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  1. 9 hours ago, ABBRAKADABBRA said:

    Should moderate the scam news ads at the bottom of main menu, just checked out Pauline Hanson and David Koch one to see if it was interesting only to find a scammer


    The forum doesn't carry any advertising, apart from the one banner ad for Ickonic that is. If you're referring to the adverts on the main DavidIcke.com website, there's nothing we can do about that here.

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  2. I have a theory about this...


    World Cup 2022: Why is there so much stoppage time being added on?

    Alireza Beiranvand getting treatment


    We are only a few games into this World Cup and already we are seeing a theme developing:

    Stoppage time. And lots of it.

    The five games so far have had about 85 minutes added on between them, with England's match against Iran lasting an incredible 117 minutes and 16 seconds.

    That was partly down to injury - Iran goalkeeper Alireza Beiranvand suffered concussion after a nasty clash of heads early on. But it is also part of a concerted effort by Fifa to clamp down on time-wasting by more accurately monitoring the amount of time the game is stopped.

    The trend continued with Tuesday's first game, as Saudi Arabia's shock win over Argentina clocked seven minutes of first-half stoppage time time, plus almost 14 minutes added at the end of the second half.

    Reasons the game is halted include injuries, video assistant referee decisions, substitutions, penalties and red cards, with some players often deliberately delaying the restart after such incidents in order to wind down the clock.

    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/63710986


    OK it sounds plausible enough, in all the years I used to regularly watch football there was a lot of time-wasting and so on.


    It is probably more down to 'maximising advertising revenues' because after all, these kinds of sporting events are just another advertising platform, and the actual sport just plays second fiddle now. The longer you can keep the sponsors logos on the TV screens the better.


    On the plus side, due to TV scheduling, the longer the match actually goes on for, the less time that the 'pundits' have to spread 'the message' when they're not discussing the actual events during the match.

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  3. Instagram 'wrong' to take down drill music video


    The owner of Instagram has been told it should not have removed a drill music video.

    Meta took down the video by Chinx (OS) after being contacted by the London Metropolitan Police, which raised concerns about gang violence.

    But Meta's independent Oversight Board has ruled there was insufficient evidence to support that decision.

    It said the case highlighted the "haphazard and opaque" way authorities made such requests.

    In January this year an Instagram account which described itself as promoting British music posted about a new drill track called Secrets Not Safe.

    Shortly afterwards, Meta says, Scotland Yard contacted it to raise concerns about "gang violence" relating to the song.

    Meta conducted its own review and decided the track contained a "veiled threat" linked to a shooting in 2017 and so removed it from Instagram.

    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-63719116


    If 'drill' is the crap that kids play at full volume on their phones while 'rapping along' on the bus, then if I had my way I'd have it all taken down.



    The board has now concluded the decision to remove the song from Instagram was wrong because the threat of violence was not credible. It says the track must be reinstated.

    It also says there are serious concerns that drill - which is particularly popular among young black Britons - is being overpoliced.

    Ah, so there you go, if you don't like 'drill' then you must be a racist.



    Chinx (OS) told the BBC he was pleased the video would be restored and had not understood why it had been taken down in the first place.

    He said he did "not believe" that his music would incite violence.

    "I can see why people think it's very violent but I feel like it's an expression," he said.

    "I think people are involved in a certain lifestyle prior to them releasing drill music.

    "I don't think you release drill music then find yourself in gang activities - I feel it's the other way around."

    Well, I've had the misfortune of overhearing some of the 'lyrics' on some drill 'tunes', and I didn't find them very pleasant to be honest - not what you'd like to hear while sat on a crowded bus anyway.


    There is definitely a link somewhere between the activities of gangs and their members, as well as their 'followers', with all this 'drill' garbage.


    It all has a very 'negative' vibe about it, and while it may not directly 'incite' anyone towards violence, it is probably influencing youngsters negatively in some way.

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  4. Just when you thought things couldn't get more inverted, Labour leader Keir Starmer came out today with something you would normally expect to hear from a 'conservative' politician.


    We must wean economy off immigration, Labour leader warns businesses


    The days of "cheap labour" must end to wean the UK off its "immigration dependency", Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has told business leaders.

    Sir Keir called for a plan to train British workers and move the economy away from its "low-pay model".

    But he accepted the need for skilled foreign workers and promised a "pragmatic" approach to immigration.

    He later refused to commit to lower immigration overall, saying he was against a "fixed number".

