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  1. This place is getting a bit much for me now, so I'm going to retreat back to my nest for a while to rebuild my postivity levels.

    If anyone wants to stay in touch, please come and visit my owls nest at https://thegrumpyowl.co.uk/

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    2. Campion


      Best wishes Grumps, self-care is so important. Take care and I'll look forward to seeing you again when you're good and ready. Maybe you can share some positivity with the rest of us, we sure need it. 

    3. alexa


      Although we haven't always seen eye to eye I would still like to wish you all the best & don't be long in coming back.


      Alexi (the flat earth nutter):classic_biggrin: 

    4. TetraG


      Although I am not of course in harmony with everything here, one can think of ANY place as it may occur to us sometimes as "I don't even know what this place here is" in a sense, like nobody knows what universe this is in line with what other universe. 


      Not all life exists only inside of a pin-head or matchbox or thimble, but if we must exist in a bubble, let's at least make it a decent and fair place to exist in for everyone! (*just a general wisdom*)



      Good to see Grump talk of positivity... Never witnessed that before or not explicitly. Times are changing!??

      Nevertheless positivity is as much an inside job, as much as giving off good vibes of good will to others...
      I mean we all need rest, by some means anyway and to rest usually means not mixing with others!... (I need rest right now for example b/c of stress offline)


      To Grump personally all I can say is, GOOD CALL, when you sense it in your bones that you need rest in any way!... Much as I say above really.


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