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  1. See, now when new members come along and start new topics about stuff thats already being discussed on this forum, that to me is a 'flag' that something is being pushed elsewhere that isn't all it seems to be, and my instincts tell me that misinfo/disinfo is being sowed, for the purpose of distracting us 'alternative thinking' folks.

    I will now state with some certainty that I don't believe anything 'of note' is going to happen on September 23rd/24th, and I am confident that I will not be the one ending up with egg on their face.


    1. EnigmaticWorld


      Some people just need to use search more, but forum sliding probably is a factor too. Not really sure about Sept 23/24th, it's all just speculation in my opinion.

    2. Beaujangles


      Seems to me that so long as the forum stays rather benign and doesnt encroach into areas that the 'ptb' doesnt want light to be shed on, then the forum stays somewhat slow. Once a subject that causes them to be 'alerted' you tend to see an onslaught of posts (?sliding). Some of the ones joining in with the slliiidde are older posters. Never surmise that the disinfo or forum sli i iding is due to new posters..or that older posters dont have more than one account. Ive noticed that some on here have old accounts and are often the ones that push buttons, claiming the higher ground. Whereas many newer posters spend a lot of time not posting but using other facilities of this forum... Need eyes wide open...

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