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  1. I've seen shit like this before and it always gets the same reaction from me. You may pay £7 for this 'limited edition' 50p coin but at the end of the day, as legal tender, what is it worth? 50p. That's all. What a fucking rip-off and the saps fall for it every time.
  2. "How is this encouraging an 'open free and honest global conversation' if its only available to people in the USA?"
  3. That is probably more likely. I don't think it helps things with people like Barrie Trower saying what they claim, as they are potentially 'muddying the waters' with partial truths and diverting people from what is really happening.
  4. The 'old' forum has become 'lost' and this current forum is the 'new' one. There are plenty of topics here concerning Reptilians if you do a search for them or have a browse around.
  5. While I'm still on the fence regarding "chemtrails", I do believe weather modification is highly plausible and is being used to do as you say. Seeding clouds means they are not forming naturally and I believe this can offer some explanation as to why we have more torrential rain downpours than in the past for example. As I said earlier, nature works in balance, and when scientists start meddling with nature, that's when disasters happen as natural processes spiral out of control. Sorry but this is where I become sceptical of such claims, because if you look at the German New Medicine (GNM) and Terrain Theory approaches, then there are no such things as viruses as we are led to believe, therefore there is no such thing as a 'dormant virus' that can be activated via microwaves, and certainly such viruses couldn't be sprayed in the air. I agree that this is a possibility, and certainly all these radio and microwave signals can't be good for one's health, considering we are all beings of energy, frequency and vibration ourselves.
  6. Today's high was supposed to have been 21C here, but I doubt that happened very much. It was lovely in the sunshine this morning and I was out in my t-shirt and shorts in the garden, but after about 11am the clouds started thickening, and then the temperature started dropping. Feels quite chilly now outside, I already changed back into trousers earlier, considering putting a jumper on now! Nice work cloud makers!
  7. Mum calls in police after Birmingham ICC security guard 'racial profiling' bag check row From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/mum-calls-police-after-birmingham-23920117 Oh dear, so black people should be exempt from having their bags checked because 'racism'? Here's the thing, I attended an event at the ICC a few years ago, and I had my backpack checked, no big deal. I had nothing to hide, just contained a rolled up jacket and some packed lunch and a bottle of water. I didn't make a big deal out of it, I just showed them the inside of my bag, and the guard let me through.
  8. I remember reading about Venus when I was younger, and yes despite being further from the sun, it does have hotter surface temperatures than Mercury does. The principle is the same, Venus is covered in thick clouds which does cause a greenhouse effect. However I may be wrong but I believe in the case of Venus, the clouds are actually sulphur dioxide, and any rain that falls is literally 'acid rain' in the form of sulphuric acid. I do believe it is entirely plausible that Venus was once habitable, but something catastrophic happened there.
  9. As I recall, the Labour government between 1997 and 2010 massively increased the size of the civil service, no doubt some will remember the likes of the "5-a-day co-ordinators" etc, bullshit jobs created to give people bullshit work. When the Tories took power (in coalition with the LibDems), they started slashing these jobs due to 'austerity'. It's pretty much the same thing again, only the Tories are slashing the bullshit jobs they created themselves, or as already stated above, those contracts are coming to the end of their term and won't be renewed. The sinister charity organisation Common Purpose and its 'graduates' pretty much already controls the Civil Service in this country. All that will happen is Labour will get back into power in 2024 (if not sooner) and a load more bullshit Civil Service jobs will end up getting created.
  10. The thing is, this would happen 'naturally'. As I understand things, as the surface temperature increases (so we keep being told) surely more water from the surface (ie oceans) would evaporate, which then condenses in the atmosphere forming clouds. The more clouds in the atmosphere, the more sunlight gets blocked from reaching the surface. You'll notice on a very warm day, how much cooler it 'feels' when the sun gets obscured by clouds. Nature finds a way to maintain a balance. If we start interfering with this process, thats when things start to get a bit awry. Don't forget also that water vapour and clouds also contribute to the 'greenhouse effect' - though when it comes to greenhouse 'gases', water vapour gets conveniently overlooked, despite there being a far higher concentration than carbon dioxide. If we start producing 'too many' clouds, surface heat has less opportunity to radiate away, so we could end up making things worse. Also, with an imbalance of water in the atmosphere, that's when rainfall starts becoming ever more extreme, and we end up with floods.
