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  1. Can someone please 'like' this so I can get off "1,666" reputation? Thanks in advance! 🦉

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    2. oddsnsods


      See Grumpy works for NASA!

    3. Grumpy Owl
    4. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      Yep, I've never been into space, I must work for NASA 🤣

  2. No shopping or pub for me today, just another ordinary day, because I GO TO WORK 😄

    1. Juli



    2. Juli


      Grump you have an excellent reputation. Mine is "just good." Does this mean my content sucks?

    3. screamingeagle


      no it doesn't,it depends on number of likes/reputations 



  3. 21 Reasons Why Owls Will Steal Your Heart Right NOW. Woot ...

    1. ink


      Ermm .... your laughing Grumpy!


      Did you get laid mate?




      You know, laid .... owls get laid .... so I was just wondering??



    2. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      No sadly, but sometimes you just have to laugh, and put aside negative feelings for more positive ones. 😄 🦉

    3. screamingeagle


      LMAO.....sneaky looks😁

  4. Spammers and bots, please get lost!

    1. screamingeagle
    2. lake


      Tips hat, raises glass and thanks the mods for what they do. 👽

  5. "If praying achieved anything, we wouldn't be allowed to do it" - Grumpy Owl, 2020

    1. lake


      Well you never know .... Just checking something Grump, don't mind me damned.png.6e51fc0a172603380475784c8521fe3e.png

    2. JosiahIV


      no one does it right anyway, so why bother outlawing it outright? people might learn to do it right, then!

  6. If we manifest our own reality, and "energy flows where attention goes" and all that, what if by following and believing in 'conspiracy theories' and focusing all our attention on them, we are actually 'helping' them to manifest and become reality?

    1. screamingeagle


      focus can be negative or positive....

      as long as we are negative,well they are happy 


    2. BridgeBuilder


      As long as we watch the news we are giving our attention and energy to the propaganda.

      It's like having an addiction. You want to let go but you can't.

      OK, we have to keep up with the news so that we can inform others but important to increase time spent on evil thoughts like bringing down BG or whoever, whatever organisation you want to go for. Daydreaming couldn't be more pleasant!

  7. My website is 3 years old today, gosh has it really been that long! Happy Birthday to me!


    1. karantanc



    2. DarianF


      Congrats mate

  8. Off to enjoy some sun in the garden 😎

    1. Basket Case

      Basket Case

      Summer has arrived..  :0)


  9. Things people don't say any more: "Hang on a minute..." when someone tells them something absurd...

    1. DarianF


      It's worse than that. It's not that they do not reply, "hang on a minute" in response to an absurdity – but far more disturbing – they are not even aware that an absurdity has been uttered in the first place. It would still have some hope left if the issue was people do actually recognise absurdity, but are just too terrified to point it out. No no, it's the fact that society is so dumbed down and retarded they no longer even recognise the insanity. They think it's all just fine and fucking dandy. Retardation is normalised. Stupidity and mediocrity is rewarded and encouraged. We are fucked. Fucked beyond repair.

  10. “Freedom Day” is just the first day of the next phase of social engineering


    1. EnigmaticWorld


      Out of reactions, but well written. Will give it a share on my social media, thanks!

  11. 19 years ago today, two unskilled Arab pilots managed to fly two jumbo jets into the two tallest towers of the World Trade Center in New York. Within a couple of hours, both towers somehow managed to completely collapse and demolish themselves. The same people that still believe this story no doubt also believe that there is a lethal and deadly virus infecting everybody at present.

    1. Fatback


      My "awakening" came 7 years ago after watching the documentary Zeitgeist. I was 46 years old. My entire world perception changed; made me wander deeper into the forest of lies and it's been a difficult journey as I seek the truth. I think what pains the most is the realization of false patriotism here in the "good ole' USA" . SnowDen is a real patriot. Til' my last breath in this life, I'm going to wear my " tinfoil hat "

      with pride and turn my face toward the sun. It's been a tough journey for us all, I'm sure, but I hope to meet ya'll on the other side with an open heart and a soul full of trust. 

  12. NEVER FORGET: Twenty years ago today, a crack team of inexperienced terrorists, organised by a man living in a cave in Afghanistan, successfully managed to hijack four airline jumbo jets using nothing more than Stanley knives, without US ATC or NORAD noticing, then bravely and skilfully flew two jets into the World Trade Center, and another one into the Pentagon, while the fourth crashed after the passengers rallied round to fight off the hijackers. The two hit towers of the WTC then collapsed into a cloud of dust, while a further tower - Building 7 - collapsed some twenty minutes after the BBC said it did, despite not being hit by a plane.

    1. numnuts


      And, just a few hours later, everyone knew exactly who to blame. 😎 

  13. "In Greek mythology the lotus-eaters, were a race of people living on an island dominated by the lotus tree, a plant whose botanical identity is uncertain. The lotus fruits and flowers were the primary food of the island and were a narcotic, causing the inhabitants to sleep in peaceful apathy. Figuratively, 'lotus-eater' denotes "a person who spends their time indulging in pleasure and luxury rather than dealing with practical concerns"."



    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      I'm just curious as to why Carl Benjamin used this for the name of his new website...

  14. Money-saving tip: why waste your hard earned money on fireworks or paying to go to an 'organised display'? Simply stay at home, stand in your own garden, and watch or listen to other fools setting off their own fireworks. Its always remarkable how people on low-incomes who claim to be 'struggling to make ends meet' can always have money to waste buying these things that pop and bang, yet serve no other useful purpose.

    1. Fluke


      I did enjoy my fire though. 

  15. “Omicron variant” – just more social engineering?


    1. Ethel


      Like you say , the vaccine passports are nothing to do with safety. It is about rewarding compliance and punishing non compliance, simple as that. The whole narrative is so full of holes that sometimes you just have to take a step back and marvel at the insanity of it all

  16. "Living well is the best revenge"


  17. So I got my 'call up' to get my 'Covid vaccine' by text message. Now, I live in south Birmingham, and my 'invite' involves me having to travel all the way to Erdington, in north Birmingham. On the basis that people shouldn't be making 'unnecessary journeys' by public transport, I am going to politely decline. I'm not that keen to make a 20 mile 2 hour round trip by bus to get a jib-jab I don't particularly want or need!

    1. peter


      But your putting the rest of society at risk, don't be grumpy ,lighten up and go an get your jab

  18. PINGDEMIC: We really have reached a crtical point where people are obeying orders being given to them by a smartphone app...

  19. West Midlands Police looking to speak to man who peacefully stabbed one person to death and injured seven in Birmingham last night

  20. Here we go again, "Afghan Refugees" are the new "Syrian Refugees".


    POOFF! Just like that, the 'pandemic' is over, and its all about 'opening the borders' and 'refugees welcome' etc again.


    The migrants already heading across the channel to the UK will now be 'rebranded' as 'Afghan Refugees' (despite hardly any of them actually being 'Afghan'), and anyone questioning why this is happening will be branded as a 'nasty racist uncaring bigot'.


    I'm not averse to helping 'genuine refugees', don't get me wrong, but you can already see this is going to turn into a 'free-for-all'. And I bet none of these refugees being 'welcomed' into the country will be expected to provide negative PCR tests, nor will they have to spend huge sums of money to stay in 'quarantine hotels' on arrival.

  21. Jeremy Corbyn could have been a great Prime Minister, if he had some bollocks. But I'm sure any man would have had their bollocks shrivel up and die... if Diane Abbot had been anywhere near them... 🤢 🥴 😜

  22. "Gammons For London"

    Seriously, who is this guy, and is someone within UKIP taking the piss?



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