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  1. Where it asks "when do you plan to start watching live TV", make sure to click where it says "I have no plans at the moment", then the Continue button becomes available to click.
  2. You do not need a TV licence unless you are using those services to stream TV channels as they are broadcasting, BBC, ITV, C4 etc etc.
  3. "I believe the children are our future" someone once sung. I read news stories like this and I wonder "what future?" Three boys arrested after armed robbery on bus https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cglvkz7k2m3o Kids as young as 11 carrying knives and robbing people on buses?
  4. I cancelled my TV licence in March 2020. I too no longer watch any broadcast television, and I do not use BBC's iPlayer to watch any live broadcasts. Yes, it is true that you are expected to complete a 'No Licence Needed' declaration every two years, and just recently I had my second one, which I submitted online. In the last four years, I have never received any 'threatening' letters, nor have I had anyone knocking on my door unannounced.
  5. I'm just going to leave this here for those who still think that HAARP 'caused the northern lights at the weekend':
  6. Ben Davidson of SuspiciousObservers / SpaceWeatherNews is hardly 'MSM'. Here's a starter from Friday: In the end it turned out to be 7 flares that caused CMEs. The earth's weakening magnetic field allows the aurora to be visible much further south than it normally would be. From yesterday:
  7. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this IS really due to geomagnetic storms, caused by a series of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) directly aimed at the Earth.
  8. While I don't give a jot about the Eurovision Song Contest, I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was rigged for Israel to win, just to stoke up even more tensions and division.

  9. Great, so that means that anyone who questions official narratives and thinks differently is now assumed to be an anti-semite. It's not hard to work out where they're going with this!
  10. "Hottest day of the year", until the next one... from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/uk-faces-hottest-day-year-29135867 Well that's nice for those people in those few parts of south-east England, but I remind everyone that the 'whole country' will not be experiencing the same! Oh and 'scorching' lol
  11. It's certainly not looking good for Boeing at present, what with all these whistleblowers 'mysteriously' dying. This incident is probably down to poor maintenance, or maintenance not being performed to required standards due to cost-cutting resulting in low-skilled inexperienced workers not doing their job properly. But like with the stories about electric bus fires, it is almost like a subtle social engineering experiment to put more people off flying. The other concern is that this 'drip-drip' of stories could be priming us for a major air disaster, whether that be a plane falling apart in mid-air, or a fault causing a crash in a large residential area, which would really hurt the aviation industry.
  12. I agree completely. I was broadly in favour of merging the role with the Metro mayor, as was originally planned here in the West Midlands. But Simon Foster, West Mids PCC, put a stop to that, and due to the short notice of this election, only Conservatives and Labour were able to field candidates. Last time round, I voted for the independent candidate, as I believe that if the role must exist - personally I think it's pointless and should be scrapped - it should be apolitical. I only ever seem to see our PCC Simon Foster in the media complaining about the Tory government, which may to a degree be correct, but ultimately is just blame-shifting away from his own failures. Just get on with the fucking job and use your limited budget wisely, instead of wasting it on painting patrol cars in rainbow liveries.
  13. Talk about deluded! 'PCC wins show Labour is party of law and order' from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cyxe1wv9qdno Since the PCC role was created in 2012, here in the West Midlands the position has been held by Labour. In the same time, crime has skyrocketed, especially violent crime, and the West Midlands now has the highest number of stabbings. Police no longer bother attending burglaries. Also last year, due to its failings, West Midlands Police was placed under 'special measures'. While the PCC does not directly control the police force here, they are responsible for managing the budget and to hold the Chief Constable to account. I'd say that Labour has been a catastrophic failure. Yet voters didn't seem to think otherwise and instead decided to vote for "more of the same".
  14. Just one local election in Birmingham yesterday, a by-election to elect a new councillor for the Bournbrook & Selly Park ward. Amazingly despite all the hostility recently towards the Labour-controlled council following its effective bankruptcy and harsh budget cuts, voters still went out and returned another Labour councillor! https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/news/article/1448/bournbrook_and_selly_park_by-election_2_may_2024
  15. Today was the closest I've come in 30 years to not bothering to go and vote. Where I live in Birmingham, we only had elections for the West Midlands Mayor and for the West Mids Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC). In my opinion, spoiling your ballot paper doesn't achieve anything, and neither does not voting. With regards to the PCC election, it was a straight choice between a Labour and Conservative candidate. While I feel the whole PCC role is a complete waste of time, I had no issue with voting for the Tory candidate, simply because the incumbent Labour candidate has achieved very little in the last four years, apart from complain about the Conservative government, while overseeing a massive increase in crime rates. (Anyone here who went out and blindly voted Labour seriously needs their head looking at, you're just basically voting for more of the same!) I do doubt that if the Conservative candidate was to win, they would actually achieve anything either, because once the national government switches to Labour, the cycle of 'blame the other side' just continues. With regards to the West Midlands Mayor, while there was a number of candidates to choose from, I held my nose and voted for the Reform Party candidate. Yes, I know I don't trust this party, but I really couldn't bring myself to vote for any of the other major party's candidates. And while I would normally enthusiastically support any independent candidate who stood, the one independent chap was following George Galloway's lead with his 'lend Gaza your vote' mantra, which I didn't agree with. Last time I checked, Gaza was not in the West Midlands. I don't believe in 'tactical voting', and while I may not have voted for the winning candidate, at least my vote was a valid one. And whoever the winner is, once the results are announced on Saturday, at least I am clear in my conscience that "I didn't vote for you". In my opinion, democracy dies when the majority of people decline to participate, which is when we end up with the 'tyranny of the minority'.
