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  1. I have been following The Sandwell Skidder for a couple of years now, and while he never specifically mentions Common Purpose, a lot of what he writes about, detailing the corrupt and crooked activities at Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council in the West Midlands, does bear all the hallmarks of Common Purpose and what they get up to, as well as how they cover for each other.


    I thought I'd highlight a couple of his recent posts as 'cases in point'.


    The first one is a bit of a lengthy read, you may not be familiar with the Sandwell area and some of the names/people mentioned, and you don't need to be.


    Nasty Sandwell Scumbag, Paul Reeves, gets suspended jail sentence




    Reeves was also directly involved in the “C*cksucker” affair when I used that apt word to describe Jan Britton whilst, unfortunately, having a megaphone in my hand (as one does!) Reeves immediately called his pals in the Bent Blues who appeared almost instantaneously to harass me (try getting them to come out so quickly if your house is being burgled). Regular readers will know the story. The Police (and CPS) couldn’t wait to prosecute me and did not bother to await video and other evidence via my (then) Solicitor. They charged me as quickly as they could (and, deliberately and maliciously, with a more serious offence than a simple "public order" one). At the trial, Jan Britton and Reeves both told exactly the same lie under oath in the witness box, but all to no avail since I was acquitted as soon as the District Judge watched the video footage (which, incredibly, the Bent Blues and the CPS had still not even bothered to do before the trial had actually commenced)!

    After the trial I endeavoured to have West Midlands Police prosecute the pair for perjury but, yet again, the Bent Blues protected their pals. Oh, and at the time Britton’s son was working for - yes, you guessed it - West Midlands Police. 

    What is so sick about West Midlands Police (and it has to be said, in fairness, that there now APPEARS to be a change of attitude under recent local force leadership in Sandwell) is that in all the matters raised by this blog the Police carry out little or, more usually, NO investigation whatsoever into alleged criminality at the Council despite their considerable legal powers. They are STILL at it now - refusing to investigate the Peter & Pam Hughes/Satnam Sahota activity or the bent Lion Farm and other deals involving Jeremy Knight Adams.

    The excuse given by the Bent Blues for not prosecuting the pair for perjury was that - by an amazing coincidence - Britton and Reeves might both simply have been “mistaken” and it was pure chance that they both told precisely the same lie under oath! What I suspected - but didn’t know at the time of my complaint to WMP - was that the pair had actually colluded with respect to their evidence. It later transpired that they had done exactly that, and Sandwell Council itself was so concerned that IT sent documents to West Midlands Police about both Britton and Reeves showing this. Even then, the Bent Blues refused to investigate their chums! Absolutely sickening.


    Remember folks, these Common Purpose 'change agents' are EVERYWHERE, in the civil service (local AND national), the police, the judiciary, and the media.


    And what they do is 'look after their own'.



    Another issue - which I cannot discuss here I’m afraid (at least not yet) - led to certain information about Reeves being sent directly to West Midlands Police. In particular, “intel” was sent directly to former Sandwell Chief Super, Richard Baker (now an Assistant Chief Constable). Regular readers will know that “Rich”, as his erstwhile mate The Squealer called him, was - initially - the puppet of Eling and Britton although, to be fair to him, the scales eventually fell away from his eyes and he told the tyrannical Eling, in terms, to “do one”. I can say, however, that information regarding Reeves was supplied directly to Ch Supt Baker on, at least, 7th January, 2019 and 13th February, 2019 but, yet again, no action was taken. Who knows whether his criminality might have been nipped in the bud if Reeves had been investigated at this time rather than him carrying on believing himself to be impregnable? (There is another serious issue arising from all this which I cannot describe at this time).

    Reeves was suspended and eventually “left” the Council. He reappeared as a school caretaker (grandly described as some sort of "Facilities Manager) until around October, 2020 when, to universal astonishment amongst The Skidderati, he was also taken on by Holdens Brewery as the new mein host of The Wheatsheaf pub in West Bromwich (on a self-employed basis). Myself and others tried to warn Holdens via social media - including on 12th October, 2020 - what this **** is like but to no avail. Remember - Read The Skidder, Kidders! We know now that Reeves continued with both jobs simultaneously. Shireland Academy, the schools group, were apparently so happy with his work at their West Bromwich Collegiate Academy outpost on Kelvin Way that they allowed him to run The Wheatsheaf on the side!


    And you can add to that list above the whole education system, in particular all these 'academy groups' that have sprung up in recent years.


    Another interesting post highlights that this level of ineptitude, corruption and crookedness is not solely the domain of Labour-controlled councils.


    Your democratically-elected councillors are NOT the ones actually in control of your local council any more!


    Four (Tories) Go Mad in Dorset!




