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  1. On 10/6/2021 at 9:53 PM, Gremmels said:

     I think what has had the most impact so far is the London reel interviews, like I said previously. 


    The London Real interviews benefitted one man alone: Brian Rose.


    They raised his own profile, as well as that of his media outlet, and of course gave him a huge subscriber base in order to plug and sell his 'training programmes'. It allowed him to (unsuccessfully) run for Mayor of London as well as gain monetary donations for his 'Digital Freedom' platform.

  2. 2 hours ago, Gremmels said:

    I’m a member of Ickonic & have bought many of David’s books so I’m not opposed to paying but the fact he’s charging for this rubs me the wrong way.


    Ickonic subscribers do not have to pay extra to watch this, it is included in your subscription.


    And for those who do pay to watch this all-day presentation, you do get 14 days of access to all other Ickonic content included in the price.

  3. 18 hours ago, Seeker said:

    Why do we have to pay for this? If the information is so crucial, why make it so people have to pay, meaning that not many people will end up watching it. 


    I do like DI, but it does feel like he is milking his followers at times. I can understand paying to watch him live, as it costs money for venue, plus money to survive. Surely he’s made enough from a new book every year


    So you're okay with paying money to buy DI's books, or to buy tickets for a live 'in-person' event.


    But you object to paying to watch a livestreamed 6 hour presentation?


    Granted, this kind of event will be cheaper to organise and stage, as there are no venues to book and transport and other associated costs to cover.


    But even so, I doubt this event will just be David Icke sitting in front of his webcam like he does every week, so this live event will still incur some costs to produce and livestream.


    Anyway, Ickonic subscribers don't have to pay any extra for this, and the ticket price also includes 14 days of access to all the Ickonic content, so at least there's a bit of extra value added.

  4. 8 hours ago, Lisa Quinton said:

    Absolutely ridiculous  how the police are telling people off. If somebody would have told me that it was going to happen I would have believed them how people are sucking this rubbish up. I did think it was going to be policed in New Street. I don't want to wear a mask and I thought exemption cards were not legal. But do you know whether or not they are?

    I am also worried about not conforming to the rubbish but I want to feel free but don't want to be fined. This is my rebellious streak in me I don't like being told what to do especially when some think doesn't make sense to me. Please feel free to comment!

    Kind Regards

    Lisa Quinton


    Hi Lisa, as you are travelling into the West Midlands, you can download and/or print off a TfWM (Transport For West Midlands) exemption card:



    To support people with physical and mental health conditions, including those that are hidden, we have produced an assistance card which can be downloaded here. You can carry this card and if asked why you are not wearing a face covering you can show this to a staff member or fellow passenger.  

    You can also download the image here and save to your phone to show if you don't have a printer. 


    I don't have any conditions and I mostly travel around by bus, but this card has proven useful on many occasions. I just show it to bus drivers and they say nothing back. I was once challenged by a bus inspector as to why I wasn't wearing a face covering, and he couldn't back away quick enough when I showed this to him.


    The government guidelines are that passengers 'must' wear a face covering on all forms of public transport, 'unless an exemption applies'. But one does not need to prove any exemption if challenged. The exemption cards are simply a 'get out of jail free' card.


    It's only "the fear" that makes people wear face coverings when they don't need to.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Saved said:

    Might well pop along myself but I'm in-between night shifts. I'll see in a bit if I can get some leave as this is walking distance for me.


    I live out in the suburbs (Billesley) but I don't mind a short 25 min bus ride into the city centre. I have nothing else planned for that day, repotting my cacti will have to wait! 😆

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  6. It's a sad state of affairs really when I admit that the last time I went into Birmingham city centre was for the last rally in August.


    There were a couple of hundred other attendees, and the police didn't seem much bothered with what was going on.


    This one could be very different though. No doctors or Piers Corbyn in the announced lineup so far. Will the Ickes be targeted by the police this time?


    I have to admit that while I'm prepared to listen to what Mark Steele has to say, I do have my doubts about him, I'm not entirely convinced that LED streetlamps are 'lethal weapons'.

  7. Quote

    "After the events of September 26th, we are choosing to take a different tact with this Political Protest."


    The organisers must surely know by now how the Met Police are going to respond and react, so why keep organising these events in London?


    They may choose to reveal the location at the last minute, but surely they still need to notify the police of the time and location. It doesn't take much for a bent copper to 'leak' this information to an organisation that may want to 'disrupt' this event.

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