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  1. If this is a heatwave, then I'm John Kettley. Certainly doesn't "feel" like 18C here at home. Although pleasant enough to stand outside in my garden in a t-shirt, I can still feel a chill in the air. Definitely not "sizzling"! I'm going to predict that as soon as some 24-27C warmth comes along, that's when we'll start getting the "extreme heat" warnings!
  2. Oh dear, I fear this 'heatwave' rhetoric is just going to get worse as the year progresses... from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/cost-of-living/uk-weather-maps-sizzle-red-28976483 You can clearly see what they're up to here. Last year saw an absence of 'extreme heat' in the UK, and it's looking unlikely that we'll see any more record high temps this year as well. So in order to fear-monger and push the 'climate change' narrative, they have to lower the bar or threshold for what constitutes 'high temperature'. And the meaning itself of 'heatwave' is being utterly undermined. Last time I saw weather charts like this, was when we experienced 30-40C temps. If they're now resorting to this colour scheme for 19-21C, who knows what hyperbole will be churned out when it does actually get 'a bit hot'. It apparently reached 18C here in Birmingham today, but you'd never have thought this, although it was fairly pleasant at times when the clouds broke. It was hardly "sizzling".
  3. Thanks for that, I watched that same video of David Kurten talking to Mark Windows last night - after I had posted a comment in the 'April 8th' eclipse thread. I've seen the name Mark Windows pop up a couple of times in this forum, but again he's not someone I regularly follow, so don't know much about him to be honest. But I did tend to agree with a lot of what he was saying to David Kurten. I'm also reminded of what I read about in two of Andrew Johnson's books on 9/11, "Finding The Truth" and "Holding The Truth", where he went into some detail on how factions emerged within the 'truther community', arguing against each other on "how it was done", and how far some people went to dismiss and ridicule any other 'alternative theories' like those proposed by Dr Judy Wood. (Now I'm not saying I believe she was correct, but it was curious to read about how other 'prominent figures' treated her and others that backed her findings) While I don't want to start naming names and pointing fingers, I do believe there are a number of gatekeepers out there, and I am wary of people in the 'alternative media' who push and promote what could well be 'distractions', in order to divert peoples' attentions away from whatever the true nature of 'the conspiracy' is.
  4. I don't know this Jeff Berwick and I don't follow them, and I don't want to pick out any other individuals here. (And I'm also not having a pop directly at yourself either) But has been my opinion and belief for some time that there are a number of people within the 'alternative media', "truthers" or whatever you want to call them, who are guilty of peddling and disseminating false information, and sadly this is done mostly for the purpose of getting money out of people. As much as we mock the "sheeple" who believe in all the lies and mistruths peddled by the mainstream media, it also appears to me that there is also another 'sheeple' that will lap up and eagerly share any kind of 'truth' being put out in the 'alternative media', even if it is just another type of made-up bullshit. At the end of the day, there was a solar eclipse yesterday, and that was it. I do still believe there is a 'grand conspiracy' at play, but if your plan is to control everybody, then you have to control both sides of any argument, debate or narrative. A lot of people probably "felt a bit foolish" yesterday, but also a lot of people ended up "looking foolish" as well. Maybe that's the overall aim. People making their first steps into looking at 'conspiracies', might feel 'put off', because what they believed was the 'truth' turned out not to be. All I will say is to use your own judgement and discernment, or in other words, think for yourself. There are good people doing great work to research and uncover what is really going on, but that soon gets undermined by charlatans and other 'bad actors' muddying the waters, planting disinformation and otherwise 'distracting' people from the real conspiracy that is going on. That is my opinion, and I don't expect everyone to agree with me.
  5. "Considerable stress" lol, these workshy elites don't know the meaning of 'intense anxiety'... Kate Middleton and Prince William 'anxious' about becoming King and Queen from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/uk-news/kate-middleton-prince-william-anxious-28953604 Gossip and hearsay from a supposed "Royal expert". But is this the media in action 'preparing' the public for what is going to happen next?
  6. Thanks Eve, just to add to your nicely put synopsis, I would also then question the validity of such 'high profile names' you mention, if they are knowingly spreading this kind of false information. Sean Adl-Tabatabai has been peddling 'fake news' for some years through his various websites, he just provides a platform and a constant flow of junk news, but then needs others to share and spread this, which it sadly seems so many are ready to do so. Sadly it has been my belief for some time that there is just as much 'fake news' and misinformation being circulated amongst the 'alternative' media, as there is in the mainstream media.
