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  1. What do you believe?

    If you believe the world is going to shit, then don't be surprised if the world goes to shit.


    Take a step back, and think about how you are being influenced by the people you follow.

    1. TetraG


      Had to comment this, having noticed it for a few days.... It may seem obvious but so it goes to say, thinking about our everyday lives too in much the same way, counts in how things turn out more widely as the same applies in that we are the world. This is not egocentric, but it starts with us to not make more ""sh*t"" than there already is... It's the people that make it and have to live in it.... (and on a different but holistic narrative, the wildlife in nature that has to put up with our taking of their land on which they live)

    2. TetraG


      Oh and for us insatiable humans with drives like a leaping gazelle or road runner, yes it is never bad advice "to take a step back a bit" when there are more cross-roads of all types in life than even false narratives; (and there are a lot of false narratives in convid b/c that's what it's intended for of course) ...

      Similarly to step back now & then when our senses become bloated or incensed is also a good time to reassess things... to be sure whichever direction we step in, mentally and physically.....is actually good for us, at least in the long term.

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