  11. It truly is all a load of distracting nonsense. 'Partygate' obviously was 'the thing' prior to the local elections, and it was used by Labour to trick people into voting for them (because they just can't champion and campaign on their own policies). Rather unsurprisngly once the ballot papers started being counted, the whole 'Beergate' thing then came out and suddenly Starmer and Labour looked a bit hypocritical. Maybe all those people who voted for Labour councillors just to "send a message to the Tories" might have some regrets now, especially those living in an area run by a Labour council doing an appalling job. But the problem is that many people can't see that our politicians are taking the piss out of them now. People (quite rightly) got a bit upset and angry at the antics of Boris and his colleagues - "I was locked in my home and couldn't go see Granny while they were partying" etc etc. The question being asked by people is "why weren't they following the rules?" Well, thats the question being asked by people who obediently and slavishly followed every rule, guideline and restriction placed upon them. The question of course should be "how come the people who issue these rules and guidelines for us feel they don't need to follow them themselves? Is it all a load of bollocks?" The sooner people can snap out of this hypnosis that has been cast on them the better.
  12. I've said this here before, I remember reading years ago 'warnings' about how low voter turnouts could be 'dangerous' and the example given at the time was the 'risk' that some minority fringe party such as the BNP could find it easier to win a seat at an election, as long as they gained enough votes to get a majority. Looking at the recent turnout figures, and the number of votes required to 'win' that seat, we're almost at this point now, where some well-organised party that was able to rally support, could do just that. It would take a good concerted effort though, and this is where I feel having a multitude of 'anti-establishment' parties with similar interests and goals does devalue things. But when you're bombarded with imagery from Tories and Labour like below, its no wonder voters just stick to "one or the other": Both parties (and others) pump out the same propaganda every time, "only xxx can stop yyy here" etc etc yawn, and its all part of the same 'perception deception' that manipulates people into thinking there is only ever two choices (despite all the others on the ballot paper). The 'did not vote' are the untapped majority, and sometimes they don't realise what power they hold. If they all thought "fuck this shit" and went out en masse and just voted for 'somebody else', things could start to become different. The BNP used to be deemed a 'risk' but equally there are a number of fringe far-left minority parties, such as the Communist Party, that could be a bigger risk if they also followed the same tactic. But then it could be argued what is the point of the Communist Party when we have Labour?
  13. I don't know the exact figure for France but I have seen quotes elsewhere that the turnout was between 20% and 30%. And it was roughly the same in both Birmingham and Sandwell. I do understand why some people have given up voting, they think it's all pointless and a waste of time, and to an extent I agree. The problem we had in both Birmingham and Sandwell was a lack of decent alternatives to the usual Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems and Greens. Yes there were a small number of people standing for minority parties, but mostly for the tiny parties that have no chance of getting anywhere. There was just one Reform UK candidate in Birmingham, and one in Sandwell. I believe there was one For Britain candidate in Sandwell. No candidates from UKIP, Reclaim, Freedom Alliance or the Heritage Party though, or any other party that claims to be against the Establishment. In some wards, it was just a straight choice between Labour or Conservative, some choice! Just as much as we need people to get off their backsides and go and vote, we also need people prepared to put their heads above the parapets and stand for election themselves, either as an independent candidate, or for some party that is able to reach disaffected voters and give them a reason to vote again. I still believe we can "vote our way out of this mess" - to coin a phrase oft repeated here (in the negative). Low turnouts suit the Establishment parties, because it means they need fewer votes to keep themselves in power, and a 'hardcore' minority of people will continue to trot down to the polling station to vote Labour or Conservative because that's what they've always done, they don't know how to think differently, they are influenced by what the media tells them. Heck, they don't even need to rig the election any more. I can't find the full size picture now, but this image tells it all - Labour MP Liam Byrne (facing accusations of bullying) and Birmingham council leader Ian Ward (who held his seat in Shard End with just 854 votes, 16.8% turnout): They're laughing at you all at how easy this is now!