    Speaking to BBC political editor Chris Mason, he said under his approach levels would come down "in some areas" - but added: "I don't want to hold back the skills that we need in this country.

    "Over the last few years, we've had arbitrary figures plucked out of the air, and that hasn't worked for anyone," he said.

    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-63707941


    Indeed this kind of policy is one that even the likes of UKIP have had in their previous election manifestos!


    It's a bit of a turnaround for the Labour party, and no doubt some factions within his party will get a bit upset and fractious with Starmer as a result.

    It was Tony Blair's Labour government from 1997 to 2010 that famously opened up the UK's borders to all and sundry and allowed the influx of 'cheap' migrant labour, especially from poorer countries within the EU.


    The Conservatives from 2010 onwards have failed to get a grip on immigration despite their own manifesto pledges to reduce net migration to 'tens of thousands'.


    As the Conservatives become less conservative and more socialist/communist, I find it surprising that it is the Labour leader who is pushing a right-wing policy.


    But then again, there is probably a reason for all this, I still think we're heading for a General Election next year, and this is exactly the kind of 'false promise' that will tempt disaffected Tory voters to vote Labour instead.

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  5. 8 hours ago, Truthblast said:











    That's exactly it - and pretty much what goes on at "journalist school" or whatever they have to do to get their 'degree' from university.


    Common Purpose and their Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)


    The ones that get to be TV presenters or 'roving reporters' will be suitably coached and trained how to 'act' in front of the cameras.


    Because they're all actors, playing a role, formenting the narrative. I've been rewatching Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures and it amuses me when BBC news presenters play 'guest roles' as, erm, themselves.


    Anyway, if Marianna Spring was a real proper investigative journalist, she would have either read Richard Hall's book or watched his documentary for herself, and then made up her own mind. But these programmed types have no mind of their own, they just repeat what others have told them to say/do.



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  6. This tournament has barely started and I'm fed up with it already.


    The actual football seems to be playing second fiddle to "the message".


    Why the BirminghamLive masthead is getting a rainbow makeover for the World Cup



    The BirminghamLive masthead is getting a makeover for the World Cup - as we stand alongside our LGBT friends. The masthead on our website and mobile site will feature the rainbow flag across the duration of the Qatar 2022 cup to symbolise support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

    Being gay is illegal in Qatar and punishable by prison sentences. For Muslims, it can even mean the death penalty.

    Editor Graeme Brown said he wanted to show support throughout the tournament, that started on November 20, to make it clear where we stand. He said: "Nobody should be treated how LGBT+ people are treated in Qatar. Love is love and it is jarring to me that the World Cup is taking place in a country where the authorities don't respect that.

    "But it is worse than that - people travelling to support England in Qatar could actually face jail for doing what comes absolutely naturally. It already troubles me that so few professional footballers in our country have come out as gay.

    "In a country of football-lovers, I hate to think the message we send to LGBT+ football fans in our area and beyond. So, while we will report on the matches and fallout from the tournament, I want to make it abundantly clear that we stand side by side with that community."

    From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/birminghamlive-masthead-getting-rainbow-makeover-25522550


    As Mrs Brown would say "that's nice".


    World Cup finals: Why is Qatar 2022 controversial?



    Qatar is expecting 1.5 million football fans to visit during the World Cup finals.

    But the decision to host the tournament in the Gulf state has drawn widespread criticism.

    What are Qatar's laws on same-sex relationships?

    Homosexual acts are illegal in Qatar because they are considered immoral under Islamic Sharia law.

    Punishments include fines, prison sentences of up to seven years - and even death by stoning.

    Qatar's World Cup organisers say "everyone is welcome", and claim no one will be discriminated against.

    However, Qatar 2022 chief executive Nasser al Khater says laws on homosexuality will not change and visitors should "respect our culture".

    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61635340


    That BBC article couldn't wait to get stuck in to what they felt was 'most important'.



    Fifa wrote to the 32 World Cup teams telling them "now focus on the football". It said football should not be "dragged" into ideological or political "battles".

    For once, I actually agree with FIFA.


    I'm glad that they stopped players wearing armbands, and perhaps they should stop players 'taking the knee' (if they're still doing that)


    Football is a sport, and for its viewers it is just entertainment. Keep the politics away and just get on with the game for goodness sake.

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  7. It is true that Richard Hall has made documentaries, and sells them on his website, as well as other merchandise.


    The thing is though, that no-one is being forced to buy his DVDs or merchandise.


    It's your choice after all.