    In Sandwell this blog exposed a scam whereby bent Labour sidestep employment and equality laws to appoint people without going through tiresome processes to assess their suitability or aptitude. They do this by simply declaring that a hitherto permanent post needs to be filled on an  "interim" (temporary) basis or simply create new "interim" posts. In Sadders bent Labour tried to provide cover for their contempt for the law, and the Council's own rules, by involving that notorious mafia, the Local Government Association (The "LGA" or "Lying, Greedy, Arseholes") in the supposedly "fair" interim recruitment process. Thus when former Council Leader [sic] Cllr Rajbir "The Boy Blunder" Singh sacked Chief Exec, David Stevens, he used WhatsApp and other deletable message apps etc., to appoint a new "Interim Chief Executive", Kim Bromley-Derry, via the LGA. And when Keir "Sir Woodenarse" Starmer said he was going to take a personal interest in Sandwell he was true to his word and his crony, Imogen Walker, was made "Interim Head of the Leader's Office" - a brand new post. The fact that Walker actually lives at least 256 miles from Sandwell in Scotland was no bar to the appointment, and the taxpayer has been lining her pockets ever since. [The Information Commissioner is investigating these appointments given that the LGA has tried to conceal documentation relating to their role in these sordid affairs. It should also be said that neither the three Sandwell MP's nor the small but ever-shrinking group of hapless Tory Councillors have raised any public objections to these appointments. Oh, and by the way, the LGA receives huge sums of taxpayers' money despite behaving like a medieval guild.]

    I should add that in bent Councils like Labour Sandwell (currently in Government Special measures due to serious governance issues) once a "rigged" candidate is agreed, a no-hoper is also interviewed to make it look as if there had been some sort of competitive process.

    Dorset Council has a Chief Executive called Matthew Prosser who, as it happens, also happens to be President of another local government "jobs for the boys and girls" outfit which goes by the absurd name of Solace UK. WTF? Solace seeks to help senior local government officers keep their seats on the gravy train.



    There was a time when councillors and indeed MPs were elected on the basis of representing their constituents, and it used to be the case that any prospective candidate had to actually live in that area.


    In some councils, the corruption and influence of Common Purpose would appear to extend beyond its 'paid civil service' and into cliques of councillors themselves.


    The following post highlights this, as well as how connections are made between local authorities, following on from the above post.


    Labour's "Sperminator" ejaculated!




    Mystery surrounds the departure from the Labour Party of its most notorious masturbator, Cllr John Tipper. The infamous w*nker has left Labour and is now standing (erectly - Ed?) as an "Independent". This after the current local Labour Leader and Party Regional Office moved heaven and earth for Mr Tosser Tipper to be found a safe seat with a moronic electorate in bent Sandwell (an easy task in the local Dictatorship).

    Regular readers will know that during an earlier stint as a Sandwell Councillor, Tipper had cause to borrow a Council (i.e. taxpayer-owned) iPhone whereupon he used it to video himself masturbating before sending the offending footage (??? - Ed) to a woman of his acquaintance. Alas, John is not very bright and forgot to delete his, er, handiwork from the phone before returning it to the corrupt Council.

    I have written about this episode and subsequent events before (Skidders passim as nauseum). Tipper left the Council but the "cum-back" kid promised, like The Terminator, he would return. He (and his "journalist" mate) are assiduous (metaphorical) rimmers of Sandwell Labour Leader [sic] the pathetic liar, Kerrie "Dim Kez" Carmichael and so the time was ripe for a seat to be found for him.


    Rotherham is much like bent Sandwell Council. An absolute sh*thole after decades of Labour control - with many of the same social problems. The bent Council, also like Sadders, enjoyed an inappropriate liaison with their local Police force. 


    Perhaps the only difference between the two rotten Boroughs is that the extensive child sexual abuse in both areas was actually exposed in Rotherham leading to the resignations of the Council’s Chief Executive, Director of Children’s Services and the Police and Crime Commissioner. Meanwhile is Sadders …


    And regular readers will know the even stranger link between the two bent Councils. The Chair of the Warley Woods charity and crazed tyrant, Steve “Squealing” Eling, was (and apparently still is) an employee of Rotherham Council, and was so during the time he (and others like Jan Britton) were plunging Sandwell headlong into the well of corruption as Labour’s Deputy Council Leader and, then, Leader. This vile man kept a pied a terre near Warley Woods but actually lived over 60 miles away from sh*thole Bearwood in a quaint North Derbyshire village.


    Curiously Sandwell’s highly paid Chief Executive, Shokat Lal, also worked at Rotherham for a time and, in fact, worked with The Squealer. Lal has insisted on yet another costly “re-structuring” and has reinstated the post of “Assistant Chief Executive”. This has been filled by one James McLaughlin who, from, 2016 to 2020 also worked with The Squealer at, er, Rotherham Council. Small world isn’t it?


  2. On 2/23/2024 at 11:23 PM, Martin1234 said:

    I run a nas drive and can access that from anywhere.


    I leave a PC on all the time and can access it via Google remote. Basically I can use my full network at home over a mobile phone. Easy to set it all up.


    Yes, NAS (network attached storage) drives are quite popular, and many can be configured so you can access them remotely.


    I've not come across Google Remote before to be honest, though if it's by Google then I'd instantly distrust it.

  3. On 2/4/2024 at 8:53 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

    The recent Gaza/Israel conflict has highlighted a very real division within the Labour party and its members. Starmer's failure to stand up to the Friends Of Israel lobbyists could potentially see much of their core voter base, ie Muslims, happily give their vote to any new party that pledged to 'free Palestine' in its manifesto. 😏


    Keep en eye on Rochdale... 😏


    Rochdale: Is this the most chaotic by-election ever?