  7. I really can't keep up with this... I'm looking forward to this blast of snow while I'm sunning myself in my garden!
  8. I can confirm that it didn't snow in Birmingham today. It did actually get really nice for a bit in the early afternoon, we may have actually topped out at 17C in the sunshine. Definitely wasn't "baking", especially when the clouds came back and the wind picked up!
  9. They really can't make up their minds, I thought it was supposed to be 'baking' this weekend? from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/parts-uk-set-snow-tomorrow-28940052 Oh I see, so the "area of England worst-hit" will be the... er, Highlands and Grampians of Scotland. Which could see "a little bit" of snow! I wonder if the Press Complaints Commission would take action against this blatant 'fake news'?
  10. Personally, I wouldn't have a problem with this proposal. Royal Mail wants to cut days for second-class post from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-68721814 Most of the 'mail' that gets pushed through my letterbox by Royal Mail, ends up straight in my paper recycling bin, as it's usually unaddressed junk mail. A lot of mail I receive is addressed to persons unknown, who don't even live at my address, so they end up back in the postbox 'returned to sender'. A monumental waste of time and money. Sure, I do look forward to receiving birthday and Christmas cards once a year, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if those posted second-class were only delivered three times a week. Most of my 'critical' or important communications are delivered by email. I agree that the parcel business is more popular and probably more profitable for Royal Mail, but I think they could be far more efficient if they better combined the services together. For example at work, through the course of a single day, we'll have up to 4 different delivery staff turning up. One or two will bring letters, while the other two will bring parcels. There was one day when I was working at home a while back, when I had someone delivering a Tracked 24 parcel at the same time someone else was shoving Farm Foods leaflets through my letterbox!
  11. Oh, well that didn't take long then... Apparently 17C is now considered "baking" by these frauds. from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/uk-news/maps-reveal-date-uk-warmer-28932560 I guess the hyperbole is only going to get worse as the year progresses... "Warmest winter ever" in the USA? I think those in the USA who experienced record amounts of snowfall and record low temps would beg to differ...
  12. It's interesting you state that, as someone else has suggested earlier in this topic that William's father might have been Prince Philip, rather than Charles...
  13. Exactly, like I have said many times before, I don't deny that 'some' parts of the UK might experience snow. But so far this year, despite the incessant 'updates' and 'verdicts' being published on our local news site, I've counted approximately five minutes of snow we had here in Birmingham, and that was about three or four weeks ago. It just fuckin rains here! But then equally, just wait until the temperatures regularly stay above 15C, then all the click-bait churners will be 'warning' us about "heatwaves", as if it never gets warm and sunny in this part of the world from April through to September.
  14. A 'proper' democratic political party allows its membership to vote on who should be its leader. Conservative MPs whittled down the initial list of prospective candidates to two, which the wider party membership then voted on. The party members had a choice between Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss. Party members voted for Liz Truss to be their leader, and as the Conservatives were already in Government, she became Prime Minister. When Truss resigned after being put under enormous pressure by her own MPs, the Tory MPs decided amongst themselves that Sunak would be their leader, without giving the wider membership any say. One of two things happened: 1) the Tory members 'made the wrong choice' according to the party 'elite', therefore she had to be removed so they could put their preferred puppet into place. Or 2) the whole saga was rigged to put Truss into place so she could become a 'scapegoat' for the resulting chaos when the financial market controllers decided to trigger massive inflation. Read more here: https://thegrumpyowl.co.uk/2022/10/17/its-all-going-wrong-for-liz-truss-deliberately/
  15. Well, "they would say that" But this is what happens when someone breaks ranks and goes against the 'narrative'. Greenpeace as an organisation probably started out with some very good intentions, but as with any 'charity', "money talks" and it just becomes a mouthpiece to whomever 'donates' the most money.
  16. Dear me, the Reach churners have been busy today, but can you spot the odd one out? And guess what? Birmingham isn't one of the 15 town/cities set to be "hammered", neither 'tomorrow morning' or 'on Friday'. And as for a 'heatwave', I suppose the bar is being lowered even further if 15-17C is now being considered as 'baking'...
