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  1. But it turns out to be bullshit. I don't doubt that some parts of the UK might see some snow, as has happened in recent weeks, but here in Birmingham, we're still waiting for this 'snow bomb' to hit, and looking at the Weather Channel forecast, it's looking extremely unlikely this will happen: It's just fear-mongering click-bait, hence the use of 'terrifying'. On the plus side, at least our gardens are getting a good soaking, which tells me that we could be in line for another long hot summer this year, we can but hope! Which sadly also means that within a matter of weeks, we'll no doubt start seeing the fear-mongering 'heatwave' headlines start to appear...
  2. It's funny that, because most of the 'tabloid headlines' are all formed from press releases put out by the, er, Met Office. It's almost laughable that the Met Office feels the need to debunk it's own fake news.
  3. Politics is all a 'puppet show', and it has just become another form of 'entertainment for the masses'. The "other things going on in the background" have been the social engineering and behavioural manipulation of the general public by the mainstream media, who have been conditioned into believing that they are "fed up" with this Tory government, and that it is "time for change" which 'only Labour can deliver'. I don't know about this clause on Brexit, but it wouldn't take much for Labour to bury details about this somewhere in its party manifesto, and then distract voters by focusing on things like 'funding public services and the NHS'. The trouble is that many voters never bother to read the full details of party manifestos, and they do so at their peril. You get what you vote for - whatever is detailed in that manifesto, if that party wins, then it rightfully claims to have a 'mandate from the people' to carry it out, even if less than half the electorate actually voted for it. I do find it interesting regarding these two by-elections that even the BBC doesn't bother to give a mention to the LibDems or Greens, but does give attention to Reform UK.
  4. 'Confusing' signage at junction where sergeant died from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c3g0z2rx71vo As I always say, it's always tragic when someone loses their life, but in this case, no matter how they try to spin this and direct blame elsewhere, this chap died as a result of their own stupidity/carelessness. My emphasis in bold, that tells you all you need to know. These pedestrian crossing point signals are hardly 'confusing'. Red man = do not cross Green man = you can cross The obvious thing that pedestrians should be looking at is the crossing signal lights. Then when the signal turns green, indicating it is safe to cross, look and make sure the traffic has come to a stop before entering the carriageway, yes there's always that one idiot who decides to ignore the stop light. You'd think the police would know better...
  5. Actually, a lot of agriculture did move abroad, thanks to the EEC then the EU, it became cheaper to import food from the EU as it cost less than to produce it in the UK. Don't forget the EU 'farm subsidies' to UK farmers was a form of 'compensation', but was really just paying them to scale down their own production, so as not to upset the EU farmers. Leaving the EU should have opened up new opportunities for our farms and fisheries, by allowing them to ramp up production and thus reduce our need to import so much, and would have also created a whole load of new jobs in the process, thus giving our own unemployed new opportunities. Money that was being 'sent to the EU', and then paid back to farmers and landowners in subsidies, could have been used to fund grants for farmers, to invest in equipment, recruitment and training etc. Instead, someone thought it would be a 'better idea' instead, to pay farmers to 'rewild' their land, or allow huge solar panel farms to be installed on them. The population is growing though, while the amount of useable farmland dwindles, and we become ever more reliant on imports.
  6. Here in Birmingham (UK), the odd thing is that many of the old tower blocks dating back to the 1960s/1970s, in particular those out in the suburbs of the city, are being demolished, as part of 'regeneration projects', which see them replaced with a smaller number of 'new homes'. At the same time, in the city centre area, there are a great number of new 'towers' being built, containing hundreds of what are usually described as 'luxury apartments', and very few of which get classified as 'affordable'. I've mentioned here before my observations of both the 'finished article' as well as what is usually proposed in such development plans. These blocks have at ground level what are billed as 'retail or leisure offerings', which usually means there is a gym, as well as a convenience store and a couple of cafes/takeaways. I had a need to travel to Coventry the other weekend, and while I was there in the city centre, again there are a large number of towers that have been built. Interestingly, there's a lot of accommodation for students being built there. And funnily enough I walked past one building which I assume is a few years old now, and while it houses students on the upper floors, on the ground level there is... yes you guessed it, a 'Tesco Express' convenience store, as well as a fully equipped gym. Is this somehow all part of the 'conditioning' or social engineering? When they graduate from university, is this all that students will aspire to?
  7. It doesn't take a genius to work out that politics is not so much controlled as 'rigged'. It's almost beyond certainty that Labour will 'win' the next General Election, to feed the narrative that a 'fed up electorate have voted for change'. Far from it though, Labour will win the most votes from a minority of the electorate that can be bothered to vote, expect a record low turnout. But it is interesting you mention an 'Islamic Party'. I remember watching a video a while back from David Kurten, about attempts to register such a party with the Electoral Commission, which had been unsuccessful due to poor spelling and grammar and failing other requirements. The recent Gaza/Israel conflict has highlighted a very real division within the Labour party and its members. Starmer's failure to stand up to the Friends Of Israel lobbyists could potentially see much of their core voter base, ie Muslims, happily give their vote to any new party that pledged to 'free Palestine' in its manifesto. If some 'Islamic Party' could get approved by the Electoral Commission and established ahead of the next General Election, I think we could be in for a surprise - and if so I would doubt that Starmer would even last one term.
