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  1. 5 hours ago, Filigree and Fire said:

    I'm not so much concerned by the cause (which we may never clear up) as I am by the implications.


    The dominance Microsoft has across global IT systems- private, public, and commercial is of grave concern. Society at large is subject to their whims, competence, and even their malevolence.




    You are right to be concerned about the implications, but let us not forget that Microsoft only really enjoys a 'dominance' amongst desktop/laptop 'end-users', who have their Windows operating system installed almost by default on their computers.


    The vast majority of application and hosting servers on the internet use Linux, or some derivative of it.


    At the end of the day, this problem was caused by a faulty software update by a third-party ie Crowdstrike, not Microsoft themselves. While Crowdstrike are ultimately guilty of releasing a software update that was clearly not comprehensively tested and passed quality control approval before being pushed to 'release' status, the only thing Microsoft can be accused of is having a badly cobbled-together operating system that simply collapses into a 'blue-screen of death' moment when 'code goes wrong' rather than killing off 'bad processes' that fail and keeping the underlying system running and stable.

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  2. 12 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

    So this was a simple programming mistake, in C++ it reference a null pointer, this is like referencing a record that is not there. It could be that something was not loaded correctly. Kind of ridiculous that a null pointer reference could cause a global IT outage. 


    What's more ridiculous is the lack of quality control and pre-release testing.

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  3. On 7/19/2024 at 10:05 AM, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:


    I overheard a conversation between a bloke at Tescos and a till worker. He told her he runs a garage that he’s expanding into a pet store, and he’s finding it impossible to find staff to man the place.

    Never heard that before either-  that it’s hard to find staff.


    When I was younger, people my age were keen to get a job - any old job - so they could start earning money.


    Nowadays, most of the youngsters can't be bothered to work, too much hard work, interferes with their 'social life', ie time they could spend on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.


    Sadly it's actually becoming easier to become an 'influencer' on social media, making money through 'content creation' and sharing advertising revenue. And in the case of young ladies, they can earn a good deal of money by becoming an OnlyFans 'model'.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

    Is it Microsoft? If so, it's probably their cock-up. A real cyber attack would do far more damage I think.


    There are a lot of people, as well as mainstream media outlets, pointing a finger of blame at Microsoft.


    I'm not normally one to defend Microsoft, but in this case I do believe they are actually innocent. The below is an example of 'misinformation' being peddled to the public by the MSM:



    (In fact the above article is nothing more than a promotion for VPN services)



    As far as I can make out, the problem is with an update issued to Crowdstrike's Falcon Sensor software, which I believe is client software installed on Windows, Mac and Linux computer systems. The update in particular was for the Microsoft Windows client software.



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  5. "Too hot to charge your car" 😅


    Electric car owners told to stop charging 'immediately' and told 'it could harm battery'


    Electric vehicle owners are being cautioned about the potential effects of high temperatures on their cars during charging. The Met Office has issued a warning that most parts of England and some areas of Wales will experience warm weather today, with temperatures likely to exceed 30 degrees in certain places.

    While many Brits will be enjoying the sunshine, experts have highlighted that electric car owners could face issues due to the heat. High temperatures can decrease battery capacity in electric vehicles, potentially resulting in reduced battery ranges and performance levels.

    Drivers are encouraged to adjust their usual charging routines to preserve their battery life and ensure they can continue driving. If drivers need to use public charging stations, it's recommended to charge during the cooler times of the day, such as early morning or late evening.

    This can help reduce the heat stress on the battery and lessen the potential impact on its health compared to charging at midday. Additionally, when parking, EV owners should aim to park in shaded areas or use a car cover to shield their vehicle from direct sunlight.

    This not only helps prevent the battery from overheating but also keeps the interior cooler for a more comfortable driving experience. Chris Moniz, an expert in electric vehicle charging at Volta EV, warned: "Extreme heat can affect the performance and lifespan of the EV's battery, as well as the charging equipment. High-speed or fast charging generates more heat, which can be detrimental to the battery's health, especially in extreme heat conditions."

    from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/motoring/motoring-news/electric-car-owners-told-stop-29573811


    I'm sure I read somewhere a while back about in Norway where a fleet of electric buses couldn't be used when it was 'too cold', because the battery life shortened too much.

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  6. 56 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    "Local children being taken into care" triggered the Leeds rioting? Hmmm.


    But then, think of the diverse ethnic make-up of Leeds, and then maybe there is a different reaction to something like that compared to, say, Tunbridge Wells. 


    I had a look on Twitter earlier today. Seems there are two narratives.


    Tommy Robinson et al are claiming that it was 'Muslim immigrants wot dunnit'.


