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  1. "New variant detected in South Africa" It's last years news being repeated again - someone could have had some imagination and picked a different country. "The situation will be reviewed after three weeks" Where have we heard that line before?
  2. I've noticed this too. I'm thinking there may be a 'snap' General Election early next year, the signs are becoming apparent that this is what people are being led towards. Of course, it wouldn't make any difference really. Labour are hardly any credible alternative at present, but it would be their only shot at gaining power at the moment.
  3. @Steve-o this is clearly copied and pasted from elsewhere, can you provide a source link please?
  4. Thanks, but I'm pretty sure all that you have mentioned here has been covered extensively within this forum already.
  5. No, not really, I never got that far, and to be fair, after adding a simple contact form for potential contributors to get in touch, I never received any contact from anyone. https://covidexposed.info/contribute/ All we'd really be looking for is some good well-written original content, or commentary on other content that can be quoted, or commentary on videos that can be embedded. The kind of stuff that is based on facts, or original opinions. Material that really highlights and emphasises the 'Covid Exposed' aspect of the website name. What I have found over recent months, and why I don't get involved in that part of this forum so much lately, is that I believe there is a lot of disinfo and misinfo being 'seeded' within all these Telegram groups, and then circulated amongst other 'alternative research' communities, which is then making those who are genuinely researching this conspiracy look 'silly', and diluting the severity of this whole situation. You only have to look at BitChute to see this in action, a whole host of people using 'click-bait' tactics just to get people to view their videos. While I would welcome contributors to repost material from their own blogs or websites and link back to them, there is no monetisation at Covid Exposed - the hosting is paid for by myself privately, and I don't rely on advertising, sponsorship or donations for funding. I'm not interested in making money out of this, its just about building up a resource of useful information that can be shared with others.
  6. Not necessarily, maybe she is being used as a form of 'reverse psychology'? Remember how everything is so polarised nowadays? Hillary Clinton = BAD So if she's against cryptocurrency, then cryptocurrency = GOOD Anyone who may have been on the fence, starts pumping their 'actual money' into crypto. Crypto then turns out to be a massive con, and is actually BAD Oh, all these people just lost all their money. See how this all works?
  7. All this identarianism is a form of mental illness in my opinion.
  8. IBAN and Swift are 'international' versions of your bank account number and sort code. You can usually find them on your bank statement. You don't need to fly to India to find this stuff out, just contact your bank. Or set up a new account with another bank that you can receive your payments from Amazon to.
  9. Paypal, as well as being a payment processor, is also technically a 'bank'. Websites that use PayPal as a payment processor allow payments to be made, regardless of whether you have a Paypal account or not - you can sign in to your Paypal account, or just pay with a credit or debit card as a 'guest'. As with other credit/debit card payment processors, merchants do get charged fees by PayPal. I've had a PayPal account for years now - of course it used to be owned by eBay and was up until recently the only secure way you could pay for purchases from that marketplace. When you set up a PayPal account, you link either your bank account details, or a credit/debit card, and you are able to hold a 'balance'. Payments you receive sit in your balance until you withdraw them to your bank account. You can make purchases with payments taken from your balance, and if there are insufficient funds in your account, the payment is requested from your bank account by direct debit. As I've mentioned earlier, I no longer have any credit cards, and do not live in debt. However credit card purchases are usually subject to a level of protection, unlike debit card purchases. When buying stuff online, if Paypal is available as a payment method I will use that, rather than just entering my card details, as buyers are afforded great levels of protection. Oh and yes, PayPal is now also offering credit services and 'lending' people money. No thanks. But on some purchases I do get an option to 'Pay after delivery', whereby I can make a purchase and the funds are not requested until after 14 days (at no extra charge) which can come in handy towards the end of the month. On the subject of eBay, as I mentioned earlier, they offloaded PayPal a few years ago, and last year set themselves up as a payment processor with 'eBay Managed Payments'. So when buying through eBay, your money no longer goes directly to the seller, it is collected by eBay, and they then (after a few days) deduct their fees and pass it on. You can of course still pay with your PayPal account, but this goes to eBay's own PayPal account, rather than to the seller's. So would Amazon go down the Paypal route and try to set itself up as its own 'bank'? Maybe at some point they will (if they haven't done so already), but offering 'credit' does incur a level of risk.