    Then again, I find it a little hypocritical that the BBC accuses Mr Hall from 'profiting' from his endeavours.


    This is of course the same BBC that pretty much forces all UK residents to pay for a £150 annual "TV Licence", regardless of whether you actually watch any BBC-produced content or not.


    And it's the same BBC that sells its own programmes on DVDs which have been previously 'free to view' and  paid for by those who have paid their TV licence subscriptions.


    So the BBC doesn't profit from selling its own propaganda?

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  8. 16 hours ago, Mr H said:

    Kill Gates in the lead in Martin Lewis' twitter poll, 😅 68% of the vote thus far



    It's one of those completely irrelevant polls.


    None of those people qualify to actually become Prime Minister of the UK anyway, so its all entirely 'hypothetical', if not 'fantasy'.


    It's a PR exercise. Which 'idol' do you worship the most? And all that.


    If Martin Lewis the 'money saving expert' and 'champion of the people' was really the 'real deal', then why would he be asking such a heavily loaded question?


    He's a fucking pied piper, gatekeeper and narrative enforcer.

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  9. 22 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

    minimum wage is a  tool to get rid of small business


    It is certainly a kick in the teeth for smaller businesses who are already struggling to compete due to other increased operating costs such as the price of fuel or gas/electricity.


    Small business are faced with the choice of either going under, or putting up their prices.


    Just recently in my local Birmingham Mail, there has been a series of articles basically slating the small independent supermarkets in the Alum Rock area, saying that they are more expensive to shop at compared to Tesco or Aldi. I'm seeing this as a media attack on small business, with the message being "we need more Tescos and Aldis".


    20 hours ago, Mr H said:

    the minimum wage disadvantages poor people. In the sense that many will be priced out of the market as a result who would be willing to work and therefore miss job opportunities. The market should determine prices. Also just puts the cost of goods up which means more inflation. It also causes distortions and inefficencies which can effect the buyers, as effectively in some cases an employee will be forced to pay someone the minimum wage of £10.40 when the actual value of the task maybe £5.

    It disadvantages poor people in this country, but it also becomes an attractive magnet for foreign workers who want to come to the UK.


    I remember reading years ago about how Eastern Europeans were being attracted to the UK because of the 'potential' that they could earn. There were stories about how highly qualified Polish doctors were coming to the UK to work as coffee baristas or bricklayers, because they could earn more doing such 'menial' jobs in the UK than they would have done doing their profession back home.


    The whole point of increasing the minimum wage in the UK was that the money would then be spent by those people in the UK, and thus 'prop up' our economy, not for it to be 'siphoned off' out of the country, as has happened in some cases, where earnings have been 'sent home' and thus made those foreign workers and their families quite wealthy back home.


    (Of course I don't begrudge anyone who has done this legitimately, I'm sure we'd all do the same given the opportunity)

  10. In the Chancellor's Autumn Budget Statement issued today, it was announced that the National Minimum Wage will be increasing in April 2023.



    The National Living Wage will increase from £9.50 to £10.42 an hour in April.

    That is the UK's legal minimum wage for workers aged 23 or over. There are lower rates for younger workers.

    The minimum wage goes up in April every year, boosting the pay of about two million people. But the new rates are announced in advance to allow firms to prepare.

    The increase in the minimum wage for over-23s will be 9.7% to help them cope with rising prices.

    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-48445674


    Now on the surface, this all sounds very nice and "good", after all with the 'cost of living crisis' and everything going up in price due to inflation, those on minimum wage will think that they'll be getting more money in their pockets for their endeavours.

    There is always one aspect to this that is always overlooked, and the BBC article merely glosses over this:


    Before the minimum wage was introduced, there was concern that it would cost jobs, because employers would compensate for their higher wage bill by hiring fewer people.

    But this didn't turn out to be the case.

    There's no evidence of an overall loss of jobs linked to the minimum wage, and only weak evidence of negative impacts on some groups of workers.

    I believe that if you look hard enough, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that ever since Labour introduced this in 1998, it has merely contributed to making things 'more expensive'.

    Employers soon realised that they couldn't maintain operating costs by getting fewer people to do the same jobs, but it did mean that their operating costs increased as a result.

    Companies that employ large numbers of staff who are usually paid the minimum wage, see their operating costs increase everytime the minimum wage rate is increased. All that happens is the price of that company's 'output', whether it be the cost of using their services, or the cost of buying the goods they manufacture/distribute, goes up, so the end consumer ends up paying more as a result.