  8. Sadly it would seem that many people would be far more interested in fighting for some other far flung country (Palestine, Ukraine etc) than their own.
  9. Yes, all this mentoring/coaching business is about training or programming people to operate and behave in a certain way - ie to follow and serve a particular agenda. But at its core, that's what Common Purpose is all about itself, recruiting and training 'leaders without boundaries', using NLP techniques to condition people into new mindsets. No doubt one thing these 'business leaders' will be taught is exactly how to apply for and receive funding for their "social enterprises, community-owned businesses, cooperatives and charity trading arms", whatever they actually are. Lets break down the above figures. A total of £1.7m "package of support". For 160 'business leaders'. That's £10,625 each. And that's just for "peer learning and for one-to-one coaching and mentoring". Nice work if you can get it. The dead giveaway is the purpose of what the 'coaching/mentoring' is for: to "grow their organisations, become more sustainable and widen the impact they have in addressing inequalities." It's all about the "woke agenda", or fulfilling the communitarian aims of Common Purpose.
  10. One thing Common Purpose like to do is "misappropriate public funds" and deliver it into the pockets of their agents, stooges and cronies. Rather strangely, despite Birmingham City Council ending up bankrupt as a result of overspending on the Commonwealth Games, and Sandwell council being on the brink, there is apparently a 'legacy fund' that has been established as a result of an overall 'underspend' on those Games in 2022. from: https://www.wmca.org.uk/news/1-7m-of-funding-for-community-led-businesses/ If this isn't a way of nicely siphoning off taxpayers money into the back pockets of those 'chosen ones' who have their snouts firmly in the trough, then I don't know what it is. First of all, is there really such a thing as an 'underspend'? Where did all this money to 'spend' on the Commonwealth Games come from? A hypothetical scenario here: I'm thinking about upgrading my kitchen, and I've set aside an amount of money to pay for it, I have a budget in mind as to what I can afford. Lets just say I've got a budget of £15,000. Some astute buying and planning decisions result in my new kitchen costing me £11,000. Nice! £4000 than I was expecting to pay. So have I 'underspent' by £4000, or 'saved' £4000? In the minds of Common Purpose, what I should do with that £4000 is to just give it away to random strangers on the street, rather than just put it back into my savings. I often see posts from WM Mayor Andy Street boasting about "putting cash on the table" for some project or other, but too many people don't realise this is "your money", ie taxpayers money, being doled out left, right and centre. What exactly are "leaders of social enterprises, community-owned businesses, cooperatives and charity trading arms"? Common Purpose stooges? "sharpen their key business skills through peer learning and for one-to-one coaching and mentoring to help them grow their organisations, become more sustainable and widen the impact they have in addressing inequalities." Yawn, "sustainable" and "addressing inequalities", phrases dismissed by many as 'woke nonsense', but that's what this is about, Common Purpose change agents delivering the UN Agenda 2030 goals, and enriching themselves financially in the process.
  11. Same 'hidden hand'. Hermes were a shit delivery company, they changed their name to 'Evri' ("rebranded" themselves), and they're still the same shit delivery company.
  12. That's the quandary. No-one in their right mind would ever admit to being a Sabbatean, so all we can do is rely on other researcher's diligent work, or draw our own conclusions. It would appear that the US is 'running the show' on the surface, but it's president and government are merely puppets of what David Icke used to call this 'hidden hand'.
  13. Thanks, I saw this story too. It wasn't shared by the rest of the country though, and it's not such a 'freak occurrence after all'. From that article: And there's an explanation given too: Nice weather if you can get it, for this time of year! Oh come on, 19C isn't "really hot", that's got to be an exaggeration.
  14. Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers has been predicting and reporting on earthquakes for several years, I'm curious as to why Piers Corbyn is jumping on this bandwagon now.
  15. Not 'Sabbatean Jews', just 'Sabbateans' Most just coincidentally happen to be 'Jewish' as well. And that works out nice for them because if anybody ever dares criticise or point out what they're up to, they can immediately get shut down by cries of 'anti-semitism'. I'm pretty sure we'll also find Sabbateans who 'masquerade' as Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Roman Catholics or even atheists.
  16. I first became aware of 'Sabbatean-Frankism' through David Icke's books, and the way he explained it made a lot of sense as to why things are as they are. In later books he refers to these people as the Cult, which is basically what it is. They're not Jews, though they will masquerade behind the 'cloak of Judaism' in order to protect themselves from scrutiny or criticism. In much the same way that not all Zionists are Jews. You'll never hear anyone boasting openly of being a Sabbatean, because it's all hidden and secretive.
