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  1. Neither do I, because 'opinion polls' can be 'faked' or manipulated to give whatever result is desired. I wrote about this in 2018: Opinion Polls and the Sheep Mentality https://thegrumpyowl.co.uk/2018/09/08/opinion-polls-and-the-sheep-mentality/ And how many Australians are there? And who was selected to take part in this poll?
  2. Well yes, I agree, there is also that aspect, and I think that's come through the psychological programming from the media and the 'behavioural messaging' being spread via social media and 'word of mouth'. Proudly announcing on Facebook that they are "fully vaccinated" "I had my jab yesterday, when are you getting yours?" It is very much cult-like I'm afraid.
  3. Folks, can we please use this topic for everything to do with the concerns about 'viral shedding', spike proteins, vaccine transmission etc? For other general stuff to do with Covid, please use the Megathread thanks. Other topics started here on the same subject will be merged into this one.
  4. Am I right in thinking that all these vaccines are only currently authorised for 'emergency use' and are not actually 'approved'? If so, that would probably explain why they are currently neither 'compulsory or mandatory', and why people are being 'invited' to book an appointment. Though there still are sadly a great number of people who believe they 'must' have the jab, and this is due to coercion, bullying and peer-pressure.
  5. The site doesn't exist anymore...
  6. We have a forum board for "Religion/Secret Societies" And there is already a topic for Freemasonry: Sorry, but I'm just getting a little tired of people either starting new topics in the wrong area, or starting a new topic when there is an existing one that could be added to.
  7. How's about sticking to the topic please?
  8. I think most of this has already been covered in the following topic:
  9. What does this have to do with Covid? In fact I've asked both of you @HistoryIsComplex and @oz93666 to stop posting in bold text, and you've both ignored my warning.
  10. Did you really need help in researching this? Just look at the mainstream news!
  11. "I think when you are called up, you have a responsibility to get it to protect yourself and others from coronavirus, which has blighted all our lives for far too long." "Called up" - this ain't like being 'called up' for military service. People are being invited. 'Invited' being the operative word because last time I checked, this vaccine was neither mandatory or compulsory. Oh and yes, coronavirus has blighted all our lives for far too long, hundreds of years at least, because those pesky common colds just never go away, and after all the makers of Lemsip and Beecham
  12. Thanks, I just dip in every now and then to check its progress. Funny that its altitude seems to have increased since I last looked a few hours ago...
  13. As I think I've said previously, while the long-term goal is 'depopulation' (think Georgia Guidestones etc), it would raise far too many eyebrows if most people who had the 'vaccine' died right away. The elites have been at this game for centuries now, I don't think they're in a real hurry to accelerate things right away, it would draw too much attention. The 'long game'. Perhaps there is a reason for all the different vaccines, and why it seems certain ones are being rolled out to different generations, maybe they serve different purposes or have different
  14. Within minutes of my last public warning, I've had to remove more 'off-topic' posts. If this continues, I am going to assume that some individuals are just looking to derail this thread, and action will be taken.
  15. MOD NOTE Thread title: Coronavirus Mega Thread To ALL: stick to the topic at hand and quit the bickering and personal arguing.
  16. I just had a quick look, looks like a place where you find those 'silly' little clips that people end up sharing and go 'viral', and have no value other than to 'entertain' someone for a few seconds. https://www.itemfix.com/
  17. Or as has previously been suggested, Bill Gates has been a massive distraction, another 'boogeyman' like George Soros was for a while (notice how Soros doesn't get mentioned much now?). Meanwhile Mrs Gates has pretty much in the background, when she's not appeared in the media alongside her husband. Still makes me wonder what exactly her role in this pantomime is.
  18. There is nothing wrong with you, apart from having the ability to think critically and for yourself. The problem is with the system - this is what we can all expect: anyone who dares to think differently and doesn't believe/follow the 'official narrative' will just be tarred with the "mentally ill" brush.
  19. Whether he likes it or not, Brian Rose is NOT going to be 'your next London Mayor'. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/topics/c27kz1m3j9mt/london-elections-2021#london-mayor 14869 votes so far from 7 out of 14 constituencies counted
  20. I know that, this is all an 'illusion of democracy' after all. Some elections are rigged, I believe that is true. But on the other hand, some elections don't need to be rigged, just as long as enough psychological manipulation is done on the 'target population' in order to engineer a desired vote. ("Social engineering") And yes, it doesn't matter who wins. Certainly nothing will change if a majority of the small number of people who make the effort to go and vote keep voting for the 'establishment' parties (ie Labour or Conservative here in the UK).
  21. PLEASE! We have a huge number of topics and posts here, and us moderators don't get to read through every single one of them. So help us out, and report anything you see here that either breaches the Forum Rules or otherwise looks suspicious, so it can be looked into more closely and action taken (if needed). As old TV presenter Shaw Taylor of 'Police 5' would say... "Keep 'em peeled!"
  22. Please use the Report feature to notify moderators of spam so it can be dealt with...
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