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  1. I had an email this morning regarding my own order: Good Morning Everyone, Thank you for your Pre-Order of David Icke\’s Brand New Book \’The Answer\’. Your Pre-Orders are now with our warehouse, due to the large number of orders please be patient and we aim to have all Pre-Orders dispatched by the end of the day Monday and with Customers by Friday 21st August. Most will receive sooner than that date however. Tracking information on your order should go directly to your e-mail address used when placing the order. If you have any questions regarding your Order then please contact us at [email protected] Thank you for your patience, and thank you for ordering directly through us rather than Amazon. I am really looking forward to receiving this, that is my week off at the end of the month taken care of!
  2. And another one here today... ...this time at the historic Cadbury Club in Bournville, Birmingham Cadbury Club fire in Bournville - fifty firefighters tackle huge blaze at historic community hub Six fire engines and a hydraulic platform have been sent to the scene of the fire in Bournville Lane https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/cadbury-club-fire-bournville-fifty-18772790 And it wasn't even hot today. What's with all these big fires lately? Any others being reported in other local news?
  3. Birmingham Gathering – 15 Aug 2020 – 12 Noon “The disproportionate Government response to COVID and the torrent of fear-based reporting , is destroying lives, our businesses, our economy and mental health. Stand up for freedom. Stand up for our rights. Say no to: Unlawful lockdowns — Mandatory masks — Track, trace & test — Health passports.”
  4. Well I'm sorry but to me, you 'die-hard Flat Earthers' (for want of a better expression) also come across as 'religious zealots', and all you have too is "blind faith". Lets face it, none of us are actually able to 'prove' if the Earth is a globe, or if it is a 'flat disc'. In order to do that, one would need to travel up into space, in order to see for themselves. Science is always open to question, but we can't simply assume that ALL science is wrong, some might be quite correct in fact. As for why if the earth is spinning at 1000mph and travelling through space at 66000mph we are not all simply flying off into space, consider everything as 'relative'. When I'm inside a bus which is travelling at 30mph, and there is a fly or wasp buzzing around, why does it continue as normal, and not splat into the rear window? When on a train moving at 80mph, or on a plane travelling at 500mph, why can we still move around the cabin/saloon without falling over? Relativity.
  5. These handheld infra-red thermometers have been around for ages, we sell some at work, as part of our catering range of products, used for measuring the temperature of meat to ensure its cooked properly. Around February/March this year, we suddenly started selling loads of them for some reason. What was crazy though was the number of private addresses and non-catering companies these were being dispatched to. I dread to think how many employees have been having their temperatures 'tested' daily using a catering thermometer. As for their effectiveness, well people can run temperatures for all sorts of reasons, I wonder how effective they are if someone has been sitting out in the sun for several hours and has a bit of a sweat on? Fevers can be caused by all sorts of conditions, not exclusively Covid-19, or maybe thats the plan for any kind of illness to be 'Covid'?
  6. "This video has been removed for violating YouTube's Terms of Service."
  7. I will refuse a 'vaccine' on the basis that: 'Covid-19' does not exist (people are dying or becoming ill for other reasons) 'The Coronavirus' is a misnomer as there are a whole family of 'coronaviruses' most of which are not deadly. Like 'The Common Cold'. This specific 'The Coronavirus' that allegedly causes the fabricated 'Covid-19' disease has never actually been isolated in a lab. The PCR tests that apparently 'test for Covid-19' are flawed on this basis, and are unable to specifically test for a virus that has never been isolated and identified. People are being 'tested positive' when there is nothing wrong with them (apart from any other underlying condition they may already have). Therefore if 'Covid-19' doesn't exist, and 'The Coronavirus' hasn't/can't be isolated, it is impossible to develop any vaccine for it. And on that basis if it is impossible to develop a vaccine for Covid-19 / 'The Coronavirus' we should be demanding to know what exactly is being developed that 'they' are very keen for us all to take.
