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  1. 19 years ago today, two unskilled Arab pilots managed to fly two jumbo jets into the two tallest towers of the World Trade Center in New York. Within a couple of hours, both towers somehow managed to completely collapse and demolish themselves. The same people that still believe this story no doubt also believe that there is a lethal and deadly virus infecting everybody at present.

    1. Fatback


      My "awakening" came 7 years ago after watching the documentary Zeitgeist. I was 46 years old. My entire world perception changed; made me wander deeper into the forest of lies and it's been a difficult journey as I seek the truth. I think what pains the most is the realization of false patriotism here in the "good ole' USA" . SnowDen is a real patriot. Til' my last breath in this life, I'm going to wear my " tinfoil hat "

      with pride and turn my face toward the sun. It's been a tough journey for us all, I'm sure, but I hope to meet ya'll on the other side with an open heart and a soul full of trust. 

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