    This will be a kind of 'test-run' I feel...



    The vote next Thursday - caused by the death of the town's widely respected Labour MP Sir Tony Lloyd - should have been relatively straightforward for Sir Keir Starmer's party, riding high on the back of a string of by-election victories around the country.

    But the entry into the race of maverick former MP and left-wing firebrand George Galloway - and the spectacular implosion of Labour's campaign - has thrown the contest wide open.

    Mr Galloway is mainly targeting Rochdale's Muslim population, who make up about 30% of the electorate, many of whom are angry about what is happening in Gaza.

    "The people of Gaza don't have a vote in this election, you do," reads one of his campaign leaflets.

    At a meeting at the town's Kashmir Youth Project, he says that, if elected, he will "enter the chamber of the House of Commons like a tornado" and "shake the walls for Gaza".


    And there was me thinking that UK MPs were elected to represent their constituents, not people in some far-flung place.



    He says he wants to use Rochdale as a launchpad for his Workers Party of Britain, which is trying to recruit 50 candidates to send a message to Keir Starmer at the general election.


    Let's face it, this is just another "communist party".


    And does anyone get tired of hearing people being urged to vote for someone/something just to "send a message".


    It doesn't fucking work! They never get the message. You have to vote for someone/something that you believe will win and actually change things for the better.

  4. 11 hours ago, jack121 said:

    I find it amusing when i do on the rare ocassion go to the supermarkets that it takes longer to go through the self-service checkouts than the human operated ones - but sheep will be sheep. And the checkouts need humans to unjam the machines when they get stuck, need humans to put up notices saying : This machine is fucked, please use another one. They need humans to plug them in and power them up and feed them paper for the receipts, feed them change for the cash purchases. They need humans full stop. Hah! So much for AI taking over the world. AI is thick. AI doesn't know its arse from its elbow. I've seen people walk out with shopping trollies full of unpaid food, but i haven't seen AI jump up, and chase after them - All AI does is say : Please be a good sheep and obey all of my rules

    Makes me wonder what they are going to do in the future, when people are starving to death and will do just about anything


    Yes, that is true - a staff-manned checkout is always going to be far more efficient, simply because a trained checkout operator is more experienced at scanning items from a motorised conveyor belt, than your average shopper is.


    To be fair, at least the big supermarkets actually designed their self-service checkouts the best they could, though you'd be there forever if you had a full trolley of groceries.


    What always galled me was in stores like Wilko and Matalan, where their idea of creating self-service checkouts was to simply rotate the EPOS machine on the counter so that it faced the customer. Unless you only had one or two items, you just didn't have any space to work in. It just became an awkward and off-putting experience.


    I get most of my groceries from Iceland - thankfully they resisted the move towards self-service and still have manned tills. Everything else I need I get from my local Nisa or other independent supermarkets, I don't think they are really that much more expensive than Tesco, Sainsburys et al despite the media propaganda and advertising.

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  5. 8 minutes ago, Grumpy Grapes said:



    "WX Charts" is sometimes cited, but they rely on "Met Desk" data, apparently. Here's the latest snow prediction:


    "Met Office speaks out over 'freezing' end to February and date of next snow"


    "Charts show a ten-day Polar and Arctic blast, with WX Charts, which uses Met Desk data, predicting sub-zero conditions from February 21 to March. 1."


    "Long range forecasts predict a freezing end to February for the UK - as the Met Office has its say. Charts show a ten-day Polar and Arctic blast, with WX Charts, which uses Met Desk data, predicting sub-zero conditions from February 21 to March. 1."

    "Flurries of snow, with a blanket of the white stuff expected, are predicted for everywhere from Birmingham and Cardiff to Newcastle, Manchester, Edinburgh, Inverness and Glasgow. The Met Office has also predicted temperatures could fall towards the end of the month, bringing "the potential for snow" in some areas."




    "UK weather: Terrifying map shows 621-mile Atlantic storm bringing 12 inches of snow"


    "Terryifying weather maps have revealed that a 631-mile Atlantic storm will hit the UK and cause tempartures to plummet.

    It comes as forecasters warned that the country will face a "major spell of cold weather and widespread snow " later this month. According to WX Charts, members of the public can expect to see around 12 inches of snow. It is believed the wintry conditions will last for a few days but will first show up with rain."




    But it turns out to be bullshit. I don't doubt that some parts of the UK might see some snow, as has happened in recent weeks, but here in Birmingham, we're still waiting for this 'snow bomb' to hit, and looking at the Weather Channel forecast, it's looking extremely unlikely this will happen:




    It's just fear-mongering click-bait, hence the use of 'terrifying'.


    On the plus side, at least our gardens are getting a good soaking, which tells me that we could be in line for another long hot summer this year, we can but hope!


    Which sadly also means that within a matter of weeks, we'll no doubt start seeing the fear-mongering 'heatwave' headlines start to appear...

