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  1. Communism/socialism is already here: the more 'well-to-do' are being encouraged (and are actively taking part) to 'donate' food and groceries bought with their own hard-earned money to local food-banks, so it can be given away for free to people who can't afford to feed their families because they

    a) don't earn a lot of money themselves,

    b) don't know how to budget or live within their means, or

    c) would rather spend the money they get on Sky TV / Netflix / Spotify / Apple TV etc subscriptions as well as other 'gizmos' and luxury items they could probably live without, and then expect handouts from others

    1. Mr Crabtree

      Mr Crabtree

      I'm not having a pop in any way at people who use foodbanks, but I live on a notorious council estate here in Brighton and the foodbank is on a Wednesday at 11.00 upwards at the church 100 metres from my house. The amount of 'hard up' people who wait outside are usually smoking or using vapes and are usually on their mobile life support machines 1.E.= state of the art mobile phones, some cheeky bastards even arrive by car! Of course there are genuine people who do need help, and should get it, but the amount of 'freeloaders' exceeds them! There should be NO NEED WHATSOEVER for foodbanks in 2022, but that would be in a perfect world of course, and the powers that be would NEVER ALLOW that!

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