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  1. Has anyone stopped to consider that these kinds of videos are 'staged'? As 'fake propaganda'? Its remarkable how there's always someone on hand with a smartphone, to capture these moments on video, for the purpose of being circulated on the internet. This video may of course be real, but then it may not. But what is always telling is the 'comments', and the way that people 'react' to these videos. And looking at the replies already made here, and the way that people have reacted, come on, can't people see how they are being psychologically manipulated by this kind of 'viral video'?
  2. That's a fair point, but all along we have been 'told' by the media and experts that this 'Covid' is just another form of 'SARS' (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), with the big clue being 'respiratory syndrome', ie one that affects the lungs. Maybe the disease makes 'no sense' to these people, because these doctors and medical professionals are following 'guidance' that is incorrect, deliberate or otherwise? I don't know, I'm no medical professional myself, but my logical brain tells me its a bit like trying to use a toaster, using an instruction manual for a microwave oven, all the time being told "this is what you have to do", without thinking or questioning whether its actually right or not. Or put it another way, a doctor is presented with a patient who he/she has been told is 'diagnosed with Covid', then they start following the 'approved treatment' for Covid (which at one point was just "stick them on a ventilator"), although the patient could have actually been suffering with something else. Don't get me wrong, I believe that some people have been getting sick with 'something', but I am inclined to believe that a lot of deaths have been caused unneccessarily due to the eagerness amongst medical workers to 'misdiagnose' every illness and ailment as 'Covid'.
  3. The most absurd thing for me at the moment is where 'vaccinated' (ie 'double-jabbed') people are being thrown into a panic when they learn they have been in recent contact with someone who either 'tests positive' for Covid, or says that they 'have Covid'. "Must get tested", urge others to 'get tested', or start hosing everything in the vicinity down with sanitiser or disinfectant. Where I live, and where I work, I am surrounded by 'vaccinated' people - I am of course not, though I have managed 'on trust' to convince people that I am (it just makes things easier to be honest, rather than trying to convince these people otherwise, I don't particularly like lying to people close to me, but I'm just doing what I need to do to get along). Yet I'm the one who's 'least concerned' by all this. What concerns me is that 'vaccinated' people, who then take tests which come back 'positive', are firmly convinced that they need to 'self-isolate' and that others who have been in contact should also do so, even if they are also 'double-jabbed'. So really, we're right back at the start, and hardly anyone who's been 'vaccinated' is sitting up and thinking "hey what the hell was the point of this vaccine then?". But the spin being played is that the 'vaccinated' are going to need 'regular jabs' in order to keep protected from all these pissing 'variants' that keep springing up out of nowhere. And the psychologically manipulated masses are going along with this, because that is what the 'experts' and the 'news' are saying. This whole Covid thing is never going to go away, not while we have this never-ending cycle of 'vaccinate', 'test', 'variant' etc etc
  4. Thanks, I lean towards Off-Guardian's position, in that I am sceptical about so-called 'leaked' documents, especially those that suddenly 'emerge' and get shared widely amongst 'conspiracy circles'. Be wary of false information folks, especially that which can end up being used back at us. While there is a lot of misinformation being peddled by the 'mainstream media', we also need to be mindful of the misinformation being 'seeded' within the alternative media.
  5. Can you provide the source for this?
  6. The trouble with some of these Telegram groups is that it is really easy to sow 'misinformation' or 'disinformation', and people will willing share such material without checking out the source. Remember the old saying "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't". Unfortunately this is all part of the psychological manipulation - as well as the 'fake news' in the mainstream media (MSM), there is also a lot of 'fake news' in the supposed 'alternative' media.
  7. I couldn't help myself and left a comment, I bet it doesn't get approved!
  8. Sadly this 'news site' looks like: Fake news of the highest order I'm afraid.
  9. Thanks for this, looks interesting, will watch in full at a later date. In the meantime, I have posted this on our Covid Exposed website: https://covidexposed.info/coronavirus/the-mass-awakening-the-pandemic-hoax-and-agenda-21/
  10. Slightly off-topic, but sort of relevant to what you are saying: last weekend there was a 'police incident' at a local park, where the body of a 60-year old woman was pulled out of the pool. Typically, the local news site just 'repeated' the statement given out by West Midlands Police, but the key thing that struck me was when the police said the death "was not being treated as suspicious". Hello? A dead body is found floating in a park pool on a Sunday morning, and the police don't consider this as 'suspicious'? I know 60 years old is hardly 'elderly', but this reminded me of things covered in this topic, and it got me thinking about how this is the 'disdain' they have towards our older folks. Where a dead woman can be pulled from a park pool, but the police won't investigate further as they consider it 'not suspicious'. I don't know who this woman was, but my sympathies go out to her family. And while I don't know the circumstances that led to this woman being found dead in the pool, I am appalled that the police consider this 'not suspicious', as it just goes against all my own human instincts.