    Others are saying that it was a group of Romanians unhappy that their children were being forcibly taken into care by the local authorities.


    The mainstream media are of course being incredibly coy about the specific circumstances leading up to this, with the BBC simply describing it as 'public disorder'.

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  7. 1 hour ago, RobinJ said:

    Just checked Sky now and they are saying its a Microsoft update that went wrong, which, they haven't bothered to apologise for.

    What it should do is show just how reliant the world is on that one company. All these things are world wake up events in slow increments.


    It was an update to Crowdstrike's Falcon anti-virus/security software, which runs on Microsoft Windows PCs, and presumably servers too.


    Crowdstrike and Microsoft: What we know about global IT outage


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  8. 18 hours ago, Observations said:



    Wednesday 17 July 2024


    “ HMP Dartmoor to temporarily close after radioactive gas found in cells


    Over the next two weeks around 175 inmates will be evacuated from the category C men's prison in Devon. “


    Interestingly there is no mention of where this gas was coming from.

  9. 6 hours ago, Filigree and Fire said:

    A mainstream article but interesting none the less....




    "The end of natural growth in the population has been masked, however, thanks to high levels of migration. Indeed, the ONS itself chose to lead its press release with the figure that the population of England and Wales grew by a net 610,000 in the year to mid-2023. That growth is almost entirely down to net migration. "


    For some years now, people in the UK have been 'encouraged' (or more likely 'manipulated' via social engineering) to have fewer children, or none at all.


    Some people have decided against this, due to financial pressures, ie not being able to afford it, usually those on low or middle incomes, who are finding that their salaries offer little in the way of 'disposable income'.


    Interestingly, being unemployed and living on state handouts doesn't seem to stop some people from having multiple kids, usually with different fathers. 🤨


    So it's only natural that birth-rates in the UK would decrease, which then feeds into this narrative that Britain 'needs' immigration.


    It's also hardly surprising that many of these immigrants are either arriving with or choosing to have large numbers of kids. In the area of Birmingham where I work, it's usually the Pakistani or African mums that have five or six young children in tow, and either they're fat and well-fed or they've got another kid on the way looking at the size of some of them (the mums that is, not the kids!)


    The birth-rate amongst the 'native' UK population may be on the decrease, but it is not stopping the non-natives.



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  10. Don't give in to scammers...


    Top restaurant owners blackmailed over fake reviews


    A small chain of independent restaurants is being blackmailed by criminals who have said unless they are paid thousands of pounds they will flood the restaurants' online listings with fake one-star reviews.

    Chef Andy Sheridan and his business partner Sam Morgan own and run five restaurants across the North West and Midlands, with a sixth preparing to open in North Wales.

    The criminals threatened the business through its WhatsApp booking service demanding payment of £2,000 or they would share fake reviews.

    The pair initially ignored the demands before the individuals shared a one-star review to prove they could do it.

    from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c51ypp5dxe5o


    Online reviews are great, but everyone knows that some platforms can be more easily manipulated than others.


    And not everyone reads all reviews anyway.


    In my opinion, tell these fraudsters to go fuck themselves. 😋


    (It's almost the opposite of some 'services' that offer to take payment in return for 'favourable' reviews - "review manipulation")


    If your business attracts loads of good genuine reviews, no-one is going to pay attention to an obviously out-of-place one-star negative review.


    Especially those left on Google or Facebook. At least on review platforms such as Trustpilot or Feefo, only people who've actually used your services can be invited to leave a review.

  11. 2 hours ago, Mr H said:

    If you look at Trump's record though. Very peaceful and no mass murders thus far.


    But we head into interesting times...


    1 hour ago, Screamingeagle said:

    his first task was to split USA 

    now with the morale and patriotism pouring out of every pore of the american people.........the war can begin !!!


    Presidents and prime ministers do the bidding of others who dare not to get their 'hands dirty'.


    And in turn, it is the 'ordinary people' who are manipulated into turning on each other and thus become involved in divisive conflict.

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  12. Vaughan Gething was elected Welsh Labour's leader, and thus became the First Minister of Wales, back in March, and now just four months later, he's had to resign.


    Wales' FM Gething denies wrongdoing as he resigns


    Wales' First Minister Vaughan Gething has announced his resignation, only four months after taking the job.

    It comes after three of his Welsh government ministers and his top legal adviser dramatically released resignation statements calling for him to stand down.

    Mr Gething has been embroiled in controversy since he took over in March, and has been dogged by questions over a £200,000 campaign donation from a businessman convicted of environmental offences.

    In his resignation statement he denied wrongdoing, adding: "I regret that the burden of proof is no longer an important commodity in the language of our politics."

    from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c51ydeeeeyro


    I don't know the full ins and outs of what's been going on here, but clearly there's been something 'a bit dodgy' going on, otherwise why resign?