  6. On 2/13/2024 at 4:08 PM, Grumpy Grapes said:

    "Claims of 630-mile 'ice bomb' that will blanket UK in snow dismissed by Met Office" (Ellen Manning, 13 February 2024)


    "The Met Office has dismissed claims that a '630-mile ice bomb' is set to hit the UK, saying the uncertainty of long-range weather forecasts means it can't accurately predict such weather events."


    "Channel 4 News weather presenter Liam Dutton was even more critical, tweeting: "Since early winter, there have been silly tabloid headlines of 'snow bombs,' 'walls of snow' etc. Yet away from northern hills, most of us have had no snow, or snow that lasted little more than a day or so. Same nonsense every winter. Do they think people don't remember?"


    "It is not the first time the Met Office has felt the need to point out the uncertainty in long-range forecasting. At the start of the month, forecasters pointed out how confidence levels vary depending on conditions and how long-term the forecasts are, emphasising that people shouldn't put too much emphasis in one map."






    It's funny that, because most of the 'tabloid headlines' are all formed from press releases put out by the, er, Met Office.


    It's almost laughable that the Met Office feels the need to debunk it's own fake news.



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  7. On 2/14/2024 at 9:22 PM, numnuts said:

    The problem for the PTB, is that they can't openly do that. A Tory government that delivered Brexit, on the back of an emphatic general election win with a Brexit promise at its core, can't be seen to play any meaningful part in reversing it. Not even dumbed down sheeple would swallow that pill. Therefore, it is critical, absolutely critical, for the PTB to get Starmer elected to do their dirty work. A lot of 'other things' have also been going on in the background, so as to help enable a Starmer victory. Furthermore, I believe that there is a clause that allows for Brexit to be 'renegotiated' in 2024. How convenient. So, what are these 'other things' that have been going on in the background?


    Politics is all a 'puppet show', and it has just become another form of 'entertainment for the masses'.


    The "other things going on in the background" have been the social engineering and behavioural manipulation of the general public by the mainstream media, who have been conditioned into believing that they are "fed up" with this Tory government, and that it is "time for change" which 'only Labour can deliver'.


    I don't know about this clause on Brexit, but it wouldn't take much for Labour to bury details about this somewhere in its party manifesto, and then distract voters by focusing on things like 'funding public services and the NHS'.


    The trouble is that many voters never bother to read the full details of party manifestos, and they do so at their peril. You get what you vote for - whatever is detailed in that manifesto, if that party wins, then it rightfully claims to have a 'mandate from the people' to carry it out, even if less than half the electorate actually voted for it.


    I do find it interesting regarding these two by-elections that even the BBC doesn't bother to give a mention to the LibDems or Greens, but does give attention to Reform UK.



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  8. 'Confusing' signage at junction where sergeant died


    A busy junction with “confusing” signage was partly responsible for the death of a police officer, according to a coroner.

    Sgt Paul Frear of West Midlands Police was critically injured when he was struck by a car while walking to work.

    The incident happened on Tollhouse Way, Smethwick, in September last year.

    Joanne Lees, the Black Country coroner, said there was a risk of future deaths unless action was taken by Sandwell Council.

    from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c3g0z2rx71vo


    As I always say, it's always tragic when someone loses their life, but in this case, no matter how they try to spin this and direct blame elsewhere, this chap died as a result of their own stupidity/carelessness.



    In a prevention of future death report, external, Ms Lees said the Wolverhampton-based officer was hit at the junction with B4135 Rolfe Street, a section of carriageway which separates into three lanes.

    She explained Sgt Frear was hit by a vehicle which was correctly travelling in lane two in accordance with a green light.

    The coroner said the pedestrian control panel next to the police officer was showing red, indicating do not cross.

    He may also have been distracted by his phone or other pedestrians, she added.


    My emphasis in bold, that tells you all you need to know. These pedestrian crossing point signals are hardly 'confusing'.


    Red man = do not cross

    Green man = you can cross



    However, Ms Lees said she remained concerned about the design of the junction, as it wasn't obvious to pedestrians exactly where they should be looking.

    "Lanes one and two are for traffic intending to continue straight on and lane three is for traffic intending to turn right in to Rolfe Street," Ms Lees wrote.

    "Traffic in lane three immediately next to Mr Frear was stationary and held by a red filter traffic light.

    "However, traffic travelling in lanes one and two was able to continue straight ahead and was directed by a green traffic light."


    The obvious thing that pedestrians should be looking at is the crossing signal lights. 😉


    Then when the signal turns green, indicating it is safe to cross, look and make sure the traffic has come to a stop before entering the carriageway, yes there's always that one idiot who decides to ignore the stop light.



    A police collision investigator also revealed he had found the scene confusing, her report said.


    You'd think the police would know better...

  9. On 2/6/2024 at 12:22 AM, Macnamara said:


    agriculture didn't move abroad, OUR POPULATION GREW


    the REAL economy is the economy of production and consumption. If you are not producing REAL things then you have no real economy. We cannot rely on the financial trickery of the city of london to feed 70 million people


    Actually, a lot of agriculture did move abroad, thanks to the EEC then the EU, it became cheaper to import food from the EU as it cost less than to produce it in the UK. Don't forget the EU 'farm subsidies' to UK farmers was a form of 'compensation', but was really just paying them to scale down their own production, so as not to upset the EU farmers.


