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  1. Seriously, the BBC just closed off a news article with this:


    Covid vaccines can have side effects. A common one is a sore arm from the injection.


    1. Certified Green of Heart

      Certified Green of Heart



      "There is no indication that



      vaccines are required."


      (My Non-Vaccinated/ Non Quote Comment >> they mean hyper vaccination is not the standard recommendation, but seasonal is fine still according to the 1 interviewed lemming, mistaking the jab for intravenous lemonade)

      I changed the word "more" to "immoral".... Now we are ethical again.



      Covid vaccines cannot cause infection but can teach the body how to fight the disease.

      (My Non-Vaccinated/ Non Quote Comment >> they mean your body will fight itself until your immune system is weakened to such a degree, you will most likely die of fatigue)


      So it's like...

      It can also teach the body to lie to itself just like in the brain of a scientist that first had to convince himself that lies are truth, and as homage to this ideology of death by misadventure as a template, we now know this was put forth as an idea by the very helpful anonymous -yet not really anonymous- elves that made the vaccines.


      Resulting we now have vaccinated people featuring not only a facetious mind but also a lying body. Double the self mistrust from within your own biology plus the alienation encroachment of Nano-Particles to unsupport the body... Given as standard to any injected individual wishing for a slow death.


      Yet leading up to that perfect trust in Universities & in the Oh So Noble Science Communities - that between them in united collusion, and also great guilt, share & reside together concocting ritualistic occult experiments ((poorly disguised as noble & gullible unlimited)) keen to take (advantage) of the "insistence" of any willing human guinea pigs to be hyper vaccinated very literally TO HEART, and gather information based on that for testing how much intense a dose is high enough to be a quick lethal dose of vaccine compared to a regular "almost lethal" does of vaccine.

      Nano-bots also to watchout for if present presumed also likely to be in at least some vials as many of us believe too.... Adding to the Nano Other Particles already existent as component of any modern vaccine....

      Nano-bots again--- could they be thriving as we might suppose on the wasting cellular tissues of the body until it is completely worn out, whether that happens slow or fast.  Oh scoff, well whether all of that is related to this article or not, that is not the real question as why would bots need feeding... Well they don't do they, they just are.... they do their ugly business, but unlike principled workers or principled tools of science DON'T get out when they are done, as they are never done until death.

      But are not put in a person's body to act all benign.

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