  10. OK, this was a bit of a peculiar one for me this morning. It often happens that I'll wake in the middle of the night, needing to go pee. And for some reason, this generally happens around 3am. So this morning, I woke up from a dream as you do, and needed to go to the bathroom. I have one of those projector clocks, where it projects the time onto the ceiling when you press the button. I stretched out my arm and pressed the button, it clearly showed '3:07' on the ceiling. I immediately then rolled out of bed, and went to the toilet. What took me aback, was that I have a clock in the bathroom, and that was showing the time as '4:42'. WTF? I finished my business and went back to my bedroom and got back into bed. Just to be sure it wasn't malfunctioning, I pressed the button on the clock again. It projected '4:44'. Now I'm pretty sure after getting out of bed, I didn't black out or pass out, and it only takes a few seconds to get from my bedroom across the hall to the bathroom. It was a very bizarre experience, did I somehow slip through a crack in time? Also curiously, once I got back to sleep, I woke up this morning about an hour or so later than I would do normally...
  11. This forum software doesn't use 'BBCode' tags like on others. Just paste the URLs as 'plain text' and they will embed automatically (pictures and videos etc)
  12. What a load of bollocks. "No loss of pay" - a misnomer if ever there was one. So companies are expected to pay their staff the same wages, for doing less work? Not going to happen, not unless everyone is happy to pay more for consumer goods. And with the reduction in working hours for employees, in order to maintain productivity levels, companies would have to... employ more staff! Yeah, that sounds great, jobs being created and all that, BUT... that means increased labour/staffing costs, which will mean HIGHER PRICES, unless you'd be happy if Tesco or Morrisons only opened for four days a week. Also if you increase the number of employees working for you on shorter shifts, umm well thats MORE people travelling to and from work every day.
  13. While retailers are now no longer able to 'directly' pass on card processing fees to consumers - anyone remember the days when you'd have to pay a 'surcharge' if you paid by credit card instead of debit card or cash? - generally the card processing costs are absorbed by the retailer's margin. So the consumer 'indirectly' pays these fees in the form of a slightly higher price. The important thing to remember is that it is the retailer who pays for the processing fee, not the consumer. Amazon is so far the only retailer that has stuck its neck out and stated that it will stop accepting payments made with Visa credit cards. Note that you can still use Visa debit cards, or Mastercard credit and debit cards. I don't think that Amazon will follow through with this, and they will eventually back-track. But in the meantime, I do wonder just how many Amazon customers who only use a Visa credit card will feel obliged to sign up for a new Mastercard credit card and transfer their balance, or just start to rack up debt on this new card. Or alternatively, how many would start using their debit card instead of their credit card, and then wonder why they have no money come the end of the month prior to pay-day, because they've been randomly buying stuff 'suggested for them' by Amazon.
  14. From what I gather, while there are processing fees for debit cards, these are usually lower than those for credit cards.
  15. It's all to do with credit card processing fees. From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-59306200 So it looks like Amazon are trying to 'bribe' their customers to change their payment method? They can afford to give away money to encourage their customers to switch credit card provider, but can't swallow these increased fees themselves? I would hazard a guess that someone is going to make a killing by buying up shares in Visa right now, then when Amazon 'backtracks' and announces it is back on friendly terms with Visa, watch the share price increase again.
  16. Amazon Pay has been around for a while - the idea is that you can use the stored credit/debit card in your Amazon account to pay for goods elsewhere on the internet that support Amazon Pay at checkout. It still requires you to have a credit or debit card though. Amazon do charge merchants a 'fee' for this service, same as the likes of PayPal. Either way Amazon 'wins'. For products they sell themselves on Amazon marketplace, they make a profit. For products that other sellers sell on Amazon marketplace, Amazon collects commission 'fees'. (15%!) If buyers choose to go to other websites away from Amazon, and then make payment via Amazon Pay, then Amazon collects a fee from that merchant. The fucking tentacles are everywhere.