  8. 'Pre-hack', we had a topic "Coronavirus: The Musical", that was great fun A few obvious ones you missed: The Police: "Don't Stand So Close To Me" Joy Division: "Isolation" Thin Lizzy: "Don't Believe A Word"
  9. Couple of years ago, maybe 2017 or 2018, we had a much longer spell of prolonged hot and dry weather. I don't know where in the UK you are, but July was a relatively cool month this year, certainly here in the West Midlands.
  10. But it is only available for a short period of time, not sure how long, maybe ten to fifteen minutes. Unless you're a moderator...
  11. Another one for the list, happening right now, no explosion but a massive fire with thick black smoke: Live updates - severe blaze at Tyseley Industrial Estate as smoke seen for miles around Birmingham Thick grey smoke from the fire at Tyseley Industrial Estate can be seen from Birmingham Airport, the city centre, the Jewellery Quarter, Moseley, Digbeth, Edgbaston, Sparkbrook and many other areas https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/live-updates-fire-birmingham-police-18747329
  12. That much I can agree with, and I note that in the context of this topic, the subject of "The Great Replacement" and the Kalergi Plan have been brought back into the mix. And no doubt this is the path that Nigel Farage is going to start going down again, and use of the word 'invasion'. This is hardly an 'invasion' if British and French ships are working together to ferry these 'illegal immigrants' across the Channel, for the British authorities to then 'rescue' and escort by luxury coach to plush hotels where they are treated as guests. On the surface of things - as I've said there is no doubt much more to this whole story, due to the amount of money being awarded in 'contracts' and all the secrecy surrounding it - it would appear to me that the British and French governments are actively involved in people-trafficking. Modern day slavery?
  13. Lebanon: Why the country is in crisis https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-53390108 The hidden message you get from 'reading between the lines': "TIME FOR REGIME CHANGE!"
  14. Police stop RT interview with asylum seeker as we investigate the controversy of migrants living in hotels all around the UK https://www.rt.com/uk/497417-illegal-migrants-hotels-government/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Email
  15. I've just been going through this guy's website, and found this interesting nugget: https://www.kingof.uk/abdications Kind of puts Brexit in a new light now. Wonder how exactly this all fits in now?
  16. I would like to try and reassure you that the 'stories we hear' of people being harassed and abused for not wearing a face covering are situations that rarely happen in reality. Once you realise and accept this, the anxiety soon disappears. First time I went into a shop not wearing a mask, I must admit I was a little apprehensive, but when neither the shopkeeper nor the couple of other customers said or did anything, it emboldened me. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the videos that 'go viral' and circulated on social media (with some even making the mainstream news) showing people being harassed and attacked, are actually 'staged' (ie faked) in order to achieve the purpose of going 'viral', to psychologically 'assault' the masses.
  17. It wouldn't surprise me at all. This is nothing to do with 'Covid-19' any more, its about having the power to destroy and rebuild cities and towns in line with Agenda 21 / 2030 goals.
  18. Just learned of this from Andrew Johnson's "Check The Evidence" website: https://www.checktheevidence.com/wordpress/2020/08/03/vaccine-messaging-study-paula-realises-birmingham-uk-15-aug-2020-gates-and-epstein-reason-for-hcq-crackdown/ Birmingham Gathering – 15 Aug 2020 – 12 Noon “The disproportionate Government response to COVID and the torrent of fear-based reporting , is destroying lives, our businesses, our economy and mental health. Stand up for freedom. Stand up for our rights. Say no to: Unlawful lockdowns — Mandatory masks — Track, trace & test — Health passports.” Been looking for an excuse to go and have a look around the city centre as I haven't been there since before the lockdown started.
  19. Welcome back! I've moved this to a new forum board we created for this purpose.
  20. Its gone a bit quiet on this front, but I believe one of the features that will be available in the 'new' David Icke Social is the ability to create groups, same as on other social media platforms. So members there would be able to do this, create 'local groups' and come together. (Note the 'new' Social will not be replacing this forum any more, the two will sit side-by-side)
  21. I hope you're not pretending to speak for David Icke here
  22. Please use the Suggestions board for requests like this, thanks! https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/forum/49-suggestions/
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