    Leaving the EU should have opened up new opportunities for our farms and fisheries, by allowing them to ramp up production and thus reduce our need to import so much, and would have also created a whole load of new jobs in the process, thus giving our own unemployed new opportunities.


    Money that was being 'sent to the EU', and then paid back to farmers and landowners in subsidies, could have been used to fund grants for farmers, to invest in equipment, recruitment and training etc.


    Instead, someone thought it would be a 'better idea' instead, to pay farmers to 'rewild' their land, or allow huge solar panel farms to be installed on them.


    The population is growing though, while the amount of useable farmland dwindles, and we become ever more reliant on imports.

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  10. On 2/7/2024 at 9:30 PM, Lilymoon said:

    Big high rise apartments and high rise condos are very common in Toronto and Vancouver.


    This is what they are building and yes even in the suburbs.

















    Well high rise apartments and high rise condos are very common in Toronto and Vancouver in Canada and yes even in the suburbs.




    The death of suburban living and the death of a house and this higher dense living is what they are doing.





    Here in Birmingham (UK), the odd thing is that many of the old tower blocks dating back to the 1960s/1970s, in particular those out in the suburbs of the city, are being demolished, as part of 'regeneration projects', which see them replaced with a smaller number of 'new homes'.


    At the same time, in the city centre area, there are a great number of new 'towers' being built, containing hundreds of what are usually described as 'luxury apartments', and very few of which get classified as 'affordable'.


    I've mentioned here before my observations of both the 'finished article' as well as what is usually proposed in such development plans.


    These blocks have at ground level what are billed as 'retail or leisure offerings', which usually means there is a gym, as well as a convenience store and a couple of cafes/takeaways.


    I had a need to travel to Coventry the other weekend, and while I was there in the city centre, again there are a large number of towers that have been built. Interestingly, there's a lot of accommodation for students being built there. And funnily enough I walked past one building which I assume is a few years old now, and while it houses students on the upper floors, on the ground level there is... yes you guessed it, a 'Tesco Express' convenience store, as well as a fully equipped gym.


    Is this somehow all part of the 'conditioning' or social engineering? When they graduate from university, is this all that students will aspire to?

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  11. 2 hours ago, 2020member said:

    Think it goes without saying on this forum the entire political apparatus from local parish councils up to Whitehall are all controlled. 


    However, when Starmer wins the next election hold onto your hats because Agenda 2030 is going to go into overdrive. Particularly a total overhaul of this countries demographics. 


    I'd say he'll last possibly two terms. After that, the Islamic Party will then get into power and this country will be totally and utterly finished. 


    It doesn't take a genius to work out that politics is not so much controlled as 'rigged'. It's almost beyond certainty that Labour will 'win' the next General Election, to feed the narrative that a 'fed up electorate have voted for change'. Far from it though, Labour will win the most votes from a minority of the electorate that can be bothered to vote, expect a record low turnout.


    But it is interesting you mention an 'Islamic Party'. I remember watching a video a while back from David Kurten, about attempts to register such a party with the Electoral Commission, which had been unsuccessful due to poor spelling and grammar and failing other requirements.


    The recent Gaza/Israel conflict has highlighted a very real division within the Labour party and its members. Starmer's failure to stand up to the Friends Of Israel lobbyists could potentially see much of their core voter base, ie Muslims, happily give their vote to any new party that pledged to 'free Palestine' in its manifesto. 😏


    If some 'Islamic Party' could get approved by the Electoral Commission  and established ahead of the next General Election, I think we could be in for a surprise - and if so I would doubt that Starmer would even last one term.

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  12. On 1/28/2024 at 11:36 AM, Captainlove said:

    I would no longer fight for this woke/lefty country.Why would i want to save pride month or anything else. Send the woketards to the front line and lets see how brave they are then.


    Sadly it would seem that many people would be far more interested in fighting for some other far flung country (Palestine, Ukraine etc) than their own.

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  13. 22 hours ago, Grumpy Grapes said:

    I can't comment on the financial bit, but the reference to mentoring/coaching pricked my ears, as it is very common in business now. Think of Lord Alan Sugar looking for his apprentices. Also, the Dark Lords of the Sith. 


    Here's a very short video of Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt (CEO Google) selling the virtues of coaching. 


    Yes, all this mentoring/coaching business is about training or programming people to operate and behave in a certain way - ie to follow and serve a particular agenda.


    But at its core, that's what Common Purpose is all about itself, recruiting and training 'leaders without boundaries', using NLP techniques to condition people into new mindsets.


    No doubt one thing these 'business leaders' will be taught is exactly how to apply for and receive funding for their "social enterprises, community-owned businesses, cooperatives and charity trading arms", whatever they actually are.


    Lets break down the above figures. A total of £1.7m "package of support".


    For 160 'business leaders'.


    That's £10,625 each. And that's just for "peer learning and for one-to-one coaching and mentoring".


    Nice work if you can get it.