  17. I came across ths story elsewhere earlier this evening, and I actually found this a little baffling. I would hazard a guess that the VAST majority of Amazon shoppers in the UK pay for their goods by using a Visa credit card. I neither shop at Amazon on a regular basis, nor do I have any credit card (Visa, Mastercard or otherwise). As a seller on Amazon (at work), one thing I can tell you is that Amazon are very good at passing on such fees to their sellers - when France introduced their digital services tax a couple of years ago, Amazon very kindly announced to its Amazon France marketplace sellers that their commission fees would be subject to an increase, in order to offset this 'digital services tax'. So all that happened was that this new 'tax', that was designed to ensure that companies like Amazon paid their 'fair share' of tax, was passed on to sellers on that platform, in the form of increased fees. There will no doubt be some 'outrage' over this, and an amount of 'hand-wringing'. If Amazon customers can't pay with a VISA credit card, they stand to lose a large number of customers as a result. Of course this won't be allowed to happen, and I don't think it is going to happen, there'll be more to this that we don't know about.
  18. Sadly no, it's not been updated, I set up the site with the hope that others would contribute towards it, but apart from some great contributions from @Mitochondrial Eve, nobody else really seemed interested, and I didn't have the time myself to research and come up with good content.
  19. Sometimes, artists can drop hints about what is going on. In around 1995/96 (I forget the year now), Welsh Britpop band Super Furry Animals released a single "The Man Don't GIve A Fuck" which was based around a sample from the Steely Dan track "Showbiz Kids", itself a lament against the Hollywood and music industry elites. Here's both in full...
  20. "If you are offered the chance to leave this planet, don't take it" This just sprung into my mind after reading this topic, and I can't recall where it came from before. I do think I remember reading some Jehovah's Witness material that was pushed through my door some time ago, and it talked about how a spaceship would return to this planet in the future. Probably around the time of Revelations as preached in the Bible. I have also read similar warnings elsewhere since then (not just from Jehovah's Witnesses) People of Earth should not lose their roots to the Earth, or something along those lines. Perhaps this is the allegory of the Bible at work: those who hold fast to their own true beliefs, and are not tempted by the offer of a 'better life amongst the stars', are those that will remain on this Earth. And it is those who get tempted to leave this planet and head for the stars, who are doomed to be sacrificed and/or slaughtered, or bound into perpetual slavery. Not a nice prospect to be honest.
  21. Exactly, the environmental problems caused by pollution, caused by the same people lecturing the rest of us about 'carbon emissions'. Its like just a couple of years ago the big 'thing' was reducing the amount of plastic waste. So we started getting charged for plastic carrier bags. Then next thing we know, we started seeing our streets littered with disposable face masks and gloves because 'deadly pandemic'. Its all bullshit, the same big corporates lecturing us all about 'reducing carbon emissions' are the same ones happy to chop down acres of greenery so they can grow soy and rapeseed or mine for lithium and cobalt for all these batteries.
  22. So on the other hand, all the 'harmful content' you like could be posted here, yet no-one is going to get to see it. Not from searching through search engines anyway. There will of course be 'agents' who DO know about this site, and they will be signing up and planting 'seeds'. Ready to be 'harvested' at a later date no doubt. This DI Forum has over 7000 members now, with several more joining daily. Yet there are rarely more than 30-40 active members at a time. New members will sign up, and either not post anything and disappear, or post some 'token' reply to a topic... and then disappear. I dread to think how many of these accounts are created by 'agents', ready to emerge in service when called upon. And it is going to happen at some point, that is my fear. Luckily there are measures in place to prevent this from happening.
  23. Could you be a bit more detailed and less cryptic about this please? (Also moved from Memes board due to lack of memes)
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