and enjoy my life. If the disaster starts tomorrow, I'm ready to face it. I accept my fate, I will stand there and let the waves crash over me. I've enjoyed my life and I'm ready to move on to the next plane of existence. I don't live in fear of what may happen, I'm ready to embrace it. In the meantime, I continue to enjoy what I have.
  24. And just like that... then it was all over... just like the 'cold snap' Now back to the media telling everyone they've got no money to spend, while simultaneously telling them they should 'spend money' in order to 'save money' on useless gizmos and 'hacks'. "You can save 25p on your energy bills this Christmas by cooking your 'pigs in blankets' in an air fryer rather than using your oven, but if you don't have an air fryer you'll have to buy one for about £200, but think about how much money you're going to save and you're saving the planet and all that..." Because as soon as Christmas Day comes around, its all about the Boxing Day 'sales' and nothing else...
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