  11. Welcome to the forum, we already have a topic on this subject, here:
  12. While I have suspicions about Piers Corbyn, this 'sting' does look like it has been done to try and 'discredit' him, and thus others, like Icke, through 'association'.
  13. If anything, this just goes to show you just how much control the 'mainstream media' has now over peoples' ability to think critically, logically, and for themselves. What was achieved in 1938 by Orson Welles' broadcast, has been greatly magnified. The media now has the power to 'simulate' any kind of major event, and present it as 'real', and the viewing audience will believe it is real and actually happening.
  14. All I will add to this is that if we manifest our own reality through our own perceptions, then all I'll say is "be careful what you wish for". "They" have their plans for us all, and yes we should be mindful of what it is they have planned, and do all we can to stop these plans from coming to fruition. But we also need to understand that as long as we believe these plans will happen, we could also be helping to manifest them into reality, all the time we focus on them.
  15. Instead of further derailing this topic, you may wish to consider posting this here:
  16. The subject of "Flat Earth" is a very contentious one, and in my opinion I don't have a problem with the subject matter as such, more the way that people 'react' and conduct themselves while 'discussing' this subject. For the record, I do not care whether the earth is a 'globe', or if it is a 'flat disc', this world that I experience only exists within my field of vision. I started to go down this 'rabbit hole' a few years ago, and while I found some arguments quite compelling, there were still far too many unanswered questions for my liking. But what I found most intriguing is the way that flat-earth discussions pan out. It is very divisive and polarising, and participants are either firmly 'flat-earthers', or the complete opposite. Discussions on this subject ultimately turn into baiting, trolling, insulting, bickering and go round in circles, with the same mantras and sources being quoted over and over. Now also for the record, I don't believe in censorship, and I will also state that any previous topics on this subject have not been locked by myself because I want this subject stifled or censored, but simply because they have gotten out of hand and unmanageable. So here we have a new topic for this subject, but before we continue, some caveats. First of all, if you are new here, before proceeding to post in this topic, please ensure you have reviewed the following previous topics: And some bad examples: As well as the general Forum Rules, there will be some further rules applied to this thread. If you do not agree with or do not wish to participate in this particular discussion, then simply ignore it. No trolling, baiting, or insulting - members should refrain from using terms such as 'globetard' etc. Many aspects have already been covered in previous topics, so just recycling or regurgitating previously posted material will be frowned upon - read through the previous topics first! Lasers, "ships disappearing over horizons", "water clinging to a ball", "planes landing upside down" etc have all been done to death already. If you're going to post a video, or a link to a video, please also explain the content of that video as well as give your own opinion/take on it - and don't post videos that have already been posted. Please keep all discussion of Flat Earth in this topic, there is no need to start any new topic, or to start 'hijacking' other topics. If you are an 'advocate' of the Flat Earth theory, please be expected to answer any questions in an open and honest manner, using your own words; don't just reply with a link to a video or post some comment about "do your own research". If you are unsure of, or sceptical of the Flat Earth theory, keep your questions and opinions civil and your criticisms constructive. Finally, if anyone feels this OP is anyway hostile or restrictive, I will remind members that there are other places on the internet where this topic can be discussed. Flat Earth Society: https://forum.tfes.org/ Also: https://www.theflatearthsociety.org/forum/index.php https://flatearthers.org/forum/ https://stolenhistory.net/threads/flat-earth.3724/ It is my hope that those who wish to discuss this topic in a civil and polite manner can do so here, as well as those who are sceptical or unsure can ask questions in an equally civil or polite manner likewise. Trolling and baiting (from both sides of the argument) will not be tolerated, its as simple as that. Read through and review the previous topics linked to earlier. Any new discussions on this topic are welcome, rehashes and regurgitations are not. If this topic ends up getting locked, it will be the LAST discussion of this subject here. The rest is up to you lot...
  17. George W Bush looks like a genius in comparison to Biden.
  18. Can I ask you why you can't keep this thread 'on-topic'?
  19. This topic is about Richard Branson and his alleged 'fake trip to space', so lets please stay on topic, this isn't going to turn into yet another FE thread.
  20. Have a read through this whole thread, its pretty much covered in detail.
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