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  1. The real reason for ‘smart meters’ is becoming ever more apparent


    1. DaleP


      You know, I've read today that you can't steal electricity. Think about that. 🤔


      Mere information, including confidential information, has been held not to constitute property for the purposes of the Theft Act. In addition, electricity cannot be ‘stolen’.


      From www.inbrief.co.uk/offences/points-to-prove-theft/


    2. numnuts


      I have just been informed that I might lose my opportunity to get a smart meter soon, if I don't get one now, due to 'limited stock'. Hmm, why am I not swayed? Given recent, steep rises in gas and electricity prices, I reckon that those with smart meters must be getting mentally terrorised on a daily basis, just by looking at the live display. I would far rather get bill shocked once a quarter or once a month myself. 

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