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  1. Last night, I watched an episode of Quantum Leap, set during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 (s3 ep21 "Nuclear Family"). It was quite compelling to watch, only to see how easily ordinary people can be whipped up into such levels of paranoia and fear, thanks in part to regular 'special bulletins' appearing on the TV interupting 'normal programming'.


    It was quite pertinent, as you can see demonstrated in this episode how the media has already at that time used 'social engineering' and perception manipulation into making US citizens believe "the Russkies are gonna kill us" and that the Russians are the 'bad guys'.


    And how such media-programmed people react to people like Sam Beckett when he tries to reassure them that the "Russian people aren't evil" and that things aren't going to turn out as bad as the media portrays.


    Fear makes stupid people do stupid things, as that episode then goes on to demonstrate. It was broadcast in February 1993, and even now 29 years later, the media are still playing their 'Russian boogeyman' tricks.

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