    It becomes a vicious circle - people 'can't afford to buy things' so the minimum wage increases, but then eventually people still 'can't afford to buy things' because everything continues to increase in price as a result.

    Now I'm not saying that the minimum wage is a 'bad thing' and it shouldn't be increased, I think employees are entitled to receive a fair salary for their work, and some big companies that make huge profits could probably afford to pay their lower-skilled workers more than the bare minimum they are legally required to.


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  11. I remember reading about plans to divide up Birmingham city centre into 'zones', and in order to travel between zones you'd have to drive out and around the ring road.


    Or "walk or cycle" of course...


    I don't drive myself, but I think it is already difficult enough to drive around the city centre as it is.


    Since the introduction of the 'clean air zone', the ring road is now even busier than it was, as many motorists are now avoiding the A38 direct route through the city centre via the overpass and tunnels.

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  12. Seriously, this is one of the 'top stories' featured on the BBC News homepage?


    Twirls substituted in some Heroes chocolate boxes


    Cadbury's has removed small Twirls from some Heroes chocolate boxes due to disruption in its supply chain, the confectionary giant said.

    Some tubs will now come with two full-sized Twirl bars, rather than the usual miniature ones.

    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-63642174


    I didn't know that Reach Plc had acquired BBC News, but the quality of 'journalism' is getting closer...



    One confused user, @Andy92rew, wrote on Twitter: "Excuse me. Why is there a normal size Twirl in my box of Heroes!?"

    Who fucking cares what some dimwit writes on Twitter? THIS ISN'T NEWS!

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  13. On 11/8/2022 at 9:32 PM, Mikhail Liebestein said:

    So ex-PM Liz Truss obsessed over wind charts due to the conflict in Ukraine. apparently concerned about nuclear fall out.




    Meanwhile, despite fears of a gas shortage, we now have plunging prices as it has been so mild this November due to a Saharan plume.


    Given on previous Novembers my bollocks have almost frozen off on Guy Fawkes night (may be I should dance into the fire), how come I've been sweltering all day in London and get home to find the house a sweltering 20C when the heating has been off all day.


    Don't say global warming...



    This reminds me of something I saw on my local news-rag's website last week:


    Winter energy bills in UK to plunge due to heavy rain in Norway


    Brits finally have cause to celebrate when it comes to their energy bills as Norway's stormy weather is set to bring some winter cheer to the UK. The country's wet and windy forecast is set to keep a lid on Britain's energy bills and potentially save households a fortune.

    Norway regularly tops the UN Human Development Index list as being one of the best places to live in the world, as Norwegians enjoy high incomes and long lives. The country also has plentiful hydroelectric power - enough to supply 96 percent of its domestic usage - which allows it to pump most of the natural gas it produces to the UK via 450-mile subsea interconnector cables.

    In total, it supplies 60 percent of the UK's gas, but that dependency caused panic in August when energy experts warned Norway could come under pressure to slash exports. Energy prices across Europe have soared due to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

    But this week's stormy weather has brought good news to billpayers, as the Express reports. Rain has been lashing down in southern Norway, filling up the country's hydropower reservoirs. That's great news for the UK, said Snjólfur Richard Sverrisson, editor-in-chief at Oslo-based Montel News, Europe’s top power market website.

    From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/cost-of-living/winter-energy-bills-uk-plunge-25446219


    So, why is this 'good news'?



    Sverrisson said this spells good news even if rains ease over time. “This means Norway should be able to export electricity to the UK on calm, cold days this winter," he said. Sverrisson warned the situation could change if Europe sees a sudden extended cold snap, but added: “That looks unlikely given the current mild weather.”

    There is another reason why the UK can breathe a sigh of relief over the upcoming winter. “Despite having far fewer gas storage facilities than its European neighbours, the UK’s ample interconnector capacity and strong flows of liquid natural gas (LNG) should mean it avoids a winter gas supply squeeze," Sverrisson added.

    European energy prices have also fallen generally due to the mild autumn weather and a successful race to fill up storage facilities before winter. That should ease the pressure on households and reduce the cost of the UK Government's Energy Price Guarantee, which limits bills to an average of £2,500 for the average household.


    So basically all this panic over rising energy prices was a scam after all! As well as all the fearmongering over 'blackouts'.


    We can thank 'global warming' for giving us a relatively 'mild' winter this year, hurrah!


    However, I wonder if any of these falling cost prices will be passed on to consumers? (Doubt it)


    People are literally being scared shitless to use electricity or gas.

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  14. I think this says a lot about the state of the UK right now...


