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  1. ‘Asymptomatic transmission’, herd immunity, and how this ‘pandemic’ will never end



  2. “Omicron variant” – just more social engineering?


    1. Ethel


      Like you say , the vaccine passports are nothing to do with safety. It is about rewarding compliance and punishing non compliance, simple as that. The whole narrative is so full of holes that sometimes you just have to take a step back and marvel at the insanity of it all

  3. If the vaccines and boosters only reduce your risk of 'dying' if you catch this virus, and you can still catch and 'spread' this virus whether you are vaccinated or not, then what fucking difference does it make if only 'vaccinated' people can enter certain events or venues? My logical brain tells me that the idea of 'vaccine passports' is completely illogical, and serves no purpose other than to try and divide society, or to 'nudge nudge' people into becoming used to the idea of having their lives controlled and dictated to them by a smartphne app.


    GET THE VACCINE! WEAR A FUCKING MASK! Why? These things seem to make no difference anyway. People who've had the vaccine and religiously wear face masks are just as likely to catch this virus and get sick from it (or even die), so what's the point? What's the point of the vaccines? What's the point of a Covid/vaccine passport?


    Why is everyone doing the same shit that we went through before and expecting a different result this time?


    Because its all social engineering and psychological manipulation propaganda.

  4. Money-saving tip: why waste your hard earned money on fireworks or paying to go to an 'organised display'? Simply stay at home, stand in your own garden, and watch or listen to other fools setting off their own fireworks. Its always remarkable how people on low-incomes who claim to be 'struggling to make ends meet' can always have money to waste buying these things that pop and bang, yet serve no other useful purpose.

    1. Fluke


      I did enjoy my fire though. 

  5. Has the 'Covid Pandemic' quietly drawn to a close?

  6. NEVER FORGET: Twenty years ago today, a crack team of inexperienced terrorists, organised by a man living in a cave in Afghanistan, successfully managed to hijack four airline jumbo jets using nothing more than Stanley knives, without US ATC or NORAD noticing, then bravely and skilfully flew two jets into the World Trade Center, and another one into the Pentagon, while the fourth crashed after the passengers rallied round to fight off the hijackers. The two hit towers of the WTC then collapsed into a cloud of dust, while a further tower - Building 7 - collapsed some twenty minutes after the BBC said it did, despite not being hit by a plane.

    1. numnuts


      And, just a few hours later, everyone knew exactly who to blame. 😎 

  7. Here we go again, "Afghan Refugees" are the new "Syrian Refugees".


    POOFF! Just like that, the 'pandemic' is over, and its all about 'opening the borders' and 'refugees welcome' etc again.


    The migrants already heading across the channel to the UK will now be 'rebranded' as 'Afghan Refugees' (despite hardly any of them actually being 'Afghan'), and anyone questioning why this is happening will be branded as a 'nasty racist uncaring bigot'.


    I'm not averse to helping 'genuine refugees', don't get me wrong, but you can already see this is going to turn into a 'free-for-all'. And I bet none of these refugees being 'welcomed' into the country will be expected to provide negative PCR tests, nor will they have to spend huge sums of money to stay in 'quarantine hotels' on arrival.

  8. PINGDEMIC: We really have reached a crtical point where people are obeying orders being given to them by a smartphone app...

  9. “Freedom Day” is just the first day of the next phase of social engineering


    1. EnigmaticWorld


      Out of reactions, but well written. Will give it a share on my social media, thanks!

  10. Things people don't say any more: "Hang on a minute..." when someone tells them something absurd...

    1. DarianF


      It's worse than that. It's not that they do not reply, "hang on a minute" in response to an absurdity – but far more disturbing – they are not even aware that an absurdity has been uttered in the first place. It would still have some hope left if the issue was people do actually recognise absurdity, but are just too terrified to point it out. No no, it's the fact that society is so dumbed down and retarded they no longer even recognise the insanity. They think it's all just fine and fucking dandy. Retardation is normalised. Stupidity and mediocrity is rewarded and encouraged. We are fucked. Fucked beyond repair.

  11. Off to enjoy some sun in the garden 😎

    1. Basket Case

      Basket Case

      Summer has arrived..  :0)


  12. No shopping or pub for me today, just another ordinary day, because I GO TO WORK 😄

    1. Juli



    2. Juli


      Grump you have an excellent reputation. Mine is "just good." Does this mean my content sucks?

    3. screamingeagle


      no it doesn't,it depends on number of likes/reputations 



  13. My website is 3 years old today, gosh has it really been that long! Happy Birthday to me!


    1. karantanc



    2. DarianF


      Congrats mate

  14. So I got my 'call up' to get my 'Covid vaccine' by text message. Now, I live in south Birmingham, and my 'invite' involves me having to travel all the way to Erdington, in north Birmingham. On the basis that people shouldn't be making 'unnecessary journeys' by public transport, I am going to politely decline. I'm not that keen to make a 20 mile 2 hour round trip by bus to get a jib-jab I don't particularly want or need!

    1. peter


      But your putting the rest of society at risk, don't be grumpy ,lighten up and go an get your jab

  15. "Living well is the best revenge"


  16. "Paranoia is in bloom,
    The PR transmissions will resume
    They'll try to push drugs that keep us all dumbed down
    And hope that we will never see the truth around"



    This was released in 2009, Muse knew what was coming...

  17. Went for a walk earlier around my local park to enjoy this late winter sunshine. Was incredibly pleased to see so many other people doing the same, families with kids, the play area was full and so was the car park. People strolling around the pool, or sitting out on the grass field. Hardly any mask-wearers in sight, though there were a couple sadly.


    For a moment, it felt like how things used to be. And it is times like this when you realise that this 'deadly pandemic' only really seems to exist on the TV and on the internet.

  18. 21 Reasons Why Owls Will Steal Your Heart Right NOW. Woot ...

    1. ink


      Ermm .... your laughing Grumpy!


      Did you get laid mate?




      You know, laid .... owls get laid .... so I was just wondering??



    2. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      No sadly, but sometimes you just have to laugh, and put aside negative feelings for more positive ones. 😄 🦉

    3. screamingeagle


      LMAO.....sneaky looks😁

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