    The dead giveaway is the purpose of what the 'coaching/mentoring' is for: to "grow their organisations, become more sustainable and widen the impact they have in addressing inequalities."


    It's all about the "woke agenda", or fulfilling the communitarian aims of Common Purpose.

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  14. One thing Common Purpose like to do is "misappropriate public funds" and deliver it into the pockets of their agents, stooges and cronies.


    Rather strangely, despite Birmingham City Council ending up bankrupt as a result of overspending on the Commonwealth Games, and Sandwell council being on the brink, there is apparently a 'legacy fund' that has been established as a result of an overall 'underspend' on those Games in 2022.



    A new £1.7 million package of support for community-focussed businesses will help them to improve the lives of more local people in some of the region’s most disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

    Launched by the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) with Commonwealth Games legacy money, the free business support programme is one of the biggest of its kind ever launched.

    And it is now open to applications from leaders of social enterprises, community-owned businesses, cooperatives and charity trading arms.

    The money will be used to support 160 business leaders to sharpen their key business skills through peer learning and for one-to-one coaching and mentoring to help them grow their organisations, become more sustainable and widen the impact they have in addressing inequalities.

    The social economy is the collective term for businesses that use their profits to achieve positive community and environmental impact.

    from: https://www.wmca.org.uk/news/1-7m-of-funding-for-community-led-businesses/


    If this isn't a way of nicely siphoning off taxpayers money into the back pockets of those 'chosen ones' who have their snouts firmly in the trough, then I don't know what it is.


    First of all, is there really such a thing as an 'underspend'?


    Where did all this money to 'spend' on the Commonwealth Games come from?


    A hypothetical scenario here: I'm thinking about upgrading my kitchen, and I've set aside an amount of money to pay for it, I have a budget in mind as to what I can afford.


    Lets just say I've got a budget of £15,000.


    Some astute buying and planning decisions result in my new kitchen costing me £11,000. Nice! £4000 than I was expecting to pay.


    So have I 'underspent' by £4000, or 'saved' £4000?


    In the minds of Common Purpose, what I should do with that £4000 is to just give it away to random strangers on the street, rather than just put it back into my savings.


    I often see posts from WM Mayor Andy Street boasting about "putting cash on the table" for some project or other, but too many people don't realise this is "your money", ie taxpayers money, being doled out left, right and centre.


    What exactly are "leaders of social enterprises, community-owned businesses, cooperatives and charity trading arms"? Common Purpose stooges?


    "sharpen their key business skills through peer learning and for one-to-one coaching and mentoring to help them grow their organisations, become more sustainable and widen the impact they have in addressing inequalities."


    Yawn, "sustainable" and "addressing inequalities", phrases dismissed by many as 'woke nonsense', but that's what this is about, Common Purpose change agents delivering the UN Agenda 2030 goals, and enriching themselves financially in the process.


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  15. 18 hours ago, Campion said:

    So the research is looking for connections between the various aspects and see if there is a bigger agenda, pointing to an underground 'hidden hand' linking it all together. Now the Sabbateans aren't the only heretical group which became powerful only to be suppressed by governments. The Templars were, in the mainstream history, crushed by the King of France (together with the Papacy and other governments); the Bavarian Illuminati were closed down by the Bavarian government; and all 3 have persistent reports that they went underground, or morphed into other organisations to continue their work. The Freemasons were suppressed at the same time as the Illuminati in Bavaria, but overall the Freemasons survived and even grew with the Scottish Rite taking root. So if there is this hidden hand wouldn't it be present in these other movements too? 


    Same 'hidden hand'.


    Hermes were a shit delivery company, they changed their name to 'Evri' ("rebranded" themselves), and they're still the same shit delivery company.



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  16. 41 minutes ago, Mr H said:

    That makes sense.


    Do we have examples of who is Sabbatean? And how we know they are?


    On the face of things it appears that the US is currently running the show, with the federal reserve and the military industrial complex yielding the most power. Are the people running these entities Sabbatean?


    That's the quandary. No-one in their right mind would ever admit to being a Sabbatean, so all we can do is rely on other researcher's diligent work, or draw our own conclusions.


    It would appear that the US is 'running the show' on the surface, but it's president and government are merely puppets of what David Icke used to call this 'hidden hand'.

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  17. 9 hours ago, Grumpy Grapes said:

    Was this a freak weather occurrence in Scotland, or was it shared by the rest of the country? 


    "Weather record for warmest January set in Scottish Highlands" 


    A new UK record high temperature has been set in the Scottish Highlands, according to provisional figures from the Met Office.

    It recorded a peak of 19.6C (67.3F) at Kinlochewe on Sunday, making it hotter than Rome and the Cote d'Azur.


    https://www-bbc-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-68119951.amp?amp_js_v=a6&amp_gsa=1#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s


    Thanks, I saw this story too. It wasn't shared by the rest of the country though, and it's not such a 'freak occurrence after all'.


    From that article:



    The temperature in Kinlochewe was significantly higher than the 18.3C (65F) recorded both at Inchmarlo and Aboyne in Aberdeenshire on 26 January 2003.