    Couple who fled Ukraine for UK are moving back - due to 'terrible' conditions

    A couple who fled Ukraine for the UK have opted to move back - due to the cost of renting in Britain. Joe Place, aged 29, from the UK, and wife Iryna, a 34-year-old Ukrainian, left the war-torn country in February.


    A couple who fled Ukraine for the UK have opted to move back - due to the cost of renting in Britain. Joe Place, aged 29, from the UK, and wife Iryna, a 34-year-old Ukrainian, left the war-torn country in February.

    The pair hopped between family and friends' homes, and have been searching for a long-term solution ever since. Sadly, the duo say they have been facing "terrible" hosuing conditions.

    As such, they are moving back to Uzhhorod amid Russia missile strikes. "This comes to the problem that everyone in the UK seems to be facing with finding (a rental)," Mr Place said. "We doubled our budget and more ... we had a very strict list of requirements and we just kept going 'OK, well, compromise on this, compromise on this, compromise on this'.

    "Anything we got even remotely close to getting was just terrible." He added: "We realised we actually quite like it back here, and we're OK. We wouldn't want to live back in Kyiv right now because it's not safe, but where we are it is very safe, mostly anyway."

    "They're trying to get people to get prepared that you might lose the electricity and heating for a bit," he said. "That is something that is going to affect all of us, and that's going to be difficult."

    Mr Place said it would cost them up to £1,500 a month to rent in the UK, compared with £500 in Ukraine. "(£500 is) kind of expensive here (in Ukraine)," he said. "The west of Ukraine, where it's safer, the house prices have gone up quite a lot and the rents have gone up - a lot of the locals struggle. But obviously for us coming from the UK ... this is still really affordable."

    From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/couple-who-fled-ukraine-uk-25486937


    The article doesn't state where they've been staying, or where they've been looking for somewhere to rent, but £1500 seems a bit steep as they'd surely only need to rent a 1 bedroom flat or apartment, it doesn't mention them having any kids.


    Interesting what he says about house prices and rents in Ukraine, in particular the 'nice parts' (ie where there isn't any war!)


    At least this couple have 'fled' here and tried to pay their own way.


    If they headed to France and then came back on a dinghy, they wouldn't have any problems with finding somewhere to live that was affordable. 😉

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  15. And it's back...


    Avian flu in Wolverhampton and Birmingham after dead birds found in park


    Cases of avian flu have been confirmed in Wolverhampton and Birmingham after dead birds were found in two parks.

    The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said infected Canada geese and wildfowl were found in West Park, Wolverhampton and Trittiford Mill Park in the Yardley Wood area.

    People have been urged not to touch any sick or dead wild birds they come across and to keep pets on a lead.

    The infectious A (H5N1) strain is currently the most common in the UK.

    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-63563815


    I have read locally about a few dead geese being found in the pool at Trittiford Mill, my local park.


    I'm still curious as to how exactly it is being determined that these geese had died from flu, I suspect it is via some bogus PCR test.


    Birds, like humans, get old and die. I also wonder if it is possible that some birds might be being deliberately poisoned? Would help to 'fuel a narrative' I guess.


    As well as a large number of geese at Trittiford Mill Pool, we have a number of ducks and a few swans. And a growing population of gulls, as well as the usual magpies, pigeons and crows. We are also treated to the occasional visit from cormorants, and there's usually one or two grey herons prowling around the area.


    But I find it odd that this 'avian flu' doesn't seem to be affecting the other birds, just the geese?



    Councillor Jasbir Jaspal, City of Wolverhampton Council's cabinet member for public health and wellbeing, said: "I would like to reassure residents that the risk of them catching avian flu is very low.

    "This is an infectious virus which spreads among birds and it is very unusual for humans to be affected."


    But, stay away from the birds, "just in case"...

  16. 4 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


    He of course had a very long and distinguished career in TV and film, I do know him best of all from the Carry On movies, however he only ever appeared in four of them, the very early Carry On Nurse, Carry On Teacher and Carry On Constable, but the less said about the last ever one Carry On Columbus the better!


    Not really a 'Carry On legend' in my opinion, but then some parts of the media have labelled him as 'Harry Potter star'.

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  17. Sorry, but you lost me after "Tik-Tok"...


    Anything that "goes viral" on the likes of Tik-Tok or Instagram is just 'social engineering' - propaganda for the sheep, the guillible or those easily led.


    We had all this years ago with the "ice bucket challenge" on Facebook/Youtube etc.