  17. A protest took place in Birmingham city centre today, where protestors lay in Great Charles Queensway to "represent the 25 road deaths that occur in Birmingham every year". ‘Die-in’ protest held in busy Birmingham street after deaths in city from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/die-in-protest-held-busy-28524391 Just as an aside into the poor quality of local journalism, the above quote is copied verbatim. It was actually "Lordswood Road" in Harborne, not 'Ladywood Road', and this group held a 'protest' not a 'protect'. I'm sure I've mentioned before that I don't drive and have never owned a car, so just wanted to make my position clear. This particular group may appear to have noble intentions on the surface, but in reality they are very much 'anti-car' and 'anti-motorist'. It is always tragic when someone loses their life, but in many of these cases there is important context being missed. Yes, it is true that there are a number of idiots who choose to race around everywhere and ignore the Highway Code. It is also true that the word 'idiot' is now considered offensive and will result in your comment being 'deactivated' on Reach Plc sites for breaching their 'community guidelines'. However, in the grand scheme of things, is 25 that great a number? But my big question is how many of these 25 deaths were entirely preventable, if the victims had chosen to cross that particular road in a safer manner? Too often, we'll see some story in local news about some pedestrian being run over and either seriously injured or killed. But "what actually happened" will never get reported, so in most cases it remains a 'mystery'. I would hazard a guess that in most of these cases, this pedestrian has been maimed or killed through their own stupid fault, by attempting to cross a busy main road where or when it was clearly not safe to do so. I see it all the time, particularly in Sparkbrook near where I work, all along the Stratford Road, people are blindly walking out into moving traffic, despite a plethora of controlled pedestrian crossings, or central reservation refuges. And what alarms me most is people walking out into the road either carrying children, or dragging them by their hands. And then of course there are the 'smartphone zombies' who just casually step into the road while staring at their iPhones. So come on, lets have some truth please, how many of these pedestrian deaths were caused by their own carelessness rather than through any fault of the motorist? It sounds to me like this group are going about things the wrong way, maybe they should be doing more to educate and inform pedestrians on how to cross roads more safely, that would be a great way to reduce injuries and deaths. Sadly, I think this is just a front or a cover for a more 'anti-car' agenda.
  18. Or you can just "trust the plan" and hope for the best Alternatively, you go with your instincts and work out for yourself what you think is correct or not.
  19. Yes, but still, how do you know if the Deagal site is genuine or just another part of the 'psy-op' being played against the 'other side'? (ie 'us')
  20. How do you know that isn't another 'mind war'? (I presume you're referring to these 'Deagal forecasts' that people like to keep quoting?)
  21. I'm pretty sure that's all this is, "fear rhetoric". People stopped being frightened by 'Covid' news stories. People aren't being frightened by weather news stories any more. People aren't being sufficiently frightened by 'measles outbreak'. They are just really ramping up the fear of war and conflict. WW3 is already happening, but it is not a war involving soldiers and guns, it is a psychological 'mind war' being waged on all of us.
  22. And for balance, it's not just Labour-controlled councils who can't manage their finances properly... Dudley Council leaders ‘ignored early finance warnings’ from: https://www.halesowennews.co.uk/news/24078436.dudley-council-leaders-ignored-early-finance-warnings/
  23. It's not just in England either... WATCH: Ceredigion Cabinet back huge council tax rise as finance chief warns budget is 'biggest challenge yet' from: https://www.cambrian-news.co.uk/news/watch-ceredigion-cabinet-back-huge-council-tax-rise-as-finance-chief-warns-budget-is-biggest-challenge-yet-662270 Now I know that councils in Wales are slightly different, as they get their funding from the devolved Welsh government, rather than directly from the UK government. But still, I think you will find as this all gets 'buried' in 'local news', that a lot of councils around the UK are intending to raise their council tax bills by eye-watering amounts, and hoping they can get away with it by keeping this out of the national news. Perhaps if the Welsh Labour administration and its county councils would stop pissing away public money on vanity projects, or furthering Agenda 2030 goals, then there would be enough money to properly fund essential services without expecting hard-up taxpayers to make up the shortfall.
  24. They're really ramping up the fear rhetoric now... Britain must train citizen army, military chief warns from https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-68086188 I'm pretty sure we have enough armed forces to defend our little island, if they weren't all deployed all over the world fighting other peoples' battles. Of course it can be argued that our country is already being invaded, yet the invaders are being welcomed in. I'm reminded of when I was at secondary school, and the Gulf War broke out, there was a lot of fear and worry among my classmates, as the suggestion was being mooted that we were all of an age where we could end up getting 'called up'. Thankfully that never happened, but they were nervous times.
  25. There is so much crookedness and corruption about that it's difficult to know where to start. Sometimes its not about 'serving the next agenda'. Sometimes its as simple as millions of pounds of public money being wasted on stuff that was unnecessary, and the easiest way to turn 'overstock' back into 'cash' is for an 'unfortunate incident' to occur. Someone may have been arrested, they have been paid an amount of money for this incident to occur, they may have not known what was at stake.
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