  16. WORST. HEATWAVE. EVER. Apparently topped out at 18C here in Birmingham today. Admittedly was lovely and pleasant this morning in the sunshine. But once it greyed over this afternoon, became noticeably cooler. Got home from work this evening and the central heating had come on again. Hardly "sizzling" to be honest!
  17. Oh here we go already... https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/uk-set-22c-scorcher-next-29077876 Since when was 22C considered 'scorching'? I'm actually looking forward to this, I class this kind of weather as "very pleasant".
  18. That is indeed an amazing bit of gaslighting. It has 'felt cold' because it has actually 'been cold'. They are clutching at straws with their data manipulation now. Like I said earlier in this thread, the bar is being lowered for what constitutes 'hot weather', because we haven't really had any 'extreme heat' since 2022, don't forget aside from a reasonably pleasant June last year, from July onwards it was just wet and mild. Already we're seeing the media describing expected 17-19C temps as 'sizzling', and any spell of decent warm weather is now classed as a 'heatwave'. The 'extreme heat warnings' will no doubt start to be dished out once we get to 22C.
  19. This is what infuriates me because solar panels and wildflowers won't feed our growing population, or reduce our dependency on importing food from elsewhere. After Brexit, I still maintain that our government missed a trick by failing to get our farmers using their land to produce again. It is surely far more 'sustainable' to put our own agricultural land back to good use and to produce livestock and crops for sale in our own country, rather than have to import food produce from overseas. And that doesn't surprise me either, yet so many people fall for this 'climate change' bullshit and encourage it to happen. All that actually happens is we stop chicken farming here in the UK because meh, "climate change", but we continue to import processed chicken produced from places as far flung as Poland and Thailand. And then people complain when the price of simple staples such as chicken meat starts becoming ridiculously expensive.
  20. Clearly Heineken had no plans to sell this land as a 'going concern'... Brewing giant Heineken fells orchard to sell land from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cz5d6mj5gp8o I find this curious because for some reason I'm under the impression that in recent years cider has become quite popular and almost 'trendy' here in the UK. Maybe there is less demand for Bulmers cider, but still, some other up-and-coming independent cider-producer might have fancied buying this land and its acres of apple trees. What a waste, and what a load of destruction of natural habitat for wildlife. I fully expect this land will end up being covered in solar panels at some point.
  21. Just to add that while I haven't followed any religion for many years, I do like David Kurten and I do agree with much of his Heritage Party's manifesto, and I would happily vote for any of their candidates if they stood in any election in my council ward or constituency. In my opinion, you don't need to be religious to be a 'good person', and the idea of Christian 'morals and principles' can exist outside of religion. Also in addition to my earlier post, I do also subscribe to The Lotus Eaters on YouTube, though I'm not a paid-up subscriber to their website. I do note that they seem to have been joined recently by Calvin Robinson. I've watched a couple of his clips they've shared on Youtube, and he makes me feel uneasy. While he may make some valid points, he's very much very overtly Christian.
  22. Yes, it's all part of the "divide and conquer" strategy to have people turning on each other. No doubt you also have the same thing in Russia and China.
  23. Yes, I noticed this a while back too. I used to follow Dave Cullen (Computing Forever), and while I found many of his videos interesting, there came a point when I started to 'switch off' as he started promoting Christianity after 'rediscovering his faith'. (On a side note, I also found it curious how someone who started out making videos about computing and technology ended up focusing on social/political commentary, especially that of a 'conspiratorial nature') And of course the same thing happened with 'Hugo Talks', who suddenly 'rediscovered his faith' and started promoting and encouraging Christianity. Which also leads nicely onto David Kurten, former UKIP London Assembly member, now leader of the Heritage Party. The core of his party's manifesto is built on 'Christian values', and also espoused his Christian views on his YouTube channel, though of late there seems to be less of that, now his channel is clips from his TNT Radio show. I have nothing against Christians and Christianity, and anyone can follow whichever religion they want to, as long as they don't try and force it upon me. But I am concerned about the 'path' that some alternative commentators/personalities are trying to lead their followers down.
  24. You might well be right, but it does make you wonder what other GPs get up to in their spare time and how many are being ideologically programmed.
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