  17. Yes, I first experienced tinnitus when I was younger, probably around the same, mid-twenties. After a few years, it seemed to 'go away', or I somehow stopped noticing it. It started to come back again a few years ago now. Maybe I just notice it more because I live in a much quieter neighbourhood now. I get what 'seems' to be a mix of high-pitched frequencies. Can get quite intense at times. I know I can't physically 'hear' them, but sometimes some seem louder, or more prominent, than others. Then occasionally they'll stop, and there'll just be one frequency, at a lower pitch, which persists for a while, before 'fading out' and the other high-pitched frequencies resume.
  18. Jimmy Corsetti "Bright Insight" on Youtube has done some interesting videos on the subject of Atlantis, and he believes it was located near the west coast of Africa in Mauritania, where what is known as the 'Richat structure' is. One only has to look at satellite imagery from Google Maps from that part of Africa, to see what appears to be evidence of a massive amount of water having run across there in the past, though the direction of flow is as yet unclear. The Sahara Desert itself has aroused interest, and perhaps it is not as old as we have all been led to believe. To me, it is interesting to look at the satellite imagery of Google Maps, because from the west coast of Africa, there is a huge 'desert scar' running across the surface of the Earth, through the Sahara Desert, the Middle East, parts of south Asia and into China. In my opinion, yes there was some kind of major cataclysm in the past, when this happened though is anyone's guess at this time though. 6000 years ago? 400 years ago? History has been rewritten and calendars have been changed so much, does anybody really know what year it is? A lot of researchers choose to focus on specific things like Atlantis, or Egypt, which is all very well and good, but it is starting to seem to me like there is some 'bigger picture' being overlooked somewhere.
  19. Record numbers of migrants coming to the UK, and crime figures are spiralling out of control. Is there a correlation? No way of knowing really, because such data is not recorded. “Migrant crime data”, don’t we all have a right to know? Read in full here: https://thegrumpyowl.co.uk/2024/03/30/migrant-crime-data-dont-we-all-have-a-right-to-know/ BBC article I referenced there: Ex-immigration minister Robert Jenrick proposes migrant crime data is published https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-68697796
  20. It's almost like a new form of "redistribution of wealth". I remember when we started getting lots of Polish people coming to the UK in the 2000s - at least these people actually came here to work and contribute to our economy - many were earning comparatively more than they would have back in Poland, once monthly outgoings (rent, food, bills etc) were paid for, the rest of their salary would be sent to their family back home. I understand that after several years of this, lots of people in Poland became relatively wealthy as a result of sending their sons and daughters to work in the UK. Which I'm fine with really, like I said the Poles came here to work, and they did, good honest people that they are. Of course, what anyone would rightly object to is where migrants and refugees are getting handouts from the government, and then sending that money back home.
  21. The "wild conspiracy theories" stem from the fact that the media fail to provide anything close to "what actually happened". In the absence of facts and details, that's when the wild speculation starts.
  22. These opinion polls are just part of the social engineering and propaganda. A sample of 15000 people is not representative of the whole UK electorate, and no doubt the respondents were chosen or selected to give the desired outcome. You only have to look at who commissioned this survey, "Best For Britain", an organisation co-founded by none other than Gina Miller. from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Best_for_Britain I think it is highly likely that Labour will win the next General Election anyway, but it may not be the 'landslide' many pundits/people are predicting/hoping for.
  23. Yes, it will only work for those with smart meters. I foresaw this coming nearly two years ago now... The real reason for ‘smart meters’ is becoming ever more apparent https://thegrumpyowl.co.uk/2022/06/27/the-real-reason-for-smart-meters-is-becoming-ever-more-apparent/
  24. It's nice work (for a Common Purpose stooge) if you can get it. Dudley Council paid £1,000 a day for consultant while planning millions in cuts from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/dudley-council-paid-1000-day-28906769 In a nutshell: Dudley MBC needs to 'save' £37m over three years to get it's spending/finances 'on-track' Four agency (ie outsourced) staff have been paid nearly a quarter of a million pounds in four months. In a bit of a surprise turn-around: For context, Dudley MBC is Conservative-controlled, so Labour are the 'opposition' there. But their councillor makes a very good and valid point here. Councils already employ well-paid executives, managers and other 'paid' civil service roles. Why are they unable to sit down and sort their financial problems out for themselves? Because any organisation that is funded by public (ie taxpayers) money, is ripe for exploitation by those gravy-train freeloaders, who will ensure that their Common Purpose/freemason buddies get 'awarded' these contracts to 'deliver services' etc. This kind of "spend money to save money" attitude has been going on for years in local authorities, and I make no apologies for referring readers back to this now-old BBC documentary:
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