    Anyway, the BBC was at great pains to remind us that Mr Gething was "the first black leader of a national government in Europe".


    We've only just had a General Election, which saw Labour increase their number of MPs in Wales at Westminster.


    And now Plaid Cymru are calling for a 'snap' Welsh Assembly ("Senedd") election.



    Plaid Cymru leader Rhun ap Iorwerth had pulled out of a co-operation deal with Welsh Labour back in May.

    On Tuesday he called for a snap Welsh Parliament election - two years ahead of the next scheduled one in 2026.

    He said: “The people of Wales must be given the opportunity to elect a new government and an election must be called."


    What's the point really? The next one is not due to take place until 2026, and Welsh Labour pretty much control the devolved government in Wales already.


    All that would happen, is that Welsh voters will just go out and vote Labour again, and if anything they could gain more seats and have an absolute majority in the Senedd. (Which they don't presently have)


    So how exactly do Plaid Cymru hope to benefit?

  13. How conspiracy theories and hate dominated social feeds after assassination attempt on Trump



    Within minutes of the news breaking about the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump, that word was trending on X in the United States.

    It's a word that has become synonymous with conspiracy theories on the fringes of social media, often to cast doubts on an attack or shooting. But in the last 24 hours it has flooded into mainstream online conversation, and posts filled with evidence-free speculation, hate and abuse have racked up millions of views on X.

    from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cyr7pyd0687o




    With the BBC's own Marianna Spring on the case, you can be sure that all does not meet the eye.


    While I am not defending her here, there are some aspects to this which are correct.


  14. 24 minutes ago, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:

    Starmer has fixed it for England to win.


    So far it’s been penalties and flukes that have got us this far (maybe one bit of skill from Watkins) but tonight it’ll be different. Uncle Kier has fixed it for us so start celebrating! 



    Yeah, we started this tournament under a Conservative government when it looked like we were going nowhere, but all thanks to the Labour government...

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  15. 2 minutes ago, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:

    not sure why I’m saying this as they’ve got a photo of the bullet whizzing through the air. Or have they? 


    From the photo shown earlier in this thread, the bullet must have magically turned around mid-air, because wasn't it his other ear that was shown to be bleeding?


    "TRUST THE PLAN" lol

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  16. 7 minutes ago, Captainlove said:

    I been saying all this euros that engalnd will lose but they have somehow managed to get a result. Its not the best team by a long way and southgate is far two woke for my liking. Belingham is overated along with most of the team. Should play ollie watkins and cole palmer from the start of the game but he will not do that as he has his favourites. But best of luck i will be watching.


    I'm old enough to know that it has always been the case with England that there are certain 'star players' than always seem to be guaranteed a starting spot, despite them being 'off their game'. Harry Kane is of course the latest example of this, from what I've seen of the player ratings so far, despite him being our 'star captain' he has consistently ranked the lowest.


    I remember the days when we had the talents of Gerrard, Lampard and Beckham at our disposal, yet despite them all playing at their best in specific positions, England mangers would try and get them all into the same starting line-up, almost as if they were afraid to drop them or leave them on the bench.


    "Square pegs into round holes" and all that, trying to build a system that 'worked' around them, rather than just leaving one of them out for a system that worked best for the whole team.


    I might be biased because I still have a soft spot for Aston Villa, but Ollie Watkins is one of the reasons why they have done so well this season and qualified for the Champions League.

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  17. 15 hours ago, Mazthehobo said:

    My hunch is that whoever is truly responsible got the outcome they wanted.

    If ‘they’ wanted him dead I think he would be dead. 
    Can’t ask the shooter now, he’s dead, so no doubt they will raid his home and ‘find’ something they can use to control the narrative. 



    It's a typical 'modus operandi'. You see it in so many other incidents, where the perpetrator ends up being killed, therefore the 'authorities' are unable to arrest and question them, you know, ask them what they thought they were doing.


    It also amazes me how quickly the authorities can then identify and name this now-dead person, and suddenly a whole narrative springs up out of seemingly nowhere.


    That to me is the first sign of any 'false-flag' operation.


    Dead men can't talk.


    You can then establish any kind of narrative that you like, the perpetrator can no longer corroborate or confirm (or deny) anything.


    How awfully convenient.

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  18. I must admit that apart from ten minutes of England's opening game against Denmark, I've not watched any matches at this tournament, but I've read through a few news reports so have had 'one eye' on what's been going on.


    It seems to me that thanks to a fortuitous draw for the path to the final, England have managed to actually reach the the final while flattering to deceive with their performances.


    There's understandably a lot of hysteria, with the whole "it's coming home" mantra now being rammed down everyone's throats by the media.