    "Influencers" as they are now known are just that, high-profle individuals paid to push and promote certain narratives, and manipulate peoples' behaviour.


    Then you have the hordes of self-obsessed narcissists that post videos just because they crave attention, and get a dopamine 'hit' from receiving 'likes' and comments.


    In this case, the MSM are just aiding in the promotion of this, they may issue 'warnings' but all it does is draw more attention.


    As I've said before, "ignore them and they will go away".

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  18. It is funny that both Blair and Major are getting upset about 'fictiional' portrayals of them in a fictional TV show.


    Yet neither of them bat an eyelid when they were being ridiculed in satirical shows such as "Spitting Image" at the time, which were arguably more 'factual'.



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  19. 6 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    looks like they are setting him up to be the alex jones type legal precedent on this side of the pond


    just shows how coordinated it all is.


    The difference is that up until this week, most people in the UK will have likely never heard of Richard Hall, because he has never enjoyed any 'high-profile' media attention up until now.


    6 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    whether its a hoax or not a hoax or an actual bombing carried out by the deep state or a bombing carried out by someone supported by the deep state an adult british person should be able to voice their opinion about it without being arrested


    i'm getting pretty tired of these statist shits thinking they can dictate what the truth is to us


    Richard Hall did his own investigations, and came to his own conclusions, he presented them as his own opinions rather than as 'facts'. You can either agree with his findings and opinions, or you can disagree with them.


    That's how journalism is supposed to work  But this is a quality now sadly lacking in mainstream media, which is nothing more than 'narrative enforcing'.


    "This is what happened according to 'official sources' and anyone who says otherwise is lying"



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  20. I'm going by memory here so this post may not be factually accurate, but based on what I am aware of...


    There is a law in place that restricts or 'caps' how much council tax can be increased by, and I believe it is currently something like 5%. So in order for 'council taxes to rocket' beyond 5% then there would need to be a change in the law or legislation that would allow this.


    Where I live in Birmingham, our council tax increased earlier this year but it was actually around the 4% mark. The neighbouring council in Sandwell attracted controversy by increasing their council taxes by 4.99%, the maximum allowed.


    Council spending is funded by council tax income, as well as funding received from central government. Councils should be spending money on providing 'essential services', such as refuse collection, street cleansing, road and footway maintenance, as well as funding public leisure facilities such as swimming pools and libraries etc.


    There are other public services that councils fund of course, but my point is that the councils should be prioritising such services over unneccessary spending, such as 'diversity and inclusion managers' and the like. Councils should also not be wasting money on 'vanity projects' that only benefit the contractors and developers employed to carry out such works.


    Many local councils around the country have been infiltrated and taken over by "Common Purpose" stooges, as raised by @Tinfoil Hat earlier.


    As well as dictate and 'shape' agendas, Common Purpose thrives at misappropriating public funds by siphoning them off into the hands of private individuals and companies.


    From the above thread, this is an important video to watch and understand, expecially in the context of how councils "spend money to save money" by employing "management consultants" and external companies to produce audits and reports detailing where 'cuts' need to be made.



    Both Birmingham and Sandwell councils pissed away millions of pounds of local taxpayers money on 'vanity projects' for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, then boasted how it was 'worth it' because of the expected investment in those regions that would follow.


    Sandwell Council spent £73m on the Aquatics Centre in Smethwick, destroying the Londonderry Playing Fields public green space in the process, for a WEEK of high-profile competition events at the Commonwealth Games, yet the centre is not likely to be open to the general public for another year, and due to its reconfiguration to accommodate a public gym, will never be able to host any major national or international sporting event again, due to lack of seating for such events.


    But moing on now, to another way that councils could try and fleece more money out of people, and that is through the whole 'tax band' system.


    Your council tax band is determined mostly by the value (rateable value) of the property from the early 90s, when council tax was introduced.


    Many properties won't have changed much since then, for example I'm currently renting a 1 bed flat in a low-rise apartment block built in the late 60s, which falls under tax band 'A'.


    But there are a number of properties that have been 'improved' or extended since then, yet their rateable value has never changed. For example you may be living in a 2 or 3 bed semi that was originally classed as 'B' or 'C', yet you may have had a loft conversion or extension built, which has increased your property to 4/5 beds, or at least significantly increased the value of your property.


    If your council tax band has not changed, your council is potentially losing out on 'rateable income'. So watch out also for calls for 're-evaluation' of property bandings, as that will likely be a method employed to increase council tax revenues.



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