    The previous record high for the winter months for Scotland, was 18.7C (65.6F) which was recorded in Achfary in Sutherland on 28 December 2018.


    And there's an explanation given too:



    BBC Scotland forecaster and meteorologist Calum MacColl said the balmy weather was due in part to something known as the Foehn effect.

    He explained: "The Foehn effect is where, within a stable atmospheric environment, air is forced to rise up and over the hills and mountains, before descending back towards the surface on the leeward or downwind side of the mountains.

    "On the windward side on the mountains, the air is mild and moist, but will cool by around 0.6 degree Celsius per 100m as it rises up the hill side. However, as the air mass then reaches the tops of the hills, it then descends and in doing so will dry out and subsequently warm by 1 degree Celsius per 100m.

    "This results in higher temperatures being recorded on the downwind side compared with the windward side on the mountains."

    He said southerly winds were also drawing up a very mild air mass across Scotland, leading to unusually warm conditions.


    Nice weather if you can get it, for this time of year!



    Donald MacLennan, manager of the Kinlochewe Hotel, confirmed it was "really hot outside".

    "But I can't see anyone out enjoying it as it's blowing a hoolie," he added.


    Oh come on, 19C isn't "really hot", that's got to be an exaggeration.


  18. 17 hours ago, Grumpy Grapes said:

    Piers Corbyn claims he predicted earthquakes:


    "27 Jan 2024 major earth facing coronal holes in our WeatherAction.com forecasted R5 (Red5) period 25-27 Jan



    "There was also a significant earthquake m=6.1 in Guatemala on 27th confirming our warning of increased major earthquake risk in this R5 period." 


    "BRILLIANT! There was a very significant  M6.5 earthquake on morning of Jan 28th (ie within half a day if the R5 forecasted 25-27th for extra risk), in Brazil. Note M6.5 is  significant success in 25-27 +-0.5d ie 4d period where expected score is 4x5/28=0.7 and score was 1.0 M6.5+ quakes."




    Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers has been predicting and reporting on earthquakes for several years, I'm curious as to why Piers Corbyn is jumping on this bandwagon now.



  19. 12 hours ago, Mr H said:

    @Macnamaraok thanks.


    I think we can see cultural Marxism in our culture today. That is undeniable. I think what is less clear is that their are a group of folks called Sabbatean Jews who are controlling everything. 


    Seems to me money lenders have and will always run the show, followed by the military industrial complex and large corporations. No doubt there's secret societies going on underneath. But not sure they all roll up into Sabbatean Jews category....?


    Not 'Sabbatean Jews', just 'Sabbateans'


    Most just coincidentally happen to be 'Jewish' as well. And that works out nice for them because if anybody ever dares criticise or point out what they're up to, they can immediately get shut down by cries of 'anti-semitism'.


    I'm pretty sure we'll also find Sabbateans who 'masquerade' as Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Roman Catholics or even atheists.

  20. 25 minutes ago, Mr H said:

    My point really is. You seem to get very worked up about a group of people you call Sabbatean Jews, whom you've never met only heard about on the internet, and have decided to blame them for all your problems and the world's problems without any real evidence - just some speculation and correlation. And then you don't post a solution to the theoretical problem of Sabbatean Jews........


    I just don't see what good this does?


    And the associations you make are so loose, I could similarly say, white folks or old folks are trying to run the world or whatever. Or English speaking people. 


    You do know the rich elites trying to run things is nothing new and nothing Jewish. Were the Romans Jewish? The Greeks? 


    It's more of a human nature thing for folks who live an egoic existence. When they get power they want to rule and dictate to others because they feel separate from others. This is true of all people living an egoic existence not just Jews....


    I first became aware of 'Sabbatean-Frankism' through David Icke's books, and the way he explained it made a lot of sense as to why things are as they are.


    In later books he refers to these people as the Cult, which is basically what it is.


    They're not Jews, though they will masquerade behind the 'cloak of Judaism' in order to protect themselves from scrutiny or criticism. In much the same way that not all Zionists are Jews.


    You'll never hear anyone boasting openly of being a Sabbatean, because it's all hidden and secretive.

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  21. A protest took place in Birmingham city centre today, where protestors lay in Great Charles Queensway to "represent the 25 road deaths that occur in Birmingham every year".


    ‘Die-in’ protest held in busy Birmingham street after deaths in city


    A road safety campaign group in Birmingham took to a busy city street to stage a ‘die-in’ protest calling for changes after deaths on the city’s roads. Around 50 protestors gathered in Great Charles Street Queensway, opposite the entrance to University College, to voice their concerns after two more pedestrians were killed in the past month.

    Former Crossroads actress Charmian Abrahams, 96, who played Mavis Hooper in the Midlands motel soap died after she was struck by a vehicle in Ladywood Road in Harborne on Monday, January 15. And a woman in her 40s was killed after being hit by a car in Witton Lane, near Aston Hall Road, close to Aston Villa’s Villa Park ground, just before 9am on Thursday, December 21.