    Suggestions that the UK should get an extra bank holiday if England were to win tonight.


    UK schools allowing pupils to start school later tomorrow morning, "because they will have stayed up late to watch the final".


    "A pessimist is never disappointed"


    Don't get me wrong, I'd be overjoyed if England were to triumph over Spain this evening and lift the trophy.


    But lets face it, Spain are a pretty decent side, and they've comfortably seen off some superior opposition already on their route to this final.


    I can't help but feel there's another load of psychological manipulation at play, and people here are being socially engineered into yet another massive disappointment - there will be a load of negative energy about if Spain comfortably see off England in this football match, or heaven forbid England lose yet again in a penalty shoot-out.


    The media in our country has a regular habit of building up peoples' hopes, only to then see them come crashing down.


    But then again, it also wouldn't surprise me if England were to win, and the new Labour government try to take some of the credit, "change" and all that.

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  19. 38 minutes ago, Campion said:

    This incident comes after a week of headlines saying that Biden is lacking mental capacity to carry on as president, hurting his support.  And now a close shave for Trump which will surely get him an extra sympathy vote, so perhaps there's a coordinated agenda to get Trump re-elected. Then in 2028 when Trump has had his second turn and disillusionment sets in, Biden can stage a comeback for his second go. 


    You can see just how much the US public is sucked into the 'two-party' Establishment setup there due to the lack of any credible alternative party and little appetite for any kind of movement to set one up.


    This whole Biden vs Trump farce has been going on for a few years now, with these two old farts battling each other to become president. Where are the 'young upstarts', the fresh faces offering something different, even from within the Republican or Democrat parties?

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  20. I'm pretty sure this is all staged theatre, and there will be some ulterior motive behind it, as well as suiting various agendas.


    For the US, the issue of gun ownership will rise its head again. As well as further divide people.


    Interestingly, prior to this, here in the UK there seems to be some narrative around politicians/prospective candidates "not feeling safe", which has been slowly established over the last few years.


    Election abuse may have been coordinated - adviser


    Lord Walney is suggesting there could have been a "concerted campaign by extremists".

    He is urging Yvette Cooper and Security Minister Dan Jarvis to commission a short inquiry to find out if groups in different constituencies were working together and to document what he calls the "dark underbelly" of abuse.

    The Home Office said it takes reports of intimidation, harassment and abuse "extremely seriously", adding that officials are contacting affected individuals.

    In the letter, seen by the BBC, Lord Walney said evidence from the last couple of months points to a "concerted campaign by extremists to create a hostile atmosphere for MPs within their constituencies to compel them to cave into political demands".

    from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cn05edkr97vo


    There's that word again "extremists".

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  21. On 7/8/2024 at 11:41 PM, itsnotallrightjack said:


    Now you mention it, I've had a couple of deliveries from EVRI and they've sent me an update saying who is going to deliver it, with a photo of a Muslim woman (I know she's Muslim because she's got the hijab on) but the person who comes is a man (same man both times). It's probably her husband and they share the jobs.


    Evri doesn't actually employ any drivers, they are either franchisees or self-employed contractors. In your case, it's probably her husband helping out if she's off sick or otherwise unable to work.



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  22. 2 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    This is the thing, I don't really care about 'back story' or anything like that, this isn't the X-Factor or any other reality TV show...



    It's been mentioned elsewhere in this forum, but I believe that mentoring = "manipulation".


    In the case of Starmer, just get on with the fucking job, no-one really cares about his mum or his dad.


    Is this about "telling" a story, or "selling" one?




    And to add to the above, as much as Starmer may want to present himself as a 'man of the people' compared to the 'rich millionaire' that Sunak is, let us not forget that Starmer is the one with the 'title', the knighthood, and not Mr Sunak.



  23. 6 hours ago, 1velocity7 said:

    How Obama mentored the new UK prime minister to help him tell his story



    This is the thing, I don't really care about 'back story' or anything like that, this isn't the X-Factor or any other reality TV show...



    As a candidate for high office, Starmer has had no choice but to tell his back story. After becoming Labour leader in 2020, he stressed his humble roots, often describing how his father worked as a toolmaker and his mother a nurse while they raised their children in a "pebble-dash semi," a small home adjoining another property.

    But Starmer has seemed, at times, ill at ease with the public display of emotion needed to tell his story, despite it being a political asset that offers a stark contrast with the outgoing prime minister Rishi Sunak.


    It's been mentioned elsewhere in this forum, but I believe that mentoring = "manipulation".


    In the case of Starmer, just get on with the fucking job, no-one really cares about his mum or his dad.


    Is this about "telling" a story, or "selling" one?



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