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  1. If there is one thing I have learned from experience, you cannot simply 'borrow' your way out of debt.

  2. See, now when new members come along and start new topics about stuff thats already being discussed on this forum, that to me is a 'flag' that something is being pushed elsewhere that isn't all it seems to be, and my instincts tell me that misinfo/disinfo is being sowed, for the purpose of distracting us 'alternative thinking' folks.

    I will now state with some certainty that I don't believe anything 'of note' is going to happen on September 23rd/24th, and I am confident that I will not be the one ending up with egg on their face.


    1. EnigmaticWorld


      Some people just need to use search more, but forum sliding probably is a factor too. Not really sure about Sept 23/24th, it's all just speculation in my opinion.

    2. Beaujangles


      Seems to me that so long as the forum stays rather benign and doesnt encroach into areas that the 'ptb' doesnt want light to be shed on, then the forum stays somewhat slow. Once a subject that causes them to be 'alerted' you tend to see an onslaught of posts (?sliding). Some of the ones joining in with the slliiidde are older posters. Never surmise that the disinfo or forum sli i iding is due to new posters..or that older posters dont have more than one account. Ive noticed that some on here have old accounts and are often the ones that push buttons, claiming the higher ground. Whereas many newer posters spend a lot of time not posting but using other facilities of this forum... Need eyes wide open...

  3. What do you believe?

    If you believe the world is going to shit, then don't be surprised if the world goes to shit.


    Take a step back, and think about how you are being influenced by the people you follow.

    1. TetraG


      Had to comment this, having noticed it for a few days.... It may seem obvious but so it goes to say, thinking about our everyday lives too in much the same way, counts in how things turn out more widely as the same applies in that we are the world. This is not egocentric, but it starts with us to not make more ""sh*t"" than there already is... It's the people that make it and have to live in it.... (and on a different but holistic narrative, the wildlife in nature that has to put up with our taking of their land on which they live)

    2. TetraG


      Oh and for us insatiable humans with drives like a leaping gazelle or road runner, yes it is never bad advice "to take a step back a bit" when there are more cross-roads of all types in life than even false narratives; (and there are a lot of false narratives in convid b/c that's what it's intended for of course) ...

      Similarly to step back now & then when our senses become bloated or incensed is also a good time to reassess things... to be sure whichever direction we step in, mentally and physically.....is actually good for us, at least in the long term.

  4. Well, what a week that was! First, we got ourselves a new Prime Minister. Then, we got ourselves a new monarch!

  5. When Iceland refund you for one 18 pack box of Carlsberg out of three that you ordered, and the driver delivers three boxes. 😎 🍻

    OK, the 'free' box was missing one can, but that's still 17 free beers on Iceland.



  6. I remember the days when people would look forward to and enjoy hot weather...

  7. I may not be right all of the time. But one reason why I blog on my own website is that just occasionally I might predict correctly... from December 2021...


    All change in 2022? Are Boris’ days numbered?


  8. The real reason for ‘smart meters’ is becoming ever more apparent


    1. DaleP


      You know, I've read today that you can't steal electricity. Think about that. 🤔


      Mere information, including confidential information, has been held not to constitute property for the purposes of the Theft Act. In addition, electricity cannot be ‘stolen’.


      From www.inbrief.co.uk/offences/points-to-prove-theft/


    2. numnuts


      I have just been informed that I might lose my opportunity to get a smart meter soon, if I don't get one now, due to 'limited stock'. Hmm, why am I not swayed? Given recent, steep rises in gas and electricity prices, I reckon that those with smart meters must be getting mentally terrorised on a daily basis, just by looking at the live display. I would far rather get bill shocked once a quarter or once a month myself. 

  9. "If you're willing to change the world, let love be your energy"


    I never thought I'd ever be quoting a Robbie Williams song, but there you go, it was playing on the in-store radio in my local shop the other day, and it actually resounded with me.

  10. "There will be one shop..."

    Or how 'middlemen' will be cut out to 'save consumers money'...


  11. "You're questioning the sciences, and questioning religion, you're looking like an idiot, and you no longer care"



  12. Heat Pumps! What are they good for? Diverting huge amounts of public money into the hands of private companies. Do they benefit consumers, save them money on their energy bills, or 'save the planet'? Probably not...




    1. oddsnsods


      Poison you, starve you, freeze you.

    2. DaleP


      "save them money on their energy bills, or 'save the planet'? Probably not... "

      If they say so, it probably the opposite. 😂

  13. When it comes to 'fake news' in the mainstream media, and 'fakery' in the alternative media, the question always asked is "who can you trust?"


    The answer is, I believe, another question, which is "what do YOU think?"


    The "sheeple" that follow and believe the mainstream media narrative may seem like a lost cause to us. But equally there are those that have rejected the mainstream narrative, and are blindly following and believing everything they see on alternative platforms, and considering these videos published on Bitchute and Rumble (et al) as 'gospel truth'.


