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  1. Maybe "warning" people about the dangers of the Convid 'vaccines' is not such a great idea. What if they're placebos? Imagine you tell someone the vaccine will harm or even kill them, and they believe you, but are then foolish enough to go and have it, then, through the power of their own negative beliefs (the nocebo effect), the vaccine ends up killing them. It's entirely possible this is what's happening. Imagine that. Imagine if the 'anti-vaxxers' were indirectly responsible for the deaths of people who have been vaccinated. 


    I won't be having this jab - ever. But at the end of the day, every adult in the Western world knows there are risks to any medical procedure. Nobody has to point this out. They are responsible for their own lives - why run the risk of them believing you, then having the jab and dying as a result of it because of beliefs which you instilled in them? Think about it.


    BTW - I am not trying to 'persuade' anyone. I could be entirely wrong. They could legitimately be full of stuff which is killing people. I am just bouncing ideas around; that's what people who think critically do.

    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      There is also the opposite to this - warning people about how dangerous the vaccines are, then when these people go ahead and have their jabs anyway, and then are fine afterwards with no ill-effects, it is YOU that ends up looking 'silly'.

      I'm with you, I won't be having any jab. It should be the choice of the individual, and their decision should be respected, whether that is to have the jab or to not have it.

  2. 2 Days ago in my front garden where I currently reside, there were 2 beautiful red roses ..right outside my "living room" window..not far from(and in firing line with) where I usually sit at my laptop inside..

    Today, both roses are scorched and

    close to dead looking.. Crippled roses..very burnt looking.. This has been a pattern for 2 years at this address. The roses come back and they get cooked and so on.. it always correlates with me feeling more radiated.

    "Climate Change"? X-flare ? Not a chance, the only thing that springs to my mind

    is Directed Energy of a technological kind..

    This, in my view, was a deliberate cooking and it also correlates with how I've been feeling as mentioned, which is, very very irradiated. 

    I think weaponized energy is one of the biggest threats to this world.. next to the "vaccines" of course. 

    It's all connected, so to speak.. Directed Energy though, is more than likely

    the primary method(in all its forms to inc 5G IoT,) that "they"(the controlling NWO cult system) intend to use for depopulation.

    Also it serves well to emulate "Climate Change" FX in some of its forms  too, such as HAARP technology or space based DEWs..  And lets not forget, anything can be sprayed into the air from planes or other crafts to exacerbate its FX and more, masquerading as undisclosed GeoEngineering/Solar Radiation Management.. So plenty of threats there too..

    And worth noting, microwave radiation, lasers and infrared all cook and burn,. UV too of course as if they

    haven't weaponized that yet...What a mad world..

    I have a feeling we need to take it back...


  3. Reminder: Nobody is coming to save you. You need to save yourself.

    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      I agree completely. And this applies to ALL aspects of one's life, not just whether you believe that Jesus/God will save us all from evil, or that Q's 'plan' will come to fruition. Stop waiting for others to sort out your life's messes, sort them out yourself.

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  4. Up until the last fortnight or so, I was convinced another lockdown was coming, if not by the end of this year, then early next year. I was sure this would be blamed on those who haven't has the Convid 'jab'.


    Maybe this is silly, but I am now starting to wonder whether another lockdown will happen. Just a feeling...

    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      I have the feeling we have all been lulled into a false sense of security. I maintain the hope and belief that there won't be any need for further 'lockdowns' but I wouldn't rule anything out at this point. Come October/November if another lockdown ends up being implemented, I wouldn't be surprised at all.


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  5. Having an elderly confused family member insist I hold out my hands so he could spray it to make him feel better because I helped with the shopping and might have touched the box. Like some weird ritual of holy water to wash away my sins.


    Sick of playing into people's insanity. I'm very sad at what's been done to my relatives. 

    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      It's sad to hear this. I have been concerned right from the start about the 'psychological' implications of what has been done to people. People have been conditioned to believe that every other human being they encounter is 'potentially toxic', I know people who now religiously go round scrubbing door handles and surfaces with anti-bac wipes, in case 'someone has touched them'.

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  6. It is my belief that this perspective going around that the non vaccinated should stay away from those who have been vaccinated is a viewpoint designed to further divide society. It is my opinion that if you trace it back to it's origins, you will find that the person who originated it wants to divide society. It is obvious. 