  14. It was all quite predictable in the end, Labour made some gains, Tories made some losses. Little mention being made in the media of the really poor turnouts for this election. This should be a concern for everybody, a tiny minority decides the outcome.
  15. I believe that is in the most part correct, ultimately for these people its all about making money. But still, it would appear strange to spend huge sums of money to 'recreate' an old film that has been seen many times, to then make money from people watching the same film again. Of course, by remaking old films, it does allow the opportunity to 'rewrite' certain aspects, or even change characters, in order to push or promote 'current agendas'.
  16. No problem, I think you may find that it becomes difficult to find a digital phone that is 'corded' (ie isn't cordless) that's all. I've not really looked into it myself to be honest, as I've said already I personally prefer not to have a 'landline' phone, and I've certainly not missed it in the last near four years living where I am now. But I'm sure there'll be someone out there who's come up with a corded digital phone (hopefully!) because I do appreciate concerns that some people may have.
  17. Hmmm.... Birmingham Dogs Home forced to close after virus outbreak From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-61326547 They're coming for your pets... again! During the Covid 'pandemic' and lockdowns, there were reports about cats and dogs being 'abandoned' because of 'fears' about Covid, blah blah. This puts a new spin on things though: So now we have people giving up their pets because they can't afford to feed and look after them. Which is really sad to hear to be honest. Now I don't want to be jumping to conclusions, but I do find it a LITTLE odd that now this dogs home finds itself being overwhelmed with given up or abandoned dogs (and presumably the demand to rehome such poor animals has died off, if more people find themselves unable to afford to keep them), suddenly some 'virus' has appeared which admittedly I've never heard of before, but maybe because I've never had the joy of having a dog as a pet and companion. Well, they would say that. Lets just speculate for a moment, and consider that if the dogs home is 'closed' due to a virus outbreak, any number of 'residents' could fall ill and die as a result. (It may not have been the 'virus' that killed them, wink wink) Perhaps this is how the mass culling of pets begins...
  18. Landline phones are not becoming 'extinct' - there are plans to switch off the analogue phone carrier network in the UK in the next few years or so, but you'll still be able to have a fixed landline phone, only difference being that it will be a 'digital' line provided via your broadband, my understanding is that it is similar to if not the same as VOIP (voice over internet protocol) devices. I believe that Virgin Media here in the UK already provides this - my broadband router provided by them has ports for digital phones to connect to, though I opted for a 'broadband only' package with them, so no cable TV or phone line for me. If people want to call me, they can do so on my mobile phone, which I hardly use to be honest. At my old property, I did have broadband and a BT phone line provided by Plusnet. It was crazy because (at the time) you were forced to pay something like £14.99 a month just for 'line rental', so I did have a landline phone which I didn't really use. Vast majority of calls I received on that phone though were from cold-callers (though I rarely gave that number to anybody) so in all fairness I really now don't miss having a landline phone now. There seems to be some misconceptions about phone lines, landlines and broadband connections. For people using the BT network (ie your modem/router connects to a phone socket via an ADSL splitter), your broadband (internet) uses digital signals, while your 'landline' phone uses analogue signals. They are both received through the same cables connected to your home. It is the analogue system that will be turned off. You'll still be able to use a newer 'digital' phone as a landline phone. Most current analogue landline phones are already 'cordless' though (DECT), being connected wirelessly to a base unit, so I'm not sure why there's a sudden concern about wireless radiation.