    In my opinion its another form of polarisation, one extreme to another. Take a step back for a moment and think clearly with your own mind. The psychological manipulation works both ways, forcing you to one extreme or another. This is the purpose of the 'Hegelian Dialectic', they want to coerce you towards a 'third-way', but maybe in fact there is a 'fourth way' which they're not banking on you finding.


    Think for yourself, its not illegal (yet).

    1. metak88


      Recently I find Jordan Sather very pleasing to listen to. Not jumping to conclusions, exposing grifters/shills/feds/etc. and pointing the very same thing you've pointed out. The 'alternative' platforms are full of BS and many of the most popular channels are acting like a team with someone feeding them same talking points.

    2. Origin


      Everything is built on layers of lies and believed facts. The pathetic struggle of who rules this so-called earth. Science is pretending to be looking in the right place. It serves a certain belief that we exist in a three-dimensional reality. From my perspective, they have successfully managed to deceive almost every human being here. But something is here and it will surpass erverything Humans can even imagine. And Humans never have and never will be able to stop it. 

  14. "Could", "Maybe", "Possible", "Suggested"


    These four words are used in media news reports/articles that are socially engineering you.


    Either directly or indirectly. Its the reaction to such articles that determines the level of social engineering and manipulation.

  15. The domain for https://covidexposed.info/ is up for renewal in June, and I have decided not to continue with that website any more.


    So if anyone wants to save or preserve any material from there, please feel free to do so.


  16. Charities and charitable foundations/trusts - nice work if you can get it...


    The “Charitable Foundation” scam – how to siphon off public money into private hands


    1. MarcusOmouse


      Thanks for this G.O.

      A further reminder for the many of us ,who wish to donate to charity, when we can afford to do so- keep it local.

      Give to those within your local community, who you know are in hardship.

      They will get all of it, as opposed to virtually none of it, when we donate to "official" charities.

    2. DaleP


      You could do this for yourself and become a charitable private person Grumpy.

      Read it as "how to siphon off public your money into your private hands"

      You just don't siphon off other people's money.😉


  17. Last night, I watched an episode of Quantum Leap, set during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 (s3 ep21 "Nuclear Family"). It was quite compelling to watch, only to see how easily ordinary people can be whipped up into such levels of paranoia and fear, thanks in part to regular 'special bulletins' appearing on the TV interupting 'normal programming'.


    It was quite pertinent, as you can see demonstrated in this episode how the media has already at that time used 'social engineering' and perception manipulation into making US citizens believe "the Russkies are gonna kill us" and that the Russians are the 'bad guys'.


    And how such media-programmed people react to people like Sam Beckett when he tries to reassure them that the "Russian people aren't evil" and that things aren't going to turn out as bad as the media portrays.


    Fear makes stupid people do stupid things, as that episode then goes on to demonstrate. It was broadcast in February 1993, and even now 29 years later, the media are still playing their 'Russian boogeyman' tricks.

  18. As it was Sunday afternoon, I went for a walk round my local park. Only one person wearing a mask, but after his second lap jogging around the pool, he'd pulled it down to below his chin. And even smiled at me when he passed me while I was sat down on a bench as he completed his fourth lap.

    Despite the notices warning about 'avian flu', it was extremely disappointing that none of the geese, swans or ducks were wearing face coverings. They were also clearly not observing social distancing guidance, as they kept coming up to me to see if I had any food for them.

  19. ‘Asymptomatic transmission’, herd immunity, and how this ‘pandemic’ will never end



  20. “Omicron variant” – just more social engineering?


    1. Ethel


      Like you say , the vaccine passports are nothing to do with safety. It is about rewarding compliance and punishing non compliance, simple as that. The whole narrative is so full of holes that sometimes you just have to take a step back and marvel at the insanity of it all

  21. If the vaccines and boosters only reduce your risk of 'dying' if you catch this virus, and you can still catch and 'spread' this virus whether you are vaccinated or not, then what fucking difference does it make if only 'vaccinated' people can enter certain events or venues? My logical brain tells me that the idea of 'vaccine passports' is completely illogical, and serves no purpose other than to try and divide society, or to 'nudge nudge' people into becoming used to the idea of having their lives controlled and dictated to them by a smartphne app.


    GET THE VACCINE! WEAR A FUCKING MASK! Why? These things seem to make no difference anyway. People who've had the vaccine and religiously wear face masks are just as likely to catch this virus and get sick from it (or even die), so what's the point? What's the point of the vaccines? What's the point of a Covid/vaccine passport?


    Why is everyone doing the same shit that we went through before and expecting a different result this time?


    Because its all social engineering and psychological manipulation propaganda.

  22. Money-saving tip: why waste your hard earned money on fireworks or paying to go to an 'organised display'? Simply stay at home, stand in your own garden, and watch or listen to other fools setting off their own fireworks. Its always remarkable how people on low-incomes who claim to be 'struggling to make ends meet' can always have money to waste buying these things that pop and bang, yet serve no other useful purpose.

    1. Fluke


      I did enjoy my fire though. 

  23. Has the 'Covid Pandemic' quietly drawn to a close?

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