    And in Belgrave Middleway in the city centre a pedestrian was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car at around 6.30pm on Saturday, January 13. The incidents, just days into 2024, prompted Better Streets for Birmingham to hold a protect calling for ‘no more road deaths’.

    from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/die-in-protest-held-busy-28524391


    Just as an aside into the poor quality of local journalism, the above quote is copied verbatim. It was actually "Lordswood Road" in Harborne, not 'Ladywood Road', and this group held a 'protest' not a 'protect'. 😪



    Co-chair of the Better Streets for Birmingham group, Mat MacDonald, gave a speech to those gathered. He called for an end to the ‘senseless loss of life on our city’s roads in collisions’.

    He said: “Over the past few weeks, tragedy has struck yet again on our city’s roads. Two women have been killed, whose only misdemeanour was to have the temerity to walk around the areas where they lived.

    “Two women who were expected back home and who never returned. And now two sets of families dealing with the unimaginable trauma of such a sudden, unexpected and violent loss. And a whole city who know, any of our loved ones, any of us could be next.”

    He said ‘our roads are not safe’ and the ‘systems for removing dangerous drivers from them are not working’. He said the deaths were ‘grimly predictable’.

    He went on: “Every single fortnight in Birmingham someone is killed on our roads, while every single day someone is seriously injured.” He said leaders have ‘failed’ to properly tackle the problems streets face.

    Mr MacDonald said there were ‘too many cars in Birmingham’ and ‘too many of them are driven dangerously’. He said road safety on many roads was ‘a mere afterthought’. He said: “Car excess, anti-social driving and unsafe roads blight our communities, bring fear, misery and death to every corner of Birmingham.

    “But from Harborne to Hay Mills, from Edgbaston to Erdington, are standing together in anger, in anguish and furious solidarity today, enough is enough.”


    I'm sure I've mentioned before that I don't drive and have never owned a car, so just wanted to make my position clear.


    This particular group may appear to have noble intentions on the surface, but in reality they are very much 'anti-car' and 'anti-motorist'.


    It is always tragic when someone loses their life, but in many of these cases there is important context being missed.


    Yes, it is true that there are a number of idiots who choose to race around everywhere and ignore the Highway Code.


    It is also true that the word 'idiot' is now considered offensive and will result in your comment being 'deactivated' on Reach Plc sites for breaching their 'community guidelines'.



    However, in the grand scheme of things, is 25 that great a number? But my big question is how many of these 25 deaths were entirely preventable, if the victims had chosen to cross that particular road in a safer manner?


    Too often, we'll see some story in local news about some pedestrian being run over and either seriously injured or killed.


    But "what actually happened" will never get reported, so in most cases it remains a 'mystery'.


    I would hazard a guess that in most of these cases, this pedestrian has been maimed or killed through their own stupid fault, by attempting to cross a busy main road where or when it was clearly not safe to do so.


    I see it all the time, particularly in Sparkbrook near where I work, all along the Stratford Road, people are blindly walking out into moving traffic, despite a plethora of controlled pedestrian crossings, or central reservation refuges. And what alarms me most is people walking out into the road either carrying children, or dragging them by their hands.


    And then of course there are the 'smartphone zombies' who just casually step into the road while staring at their iPhones.


    So come on, lets have some truth please, how many of these pedestrian deaths were caused by their own carelessness rather than through any fault of the motorist?


    It sounds  to me like this group are going about things the wrong way, maybe they should be doing more to educate and inform pedestrians on how to cross roads more safely, that would be a great way to reduce injuries and deaths.


    Sadly, I think this is just a front or a cover for a more 'anti-car' agenda.



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  22. 4 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

    then we have to accept everything we know, everything we've read and everything we've been told is a psy op


    like when ppl go "man never went to the moon" then next breath they say "isn't nasa's blue marble wonderful."


    you believe all or nothing.

    not pick parts that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside and reject parts that don't.


    Or you can just "trust the plan" and hope for the best 😉


    Alternatively, you go with your instincts and work out for yourself what you think is correct or not.

  23. 12 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

    the only ppl that know about deagal are us few

    the masses have no idea that site even exists

    Yes, but still, how do you know if the Deagal site is genuine or just another part of the 'psy-op' being played against the 'other side'? (ie 'us')





  24. 10 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

    they need more than a mind war to reduce the uk population to 17 million by next year


    How do you know that isn't another 'mind war'? (I presume you're referring to these 'Deagal forecasts' that people like to keep quoting?)



  25. On 1/24/2024 at 8:32 PM, bamboozooka said:


    Sweden's call for population to prepare for war sparks panic and criticism



    West Must Be Prepared For War With Russia, NATO Official Warns Ahead Of Major Military Drills



    Army chief warns ordinary Brits will be called up to fight if UK goes to war



    I'm pretty sure that's all this is, "fear rhetoric".


    People stopped being frightened by 'Covid' news stories.


    People aren't being frightened by weather news stories any more.


    image.png.dfd68071fdcf7ddaa3ced8b21d3fcee4.png 🙈


    People aren't being sufficiently frightened by 'measles outbreak'.


    They are just really ramping up the fear of war and conflict.


    WW3 is already happening, but it is not a war involving soldiers and guns, it is a psychological 'mind war' being waged on all of us.

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