  19. Its that time of year again here in the UK, where people get to go and vote for their local councillors who will represent them on city, borough and district councils. Now despite whatever misgivings you may have about the current Conservative national UK government, what you are voting for here at these elections is who is going to represent you and your local council ward at your local council level. The result of these elections will have no bearing on the makeup of the current UK government. It's all about who controls your local city, borough or district council. On May 6th, Boris will still be your prime minister and the Conservatives will still control the national government. But depending on how you vote, you may still have a shower of shit controlling your local council. I live in Birmingham, and we've had a Labour controlled council for the last ten years, yet the current Labour administration is boasting about a new 'golden decade' if you vote them back in. (They're obviously banking on people forgetting about the last ten years!) In neighbouring Sandwell, Labour has been in power for 47 years now. Despite the area rapidly becoming a shithole, Labour still expects people to give them their vote. And they will, because all they focus their campaigning on is 'Tories bad'. If you live in an area with a Labour-controlled council, and it is a shit-hole, and nothing really changes for the better, why do you keep voting Labour? (The same can be said in reverse equally) Because it is all about perception management. Your councillors just want to get themselves on board the 'gravy train' and once they do they don't really care about what you think or want, until the next election comes around. Forget about 'Partygate' or other such nonsense. You're not voting for Boris. What are your local councillors going to do for YOU? Birmingham Labour – distracting voters from their own failures https://thegrumpyowl.co.uk/2022/05/02/birmingham-labour-distracting-voters-from-their-own-failures/
  20. NO NO NO you have to "trust the plan" Because 'Q' said so. The "plan" is just to keep people 'docile' and waiting for their 'saviour' to come and rescue them from this mess. While at the same time keeping them 'locked' in the same never ending vicious circle of Republican - Democrat - Republican - Democrat ad infinitum. The "Establishment" is just that, any actual 'resistance' will have to come from outside the Establishment.
  21. Could this not have been posted in the existing Max Igan topic?
  22. More fucking 'hopium'. And just more memes and hashtags. Trump is NOT your saviour. He is just as much one of the 'wealthy elite', and just another puppet or pawn. The problem with US politics is that it is far too polarised. And there is too much emphasis placed on it being between 'Republicans' or 'Democrats'. BOTH parties are the problem. Where are the alternatives? Instead of having to choose between one or other of these 'rich old men', where are the younger, dynamic leaders of other political parties? Yes, I accept that other political parties have a much harder time in the US gaining any traction, simply due to how well funded both the Republican and Democrat parties are, and the exposure they get in the mainstream media. Amongst the 'alternative circles' there is still this 'belief' being pushed that the Republicans are the 'good guys', while the Democrats are the 'bad guys'. They are both two sides of the same coin, and it should be time for a 'new coin'. Sorry but Trump ain't gonna ride in and come to the rescue. America is fucked unless its people can realise that they have been played for fools for too long, and start to look for and vote for genuine alternatives.
  23. I'm inclined to believe this is all probably fake and just more propaganda to continue this Covid narrative. The 'variants' are weakening, fewer people are becoming seriously ill or dying as a result. Here in the West, we now have a "living with Covid" approach. How come its taken the Chinese over two years to get this serious and drastic? Looking at all those Chinese people in hazmat suits, you'd think there was some deadly airbourne toxic chemical or gas. And yes, all of this is extremely disruptive, as don't forget that China is where most common household goods, and pretty much everything else, is being manufactured. Cue more 'shortages', as factories are closed down and employees are forced to stay at home.
  24. I agree with what you say, and I think you are right. In times gone by, animals were reared for 'their purpose', whether that be for food production or the like, but it was always the case that farmers and livestock rearers did actually care about their animals, for example look after your bull properly and it will produce fine quality steak, or even free-range chickens producing good quality large eggs. Something did get lost with the transition to 'quantity over quality', ie the mass-production methods, in order to satisfy the demand from wholesale food producers and resellers, such as 'big supermarkets' etc. And I believe it is true that a lot of produced food does go to waste. It would be better in the long term if we went back to local farmers and rearers producing what the local community needs, rather than mass-production to suit export requirements.
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