    Our society is divided enough. Apartheid is a terrible idea.


    I am saying nothing more about this. 

    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      I agree, and I have said as much myself elsewhere here.


      We need to be wary and cautious of disinformation being sown amongst us 'alternative thinkers', for the very purpose of further dividing us.

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  7. Hi

    I'm with SSE. They are pressuring me to get a smart meter. What's the way out. Can you give me any advice. Much appreciated.


    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      The SMETS2 smart meters currently being rolled out are physically much bigger than the standard meters. All you need to tell them is that you've checked and that there isn't going to be enough room in your meter cupboard to have this smart meter installed. All the engineer will do is replace the unit itself, they won't do any other rewiring work. I know this is correct because I actually had some guy sent by Npower, and this was the very reason that he couldn't complete the job. It is a waste of time and money to send an engineer to carry out work if it is impossible to complete, so you're actually doing them a favour. My landlord's not interested in doing extensive rewiring work to relocate the meter and fuse box, not while he's got a sitting tenant anyway. So I'm good for now... no smart meter for me...

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  8. Is it dying that people are afraid of or is it living?

    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      People are just afraid. But they're not exactly sure what they're afraid of, they've just been coerced into feeling afraid from the incessant propaganda being pumped into them.

      And its been going on for years.

      "Don't talk to strangers" - because they might mug, rape or murder you

      "Don't walk alone at night" - you might get stabbed, mugged or raped

      "Lock your doors and windows" - you might get burgled

      "Don't have unprotected sex" - you might get syphilis or AIDS

      The social engineering 'messages' have been going out through the media for decades. People have been conditioned to believe "its a dangerous world out there", and this Covid pandemic has just tipped many people over the edge.


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  9. watery fowls

    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      Farty Towels

  10. 21 Reasons Why Owls Will Steal Your Heart Right NOW. Woot ...

    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      No sadly, but sometimes you just have to laugh, and put aside negative feelings for more positive ones. 😄 🦉

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  11. Hello m8 .


    Do you have any idea how I can watch THE AWAKENING WORLD TRUTH SUMMIT. ive been waiting for it all week i thinks its been blocked in the UK ?

  12. "In Greek mythology the lotus-eaters, were a race of people living on an island dominated by the lotus tree, a plant whose botanical identity is uncertain. The lotus fruits and flowers were the primary food of the island and were a narcotic, causing the inhabitants to sleep in peaceful apathy. Figuratively, 'lotus-eater' denotes "a person who spends their time indulging in pleasure and luxury rather than dealing with practical concerns"."



    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      I'm just curious as to why Carl Benjamin used this for the name of his new website...

  13. Why does Keir Starmer always look constipated?

  14. Can someone please 'like' this so I can get off "1,666" reputation? Thanks in advance! 🦉

    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      Yep, I've never been into space, I must work for NASA 🤣

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  15. Can someone please 'like' this so I can get off "1,666" reputation? Thanks in advance! 🦉

  16. Looks like nobody likes their conspiracy theories challenged? It doesn't matter, that things that are clearly untenable are being pointed out - it's just "mainstream" so "must be wrong".


    "I go where the truth takes me, no matter what" - David Icke replying to my question to him in 1999 about going live with the reptilian business and would it not be the baby being thrown out with the bath water.

    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      What I think might help is if you started a new topic here and put forward your views and opinions on what you believe to be true. I for one would be interested to read it.

  17. Hello,


    My name is Hilda Slofstra and I'm from The Netherlands.


    With a group of resistant openminded people we are organizing what we hope to become the greatest protest for freedom and human rights in Europe ever! 

    We've been to Berlin, on the same day the protests were in London and Paris.

    We are planning this event on the 25 of October 2020 in Brussels.


    We would love David Icke,  to come as a speaker in Brussel to speak to all the citizens of Europe, as he did in Londen on the 29th of September.

    And we would love to come in contact with other protest organizations, so we can work together in making this event, the biggest Europe has ever seen!



    You can verify me at my fb-page Hilda Slofstra or "Word Wakker Wereld" where you will find me as the owner.


    With kind regards, and sincerely awaiting your answer,


    Hilda Slofstra 

    [email protected]


    Vecht Tegen Onrecht (VTO)

    Leg Vlaanderen Plat 


    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      Hi, if you are organising an event which is relevant to this community, you should add details to our Community Calendar: https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/calendar/

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