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  1. 21 Reasons Why Owls Will Steal Your Heart Right NOW. Woot ...

    1. ink


      Ermm .... your laughing Grumpy!


      Did you get laid mate?




      You know, laid .... owls get laid .... so I was just wondering??



    2. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      No sadly, but sometimes you just have to laugh, and put aside negative feelings for more positive ones. 😄 🦉

  2. Is it just me or has Boris aged about 10 years in the last 10 months? I don't know what it is about the man, certainly I don't trust any politicians any more than I did last year for sure. But sometimes I do wonder about what kind of 'role' he is playing in all this. I do recall before the 'first lockdown' last March, he was almost insisting on and keen on the 'herd immunity' strategy - the approach that Sweden took - rather than the harsh 'lockdown' method. Was this part of the charade? Or was he being genuine to a degree? Certainly the decision got taken o
  3. Gov UK petitions may be shit, but they are the only ones where there is any glimmer of hope of anything actually getting done, or at least responded by the Government or debated in Parliament. Change.org and other petition sites such as 38degrees et al are not to be trusted and I believe they are just more data-harvesters and 'opinion gaugers/influencers' if anything, a waste of time really as nothing can actually be enforced. (Unless it suits 'the agenda' of course)
  4. As much as I'd like this to be true, isn't this a repeat of the supposed 'case' that got nowhere last year?
  5. Its all about the 'long game' for these people. If 95% of the population dropped dead and died in the next couple of weeks, alarm bells would start ringing. Whatever this vaccine does, the effects will be long-term. And at present, the long-term effects are unknown, because there has been no long-term studies. The vaccine doesn't have to kill people straight-away. If it renders people infertile, that would be a long-term effect.
  6. So the New World Order is actually the New Old World Order, which was the New New Old World Order, and before that the New New New World Order? Reminds me of an episode of Doctor Who where they travelled to the future to the New New New New New New New York (or something along those lines anyway)
  7. I'm only seeing one type of jerking force going on here. Is there nothing to be said for just standing upright and flapping your arms up and down? Seems to work for me?
  8. On a slight side note, I often find myself waking up at around 3am; its quite rare now that I have an undisturbed nights sleep.
  9. This is a useful site for finding out about local roadworks: https://one.network/ Here where I live there are lots of roadworks and road closures, but at least there is visible evidence of something happening. I live in quite a 'leafy' suburb of Birmingham, and I note with interest the number of works related to 'arboriculture', either root pruning or tree 'pollarding'.
  10. Promises, promises served with a little dash of hope. Only for those hopes to be themselves 'dashed' in another week or so...
  11. The article itself is bog-standard click-bait "what we know already" stuff, but the BBC have allowed comments on this, 77th Brigade appear to be in active service... Covid: When will I get the vaccine? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55045639
  12. If Trump was genuine in his ambitions, at this point now he should be walking away from the Republicans and starting a brand new party to give the voting Americans an alternative to the RepDem coalition.
  13. Odysee is part of LBRY, its basically a web browser app for viewing LBRY.tv content.
  14. Topics merged, please don't keep starting new topics on the same/similar subject. Also, posts in English only (or at least provide a translation)
  15. I've lived in the West Midlands all my life. I would agree with you, some years we do get some periods of very hot weather, while equally there are periods of very cold weather. I would say in general and overall, the climate here hasn't otherwise changed a great deal in my lifetime, certainly I have memories of hot summers and cold winters going back to when I was a child. The only thing I would observe is that in the last 10 or so years, we have tended to get much heavier rainfalls and stronger winds and storms, but even these don't last that long. The chang
  16. Topic moved as not a Forum Issue (technical issues only!) Please ensure you open topics in the correct area of the forum.
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